Nuclear War cannot be won and should not be fought

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Rakesh said:   3 years ago
As my point of view,

First of all, why we lead our solution to war because war is nothing but a demolished form of life it's not only affecting today's generation but also affecting future generations of that place if we moved to a modern war that's called nuclear war where every particle is used for destroying the whole mankind surface in our world every County bear that superpower and also some developing country lead into but at final mankind is to destroy or demolish another mankind so, first of all, solve all the disputed matters by a sweet cut discussion in between them but it should not be fought at any cost so thank you.

Atul Kumar Patel said:   4 years ago
Good morning friends,

In my point of view, war is not the solution of any problems so we should first think to solve the problem with talking and We all know the nuclear weapons are how dangerous and destroyer not for only one side it is equally impact both sides for long and long coming eras.

So nuclear war should not be a win and not fought. We should consume only it's a positive result. How can we talk about mankind while we are making a lot of destroyer?

Ansu Sen said:   4 years ago
War means 'demolish. The demolish of everything and this is not for anyone side. So, people should think this can not make stillness. There are many people of many types who don't about it. For people or whatever, the first way should go for stillness. If there is no way making with it. Should go for fighting.

Salman k said:   5 years ago
In my point of view, as we know that we are developing nations and cannot afford the expenditures on war and if it is nuclear war than it is very devastating for the affected nation as well for the peace of world and economy of these countries suddenly dropping so I conclude it that war is easy to start but difficult to finish it.

Sruthi subramanian said:   6 years ago
As a basic human everybody should have patience and compassion, these things are considered as a two eyes of human beings when we have these both we will think other life as it is ours and this nuclear weapon will have huge impact on the people for years and years, if we have to take revenge on our enemy it should have impact only on him, not that impact should affect Those pity people.

In Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the nuclear bomb blast was done at August 6, 1945, but that impact was still affecting the people there. The sea water in Japan has that radiated uranium ion affecting the people of all age. So, I wish nuclear war cannot be won or should not be fought.

Pankaj said:   6 years ago
Nuclear weapons are very dangerous and devastating for any country. But the other aspect of this weapon is very beneficial for mankind.

Nuclear is ultimate source of energy. Many countries are getting armed with nuclear weapons to protect their country. But if the nuclear war happen then it will swip out the population and will affect the generations and will be the loss of many species. Hence nuclear war is not an option of any problem. Problems can be solved by the interaction and war should not happen at all.

Vishal sangwan said:   6 years ago
According to my point of view, we live in the age of technology and this era is known as science era. Nuclear power is a wonderful source of energy. Every country spent a lot of money to built this kind of nuclear weapons. This weapons also play a very dangerous role to destroy the nation and killed the innocent people.

According to me, every country has a fear against the other country. So they built nuclear weapons but if we use this money in the public welfare it's very helpful way to serve the country.

Thank you.

Onkar said:   6 years ago
First of all, we are living in the era of technology and fast-growing economy.

Nuclear power plays an important role when its come to nations growth as well as Security.

We can use nuclear power in a beneficial way to provide better facilities instead of using them as Weapon.

Nuclear weapons are built for mass destruction which is very atrocious as a lot of innocent people get killed.

Also, Nuclear war is not an answer to any problem but Nuclear power may be the key to future energy needs as one of the most promising sources of energy to fulfil the requirement of society.

A.Roy said:   6 years ago
Talking about the use of nuclear weapons in the past we all have seen its devastating and powerful use on Japan by America in WW2. Its effects can still be seen in today's world. As modernization of weapons has been a subject of concern for every nation the use and development of nuclear weapons have increased significantly. Now every nation has their own nuclear weapons. To defend from these nuclear weapons the USA and Russia have come up with their own ballistic missiles to tackle these problems. If nuclear war happens in near future all the continents will be submerged beneath the ocean in just a few minutes. So it's better for every nation to avoid nuclear war for a better life on earth.

Viji said:   6 years ago
Yes, absolutely nuclear weapons are exetermly strong to show power of nation. But no one knows the drawback of this attack between two countries. For example Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the realistic bomb bast explained the bloods of each people.

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