Is the youth of India confident or confused?

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Divya said:   6 days ago
According to my opinion, today's youth is confident and confused as well. They are very confident at the beginning about what to do and what the focus should be but as time goes on and they face a lot of obstacles, pressure and competition, they suddenly get confused that whether they should continue with the field they have chosen or try for other thing or other competitive exams. So there are certain circumstances in which they come to a confused state.

So, the decision-making ability is most probably the best of today's youth despite several problems many youths survive those and do their best otherwise such a huge amount of students would not appear in competitive exams. It requires courage to prepare for that.

Aditi baneejee said:   4 weeks ago
Hello everyone.

The topic is -is the youth of India is confident or confused.

So I would like to say that India is in full confidence because many students are applying for their dream job like -UPSC, NAD and ET.C other if they have a scarcity or confidence then they can't be able to write the exam that I can say youth India is on full confident.

Christiana said:   4 months ago
According to me, Youths in India is confused because they don't know what they want to be or else what they want to do.

So, I am saying that the youth of India is confused.

Kisha said:   5 months ago
The youth are just as confused as everybody else in our country. We are such a cruel, oppressive, third world society that we destroy every generation possible with our inferiority complex & a lack of self-confidence.

Bishnoi said:   7 months ago
Today, I'm discussion about this topic.

In present time Indian youth is a double-distilled work as like suspicious they do not fix many goals in life they practising to achieving but they do not achieve a good target because that's is on of the most reason is presser of society and family and many factors in life that's factor youth's changes goal and in opposite the before generation is working like their astronomy they were not any other new profession.

So in this time youth practising new working.

Shubham Kushwah said:   8 months ago
The current Generation of Youth in India is more confident in taking decisions towards their ambitions, than the old youth generation.

But there are also lots of obstacles & distractions in the current generation's life. These factors can majorly affect their Career Goals and Aims.

Irfat Jahan said:   11 months ago
In my opinion present time, youth also confused in making their ultimate goal to because of many problems like friends, family, background, and society thinking.

Amit Tanwar said:   1 year ago
Hi Good afternoon everyone.

According To myself, today's youth is much confused due to the rigid educational system. Our eduction only focus on the theoretical part as I am biotechnology student I know everything about PCR DNA FINGERPRINTING, SEQUENCING and all but I an not confident in my theoretical knowledge as I don't pursue these experiments practically. So if I don't have the skills for or practical knowledge how can I apply or able to job in MNCs.

Financial conditions of the family also play a vital role here if you are not financial strong then there is also a hidden burden of the family and you always try to find out a suitable job for you whether it is correlate to your educational background or not.

But thanks to the Government For introducing NEP 2023 it will be tremendous change in our youth future they can choose subjects acc to their interests it will give them confidence as well as security of their future.

Chitra said:   1 year ago
Both they are confused with their goals and society they are confident to spoil to vote the incorrect politician.

Alka jaglan said:   1 year ago
Hello everyone,

I agree with all of your point of view, but in my point of view, the youth of India is more confused due to the educational system as well as youth have no power to make their own decisions. Youth is confused about which field he/she choose according to their parents of view because parents taught us that importance of money is more in this competitive world without money you not able to survive in this upcoming costly environment due to this youth not able to chase there dreams or passion of doing work.

Youth loss their interest in a field where he/she forcefully entered due to this many of youth end their life.

So, basically, we gave some freedom of choice to youth to chase their interest of field without listening to society, what society thought is not in our hands. Let them think what they thought. Youth is just followed their area of interest and be proud of themselves so that confidence comes automatically.

Thank you.

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