Rise in MBA Salaries is Not Sustainable in the Long Run

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Ayesha said:   6 years ago
No, MBA graduate can work under d hands of some one. You think that much capable then do your own business. But the people are doing jobs because lack of financial support.

Md zafar iqbal said:   6 years ago
Salary depend on qualification, skills, the presence of mind, discipline, punctuality and many reasons. But the salary of selected person increased up to 30 percent before salary. Because today India is developing the country.

Anisha said:   6 years ago

According to my point of view, salary of an individual always depends upon the quality of his work, his hard work, his passion and his contribution towards the success of any company. Just holding one degree won't enhance his salary but if he has knowledge, skills and dedication towards the work along with the degree then he will always be paid off for his work.

We cannot predict the rise in salaries will sustain or not, but no doubt it can be said that the one who is capable and shows up regular hard work is sustainable in this run.

Thank You!

Sapna said:   6 years ago

Salary of employees in an organisation always depend upon its qualification, skills, area of expertise, knowledge, contribution, punctuality and leadership qualities. So, rise in salary fully depend upon employee performance.

Rashu said:   6 years ago
Hello Friends,

Rise in MBA salaries will definitely not sustainable in the Long run. If we see MBA selected for the companies and what companies want? SKILLS, COMPATIBILITY, KNOWLEDGE and most important to have a LEARNING Attitude. This can be achieved by the experience. MBA degree does not guarantee the person to the path of SUCCESS. The person should have the zeal to do the work and its the hard-work which leads the person deserves the higher salary.

But on the other front, if we see why most of the experienced persons go for the MBA? Because they want to excel more in the specialised field and they don't want limited knowledge and also sometimes, People thought that they would be easily promoted and get higher salary packages.

Otherwise, As I said earlier, Higher Package can be achieved on the basis of your performance, on your hardwork and passion.

Deepak said:   6 years ago
I want to add my point of view on hike of MBA salaries is sustain or not.

Friends, I think its not compulsory that if you have an MBA degree then you can earn good salary than other having an MBA degree is not enough but you have also some skills, knowledge and attitude. MBA means you can develop your ability of communication and leadership skills.

If you enhance and develop this kind of skills than definitely wherever you work than firm must be gain profit and also hike your salary.

DINESH DWIVEDI said:   6 years ago
Hello Friends,

Rise in MBA salaries fully depends on the revenue of any firm. There use to be a committee in any firm which decides on these things that whether the salaries of MBAs under that company should be increased or not. Look if you are studying regularly for your exam, then what you expect? You expect a good mark in all subjects and finally a good percentage in that exam. And if you are not studying regularly then what you expect? Hey God please bless me. Please provide me that much marks so that I can pass the exam. There is a huge difference between both of these thinkings. The same thing applies on the company management. How an MBA degree holding person can get good salary in any company if they are performing well? But if they are doing their job on the regular basis and generating a good profit for the firm then obviously they must be awarded by a good increment in their salary. Thus if MBAs are making profit for the company then rise in their salaries will, of course, be sustainable. No doubt it.

Thank you.

Komal sharma said:   6 years ago
Having an MBA degree is not enough and it's not compulsory to have a hike in the salary package of MBA. You must have the knowledge, skills, ability, qualification and experience. A person whose having all these qualities is actual a deserving candidate. And the person who is having all these qualities must get the hike in salary package.

Vishal Sharma said:   7 years ago
Hi, friends.

It's good to know your valuable opinions.

In my opinion, the payscale of any organization should not be dependent upon any degree you have, I agree with the fact that MBA Graduates possess better managerial skills than any other person but management is needed for the free running of an organisation it doesn't contribute much in the profit gained by the firm. So I feel that. Those should be paid higher salaries who works towards generating more profits for the organization, those who earn a good name for the firm through their work etc irrespective.

Of their educational qualification because college dropouts can well run a company as compared to other degree holders. So I feel that payscale should depend on upon the type of work you do for the organization you work in but not the degree you hold.


S.k.Sharma said:   7 years ago
Salary is determined by the work output of an individual in the company. If he is contributing much more than his salary, he should be given more salary. Simply degree of MBA should not determine the salary of an individual.

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