Non execution of GST bill might herald end of present government

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Abhay Singh said: (Nov 15, 2020)  
Hi, in my point of view, GST implement is a good step which was taken by honourable prime minister Modi but GST implementation is not a proper way. It is not a work which can be done a day for this work government should proper planing. Thanks.

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Shwetha said: (Mar 16, 2018)  
Hai everyone, Goods and service taxes will be implemented across the nation. I t will be replaced all the indirect taxes that are levied by central and state government.

Before GST there are a different kind of taxes are applicable to the goods and services. The tax rate on the same goods in different states. Now after the GST, only single tax for the single nation is applicable and tax rate will be same.

GST is a single tax on the supply of goods and services right from the manufacturer to the customer.

Thank you.

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Radha said: (Feb 12, 2018)  
Hi everyone, I would like to put forth few points regarding GST. It is a Goods and services tax which was introduced by modi in 2017 after demonetisation.

The main aim of GST is to make India as a single market Because of this the tax rates for products are increased and some are decreased. Of course, it is mainly to decrease corruption and black money. But because of whom this decision was taken those black money holders are not changed. The middle class and poor people are suffering more. The medical bills are also increased due to this the poor people may suffer. So the government also should resolve these problems. If One step is taken we should resolve all the obstacles and move forward.

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Vaibhav Singh said: (Jan 22, 2018)  
What I think non-execution will herald the end of present government as the budget for 2018-19 is to be tabled soon. If the government is not able to execute the GST bill it will face grievances while preparing the budget as it will not have an exact calculation of returns in form of taxes so it will affect its public spending and also it might lead to increase in fiscal deficit which in turn will affect economic growth of the country.

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Aditi Shinde said: (Jan 20, 2018)  
According to my point of view, GST is any thing which make honest marketing. Throughout the country. GST has long term advantages. Which will come in our way slowly.

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Jitender said: (Jan 20, 2018)  
Hii everyone.

Good mourning to all of you.

As the GST bill was passed on july 2017 by the prime minister of India first of all what is GST? GST means goods service tax which impose all the other bills such as excise tax, service tax, vat tax, additional excise tax and convert into a single tax i.e. GST. GST consist/contains of two tax one is state (SGST) and other one is Centeral (CGST). As it does not differ from the previous one and the prices of items remains same and such a minor difference.

For implementing GST only a middle class and poor class suffer alot as they don't know what is Gst and how much price they have to pay for buying items. , medicine rates also increases due to which poor poeple cannot take proper medical help due to which they suffer a lot. Many shopkeepers take the advantage that many people don't know about gst and prices so that they can sell their products at a vey high rates and according to their interest.

At last I would like to say that non execution of GST bill might herald end of present government, this I say only because govt introduced GSt bill without proper planning and did not created any awareness In my views 80% of people don't know about GST and they went through alot. In our country 70% peoples are middle class and poor family so without introducing about the bill, for implementing creates a lot of problems.

I personally fells that this bill eradicate corruption and improves our economy in future but without introducing create a lot of problems to a middle class family and poor people.

At last I would like to say that our government run various programmes/events/schemes to create awareness among the people so that they know about GST and what's the benifit of it.

Thank you guys.

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Ankit Rana said: (Dec 26, 2017)  
It will not end the government either it makes them stronger. Because we know more middle or lower class families had supported PM for it. Everyone want corruption to be demolished from society and it is a way to do so. After implementation of GST India had grown according to World Bank and will be soon at top of the world.

The rates after GST are increased only for the rich classes as the 18%&24% slot items are only of there use which include luxurious hotels etc and no effect is on the middle class so they will always support the decision.

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Bishal Jaiswal said: (Dec 10, 2017)  
Hello everyone,

I think it's time to break the ice, as our topic is on Gst, I would like to share some of my views on it.

The sales and goods services was launched at midnight on 1st July 2017 by the president of India Pranab Mukherjee and prime minister of India narendra modi.

Gst has replaced several former taxes which includes central excise duty, customs duty, additional customs duty and state-level value added tax.

Gst was basically introduced to reduce the rate of goods but still we see there is not enough variations in the price as it was before, in spite of decreasing there are soo many products whose price has increased drastically after the Gst implementation, for example, train tickets personal care items, food at fine restaurants, mobile bills, banking charges etc.

