Rise in MBA Salaries is Not Sustainable in the Long Run

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Supriyo said:   9 years ago
Today there are numerous universities which give MBA degree. So in near future there will be too many MBA degree holders available in market. And as the supply will increase many people will be ready to work in low salaries. But after getting the job it's the person's individual quality which will help him to earn more in future, not just the degree.

Anisha said:   6 years ago

According to my point of view, salary of an individual always depends upon the quality of his work, his hard work, his passion and his contribution towards the success of any company. Just holding one degree won't enhance his salary but if he has knowledge, skills and dedication towards the work along with the degree then he will always be paid off for his work.

We cannot predict the rise in salaries will sustain or not, but no doubt it can be said that the one who is capable and shows up regular hard work is sustainable in this run.

Thank You!

Kumar said:   1 decade ago
Well I believe not just by pursuing MBA degree will give you high salary package ! A good manager should have a clear view of present market and his thoughts should be according to that. For that he/she supposed to know each and every aspects happening in the present market. As world's business becoming more and more competitive he should be on his toes with his creative ideas and bring profit to his company or else he will be cornered. So I believe rise in MBA salaries depends upon an individuals performance through out his run.

Ssp said:   9 years ago
Good morning to everyone, I think it is individual perspective if A person acquiring good quality and knowledge and able to sustain company from any difficulty then salary package will increase day by day but contrary to this if person acquiring same education but lack of quality will get less salary despite there is huge crowd in market.

For e.g. Today some institutes(Mumbai) offers 15 lakh salary package per year whereas other institutes offers 3 lack packages because of quality of students despite huge competition in market.

Sakshi Mehta said:   5 years ago
First of all if you are working in the corporate sector you always have to show your presence through your work. Only on the basis of your work you will be promoted and appreciated.

In todays working environment, organisation search for the candidates who have knowledge skills and working attitude. If you are working with all your efforts and are completely indulged in your work, no such question will exist then. So, sustainability in your salary in long run depends upon handwork, efficiency, creating and your skills.

Sehar said:   1 decade ago
According to me, mba is just another degree like engineering and mbbs, i.e. 1000's of colleges have opened giving these degrees. i dont think that rise in salary depend upon the no. of students pursuing mba, as there are countless no. of people pursuing mba today.Any company, hiring a student from campus interviews offer an average package and after observing the personnal's work increases their salary, and so according to me rise in salary does not depend on whether the person has done mba or not,it depends upon how you perform in the market.

Rahul Gaur said:   1 decade ago
People moving into MBA just to gain good salaries may only happen if they actually improve their own skills and knowledge.If MBA gives you a strong ability to seek knowledge, imbibe them,utilize them into a productive manner, am sure any organization is willing to invest in you.However the quality of MBA produce is diminishing so am afraid that unless we raise the standards of learning we may see rise in MBA Salaries not Sustainable in the Long Run.

T Devdoot said:   1 decade ago
At the onset I would like to say that a rise in salary fot the MBA's is not sustainable in long run. A good healthy company can afford to pay high salaries to its mba's as they get justified return from them. Also people always looks a good pay packet as a means of their motivation. So higher salary can bring out the better effort from a mba. But at the same time it should be taken into condition the socio-economic condition of the society so that a huge imbalance in salaries can bring dolerums in the society which is not acceptable in a healthy civilised society. Also it is necessary for the company to retain efficient mba's for better business. So there should be alternate way to satisfy its employees ; may be by good fringe benefits and perks. Unplanned rise in salary may lead to CITIBANK type situation where the bank needs a bailout package from the government and its top officials are getting increased salary.

Mayank Agarwal said:   5 years ago
Hello friends,

Salary does not depend on the degree you hold. Even if you hold many degrees but do not update yourself time to time. It' s completely irrelevant. Because in today dynamic and competitive environment the organisations search the candidates who have the passion to do something with his KSA i.e. knowledge, skills and attitude. The rising in the salary also depends on the return you are providing to the organisation by your work.

At last but not least I want to say we should work like we are working in our organisation. And focus on the output rather than on completion of time. Then there will be no question to rise in salary. Whether MBA or any degree holder.

Thank you.

Jishnu said:   8 years ago
Hi friends,

I feel, the answer to the posed question depends on the situation. If the job market improving, and can absorb the increasing number of B-School grads, then it is sustainable. But if there is an overall slowdown in economy, then there is a problem.

We need to understand that individual salaries is always sustainable. A person is paid 1 lakh a month, because he generates revenue worth 3 to 4 lakhs. If he doesn't he's sacked or his salary gets stagnant. So, on the whole its sustainable, as it is self-correcting.

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