Nuclear War cannot be won and should not be fought

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Rakesh said: (Feb 28, 2021)  
As my point of view,

First of all, why we lead our solution to war because war is nothing but a demolished form of life it's not only affecting today's generation but also affecting future generations of that place if we moved to a modern war that's called nuclear war where every particle is used for destroying the whole mankind surface in our world every County bear that superpower and also some developing country lead into but at final mankind is to destroy or demolish another mankind so, first of all, solve all the disputed matters by a sweet cut discussion in between them but it should not be fought at any cost so thank you.

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Atul Kumar Patel said: (Dec 5, 2020)  
Good morning friends,

In my point of view, war is not the solution of any problems so we should first think to solve the problem with talking and We all know the nuclear weapons are how dangerous and destroyer not for only one side it is equally impact both sides for long and long coming eras.

So nuclear war should not be a win and not fought. We should consume only it's a positive result. How can we talk about mankind while we are making a lot of destroyer?

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Ansu Sen said: (Nov 17, 2020)  
War means 'demolish. The demolish of everything and this is not for anyone side. So, people should think this can not make stillness. There are many people of many types who don't about it. For people or whatever, the first way should go for stillness. If there is no way making with it. Should go for fighting.

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Salman K said: (Apr 8, 2019)  
In my point of view, as we know that we are developing nations and cannot afford the expenditures on war and if it is nuclear war than it is very devastating for the affected nation as well for the peace of world and economy of these countries suddenly dropping so I conclude it that war is easy to start but difficult to finish it.

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Sruthi Subramanian said: (Dec 19, 2018)  
As a basic human everybody should have patience and compassion, these things are considered as a two eyes of human beings when we have these both we will think other life as it is ours and this nuclear weapon will have huge impact on the people for years and years, if we have to take revenge on our enemy it should have impact only on him, not that impact should affect Those pity people.

In Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the nuclear bomb blast was done at August 6, 1945, but that impact was still affecting the people there. The sea water in Japan has that radiated uranium ion affecting the people of all age. So, I wish nuclear war cannot be won or should not be fought.

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Pankaj said: (Dec 8, 2018)  
Nuclear weapons are very dangerous and devastating for any country. But the other aspect of this weapon is very beneficial for mankind.

Nuclear is ultimate source of energy. Many countries are getting armed with nuclear weapons to protect their country. But if the nuclear war happen then it will swip out the population and will affect the generations and will be the loss of many species. Hence nuclear war is not an option of any problem. Problems can be solved by the interaction and war should not happen at all.

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Vishal Sangwan said: (Nov 14, 2018)  
According to my point of view, we live in the age of technology and this era is known as science era. Nuclear power is a wonderful source of energy. Every country spent a lot of money to built this kind of nuclear weapons. This weapons also play a very dangerous role to destroy the nation and killed the innocent people.

According to me, every country has a fear against the other country. So they built nuclear weapons but if we use this money in the public welfare it's very helpful way to serve the country.

Thank you.

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Onkar said: (Sep 20, 2018)  
First of all, we are living in the era of technology and fast-growing economy.

Nuclear power plays an important role when its come to nations growth as well as Security.

We can use nuclear power in a beneficial way to provide better facilities instead of using them as Weapon.

Nuclear weapons are built for mass destruction which is very atrocious as a lot of innocent people get killed.

Also, Nuclear war is not an answer to any problem but Nuclear power may be the key to future energy needs as one of the most promising sources of energy to fulfil the requirement of society.

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A.Roy said: (Jul 12, 2018)  
Talking about the use of nuclear weapons in the past we all have seen its devastating and powerful use on Japan by America in WW2. Its effects can still be seen in today's world. As modernization of weapons has been a subject of concern for every nation the use and development of nuclear weapons have increased significantly. Now every nation has their own nuclear weapons. To defend from these nuclear weapons the USA and Russia have come up with their own ballistic missiles to tackle these problems. If nuclear war happens in near future all the continents will be submerged beneath the ocean in just a few minutes. So it's better for every nation to avoid nuclear war for a better life on earth.

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Viji said: (Apr 24, 2018)  
Yes, absolutely nuclear weapons are exetermly strong to show power of nation. But no one knows the drawback of this attack between two countries. For example Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the realistic bomb bast explained the bloods of each people.

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Akshay Desai said: (Oct 29, 2017)  
In my opinion nuclear war can not be won because if war happened in between any country both the country get destroy. And no one is alive to celebrate it. So nuclear weapons are only for show off of power of any country to threaten the another country.

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Shivani Rana said: (Sep 17, 2017)  
The nuclear weapons are just the show off of one country, it can't be used for wining it can't either be used for any good cause, it's just now we are at the edge of being destroyed so why not to destroy the other nation too, it has benefits too that if a country has nuclear weapons, the other country will think twice of attacking it or not because if they are strong enough to win over them but still the other one can destroy you either.