As India is the country of the middle class, poor class ppl with low literacy rate and a higher number of rural areas.

There are so many ppl who are unaware of Gst rates on different items. So they are being cheated by the shoppers as well. So, I think Government should have conducted awareness programme relating Gst rates and values as well as should have planned better and cheaper Gst rates on the items which are must in need like food items, medicines, petroleum before its implementation.

Conclusion: I think due to the increase in prices due to Gst and problems faced by the ppl due to the lack of awareness and understanding about the Gst rates, non-execution of GST bill might herald end of present government.

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Upendra Yadav said: (Nov 12, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

Good evening and all I admit who share this topic I also wants share my view on this topic.

I think introduction of GST by present goverment will cause end of present goverment. Maximum population of India belongs to poor or middle family and due to GST price of maximum products increased. GDP fall down, small eentrepreneur closed their business. Government directly introduced gst without any.

Awareness campaign. Ilitrate peoples are not understanding GST so shopkeeper are getting advantage of this and they sells their product at high prices.

I admit that may GST cause long term advantages but without awaiting peoples you can take such a big decision for country like India where maximum population belongs to rural area and they are illiterate. I conclude that improper execution of gst is big blow for bjp government.

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Sahana said: (Nov 7, 2017)  
Hello friends,

I think before implementing GST in India govt should have created some awareness about GST among people, because some people till today don't know why they are paying extra tax (GST) on the products. Middle class and poor people face difficulties to buy things for their daily use because they lead the life based on daily wages. GST has made impact on medicines also by increasing its price, because of this poor and middle class people are facing difficulties to buy medicines and because of this reason poor /needy people will not be able to get proper treatment for their health issues.

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Rahul said: (Oct 31, 2017)  
GST is not good, because GDP of our country decreased and due to GST poor and middle people facing lots of problem.

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Sagar said: (Oct 23, 2017)  
I don't think so.

There had been mixed type of response from the public. On one hand, some businessmen say that the introduction of GST has increased the chances of goods being genuine, on the other hand, some salaried people say they are unable to purchase some items like timber, marble, etc. Due to too much increase in prices of goods, thanks to GST.

Moreover, non application of GST on petroleum items further brings the government in question.

But still, as majority public is not aware about the functioning of GST, they stand neutral and hence, non execution of GST bill might NOT herald end of present government.

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Seersak Joshi said: (Oct 21, 2017)  
GST was basically introduced to lower the rates of goods. Till date, we see the price of some goods is increasing or decreasing depending on the marketing scenario. But still, then the price of the medicines are unchanged which makes unaffordable for some people who have less source of income and another thing if we refer to our today's country's GDP then there is a reduction in the GDP of our nation but it came to lndia to increase the GDP.

So the major conclusion drawn is that if the gst bill passed or not has not caused any change in the economy of the nation so it will not impose any impact on the present government.

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Mamatha said: (Oct 16, 2017)  
In my opinion, GST is an amazing thing because "everyone will be stick on to a single path of eradicating black money".

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Vetrivel said: (Oct 14, 2017)  
In my opinion gst is not applicable for middle class and poor people. Because tax will be collected by government is more than poor people ordinary salary. i.e. the expenses of live is increased but salary of middle and poor people salary is not increased (stable).

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Sandhiya said: (Oct 7, 2017)  
In my point of view, GST is not comfortable for middle-class people because the government do not give good education and did not give current supply in a rural area.

And also, Now matchbox includes rs 1. 50ps how we continue a life.

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Sarathkumar said: (Sep 23, 2017)  
In my opinion, gst is not good fr middle or poor class people. Because we already pay many tax compare to China & also many shop we pay more cash due to gst also we don't to how much tax we paid fr gst.

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Tanmay said: (Sep 18, 2017)  
' Goods and Services Tax' (GST) is an indirect tax for the whole nation levied on the supply of goods and services. It is comprehensive, multistage, destination based tax that is levied on every value addition.

Total eleven indirect taxes, five at Central Govt level and six at State Govt level have been subsumed into GST.

Compensation to the States will be provided for five years for loss of revenue, if any on account of GST.

Robust and comprehensive IT system is established for effective implementation of GST under project ' Saksham'.

