Make in India vs Make for India

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Ankit Rajput said:   2 weeks ago
Hello Everyone!

This is My Knowledge About the Make in India and Make for India.

Make for India comprises the idea of innovation and customisation and Make in India comprises the concept of development in the economy both approaches complement each other and help in GDP growth.

Don't rely on One thing, find a new Alternative build & own the Creativity and be a part of Make in India.

Aniket said:   3 weeks ago
Hello friends,

I am Aniket and I am happy to start the discussion on this very interesting topic made in India vs make for India.

I believe that making in India it's the most beneficial thing that ever has been done because it helps a lot of people to put forth their creative ideas to help all the people living in India by making the beneficiary goods, of we have to take the example we can easily able to see on tv as Shark tank India, which helps the people to put forth their creative products which are made in India by the means of which various problems has been solved like unemployment, people are getting appreciated for the products that they are making etc.

Vuruvurvik said:   1 year ago
Hi everyone,

I am here to discuss the topic of make in India vs make for India.

Actually, it is a great topic to discuss.

I prefer only making in India because it increases our GDP growth and share values which improves our nation's economy and decreases unemployment in India.

Isha Srivastava said:   1 year ago
Well, I support the Make in India campaign because as we all know that GDP hasn't done very well in recent quarters and there are many possible reasons behind it. It could be the pandemic or other preexisting reasons like unemployment, illiteracy and poverty (which are yet to be curbed).

Our country is depending on other countries for basic amenities like oil and other Chinese products which in sorta way promise to make our lives easier, those products are obviously attractive and they have demand in the Indian market, so why not try and make the same or more preferably new products which are better than them. This will boost the Indian economy in terms of GDP and many other aspects. Innovation creates employment which will eventually reduce poverty, hence its a win-win game for India.

Bhagyashri Borse said:   1 year ago
Hello guys. !

This is Bhagyashri Borse to speak on the most important topic to related our country which is MAKE IN INDIA VS MAKE FOR INDIA.

As it is very important to have our own products to increase GDP growth and to decrease the problems like unemployment.

For that our honourable PM Mr Narendra Modi has launched the Make in India drive.

This will be very beneficial for our country because Indian people always use other countrie's products which means Indians are only becoming customers of other countries. So it is very important to make our own products and to sell it to other countries.

That's why make in India is better than make for India.

Thank you.

Ramkunwar nain said:   2 years ago
Yes, Make in India is a very important scheme to our country it provides us with a lot of jobs.

Anshuu said:   2 years ago
Yes, ofcourse.

I totally agree that make in India is the best innovative idea which is taken by OUR PM Narendra Modi in 2014.

Make in India means all the products that will manufacture in our own country by which we will get lots of benefits like growth in GDP, reduce unemployment, increases brand values, ease of business, the flow of capital in India as foreign currency provided to the nation.

RK.SRI SHYAMNATH said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone,

Today I am here to give my opinion on a given subject. Actually, it's a very interesting topic to make in India vs make for India.

In Sep 2014 Modiji launched the Make in India initiative which is very good for our country's economic growth. Make in India means manufacturing of goods and services in India and exporting them to the worldwide market. Due to this, there is an increase in our GDP growth which is very important for knowing the economy of one country. Make in India also provides employment to many peoples so it's one of the plus advantages. Also, startups have grown due to the Make in India initiative.

Now we will see, what is made for India, manufacturing of goods and services in India and also sell them in the only Indian market. No export to another country hence it's not much beneficial for country's economic growth. It only provides employment and makes us 'Aatmanirbhar'. Both concepts have their own benefits. (And I'm like to share one point).

I would like to say that making in India is better than making for India.

India is a developing country, requires more employment. Hence more manufacturing units of different countries are required.

The main purpose of this concept is to provide employment to people who are not much educated and not that skilled.

It will create a lot of jobs in the next few years and will also help India to don't rely on other countries. Our country will be self-dependent.

Due to this, more people will engage with technology.

Thank you.

Swarnava saha said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone,

Today I am here to give my opinion on a given topic of made in India vs made in India.

Actually, it's an interesting topic to discuss.

Lets us first know what is these two projects for.


Make in India means to encourage foreign investment that brings the latest technology, broadens the realm of knowledge and infuses research and development within the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the 'Make in India' programme amidst the crisis situation on 25th September 2014, which aimed at attracting foreign companies to set up factories in India and invest in the country's.

Labour and natural resources are available in plenty in India and that makes it a preferred manufacturing destination. More job opportunities can be provided for the huge population.

The manufacturing sectors will not only boost the trading sector but also increase the GDP of the Indian economy. The opening of factories will contribute to the development of the rural sector.

While on the other side MADE FOR INDIA.

In these, The most negative impact of the Make in India campaign will be in the agriculture sector of India. It is a well-known fact that the Indian Territory has 61% cultivable land. With the introduction of industrial sectors, agriculture in India will be neglected.

Thank you.

Sahil Kundu said:   3 years ago
Hi buddies,

We are here to know about the difference between Made in India and Made for India.

Made in India- means the product is manufactured in our country which makes our country's person self-reliant. Make in India mission will increase GDP and provide more employment. As unemployment is a major problem due to the high population we should go for the Make in India mission. By Make in India we can export goods to other countries and limit import which helps to make our country more powerful and high economy.

Made for India- means the products made by any country. Or our country but there is no export. Made for India is not much helpful like make in India as it will neither provide much employment nor increase GDP. Our honourable PM started to Make in India and Aatmanirbhar Bharat like a mission to make our country wealthy and provide much employment.

We should give our contribution by using products made in India.

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