Just as we have smoke free zones, we should have child free zones

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Manish J R said:   5 days ago
Smoke-Free Zones refer to places where smoking is prohibited this is done to prevent people from destroying /polluting the environment by release of gases.

Eg : Temples, Historical Monuments/Places, Hospitals, etc.

In the same way, Child -ones are the places where entry of children till a certain age is prohibited in this to make sure their guardians/parents/relatives spend their quality time without needing to babysit even at that time.

Eg : Certain Resorts, Hotels, Clubs, etc.

Uttara said:   6 years ago
Hello everyone. Smoke free zones are made to keep cigarettes out of that particular area and keep public breathe a smoke free air. It is for the best interest of the cutizen's health. Like wise govt should make child free zones like disco pubs bars casinos hukkah bars. Redlight areas hazardous areas like mines and even fire cracker factories. Where these day's below 18 years age youngsters can be found. These restrictions should be deviced for their better future and everyone must obey the rules.

Doly said:   8 years ago
My opinion is this topic very important because the child's are zone the studying and playing and other activities which are important.

Swathi said:   9 years ago
Hi friends in my opinion we should have "We should have child free zones" is very important because they don't know anything what is right what is wrong so all things take care by of their parents. Like if parents are attended to meeting along with their children if child may crying at the middle of meeting it was disturb to people who are there.

Tillu said:   9 years ago
Good evening All,

I would like to initiate the given topic "Just as we have smoke free zones, we should have child free zones".

In my opinion there should be child free zones which help the child's to be away from negative impact example Pubs, Discos, Adult rated movies, Bars and Casinos.

All these will impact negatively which will harm them in return harm the society if you look at large will hinder the development of the country. Since Children's great future is great development to country.

So In my views having a Child free is necessary like smoke free zone in which both contributes good to society.

Vaishnavi.venkatesh said:   10 years ago
I do agree with this that ''there should be a child free zone just like how there is smoking free zone'' kids may not be that annoying but what I have noticed is that there are few places where or zones where kids should not be permitted such as a meditation hall because they disturb the peaceful environment by creating a huge scene there so I would like to tell that its better to have a child free zone.

Mehak said:   1 decade ago
Its a very interesting topic "Just as we have smoke free zones, we should have child free zones".

Yes I agree with this issue because that with not only benefit the society but also the small children. We usually see that in movie halls small innocent children were being accompanied by their parents and during the movie fighting scenes they started to cry. The entertainment time of parents become a headache for not only the parents but also for the other people. In order to avoid such situation Child free zone can be a relief for everyone. Where those innocent kids can be the kings and queens of their adventurous land.

Venomous Heart said:   1 decade ago
This is a extremely nice topic to think over. Actually the hidden fact behind the topic is that we all should understand that population is growing like anything! Ironically this topic says that some people should understand that their mindless decision to have a child is being a big problem for others like same as effect of passive smoking.

Hashim said:   1 decade ago
Well I agree with the sense of the topic but not with the language used. As far as my opinion is concerned, . Of course there are no of places where children entry should be restricted but it should not be termed as " child free zone " because we are talking about human being. Clubs, adult movie theater, casinos etc are all the example of the same where children entry is prohibited. But in deciding that we should also consider that in controlling activities of a child main administrator is his/her parents.

Arti Tripathi said:   1 decade ago
Hello folks, I want to initiate the topic "Just as we have smoke free zones, we should have child free zones", I am totally satisfied with the topic because in my opinion child are just like bud of flower if he is in wrong zone he will learn wrong things. He is not so mature to judge what is right or what is wrong that why I think there should be child free zone. When he will be in teenage he will be able to judge right or wrong.

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