Problems unite us, Religion divides us

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ARD said:   4 weeks ago
Hello everyone. I would like to share my thoughts that is religion divide us and problem unite us, depend upon the culture, habitat and some up and down problem religion will be divide us but take COVID situation an example that time as we could see no matter like religion won't be speak, their helping tendency of humanity only shown.

Jaya Vishwakarma said:   1 month ago
So, I agree with this topic.

We have seen that during covid pandemic people from different religions helped everyone they can irrespective of their religion. They didn't see whether the person was of their own religion or not. This literally shows problems do unite us.

Religion divides us knowingly or unknowingly. In a very recent incident, we have seen how some Muslim people got beaten up because of entering Dandia night during Navratra. So somehow religion became the reason for that incident.

Rishi Vardhan said:   1 month ago
India is a country of "UNITY IN DIVERSITY".

We do have many religions, castes and communities that are different by their own tradition and culture. The religion of every individual is his\her own identity and belonging. But the problem arises when it is compared with each other.

Here ego, hatred, and vengeance are taken into account trying to project which religion is the best. Religion is NOT dividing us. The way we see it from a wrong perspective and comparing two religions in a weighing scale does.

I fear that these PROBLEMS occur and it is not uniting us here as we do unite. Respecting each individual's beliefs and faiths and valuing the same can keep people UNITED despite religions and unite them in standing together to face a problem.

Shubham said:   2 months ago
I agree with the fact that religion divides us. It is in human nature to feel insecure about themselves, and their community. This insecurity leads the person to think that their community is in minority and the people adhering to other religions may impact their beliefs and cultures and thus knowingly or unknowingly religion tends to divide us. Whereas in case of any problem, different people come on board to provide their creative solutions to the problem and this coming together on a single stage leads to unity.

Nidhi Netto said:   3 months ago
Problems do unite us but don't religion divide us.

Rather it depends on the person.

People tend to be hostile towards other religions since they are afraid of their own belief systems crumbling down or being questioned about their beliefs.

Also, there is a fear of being a minority. What I am trying to say is that people are afraid of being alone and want someone with the same beliefs and values, this is part of human nature. Other religions create a sense of being a minority and a fear of being dominated. This leads to hostility towards other religions as a defence mechanism.

Many believe that religions were just made to keep humans sane (not stating my personal view) and that religious laws or fear of punishment of sins would reduce inhuman crimes. But people have managed to commit violence in the name of religion that special laws had to be made regarding that matter beats the whole point of having religion.

Whatever your beliefs are you still got to respect others' beliefs.

Priti Barman said:   3 months ago
As every one of us thinks differently and looks at things differently, problems can be solved easily with many people in it. One solution comes from one, the other from someone else. Everyone keeps adding to the solution so it makes us realize how every individual important.

On the other hand, religion does seem to come up often in headlines and soon people start diving into groups that draw a boundary among people of the exact nature thus making us weaker as a community.

Gautham Shetty said:   4 months ago
I agree, when we are facing problems that are affecting all we unite to face them, also it is dependent on what the problem is, problems affecting only a community or individual might not unite us.

Pandey Dilip said:   4 months ago
For the problem side, I would like to say it's human nature to relax and be happy every time as when a human face any kind of problem they try to figure it out on their own and if they are not capable of solving the problem on there own then simply ask for help or rely on the person who is more powerful and superior to them, and this is the thing that we call to unite, about religion that divides us it diving as nothing to do with religious beliefs and process, their many people who are powerful enough to influence a crowd of people. As people who are incapable of making the decision of their own follow others and this was made chaos among the people which we call religion divided all of us.

Karthik said:   4 months ago
No, Religion doesn't divide us. It is the mentality of the people which does. Religion always focused on humanitarian values and this is something we should understand at the base level. People bring their personal preferences in between and convert them into religious acts in order to seek fake validation for their inhuman acts.

Anonymous said:   8 months ago
In my opinion, there's nothing to do with religion when you are going for any work or problem in life.

Religion is just faith in god, but with humanity, we are able to trust in the people around us. Religion should be kept within ourselves, people should not be judged on the basis of religion as the person's skills or attitude matters most in any field. Yeah, I think problems unite us but religions divide us. Let's take an example of any contagious virus that goes around after years in the world everyone stands against that virus by forgetting about their identity of religion and there's the only thing in common with humanity which unite people. Everyone in this world has the right to follow the religion that they want to, but every person has a soft corner in their about humanity. In my opinion, humanity should be kept above religion as when someone is in need we don't have to think about his religion and we should serve him for humanity. I dread the world if they will just think about religion and forget about humanity, this will vandalise this world.


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