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Mukesh said: (Aug 9, 2017)  
Every country wants to defend against any external aggression. If enemy having lots of nuclear weapons then we must prepare our weapons so as there will be a threat in enemy's mind and war will be avoided. We have seen catastrophic effects in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during world war 1 also in Iran Iraq war. So there is no use of war after the war also there is discussion and matter is solved so why not initially only solve the matter. Now the world is worrying on North Koreas missile so we should work on anti-missile research.

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Shubh said: (Aug 6, 2017)  
Nuclear power is very modern generating to produce energy first thing I want to you that depends that for which I am using it we can generate electric energy but nowadays many countries use it destructive ways.

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Divya said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
The point is not that nuclear war cannot be won and should not be fought. The point is even if we fought for our country, there is no gain to either our country or the rival country as from both side; people will lose their lives. If we want to win this war, then start fighting the war with your thinking and your behaviour towards everyone. If there will be equality everywhere, then there is no point of having war, and when there are no wars, then there is no question of winning or fighting it.

The best way to stop the war is to let out the negative feelings from your mind and get the positive feelings take place inside your mind, and there will be no sense of having war again.

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Pravesh Bhalothia said: (Jul 8, 2017)  
The UN should pass a resolution to ban the countries to establish a nuclear arsenal and allow the countries to use the nuclear energy for peaceful purposes like producing electricity, medical science and a lot more field where nuclear energy can be used.

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Vanika said: (Jun 30, 2017)  
Nuclear wars are the wars with no survivers. Even after winning the war the country will not be able to enjoy the victory because there won't he anybody to celebrate it.

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Rahul Sharma said: (Jun 6, 2017)  
In my opinion, nuclear weapon is a good for threaten the other country for the sake of national security but its use can bring disaster. So it should not be promoted at any cost.

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Tanveer said: (May 3, 2017)  
Nowadays, all the nations having the nuclear weapons. Fought with the nuclear weapons war can be won but not the people hearts. It is very dangerous things most of the countries having now. For me those all are should be destroy. We have all ready seen what position of hiroshima and nagasaki till now the the nuclear effects are there. It is very harmful for our human life. I conclude this war will not be won by using nuclear bombs.

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Yogesh Kumar said: (Apr 2, 2017)  
Yes, I agree with this statement. Nuclear war can help the countries to win the war but the heart of people cannot win by any type of war.

According to the relation between Indo-Pak, there might be chances for nuclear war. It can affect both countries. Most of the loss of life of innocent people will face. Pakistan does not have a proper nuclear weapon. They are only dependent on nuclear missiles which can launch from land. They do not have nuclear submarines and aircraft. But on another side, India have nuclear missiles launchpad on land along with aircraft and submarine. Pakistan will definitely face a big loss of life, if there will be a nuclear war between India and Pakistan or may there will be no evidence of the physical presence of Pakistan on earth.

Guys, nuclear war is very serious matter. There is no profit of any country in the world.

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Tanmay Srivatsa said: (Mar 5, 2017)  
Experts say if India and Pakistan will have nuclear was then not only neighboring countries but half of world will be very badly affected.

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Shane Lobo said: (Feb 9, 2017)  
Well, as of now all countries are nuclear in reference to war. Countries will never be independent as they rely on each other for various things, so a nuclear war will not only be a loss for the countries fighting the war but a loss for all the countries of the world. That is why there will never be a nuclear war.

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Pankaj said: (Jan 24, 2017)  
Nuclear war is a fatal decision for any country. It can take the economy of a country far behind. It takes many life. Nuclear war is not a solution to the problem.

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Akhil said: (Oct 23, 2016)  
Good morning guys,

According to me, yes it is true because howsoever you will win the war but never win the heart of people as many soldiers, families, houses and beautiful cities get destroyed in the war and we never reach to the solution.

What happened after USA dropped atom bomb in japan however they won the war but the people of japan still remember them and never buy any us products and gap if two countries have become more. So war cannot be won by one and should not be fought.

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Anushka Pandiya said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
Weapons can never be a solution to any problem. We Indians are children of Mahatma Gandhi. Today Gandhiji has become the example for the entire human race. He taught us non-voilence. War should not be fought. Either nuclear or manual.

Blasting the hotels and harming the people will one day destroy ourself because this game of REVENGE will never end if we don't change our mind and our conscience.

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Suprabhat said: (Oct 11, 2016)  
Big NO for nuclear war, whole world especially Asian countries are energy deficient, use nuclear power to generate energies not as weapon in war, because if war happens, not a single person will survive to celebrate win, again if nobody survives, there is destruction everywhere.

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Narain Rai said: (Oct 6, 2016)  
No, it is not good for your society and your nation because India is developing nation and he got 7 positions in the world so it is not good for India to not use that type of nuclear weapon. And be claim a peaceful. Then last India will be a superpower by 2020.

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Chanakya said: (Sep 26, 2016)  
Nuclear weapons are too much dangerous for our life as you have seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki where the affect of these nuclear weapons are till today. People died and nothing happened, if every country starting to use it, it will be difficult to survive the life. Do we should avoid these type of weapons.