The benefits of GST are removal of cascading of taxes, reduction in hidden costs, uniformity of tax rates & structures, better.

Controls on leakages, higher revenue efficiency, improved competitiveness for trades & industry in long term.

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Kavish said: (Sep 14, 2017)  
Hello friends,

As we all know gst stands for one nation one tax. Basically gst remove all the indirect taxes on goods and services. There are mainly three type of gst 1. Sgst - in which you have to pay the tax to state gv.

2. Cgst- in which you have to pay the tax to central gv. And last one is igst-integrate gst.

So if you are manufacturer of plastic bottles in state X and sell it in state X only than you have to pay sgst and cgst.

While this bottles are sell in state Y than you have to pay only igst and remaining tax will pay by state Y dealer him/herself only.

So, my conclusion is gst removes n number of indirect taxes and result is all the state have to pay equal amount of tax on same particular thing.

Jay Bharat.

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Rashmitha said: (Sep 13, 2017)  
Good evening everyone, today we are given with the topic GsT is a goods and service tax. In India It was frst introduced by finance minister Arun jately on 19 Dec 2014 and. It would more effective from April 2017. The main aim of GsT is to make India single market and to reduce cascading of taxes. It calculated on value added of an item at each stage of supply chain i.e. manufacturers to end customer. It is replaced by many of the taxes like service tax, excise duty, customs duty, vat, sales tax, entertainment tax etc. It is divided into two types system n cgst. This division makes more manipulations of taxation system. Looking to perspective of business man taxation system should be single it shouldn't be a dual aspect it may become difficult to manage. In order to implement these taxation system and to make India single market proper information and education should be given to the people to implement it completely. Thank you.

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Jyoti Rathore said: (Sep 6, 2017)  
Gst stands for good service tax. Gst is the great step taken by pm Narendra Modi. After implementing this tax bill, taxes on all goods from anywhere within the country will be same. And thus manufacturer would not have to pay a large amount when they cross one state to another.

In gst goods will be divided into three parts and accordingly taxes will also be shared. Taxes on gst bill is minimum 6%to maximum 25%. The decision of government To impose high tax rate on luxury goods is also applauded.

This gst helps all the backward people who are uneducated.

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Niveditha said: (Aug 27, 2017)  
Hello, everyone.

GST is a good initiative step taken by Indian government As Indian is known for equality, GST has again proved it by making single tax through out the country. By this, we Indians can again show our unity.

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Kavya said: (Aug 26, 2017)  
Hello everyone, as we all know GST (Goods and Services Tax) came into force on midnight of 30th June by our central government. GST is an idea of having single tax system throughout the country without any state barriers and also taxation system will be transparent and corruption will be reduced. But GST system is heading towards getting opposition from people because no clear picture of this system is given to common people and common people are suffering from this as they are made to pay extra money for their daily needs in the name of GST and it is found be retailers are taking advantage of this situation and raising the cost of even our daily needs and it is causing inconvenience to the common people.

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Akash said: (Aug 24, 2017)  
I think that execution of Gst may become the reason for the end of this government, I am not saying that it was not a good idea to bring GST but I am just saying it could be one of those reasons along with Demonetization, rail accidents which happened in previous days.

Thank You.

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Deepak said: (Aug 22, 2017)  
It is a good step because that India goes to developing so single tax in all over India that is a great thing.

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Ajit Kumar Nayak said: (Aug 4, 2017)  
Namaskar friends,

GST in nowadays, playing a vital role in Indian economy. But we are not able to know the actual benefit of GST. GST is like, we gave all the share to the head, and he distributes the shared equally among the members, so all can get their share equally, time also save. By GST, we get the things at one price among the country. No excess amount is allowed for that. That creates an honest market through out the country. For the launch of GST, We all Indian are ever grateful to our Indian govt.

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Shraddha said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
Good evening friends, in my opinion, GST is a reform that is going to take time before it starts showing its intended effect. There have been objections like why levy luxury tax on something as important as sanitary napkins and its true. But these are a few faults in the new reform. I think it should be looked upon. But as a whole, I think the present government should be allowed to work on this.

