Is the youth of India confident or confused?

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Christiana said: (Sep 30, 2022)  
According to me, Youths in India is confused because they don't know what they want to be or else what they want to do.

So, I am saying that the youth of India is confused.

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Kisha said: (Sep 5, 2022)  
The youth are just as confused as everybody else in our country. We are such a cruel, oppressive, third world society that we destroy every generation possible with our inferiority complex & a lack of self-confidence.

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Bishnoi said: (Jul 9, 2022)  
Today, I'm discussion about this topic.

In present time Indian youth is a double-distilled work as like suspicious they do not fix many goals in life they practising to achieving but they do not achieve a good target because that's is on of the most reason is presser of society and family and many factors in life that's factor youth's changes goal and in opposite the before generation is working like their astronomy they were not any other new profession.

So in this time youth practising new working.

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Shubham Kushwah said: (Jun 12, 2022)  
The current Generation of Youth in India is more confident in taking decisions towards their ambitions, than the old youth generation.

But there are also lots of obstacles & distractions in the current generation's life. These factors can majorly affect their Career Goals and Aims.

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Irfat Jahan said: (Feb 22, 2022)  
In my opinion present time, youth also confused in making their ultimate goal to because of many problems like friends, family, background, and society thinking.

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Amit Tanwar said: (Jan 14, 2022)  
Hi Good afternoon everyone.

According To myself, today's youth is much confused due to the rigid educational system. Our eduction only focus on the theoretical part as I am biotechnology student I know everything about PCR DNA FINGERPRINTING, SEQUENCING and all but I an not confident in my theoretical knowledge as I don't pursue these experiments practically. So if I don't have the skills for or practical knowledge how can I apply or able to job in MNCs.

Financial conditions of the family also play a vital role here if you are not financial strong then there is also a hidden burden of the family and you always try to find out a suitable job for you whether it is correlate to your educational background or not.

But thanks to the Government For introducing NEP 2023 it will be tremendous change in our youth future they can choose subjects acc to their interests it will give them confidence as well as security of their future.

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Chitra said: (Nov 28, 2021)  
Both they are confused with their goals and society they are confident to spoil to vote the incorrect politician.

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Alka Jaglan said: (Sep 6, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

I agree with all of your point of view, but in my point of view, the youth of India is more confused due to the educational system as well as youth have no power to make their own decisions. Youth is confused about which field he/she choose according to their parents of view because parents taught us that importance of money is more in this competitive world without money you not able to survive in this upcoming costly environment due to this youth not able to chase there dreams or passion of doing work.

Youth loss their interest in a field where he/she forcefully entered due to this many of youth end their life.

So, basically, we gave some freedom of choice to youth to chase their interest of field without listening to society, what society thought is not in our hands. Let them think what they thought. Youth is just followed their area of interest and be proud of themselves so that confidence comes automatically.

Thank you.

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Shruti Gokhale said: (Jul 20, 2021)  
Hello guys,

In this challenging world, our youth is both, confident as well as confused, and perhaps a healthy mixture of both is necessary for them to take the best decision for their life. After all, overconfidence is as bad as excessive confusion, both ultimately only yielding stress.

So According to me, today's youth is both confused and confident. They are confused because they are not able to decide their field for a career, many of the youth have left their field of interest because of high competition and social pressure, like dancing, acting playing games, etc. So now they have many same fields to choose for their career. But except this, they are much confident that they can do anything.

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Md Shayan Sabri said: (Apr 16, 2021)  
Hi everyone,

This is Shayan Sabri.

In my opinion, the youth of India is more confused than confident. I am giving an example if someone had taken engineering by their choice and thought that he will get a government job but result time he realised after getting his graduation there is very few opportunities in government sector job. All the psu, as well as ESE examination, is seized by the government and given to the private sector. At that time due to very good competition as well as corruption how a poor or a middle-class family could get more confident.

But in the present scenario, NEP has been introducing by the government in 2023 actually this is a good decision by the government where students would have an option to take subject to own their choice so that in future that student would make their own start-up/own business. As we know it is not possible for everyone to get a job in the government sector so someone might get a job in the private sector and pursue their career in that field and being confident.

Thank you!

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Manish said: (Apr 1, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

According to me, the youth of India is confident but at the same time confused, because of our education system and society. They are made confused by society and parents. Especially after 10th and 12th, they are not allowed to make their decisions. Eg if a person wants to make a career in sports, parents would not allow him. They are forced to do what they don't want to do.

