Is the youth of India confident or confused?

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Sneha said:   2 months ago
Expressing my views on this topic, I believe that the youth of India is confident.

Life is not a piece of cake for everyone, one has to face obstacles in some part of their life. The youth here is confident enough to give it a try before backing off. Learning can be a series of trial and error, it's just a matter of time before they are guided towards the right path.

Sristi yadav said:   3 months ago

I am Sristi.

My views are. If we talk about parents then the conclusion will be like those who are well-educated they can easily decide their child's future and those who are not well-educated then they depend on their child's decision.

But here is the matter of students so according to me they are confirmed as well as confused. If we talk about how they are confused? the answer is due to their financial problem, no more knowledge about job sectors or many more things and one common problem is due to their parents like they only want government Jobs but the child is interested in another sector like playing, dancing etc.

So here, the conclusion comes that youth are more confused than confident.

Thank you.

Sanu pal said:   3 months ago
In my opinion, youth become more confident after qualifying for foundation class.
But when they reach in competitive exam they become confused face many negative thoughts and have many critical situations.
Youth is the root of the progression of our country.
If the youth will be confused then they can not grow themselves.
In arms services, youth serve the country.
Youths become confused taking family problems and money problems.

R and company said:   6 months ago
Dear all, according to me India's youth are confused more than confident. There is more confused youth between 18 years old to 34 years youth.

The main problem of youth career, money and settlement as well as family. Youths do not understand what to do for a living because many matters arise in their life like the education system and unemployment.

High populations those all the biggest problems of youth so according to my experience, Indian youths are confused.

Kushagra said:   7 months ago
Firstly, thank you for giving me an opportunity to express my views on the topic "Is the youth of India confident or confused?"

In my opinion, the youth of India has emerged as an intelligent, confident and wise group of individuals. Since the last few years, we have seen tremendous participation of youth in every field, be it going to the Olympics.

And bringing laurels for the nation or representing India on a global level or even unexpected participation in politics. The youth of India are now aware of their potential and role in nation-building and are striving towards it achieving vast goals for the country.

Karthi said:   7 months ago
Hello guys.

According to me, the youth in India is confident as well as confused. Because why I am saying this youth are well aware of their career and what to do in next. But they are all confused as is this profession or job is good for me or is this satisfies my financial needs etc. They have full confidence to face the situation.

Supriya said:   7 months ago
Hello Everyone.

My name is Supriya.

I would like to say that Youth are confident about their ideas but they are confused about the implementation. They will start their career with confidence but the situations around them like family problems and financial status makes them confused about whether go on the journey of their wish or to compromise for the family. The youth or even getting influenced by other people and confused to go in their desired path or to choose other. But if they continue to follow their dreams without any distractions then they'll definitely deserve it. Youth is the power of our country so they must be confident and consistent to achieve their desires.

I conclude that the youth are confident at the beginning but left confused at the end.

Divya said:   8 months ago
According to my opinion, today's youth is confident and confused as well. They are very confident at the beginning about what to do and what the focus should be but as time goes on and they face a lot of obstacles, pressure and competition, they suddenly get confused that whether they should continue with the field they have chosen or try for other thing or other competitive exams. So there are certain circumstances in which they come to a confused state.

So, the decision-making ability is most probably the best of today's youth despite several problems many youths survive those and do their best otherwise such a huge amount of students would not appear in competitive exams. It requires courage to prepare for that.

Aditi baneejee said:   9 months ago
Hello everyone.

The topic is -is the youth of India is confident or confused.

So I would like to say that India is in full confidence because many students are applying for their dream job like -UPSC, NAD and ET.C other if they have a scarcity or confidence then they can't be able to write the exam that I can say youth India is on full confident.

Christiana said:   1 year ago
According to me, Youths in India is confused because they don't know what they want to be or else what they want to do.

So, I am saying that the youth of India is confused.

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