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Sandy said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
As the development of technology, many good things invented, at the same time some inventions become a threat to humanity. Major one of this is nuclear weapons, using this type of weapons can create many huge issues. It can affect or it can become a threat to the human being, also the environment. We can see the outcomes of Nagasaki and Hiroshima issues.

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Tejaswin Kumar said: (Aug 8, 2016)  
It should be thankful to say something about this. Ok let see we are not going to support this war now, then what will loss of ourselves. Nothing. Then we must say due to something not happening something will surely happen in future. It is true we are not doing experiment our future will do this. And there is the possibility that they may live awesome life than us. Last thing if there is the option of better why don't we chose that.

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Sajjad Yousuf said: (Jul 3, 2016)  
We are human so humanity should be present in ourselves so how can we fight with one another how can we learn with such a deadliest weapon we can also learn from history of Nagasaki and Hiroshima how innocent people died due to deadliest effect of nuclear bomb as we know that nuclear reaction never stops it is persisting and as a result we can also see in Nagasaki and Hiroshima children are not healthy and possess some kind of in compliance as deaf dumb or any other we can also use this money for development purpose why have to use it in making disastrous bomb.

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Savitha said: (Mar 26, 2016)  
In my point of view, nuclear war will create huge disaster to the countries. We already know the effect of nuclear bombs in our history example is Hiroshima and Nagasaki both are affected and most of the innocent people lost their lives. Our economy also decreases in using these nuclear weapons instead of spending for this war this money we can use it for other developments.

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Logan D. said: (Mar 23, 2016)  
We need nuclear weapons. They have managed to stop full-scale wars. Besides, if we get rid of these nukes, how will we dispose of them?

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Peaceful Warrior said: (Jan 16, 2016)  
The only reason of situations that may lead to war, are the egoistic or self centred behaviour of domains with respect to each others. Nowadays similar situation is arising due to bulk crude oil present in countries like Syria where dictatorship is prominently known. Super powers are attracted to this huge storage which is nothing but million dollars for them. They are looking for the ways to get possession on that area which local dictators can never digest. Similarly others countries are also in ambush for the same. These kind of greedy thoughts are the reasons for cause of war. Only way to reduce tendency of futuristic wars is peace agreements between domains.

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Rikita Rana said: (Dec 1, 2015)  
"We are humans, think in terms of humanity, if people are there than nation or country will be there so nuclear fight must be avoid". We all know the very bad reactions of nuclear bombing.

In our world history the atomic nuclear bombs which name were little boy left on Hiroshima on 6 August, 1945 and 2nd fat boy targeted on Nagashaki on 9 August 1945 and took the life of lots of people. Around 1, 29, 000 people lost their life, get badly affected from nuclear vapor. Still now in Hiroshima, Nagashaki people are suffering from genetic disorder problem because of nuclear reaction.

"So, I think nuclear war is not option, whether there is most worst situations occurs between 2 countries but they must avoid it otherwise it will take life of lots of innocent people".

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Shivaji said: (Sep 23, 2015)  
Albert Einstein once said "I don't know with what weapons WORLD WAR 3 will be fought with but I know that WORLD WAR 4 will be fought with STICKS AND STONES".

No matter who wins a nuclear war there will be nothing left for anyone after that. First the structural development will be devastated by the immediate strike followed by a nuclear winter destroying the left over life on earth.

The world is not in a condition to survive the nuclear war at the present situation as it survived the two world wars. Mahabharata is an example to all of us that could wipe out entire civilizations in days. We don't want our fate to be the same. Nukes are not answer to any solution, not even war itself.

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Tanusree said: (Sep 7, 2015)  
Now a days every developed and developing countries have the nuclear power. They used it to secure their country from the enemy countries. But there is no solution by deploying atom bombs on enemy we can solve the problem by some peaceful ways.

In my opinion nuclear war should not be fought rather we can use the power to help the human being. By using the power we can rotate direction of river so people live in desert can use water easily. It also generate much electricity. We can easily solved electricity problem in future. There are many advantages of it, so why we use it for destroy nature as well as human?

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Deepak said: (Mar 10, 2015)  
Hello Friends!

First of all I would like to explain what is nuclear war? It is a war with nuclear power. When a nuclear bomb is deployed at some place it creates nuclear devastation through series of chain reaction that happens in nucleus of an atom.

Now as our topic is "Nuclear War cannot be won and should not be fought". So let us discuss about it.

If we will see today's world almost every country have nuclear power. And the reason for this the countries give is that it is for security of the nation. If the war is fought in future it will surely be Nuclear one because war is the game of destroy and conquer policy. During war nations forget the harm that is going to cause the human as well as animals life in future.

If take the example of Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities of Japan. There still after the almost 60 years from atom bomb deployed by America, its effect can be seen. The children take births with degenerated qualities and genetics.

Nuclear war may win the war or country but it leaves a country and place not to be used again for living and also at the cost of billions of lives. This is not the win, this is the loss of humanity.

In my concern Nuclear war should not fought. In spite of using the nuclear power for destruction it must be used for growth of country because nuclear energy gives huge amount of electricity.