And of course, our education system should be repaired or change first. Not always marks are going to be matter. School and colleges should teach practical knowledge instead of giving works like writing and learning questions and answers etc.

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Sana said: (Jan 20, 2021)  
Given the rigid education system of India, youth no matter how hard they try to be well informed they end up being confused. Lack of fruitful seminars, workshops, awareness, the practicality of things has restricted their creative minds and a pause to their career growth. The time which they should probably invest in exploring and analysing what's best for them, the energy is diverted or rather say exhausted in enhancing academic results. Their choices, dreams have to conform with social norms, consequently, they end up switching from one career to others.

It's difficult for them to figure out what they actually want in life, what is that they aspire for? several questions with no appropriate answers.

More people more advices, varied advices which end up enhancing their dilemma. By the age they should be confident, supporting their family, contributing towards nation's GDP they are doubting themselves whether they made the right choices in life? Where they would be able to continue in that field for a lifetime?

Like, I said infinite questions, confusion.

Well, we can just hope the current changes in the education system makes youth more confident and pave way for developed India.

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Shelly Mittal said: (Dec 21, 2020)  
According to me, youths are confident but somewhere they are confused. Youth have the willpower to do anything but confusion begins after 10th and 12th standard because students need to take streams in which they are interested or their skills can utilize maximum. So that they can become confident after their studies. Confusion happens when they don't follow their own choices and hear from others. Colleges help youngsters to build confidence and support their choices. Confusion is due to lack of job opportunities and communication skills. Thereafter students need to choose courses not for interest instead of for getting jobs which are having more opportunities in-country now. Students get confused on how to survive in this competitive world. But there is no need for becoming literate just for the sake of the name. I think a developed country can provide good job opportunities and hence increase the confidence of youngsters. Youth get respect and confidence when they have quite good communication skills and knowledge. Certainly, the government can initiate different campaigns related to career options for educated people which can help them to choose wisely. Youth have multiple goals in life but don't know how to achieve it, they need to set their priorities and prepare themselves for that. Nowadays, we have the biggest tool of social media through which we can reach different personalities. Youth need to follow a timetable and cut short time for mobile phone usage to the required to achieve success. We should think like a problem solver and when the majority of us will become an entrepreneur or will be doing good jobs, then we need to create jobs and try to generate employment as much we can. Every individual should have a fire for doing something for the nation to make it prosperous and beautiful again.

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Vulli Tejo Vamsi said: (Dec 19, 2020)  
Hey Everyone,

According to me it would be like Today's Youth is confident but they are made confused due to their situations and surrounding society and parents even. Though today's youth is confident on their decision they were not allowed to take the practical step to that and he is been forced to study or do something else out of their interest and this is why I said Youth is confident but it is the society and the parents who are making them confused. For example, A person wants to study environmental studies and do research to save environment and animals, but what parents and society gonna say is "what!? is that and all a prefession in which you get nothing ah! no money a useless passion!" This is gonna be the thing that is being said so from there that person is gonna get confused that is passion is important or running beahind money? There he becomes confused and starts taking wrong decisions. Even it is like some of the youth is also taking wrong decisions voluntarily like in life. Our Youth becomes confident only when the society and parents understand the youth's will.

Thank You guys!

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Rutika said: (Nov 22, 2020)  
Indian youth is confused, because the traditional education system is academics oriented. If a child is interested in Environmental studies, he will devote his time to that subject and its research. But due to exams, he is continually under pressure of scoring well, so that he can be promoted to higher class. Doing what you despise is the worst job ever. The ways to nurture a child for his overall development, keeping in mind his innocence can be learnt from orphanages and various NGOs out there. Every child's dream is recognized there. We can't expect anything from the Government, they are just a group of people, solely in love with power, and money. Can a mark sheet decide our future, our examination was our Past, who knows our inner talent & skills in Present? Parents are not to be blamed, they have surrendered themselves to the current scenario; for admission in a good college, you require good marks, for getting jobs in a good company, you require a good college. And this can only happen when you have excelled in academics in your school.

Coming to the solution, Schools should be FREE from EXAMS. Children should not be burdened with unnecessary judgements because of marks. There should be assignments, but which only focus on learning, not marks. Youth must not be pressurized, must feel free to do what they really like, libraries and educational portals should be promoted. Seminars can be arranged by school authorities, about various careers, social problems, and how to make this world a better place.

And everyone should work on this-parents, teachers, even everyone participating in this discussion.