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S.Gokul said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
In My opinion,


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Ankita said: (Jul 21, 2017)  
Yes, because GST is something which is helping the common people to pay tax at only one time and the people are getting benefits from this so if there would be no GST then it might be a herald.

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Kiran said: (Jul 17, 2017)  
Well, I agree with all of you, GST is better but some of them have fear of more percentage of tax on a bill they see, this makes poor people buy the less products.

Low product business people already pay more taxes on goods.

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Abhinisha Thakur said: (Jul 16, 2017)  
Hello and good morning everyone!

In my opinion, if there is non-execution of GST bill then it is not the herald end of the present government.

What this GST is? we need to understand this. This Goods and Service Tax is a big reform and it is going to help in changing the GDP of our countries.

Big things take time, even when we purchase a new set of glasses it takes 2-3 days to adjust in our eyes. And GST is a big reform slowly but definitely, it is going to bring a rise in GDP and development of our country.

The customs duty, excise duty, entertainment tax, they all are indirect taxes and they are not levied by the government.

These are the taxes by which the price of the commodity increases while the direct taxes are income tax, corporate taxes. So, means what we paying more before is the indirect taxes. But now because of GST there is NO TAX PE TAX. We need not pay any kind of indirect taxes.

The prices of all goods remain same all over India, same price same goods. I know presently many people are getting disturbed by this it is just a temporary problem, not the permanent one.

We cannot neglect the good and important role played by the present govt for our country like India having a good relationship with developed countries in the world, participating in various conferences and summits, skill development projects, make in India, Digital India, Demonetization to slow down corruption.

So, as the GST is going to bring a big reform in our country so it cannot be herald end of present government.

Thank you.

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Shefali said: (Jul 12, 2017)  
Hi, friends. I agree with you all but tell me one thing some things are very necessary on which 12% tax. I'm talking about sanitary pads. Even now women in rural areas can't afford to buy sanitary pads. While condom, bangles, bindi, kumkum are tax-free. When these things be tax-free why can't napkins be? about 80% f the Indian women who can't afford proper menstrual hygiene. Why luxury tax is levied on sanitary napkins!only rich women bleed?

Thank you !

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Rohan Patel said: (Jul 12, 2017)  
Hello mates,

GST (Goods and Service tax) is a great step taken by PM Narendra Modi. It is a great thinking of a strong future of India. I don't know whether the polls have a great faith in it. But your single failure can't decide your career and if there is no execution of GST it will definitely not end the present government. Because in recent times the government has a great hold of the folks. I think if this cause will happen then the government will definitely come with another good transformation. The last session Government were in power of 3 years and they didn't even think about any reforms then we only have to dream about a bright arena. Currently, this government in less than 3 years, making the society in the list of developing countries. Not only GST many great steps were taken by Modi Sir like the Demonetisation which one great step to slow down the growth of corruption, India is also now a part of different global conference and summit. India is also making a good relationship with many developed countries. So according to me, it will definitely not terminate the present form of government.

Thank You.

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Aalok said: (Jul 11, 2017)  
Good afternoon all friends. I think that the previous govt had more time to implement GST while the present govt is trying best for the same in less than 3 years. When any big reform like GST comes it needs some time for its implementation because change doesn't happen overnight. Also, many systems need to be upgraded. Also, the consensus of various sectors needs to be heard before implementation of GST. Also, other govt schemes will play a major role for this govt to remain in power.

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Deepak Jangir said: (Jul 6, 2017)  
To my mind execution of only one task doesn't decide the future of a govt which is in power and performing extremely well as per its capacity.

Under the powerful and wise leadership of PM Mr. Narendra Modi the present UPA govt is doing its job very meticulously to bring up the standard of every citizen, to change the developing economy into developed one, to keep the motherland safe n secure, to make everyone sheltered n educate, to connect each to everyone, to make the system transparent and so on. To ensure all these Modi govt doing its deeds on the motto of REFORM, PERFORM, TRANSFORM.

The govt has so many policies and plans like.

Make In India, Digital India, Transforming India, Clean India Campaign and much more.

And today's people are very aware of all what happens around in government's matter, they are educated well now and have a mind to choose a nice party as a govt.


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Jenish said: (Jul 5, 2017)  
GST stands for goods and services tax. After implementing this tax bill, taxes levied on all goods from anywhere within the country will be same and thus manufacturers would not have to pay large amounts when they cross one state to another in the name of interstate taxes.