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Ajit Katal said: (Sep 16, 2014)  
Well, as far as, war is concerned no one can win any war completely without losing anything. Even the winner also have to lose something or someone.

And as we know the nuclear power is very much destructive, if misused.

If any nuclear war will occur then I think there will be no winner or loser in nuclear war. Because everything will be destroyed.

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Sameer said: (Apr 30, 2014)  
From the beginning of the world, people always adopted only one policy i.e. "Power and Control". Today after thousand years we are still stick to this policy. War is one of example of this policy. War can never be the solution of problems whether it fought with traditional weapons or with nuclear weapons.

Am totally agree with the statement that nuclear war cannot be won and should not be fought. Because nuclear weapons can influence the every sphere of mankind more badly than any other thing. Nuclear weapons were once used in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan. Worse effect of this attack is still recognize in people there. The genetics, ecological, economical, political and social effects of nuclear weapons can influences the world for long time.

At present, almost every big nation have nuclear weapons. And if war will fought between nations with nuclear weapons then it will surely prove the Gandhiji quote true i.e. "An eye for an eye makes world blind".

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Rahulsakharwade said: (Jan 27, 2014)  
As the case of Nagasakhi and Heroshima is well known to everyone, its affect is still recognized there. The developed countries try to become more powerful by using such weapons on other, they still don't aware of its ultimate results that is nothing other than total destruction of human existence. The complete ecosystem will destroy and there will be no one to celebrate their victory. As, war never bring to any solutions it just invites destruction.

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Binu said: (Jan 25, 2014)  
Hi friends,

Nuclear war as the name suggest itself is a war that is fought with nuclear weapons.

And we all know how much drastic effect will be there if it is fought. As we all know the condition of hiroshima and nagasaki. The effects are still visible there till now.

As it is a chain of reactions which can never end. And will destroy the life and property forever.

So why doing such kind of activities which will harm the humanity, by being humans how can even we imagine of harming our creation of god.

And finally the question is what we will we get?

And the answer is nothing except the feeling of guilt. By doing such war we are not winning any one's heart. Nor do we have our loved ones to celebrate, so for whom we should even think of any kind of war.

Finally I would end up by concluding that nuclear science is good technology but if it would be used to benefit the society as well as nation.

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Ankush said: (Oct 6, 2013)  
If nuclear war is fought I don't think there would be anyone to celebrate the win because nuclear war will cause such destruction that half of the planet will turn into ashes. Nuclear weapons have immense energy to destroy everything in their vicinity.

So if you are humanitarian than Nuclear war should be off the table.

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Flores Jehoram Asencio V. said: (Aug 29, 2013)  
In Ken Josephs letter America should use every weapon at our disposal(May 26), he never once mentioned that using nuclear weapons to solve our problems in the world today very likely would force our enemies to retaliate with their own nuclear weapons.

The civilized world has not used nuclear weapons since we bombed Japan in 1945. The world is aware that we could have no winners in a nuclear war. America continues to use conventional weapons to fight our wars because a counter-attack would kill thousands of our citizens.

Josephs also mentions the thousand of civilians we killed when we fire-bombed Germany and dropped atomic bombs on Japan at the end of World War 11.

When reading his statements concerning civilian deaths, my dearly departed mother came to mind. She was the most apolitical person I ever knew. Her main goals in life revolved around being a old-fashioned housewife. Even if she knew Adolf Hitler was hungry, she would prepare a meal for him. Her altruism was purely nonracial and nonpolitical.

I feel strongly that so many like her yet exist in today's world. The killing of "the innocents should not be in any nation's overall war plan. The politicians who cause wars were never an issue with my mother. If someone was in need, she would come to their aid. I visualize a great many Muslim women, dressed in their burkas, as reincarnations of my mother.

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R.Arunagiri said: (Aug 6, 2013)  
Nuclear energy can destroy each and every human beings when its used in negative way. Many countries have nuclear weapons but they are not used it because they know very well about the nuclear reaction in present and future. In my point of view each and every person should be prohibiting the nuclear energy in negative way. We assure that the energy of nuclear energy is used to making the electricity for our future generation.

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Rishabh Rps said: (Mar 24, 2013)  
War is not the solution. But sometimes situation are too bad and that's why War occurs but if we use Nuclear Bomb, It become a big cause of Humanity loss. And war is not start in between two country peoples. So why should we kill each others.

Every time in every war as King Ashoka in Kalinga battle thousand of peoples are killed so we have to be understand the loss from our history, our past experience.

So please say "No" to the wars. Specially Nuclear war.

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Hritwik Singhai said: (Mar 2, 2013)  
In my opinion, I feel that war in the present time is not much predictable, as every nation is friendly with others. With the fantastic efforts of United Nations, this topic is not much to be discussed. But still, if nuclear war happens, then I assure you that there will never be no next war, because nuclear war means end of everything, whether it be living or non-living. The best idea to secure ourselves is disarmament of such weapons which are extremely dangerous. All countries together should accept this proposal, so that we can save the next succeeding generations from the horrors of war.