Because "if we want a better Society, we must start from the Children. ".

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Rutika said: (Nov 21, 2020)  
Indian youth is confused because the traditional education system is academics oriented. If a child is interested in Environmental Studies, he will devote his time to that subject and its research. But due to exams, he is continually under the pressure of scoring well, so that he can be promoted to a higher class. Doing what you despise is the worst job ever. The ways to nurture a child for his overall development, keeping in mind his innocence can be learnt from orphanages and various NGOs out there. Every child's dream is recognized there. We can't expect anything from the Government, they are just a group of people, solely in love with power, and money. Can a mark sheet decide our future, our examination was our Past, who knows our inner talent & skills in Present? Parents are not to be blamed, they have surrendered themselves to the current scenario; for admission in a good college, you require good marks, for getting jobs in a good company, you require a good college. And this can only happen when you have excelled in academics in your school.

Coming to the solution, Schools should be FREE from EXAMS. Children should not be burdened with unnecessary judgements because of marks. There should be assignments, but which only focus on learning, not marks. Youth must not be pressurized, must feel free to do what they really like, libraries and educational portals should be promoted. Seminars can be arranged by school authorities, about various careers, social problems, and how to make this world a better place.

And everyone should work on this-parents, teachers, even everyone participating in this discussion.

Because "if we want a better society, we must start from the Children".

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Hariom Tiwari said: (Nov 10, 2020)  
I think Indian youth is more confused than others. Because he has no liberty to take decision due to society. He has to do what society want. I think this is a big doubt for our development. He should take decision in odd circumstances. This is the only solution for it. Today many crimes are the result of confusion. He should take decision in his mind power. Today many youth do suicide. That is the influence of low confidence.

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Pawan Sikarwar said: (Nov 9, 2020)  
In my point of view, most of the youths are confused in India. There are many reasons as you all are talking about but one of them is their power of decision making. Which is very low because they are not prepared to take their decision own. From childhood, all their decisions are taken by parents. From here, either they become incompetent to take a decision (when they become mature) or they are pressurized to take a decision which is made by their parents. So that's why they get confused. Thank you, hope you have understood my point.

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Aastha Pandey said: (Jul 11, 2020)  
I think we have more no of confused youth than a confident youth this is because they never decide the things in one time. We can talk about this whole matter with an example like choosing a degree is a very big deal for the youth nowadays. This Matter is the biggest confusing matter for them like what to do or for which course I should apply for. There are many engineering people who are now a social influencer or might be doing something different from their engineering degree. Do you not think this is the biggest concern?

You can ask this question to those people who are not getting admissions in engineering colleges very easily.

So, this is the problem that they are confused about what to do. If the youth of our country is not confused then why the many students after getting their 10th or 12th result commit suicide. This is because they are confused because they might be thinking that they are not acceptable in this world after getting failed in their exams. The reason is the youth of our country is not getting proper guidance they are not getting the support of their parents and finally, they have become a confused youth.

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Simmi said: (May 25, 2020)  
Youth of India is more confused than confident. But today's youth is also confident than previous time. As youth is engaging more in sports that builds confident. And on the other hand they are confused in identifying their talent either due to pressure from parents side or peer pressure. Confusion may also be due to mob mentality. But as options are increasing, it is somewhere building our confidence.

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Gurudatt Puranik said: (May 24, 2020)  
Obviously, the youth of the current generation is more confused than being confident.

As the world, is growing faster than ever, so are the opportunities. But the skills required to grab those opportunities are very limited. One aspect to be blamed at this position is our education system. Nowadays, education has become a business and people are concerned more about the profits they get than the lives of budding children.

Students who graduate from the colleges are not skilled enough to seize the occasion as they are taught outdated syllabuses. Students are nowadays forced to learn under a common roof and have no practical knowledge of how the world is revolutionizing. This so-called dumb theoretical knowledge is what makes the youth confused or hesitant.

Only those who follow their passion succeed in life. But, today's scenario has put youth in so uncomfortable positions that they forget what their passion is and feel confused and get deviated.

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Monika said: (May 15, 2020)  
Today Youth is playing an important role in the development of our country. Now question is that "Is youth is confident or confused" ', So as per my opinion, Youth is confident rather than confused. Because now youth is aware about more technology and able to take their decision in a very well manner. Due to high competition, youth is giving their best and choose the careers which is according to their skills and also shows interest in learning something skills.

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E.Hemanth Kumar ,Lendi Institute Of Engineering An said: (Apr 19, 2020)  
Hey there everyone.