GST will help in prospering the economy of the country as prices of goods will come down. Earlier the same product which used to cost about say 100rupees will now cost 75 rupees not exactly same but a little less or more. So this is surely an economic decision for our country.

In GST, goods will be divided into three types and accordingly taxes will also be shared. Taxes in GST bill is ranging from minimum 6 percent to maximum 25 percent. The decision of government to impose high tax rate on luxury goods is also applauded.

So keeping these benefits in mind we can definitely say that yes if the present government does not pass the GST bill in its period which has been delayed so many times, there are chances that the government may not come to power again.

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Patel Meet said: (Jul 2, 2017)  
GST means Goods & service taxes. In my opinion, when there is a change in India, Indian public easily don't except this change, because to except change is not easy.

But, I think it is easy to except because GST rate is less or high as compare to wet rate & this rate is equal in all over India so it is easy in Indian economy.

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Purva said: (Jun 29, 2017)  
Hii friends,

Execution of GST will even praise the present work of government, instead of ending it. Because the system is quite efficient and integrate. GST is goods and services tax levies on all the goods, sales, manufacturing, and in the market that begins from 2016 April.

GST is aid to have contributed towards economic and financial growth of our India, as according to GST the taxes on all the commodities will remain equivalent all over the India, along with that the commodity from one state to other states will be manufactured at a lesser rates, and GST is a comprehensive way of imposing state taxes. In addition to it, GST is a single tax that have replaced all other indirect taxes, so all the taxes under one roodf i.e. one single tax GST. So, it would help manufacturers by imposing lesser rates for commodities like tobacco, and cigarettes etc.

GST is a quite efficient way of managing the taxation in India, so I think it won't herald the ending of government but instead, it would be a reason of appreciation of government by the public.


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Akansha Nigam said: (Jun 26, 2017)  
Hello Friends,

I am happy to get some new updates about GST thank you so very much for it. My views towards are that there would be no herald to end of the present government, actually, non-execution of GST will not be a signal to the end of the government as people are highly impressed and influenced by very innovative ideas of Our respected Prime Minister. His ways towards change are remarkable and we have no words for his intelligence and leadership quality that is the reason people are completely not put Modi sir era to an end.

However I believe it would be a great if GST execution happened with this government as because it will help in prospering the economy of the country as prices of goods will come down, After implementing of this tax bill, taxes levied on all goods from anywhere within the country will be definitely same and as Niza said manufacturers would not have to pay large amounts when they cross one state to another in the name of interstate taxes.

It would be very helpful to everyone.

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Prateek said: (Jun 26, 2017)  
I don't think so. A single factor can not herald the end of present government. There are several factors combined that herald any government. GST is on the top of the priority list of present government. GST provides a common tax structure all over the country. Currently, there are different tax structure in different states of the country. The contractor or the business man pays different types of taxes to different state's governments. It takes time and also increase the cost of the item. After GST comes into effect, there is a common tax rate to a common item all over the country. Hence, the price of particular commodity will remain same in the whole country. The price's of some commodity might increase while the price of some commodity decrease based on the common tax rate decided by the government.

GST is said to be the biggest improvement in the tax structure of the country after independence. The present government is serious about the execution of the GST. It already improved the ease of business doing ranking of the country. So I think the GST will be executed.

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Anamika said: (Jun 22, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

GST is a comprehensive tax structure that combines all central and state indirect taxes under one umbrella. It would make the present complex tax structure easier and also reduce the prices of products that will in return increase demand hence production thus contributing a significant percentage to the GDP growth. But then again. It is one of the government's efficient initiatives and not the only one. Govt has taken significant other initiatives for economic growth. Sos it definitely can't be said that its non-execution would lead to the end of present government Thank you.

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Swetha. K said: (Jun 15, 2017)  
Hi friends, this is swetha GST is a comprehensive indirect tax levied on manufacture, sale, consumption of goods. It's valued added tax to be implemented from April 2016.

It will replace all indirect taxes levied on goods and services by the Indian state and central governments and aimed at being comprehensive for most goods and services. Under the gst regime the government expects gst implementation supports to boost Indian economy by business climate, the service tax also increase from 12.3 percent to 14percent so the tax for services like consumption of tobacco products, smoking, courier services etc are costlier.

