Let us legalize gambling

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Tejaswini said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion gambling can be legalized. Its up to players how they take this game. Since nowadays money is involved in every game so in gambling also. If players understand there responsibility and play it as a game so it can be taken as an entertainment package. Otherwise worst part is in every game for example, match fixing is there in cricket which is its negative part of it.

Suba Janani said:   1 decade ago
Gambling is good in small scale. It induces interest on the game. However on a large scale it is dangerous.

Biany kumar said:   1 decade ago
Gambling is not a way of success .site one example which show a person has achieved success due to gambling , it is dangerous ,instead of person doing labour start gambling , in gambling chancse of person loosing not only his own money but also of others which is not correct .

Manju Tavane said:   1 decade ago
Due to legalized gambling people will get some refreshment after their works. Even though it will help to increase tax of our nation. But this gambling will be in small scale. If it goes high, it will problem to our nation and families of gambling players.

Those people will take loan from others to invest in it. So it would be in small scale.

Anupam said:   1 decade ago
Legalised gambling is found in 47 states of US, government is raising lots of tax revenue from it but what it is losing is its manpower. There are around 12 million people gambling in the states and beginners are of age 14 so you can see what a result legalised gambling can have on a nation. I would rather support for responsible gambling than legalised gambling.

Adarsh Singh said:   1 year ago
Due to legalizing of gambling income of taxes to the government will increase.

But the government should keep limitations on spending amounts in a daily basis to make sure people should not addicted to gambling.

Jothi said:   1 decade ago
Gambling will divert the interest of the player from the game he want to play, instead his main interest will be to gain money...

Phanindra said:   1 decade ago
Due to legalizing of gambling tax for the govt. will increase.

SSM said:   3 weeks ago
In my opinion gambling should be legalized with some constraints, gambling is addictive no matter how responsibly you play. Thus, in my opinion, Government should make some restrictions in gambling so that it doesn't go on a large scale. Also government should allow gambling only in certain fields where there is use of analytical thinking where people can analyze outcome using their knowledge in particular field, thus it doesn't become totally dependent on fortunes.

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