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Diti Bhattacharya said: (Oct 30, 2012)  
I don't think that a 3rd world war in the truest sense of the term will ever take place. As with the rise of terrorism and growing discontent among religious and ethnic groups wars have assumed a more "local" character. Large-scale wars have increased post Second World war but the risk of a nuclear stand-off is highly unlikely given the overwhelmingly destructive power of the nuclear tool, attracting widespread international repercussion that would obviously not go well with the image of the country using it. Which means that victory can be ensured in tangible terms but that would be eventually overshadowed and subdued by the human rights crises in the international scenario. So the best possible way of mending relations seem to be "dialogue" in the present globally economically interdependent world.

So even if nations are inclined to build up their nuclear capabilities I would say that just let them build their nukes because the more the countries go nuclear the lesser are the chances of having a nuclear warfare in the near future.

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Sunil Rajdhaan said: (Aug 31, 2012)  
Wars are not the solution of problems. When it will be a nuclear war, how destructive it will be you know from the result of nuclear blast at Heroshima and Nagasakhi in Japan. Having nuclear weapons, is to show that our nation is powerful but we don't know the ultimate its results. As human beings we should keep our planet healthy i.e. free from harmful radiations. Moreover nuclear energy can be used for the constructive purpose. The third world war shall be the end of life on earth. True quote by Albert Einestien:"I don't know with which weapon will the 3rd world war happen but I can surely say that 4th world war will be fought with sticks and stones. So I think this unit of showing power should be changed by saying 'NO' to nuclear weapons.

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Amit Kumar Rai said: (Aug 26, 2012)  
67 years has passed, but people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still suffering from the radiation that spread after nuclear attack in second world war. Nuclear war is something which will not only have the instant catastrophic results in form of a mass genocide in fractions of seconds but it will also have a prolonged effect for many generations. First of all war should be avoided. But if War situation is there then go for traditional war methods: military, navy, army or by pressurizing the enemy country through ban and other tactics. Use of nuclear weapon may finish the war in seconds, you might win but the humanity will lose. We cannot see another Hiroshima and Nagasaki burning to ashes.

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Somase M said: (Jul 7, 2012)  
Good evening gentleman,

The opinion some of my friends saying that war has newer inevitable, but I am not completely agree with them. Because war is not small thing like a purchases vegetables from market, and specially nuclear war in which no one country can be won fully with profit. For example maximum nation exceptionally by some countries having nuclear power but no one want to take initiative to use the power, because they are very well known with nuton's theory that"Every action has equal and opposite reaction. "Every nation knows if any of there city went under the suffering of nuclear disaster they know the price what they have to pay.

So gentleman we the youth of nation has to come forward to take initiative to make awareness about the nuclear power, that use this power as boon not as ban. To make light in the house of one not spread darkness in the world.

Thank you Gentleman to giving me your valuable time.

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Sakshi said: (May 18, 2012)  
Nuclear power is a boon as well as bane, but I personally think that if human beings are aware of their life's so they should avoid and restrict the nuclear power in negative sense as much as they can. On the topic of nuclear war I think it should be strictly prohibited by us.

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Subin Mat said: (Mar 16, 2012)  
War is inevitable, sooner the better, long has our country lingered in the shadows of peace and tranquility, we have so much to boast about yet we made no attempts to seize our destiny, make no mistakes its us or them, either we forge an empire from blood and iron and embrace the greatness that was always meant for us, or wither away like we have never existed. There cannot be a better time than this, don't confuse this equilibrium with peace, there will be no mercy.
"Peace is for the womens and the weak, empires are forged by war" - illiad

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Pavan said: (Mar 11, 2012)  
Nuclear war cannot be won, its a known fact and that is the reason why it is not being used. Its power is known to everyone after the Japan tragedy, having a nuclear bomb adds great strength to the country's armory, I mean its a defensive strategy more than attacking, It alarms the countries involved in war that there is a risk of being attacked my nuclear weapons so that they eventually try to make peace with eachother. A fear of higher power is always necessary, when such a higher power is used it leads to humanity's grave.

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Pankaj said: (Feb 23, 2012)  
I am not against keeping the nuclear power with us. Acc to me this is the strongest thing, which shows the country power, but its utilization is the main concept. We should know how to preserve this. Its utilization can be shown by developing the power generation and minimizing the use of non-renewable resources.

But I am not in the favour of using it in the war time as its effect will not be for short time, it will last for generations and we will be the worst example to our children who spoiled their life. We all know the result of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Also a lot of technology and monetary loss occur which is not recoverable. So avoid war and use nuclear power efficiently and effectively.

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Neha said: (Feb 20, 2012)  
Nuclear energy uses to be derived nucleus of an atom.It generates an chain reation which throws out gamma rays which is harmful for the human and other living species.Take the example of japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki.The event occured during the 2nd world war when americans dropped the nuclear bombs on the cities.Even today also,mentally or physically degenrated children are taking birth over their. UNO has strictly instructed every nation not to use any nuclear in a bad way.Still today also nations have nuclear bombs and the explaination given by each nation is for the security purpose.

