Problems unite us, Religion divides us

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Pandey Dilip said:   3 days ago
For the problem side, I would like to say it's human nature to relax and be happy every time as when a human face any kind of problem they try to figure it out on their own and if they are not capable of solving the problem on there own then simply ask for help or rely on the person who is more powerful and superior to them, and this is the thing that we call to unite, about religion that divides us it diving as nothing to do with religious beliefs and process, their many people who are powerful enough to influence a crowd of people. As people who are incapable of making the decision of their own follow others and this was made chaos among the people which we call religion divided all of us.

Karthik said:   1 week ago
No, Religion doesn't divide us. It is the mentality of the people which does. Religion always focused on humanitarian values and this is something we should understand at the base level. People bring their personal preferences in between and convert them into religious acts in order to seek fake validation for their inhuman acts.

Anonymous said:   4 months ago
In my opinion, there's nothing to do with religion when you are going for any work or problem in life.

Religion is just faith in god, but with humanity, we are able to trust in the people around us. Religion should be kept within ourselves, people should not be judged on the basis of religion as the person's skills or attitude matters most in any field. Yeah, I think problems unite us but religions divide us. Let's take an example of any contagious virus that goes around after years in the world everyone stands against that virus by forgetting about their identity of religion and there's the only thing in common with humanity which unite people. Everyone in this world has the right to follow the religion that they want to, but every person has a soft corner in their about humanity. In my opinion, humanity should be kept above religion as when someone is in need we don't have to think about his religion and we should serve him for humanity. I dread the world if they will just think about religion and forget about humanity, this will vandalise this world.


Shweta Prasad said:   7 months ago
I do not agree with the statement because I believe that no religion teaches us to do a difference on behalf of race, caste, gender or colour.

Every religion has the same objective, they all teach us about humanity and that humanity unites us to solve any problem.

Soni said:   3 years ago
Hello Everyone.

I think both problems and religion are uniting and dividing us. There's a problem where people will not take part in resolving it because it is not affecting them much. If they will then they will find someone to blame for that problem 90% of the times someone's religion which gives the problem a communal angle. This is dividing. Now while they are busy in blaming each other problem increase affecting each and every individual. Then they contribute to resolving the issue. This is uniting. Once the issue is resolved then the investigation begins where again division starts. So this is basically a cycle of division and unity. We have seen this in history at the time of our freedom struggle which started with little problems grew with religious struggle and resulted in independence and then again the religious division of our great nation. Let's take recent events - JNU protests, CAA NRC protests, coronavirus pandemic we have been following the same cycle.

Basically, it is- religion exists because of problems and problems arises because of religion and then we the society seek solutions from the same religion.

Mannat said:   3 years ago
This is absolutely true that problems unite us, religion divide us. As we see the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus doesn't treat a people on basis of religion or status. Nd it's also true that no religion teach us division among humans, but it's only us who do discrimination on this meaning less basis. Instead of this we should learn the goodness of each religion and should belong to the religion of humans. We are ourselve responsible for the voilence on name of religion as no religion teach us these things. It's our human nature only but not the religion. It's the frivolous thinking that divide us. In today's scenerio coronavirus pandemic is actually uniting us. As everyone is showing his /her contribution to tackle the problem. And this can only be solved by the power of unity and not by gloomy division of religion.

Monika said:   3 years ago
Hi, Our today topic is problem unites us and religions divides us. I agree with this quote, nowadays our whole country facing cronavirus crises, People are continuously involves to face this problem without any religious discrepancy and working in a unity. All the other side, Religion divide us due to which Riots happen which harms our country economy.

Zainab yaqoob said:   3 years ago

Problems definitely unite us as whenever there are any protests or strikes against any group or individuals, we never think that the people who are protesting with us belong from our community or not, we never think that are they from the same religion or not? we never think that are they of the same gender or not? We only remember that we are united.

On the other hand, it is said that religions divide us but it is because of our own mindsets because all the religions teach us the same things like unity, peace, justice and equality but we people interpret our religions in a wrong manner that creates disputes and bitterness among all of us. In this way, our love for our own religion makes us hate the people belonging to other religions.

Thank you.

Tarun said:   3 years ago
Problems unite us and religion divides us, I partially agree with the statement because there is no doubt that problems unite us every time and no religion said disrespect the other religion it's the people who made that. Every religion says one thing but in a different way.

Kiran tezad said:   3 years ago
Hi everyone I am going to share my opinion on the given topic, I think yes it is fact that when any problem happens that time people come together it reflects unity but when it comes to religion it divides people in the name of religion, there are some examples where people came together irrespective of the Religion like Nirbhaya, Mumbai bomb blast, etc but when it comes to ram Mandir then people divided. Thanks.

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