Finally, I conclude that gst implementation is a good decision to mitigate cascading and avoid double taxation and to pave the way for common national market.

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Prasoon said: (Apr 12, 2017)  
GST means goods and service taxes which means that it decreases the taxes in interstate and inter-government. This GST helps all the backwards people who are uneducated.

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Swathi said: (Apr 2, 2017)  
Good morning. This is swathi. I would like to share information with you. Coming to the topic, GST stands for goods and service tax. After implementing this tax bill the product rate will be same all over India. The manufacturer need not pay tax for the product to cross from one state to another state.

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Kundan said: (Mar 30, 2017)  
Hello, friends.

As we all know about that not everything in our present government hands or they can't take any decision alone if strongly want. They have take participate in discussion in the parliament (Rajya sabha and Lok sabha) to pass any bills like GST or other else. And as we seen that in the parliament, Opposite parties leaders were totally wasted the two seasons (winter season of 2015 and summer season of 2016) without any discussion on the GST and they were foreclosed the maximum days of seasons. At last, I want to say that if our parliament going like this way then GST bill what? - no other important bills will pass by our parliament quickly if present govt. Really want to do this.

Sorry friends, if I diverted you from topic. So I come to topic, GST-GOODS AND SERVICE TAXES bill one of the best bills in the India history and it really helps to increase the GDP of our country and it will going to implement from 1st July 2017. It means our present govt. (Govt. Of people's prime minister-MODI G) will again come in future.

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Manoj Yajamanam said: (Feb 22, 2017)  
No, certainly not, But execution may bring certain conflicts between parties and between state and central government. It will actually bring more transparency in the system.

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Shri said: (Jan 26, 2017)  
I don't think so that not bringing GST will lead to end of present government. This plan was bought during 2009 and not executing this plan was not the reason the previous government lost its place. The previous government had lot of corruptions and scams during its previous regime. The present government has already bought several plans stated by my friend above. So Non-execution of GST bill might not lead to end of present government.

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Arun Ponugoti said: (Jan 24, 2017)  
According to me the GST bill is going to positive out come to Indian economy and simultaneously it is targeting on export goods and luxury good.

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Niza said: (Jan 21, 2017)  
GST stands for goods and services tax. After implementing this tax bill, taxes levied on all goods from anywhere within the country will be same and thus manufacturers would not have to pay large amounts when they cross one state to another in the name of interstate taxes.

GST will help in prospering the economy of the country as prices of goods will come down. Earlier the same product which used to cost about say 100rupees will now cost 75 rupees not exactly same but a little less or more. So this is surely an economic decision for our country.

In GST, goods will be divided into three types and accordingly taxes will also be shared. Taxes in GST bill is ranging from minimum 6 percent to maximum 25 percent. The decision of government to impose high tax rate on luxury goods is also applauded.

So keeping these benefits in mind we can definitely say that yes if the present government does not pass the GST bill in its period which has been delayed so many times, there are chances that the government may not come to power again.

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Yash said: (Jan 15, 2017)  
Absolutely not! first of all it will execute as government is taking damn necessary steps to implement it but unfortunately if it won't be executed then also it would not be the end of present government as only one failure couldn't decide or measure the abilities of the government and that too keeping in mind the various successful programmes like Jan Dhan Yojana, Kaushal Vikas Yojana, Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, Demonetisation etc.

Although GST is necessary for the simplification of taxation process!

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Sano said: (Jan 11, 2017)  
Well, I agree with my friend, Emotional intelligence or Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the ability to identify, assess, evaluate and control on emotions. If any person has this ability then definitely they are a good leader, good team Player, ability to deal with oneself emotions and others also. Today most of the companies want a person who has more EQ because the person has to work in a team.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ), is the score obtained by standardized testing to assess the intelligence of individuals. The person who has high IQ can solve difficult problems easily, puzzles, mathematical questions and also they have very good reasoning ability.

In conclusion, I want to say that both the abilities in a person have own importance. If any person has lack of IQ and EQ level, both can be improved by good foods, meditation and by certain tests.

Thank you.

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Non execution of GST bill might herald end of present government

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