If 3rd world war happens it is surely going to be a nuclear war as nations will not think about each other's welfare.They are just gonna think about each other's destruction to win the war and to be world's gretest power.It will destroy the mankind, environment and other species.Earth will not be a place to live.

Quoting Albert Einestien's world:"I dont know with which weapon will the 3rd world war happen but I can surely say that 4th world war will be fought with sticks and stones." I think the statement itself can suggest the situation after 3rd world war.

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Mann said: (Feb 11, 2012)  
I think that none of the nation should go for nuclear war because it's just loss of money and life. Instead of making nuclear weapon if that money is used in used in building schools, colleges, hospitals then it will be good for the betterment of society. As in nuclear fission reaction lots of energy is liberated so that energy should be used positively for electricity generation.

So we should stop nuclear wars to save present and future generation.

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Ghanshyam said: (Feb 7, 2012)  
If we consider our history wars have never fetch any good ever, be it India and pakistan or any other country of world, It has always put the countries many years back in terms of prosperity and developement. In todays modern world new advanced nuclear weapons are emerging as new warfares to protect oneself which has perpetual detrimental impact over the people for generations to come as we have seen in Japan. However if we use this nuclear energy in positive way 4 generating electricity it may come out as a boon to us.

So we should focus to make our world better place to live rather then making it hell by getting involved in nuclear wars.

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Veer Antil said: (Nov 28, 2011)  
Now days life of every person is a struggle. We all facing many other problem like as increase of population, corruption, black marketing and question is rising that how to growth? war is not solution because if today we are in power, it is not possible that we will remain powerful always. Science and technology was made for human help but machine and technology overcome on human. We all know that nuclear war create a great disaster in the whole word. Nobody win in the war everybody loose, less or more. This statement is true that never serve sweet in the quarrel. So, why we use nuclear power in war. It is the boon of science and technology for human growth and nations development. So, there is no solution in nuclear war. I think we should be should use nuclear power for electricity power generation that's make our future life safe and easy. That will create growth in human life.

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Clearthought said: (Nov 5, 2011)  
I disagree with the every poster here. With the way in which our population is touching unprecedented levels, only a full blown nuclear exchange with a rival can save this country from utter catastrophe.How else could we feed, clothe and employ all those beings? Bitter it may be, but that's the truth.

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Abhijeet Men said: (Sep 6, 2011)  
Its very true that nuclear war can't be won and Shouldnt be faught.

We all human being living in society all having their competition with one another to make their high standard in a society. Nw a days all are very educated they knows the good and bad of perticular thing so I think there should be a good relationship with neighbour to make peace in a society. That is what exctly happening in between countries, so there should be a nuclear deal with them to make the peace in world.

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Rahul said: (Aug 26, 2011)  
To celebrate the winning one must live first.after nuclear war countries will have more casualties than wid non nuclear war.usage of nuclear is banned under UNSC regulations.i think it is one of the most important taken by UN to maintain peace.WHAT happen in hiroshiman and nagasaki was very unfortunate and even now they have to pay the effects of in brief it just destroy the current and coming generation

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Mathew said: (Jul 14, 2011)  
The sucess of nuclear deterrence may turn out to be its own undoing, Nuclear weapons helped in keeping peace between nations in the cold war era, preventing the dispute from engulfing the nations in onother catastrophic conflict. But after nearly 65years without a major war or nuclear attack many prominent scholars, statesmen and analyst have begun to take deterance for granted. They are now calling for a major drawdown of these nuclear arsenal and a commitment to pursue peace without these weapons.

Well I say to every body that getting nuclear weapons to zero is not a solution, for the very exisistence of nuclear weapons is what keeping our adverseries deterred, In addition to that our country is pursuing a policy of "no first use" to keep the tension low.

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Rushikesh Daiyya said: (Jun 28, 2011)  
We should not do fight with each other because by fighting many soldiers get died so their wife become widow and their family members became very sad so we should not fight instead of fighting we should make peace.

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Rasika Joshi said: (Jun 26, 2011)  
We all know that nuclear war will create a big disaster in whole world. I think by fighting NOBODY is going to win or loose, everyone is going to suffer. So in this case if there is no question of winning or loosing and is not going to help anyone at all, there is no point in fighting.

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Priyank Gupta said: (May 1, 2011)  
I am completely agree with this nuclear war can't be won. Nuclear power has to be used in positive way. It can be used to produce electricity. By nuclear war only countries can be finished. Many generations are effected badly like we have seen in Japan nothing more.

So there is no solution in Nuclear War.

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Sindhu said: (Apr 29, 2011)  
Unless and until man develops his so called self control the nuclear war will emerge out of nuclear weapons. Everyone should check his thinking. If its not possible to inculcate positive approach among people its better stopping the use of nuclear technology.

Because even for the development there should be a race called mankind which will be eliminated if these weapons are misused.

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Senam Pandey said: (Apr 23, 2011)  
I also agree with this, as we know using nuclear weapons we destroy not only destroy mankind or people life but we also destroy our future generation. In war between two countries destroy those people also who even don't know why is it happen. We have many other things where we can use our brain to construct something good for our nation instead of that we make power which destroy yourself only.

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Sumit Singh said: (Feb 17, 2011)  
Hi I m sumit in my oponion we solve any matter with peace not with war this is correct.

Solution. And we are live in developing country and if we want to solve our economical conditon then first we banned on such thes nucleae bomb like thing for maintening peace we have good example of Mahatama Gandhi. Who give us good moraland also show the correct.

Power of peace. So use our money in making things which are helpful in giving the nation.

Benifit. Not to making which make dissaster.

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Pavan Reddy said: (Feb 15, 2011)  
Science is a store for all the greatest things in this world!. Progressing isn't wrong either it be in creating weapons or technology!. Its just the love for technology and how far we can go to get d best out of it!. Having seen the world war2 stronger nations managed to secure themselves having wider technology at least more then the less stronger ones!. So if one nation possesses a nuclear weapon it invariably can become a threat to the other nations! if question of national security arises it should be used as an element of defence but not as a threat!. So it should not be fought and cannot be won!

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Jeetu said: (Feb 15, 2011)  
Science has discovered many things which we are using for our benefits, nuclear is one among them as we know very well every thing has a pros n cons so the nuclear has the same, it depends on the human being how they use, once nuclear bomb was blasted in the lands of Hiroshima and Nagasaki the effect of those bomb we can see till date, the new born infants are abnormal, n also it has effected the land, the land can't be used for cultivation.

If something which effecting the society so much then why to invent such thing. I think the united government body should take necessary action to ban all such things not just in one country but around the globe. They should take severe action on the country who doesn't follow it though we can make power (electricity) out of it but we don't want a power out of death. Eradicate it completely no matter what we loose. No nuclear deal nothing.

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Jaya said: (Feb 14, 2011)  
In my opinion nuclear war should not be fought because the whole world familiar with the output of the nuclear war. It would create a huge disaster in the world. Only solution to save this is good relationship with other countries like nuclear deal.

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Harish said: (Feb 11, 2011)  
As I suggest nuclear war should be stopped because it greatly destructs the country and lower its economy. As we know the nuclear weapons are very costly and takes the life of thousands of peoples in microseconds, then how we make our economy strong by loosing such a great money in seconds beside it takes life. I think this nuclear energy should be should for power generation so that it makes our future safe.

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Nikit Gupta said: (Feb 11, 2011)  
Nothing will remain after a nuclear war. Heroshima and Nagasakhi are still suffering the worse effect of nuclear power even after so many years. So I want to say that why will choose nuclear war option. We can discuss and sort out the problem without any mess. And this is one of the best method to represent our issues and solve the problem. Every country want to live save life either is India or pakistan so on.

I think nuclear weapon should not be use neither present or past.

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S.A,Bica said: (Feb 8, 2011)  
I am Ambica from Hyderabad. I believe that God has created and gifted so many beautiful things in this Universe specially in the earth. Every human nature has to understand this. For the survival of every human nature God has provided all the eminities. Among all the living nature only man is gifted with sharp brain, beautiful heart.

Due to fear fact we are taking hard decisions. To protect ourselves we are harming the other one. We are using our power in a wrong way. Now a days every country is trying to get equipped with nuclear power and weapons. But we are forgetting the fact that with the use of this power we may destroy the human kind. Years after also the generations suffer with this power. God has gifted us all the resources and comforts to make our lives happy. But we are using them for the purpose of destruction.

I think no war can be won with bloodshed and destruction of human kind. Hence I would suggest that all the critical matters or issues has to be sorted out with peaceful discussion. I also recommend that nuclear energy must become the source of income and helpful to the mankind.

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Rishabh said: (Feb 6, 2011)  
Nuclear energy produces a huge amount of energy during the nuclear reaction. This energy can be used in both the ways that is in useful way or in destructive way and to choose one of the way is in the hands of human and its nature.
Useful way:it provides energy which would be used to produce electricity and will provide electricity to large extent of area(depend upon the use of electricity).
Destructive way: As we all know the power of nuclear energy so we know that how much it would be destructive as we have seen earlier during the war as on hiroshima and nagasaki.
So the use of this power should be depend upon the humanity which has to choose this beautiful earth where we live or the place where there is nothing to take care of us and this humanity.
So nuclear war should not take place in future at any cost.

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Rahul said: (Jan 31, 2011)  
Although nuclear power is very useful for various fields, every nation should know the bad effects of the nuclear power.If once there is a nuclear war then it destroys the whole world.So nuclear war must be baned and every nation should be careful about it.

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Saurav Agarwal said: (Jan 25, 2011)  
Well all of us know that today the energy producing sources are exhausting everywhere and noone needs to be told has to how important petrol and other such fuels are to the entire world. So if the governments of various country come together to generate energy rather than weapons it would first and foremost eliminate the threat that every superpower as well as the people around the globe are facing regarding nuclear war and at the same time would bring about electricity to all the areas which still are facing power crisis.

As some famous person said when asked about the outcome of the third world war, "I do not know with what kinds of weapons the Third World War will be fought, but the Fourth World War will be fought with sticks and stones"

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Tushar Palekar said: (Jan 24, 2011)  
Yes I agree with that,we should use this nuclear power in other better field which can help in various way.there are various field where we use this power.
THERE ARE ALWAYS TWO PHASES OF COIN,so we have to see only the positive phase of this nuclear power and have to avoid the negative one.If we choose the right option,we can use this power as strength in any field.As we know that there are very serious issue of fuel are present among us,so we can use this power in various field as a fuel.
I think that the country has to be agree on the nuclear deal.

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Lt .Priyanka said: (Jan 23, 2011)  
Wars are always faught to win. No nation wants to initiate the war and loose it. Every country be it developed ore developing possesses nuclear weapon in that scenario if any war is faught and war initiating country shows the ultimate threat of nuclear weapons then instead of loosin the war and cause misery to the society of the nation it is better to use Nuclear Weapon by taking initiative to stop the war and win it. Had America not used the atomic weapon during world war 2, the scenario would have been something else and more destructive.

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Ch.Naresh said: (Jan 21, 2011)  
I strongly believe that we should oppose nations keen in developing nuclear based security for handling threats.Proper discussions should be made to mantain peace between nations to develop themselves and let them others.
so,use nuclear energy in developing society not to kill society.

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Kirti Malik said: (Jan 12, 2011)  
Nuclear weapons can harm the human world to such a great extent that no one can imagine. Someone has correctly said that-IF THE THIRD WORLD WAR HAPPENS, IT WILL BE A NUCLEAR WAR. Whatever be the result mankind will always lose. The energy produced by them is enormously high that can destroy the whole earth.

Science we use is a boon to us. Man should use it for his betterment not for his destruction. Nuclear energy can be used for the completion of energy needs.

I strongly feel that nuclear weapons must be destroyed. All nations must agree on this better use of nuclear energy.

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M Suraj said: (Jan 3, 2011)  
Nothing is left after a nuclear war. Heroshima and Nagasakhi are still suffering the worse effect of nuclear power even after so many years. Their production make no use to human's society except destruction. Just we need to put a full stop to nuclear warheads and make their use in production of good energy.

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Sushil said: (Dec 26, 2010)  
We know very well that almost each county has nuclear weapons for there safety and there should not be any type of nuclear war because in today's world there is not any country that can enjoy there victory due to a huge lose or may be total lose of human beings.
So we should try to convert this nuclear war into nuclear deal.

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Mohan said: (Dec 25, 2010)  
Nuclear war should not be fought according to me. Since they only create disastrous effects for the existing generations and create problems for years after. If this continues, then God's most precious creation so called "human beings" will have to face physical challenges that is dreadfully dangerous for the existence.

Hence proper steps should be taken to reduce nuclear war as they can't be won.

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Loknath Sahu said: (Dec 25, 2010)  
Nuclear power is very strong and destructive for the wellfare and destruction of society. The science has invented many things, now it depends upon us how we use it. If science has invented a knife for cutting apple, but you are cutting someone neck. So the usage of nuclear power depends on the attitude of society.

In my concern, nuclear power should be only used for the wellfare of the society. Through using nuclear, we may able to generate huge energy that we would be able to fulfill the need of society population of around 8 billion. The nuclear energy may be alternative sources of natural resources like Petrol, disel and gas. India has signed many nuclear agreement with other countries like the US, EU and china. Today one country is not believing to other easily. That's why every country is busy in making nuclear boms and dangerous instruments. I don't think this is good anyway.

I am completely against the having nuclear weapons. There is no surity that when Pakistan might attack in India or when America would attack on Iran etc. The effect of nuclear bom is very disastrous. For instance, Hirosima and Nagasaki. There should be never especially nuclear war. It can destroy the nature as well as the existance of humanity.

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Arpit Pal said: (Dec 23, 2010)  
Yes it is true that if there is a nuclear war in future it will end without any country winning but the whole world loosing. So all the nuclear powers(nation) should immediately come to a agreement of destroying all their nuclear weapons and should take a firm resolution to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes only.

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Pooja said: (Dec 18, 2010)  
I think, in way of developing countries it will be very harmful because developing countries face the many problems, like economical wise, disaster wise etc.

So please try to avoid this situation.

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B.Prasad Reddy said: (Jul 22, 2010)  
Now a days, all the Nations are rapidly developing. All countries facing common problem that is Nuclear war. The nucler war affected all human beings are so much, it should be injuries to future human beings.So, we have good thing in nucler deals that is produce eletricity from that. So, my request to all is take good from Bad. So, all countries can solve their problems with discuss to each others.

"Discussion can solve the problem but Nuclear war can not solve the problem". All people want peace.

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Nuclear War cannot be won and should not be fought

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