I believe that the youth of India is confident and even confused. We know that to become confident in any task we need to have aim so you have a result for that. So friends to become confident please have some aim and work for it. Believe me, friends, if you sincerely want to achieve your aim the nature gives your power. Don't worry about money, caste etc just focus on it.

Precisely the youth of India is confused because of no aim. I see even my friends worried about marks and work for only exam purposes. If they continue like this at some stage they become confused.

Let's hope my discussion will help you all and l wish all to be confident.

Thank you all.

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Vaishnavi Mudiraj said: (Feb 23, 2020)  
Every topic has two point of views:

1. Positive.
2. Negative.

According to me. Youth of India is confident as well as confused at the same time.

They are well known by them self's, they have there goals to chase but they don't know the path to take by which they can reach there goals. Even if a person is financially stable and can afford everything they don't reach there goals reason they have money but not vision. Opposite to it, if a person has vision for his life even though he/she may be poor but they reach there goals. It may take time to reach but definitely they will.

Conclusion: Money is a part of your success but vision and self determination is a key to your success.

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Vasantha said: (Feb 5, 2020)  
Yes, youth is confused because they had something to do in their own life but by the forcing of others they change their opinions they have more talent but they don't know where they have to utilize it. So I can say believe your self and be confident set goal good all the best for your bright future.

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Omkar said: (Jan 9, 2020)  
I would like to talk in against of this topic.

Talking about the youth in India is they are really confused what to do or not because as with the emerging technology there are different career option that is available today so it becomes difficult to go for a particular area which takes it to confusion for the youth the following points are in support for my statement.

1. As with the growing internet users in India, the youth is wasting their time onli9 rather studying.
2. They are exposed to unwanted stuffs.
3. Old tradional method is lacking now which gives more focus and concentration.
4. Getting influenced by the people not believing in inner-self.

So, the final conclusion is the youth are more confused.

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Satish Kumar said: (Dec 12, 2019)  
Hi friends,

I can't say directly today's youth is confused,

Mostly those youth is confused whose financial condition is not good because they have proper vision about its currier but due to bad financial condition they can't execute and he/she started to do that things in which they are not interested.

And some youth those have good financial condition they have proper vision about their currier and they confident and their vision.

So, I think government should do something for these type of youth because they are future of upcoming new India.

Thank you.

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Saisri Angajala said: (Oct 15, 2019)  
According to my perspective, Youth are both confused and confident. Youngsters who are financially supported and who found their interest in any field are well confident about what to achieve in future.

Moreover youngsters who had found their interest in any field but financially poor could not able to follow their interest and engages in another fields where they couldn't find their interest.

Youngsters who don't have any further knowledge about future go in a way determined by their parents or teachers or well wishers. Where they didn't find any interest and becomes failures.

This happens mostly in the rural areas where they didn't have enough awareness about future.

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Aditi said: (Oct 5, 2019)  
Hello friends,

According to me, India is a country where most of the hard working people living but education system of India is very low. I wouldn't say that students are confused but proper planning to do something after schooling can be done when students are aware with the information related to other every field.

Education system in India should be improved it should come out of subjective knowledge and work on development of student knowledge to make them confident and make their vision Crystal and clear towards their career.

In, conclusion I would say every one should have a proper vision and started working on that without bothering and choosing different things otherwise they will ever remains confused.

Thank you.

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Vishnu said: (Sep 14, 2019)  
Future of India is in youth's hand.

I can't say exactly but most of youth are confused about their future, because they don't have any experience about the further things happened in their life.

To get rid of the problem youth has to take suggestions from their scenarios even in family also.

Because they have experienced in their life.

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Prince Anand said: (Aug 29, 2019)  
Hi friends, it's me Prince.

According to my perspective, I want to say that today's youth are confident but they are confused because of their aspects and economical condition of their family. Many of the youth have so much of talent but due to lack of finance, they don't get what they deserve. Some of the youth of rural areas have no proper guidance so they don't have identified his skill. So, I want to conclude that government have must do some prospective action towards youth because youth are the pillers in the development of a country.

Thank you!

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Prince Anand said: (Aug 29, 2019)  
Hi friends.

According to my perspective, I want to say that today's youth are confident but they are confused because of their aspects and economical condition of their family. Many of the youth have so much talent but due to lack of finance, they don't get what they deserve. Some of the youth of rural areas have no proper guidance so they don't have identified his skill. So, I want to conclude that government have must do some prospective action towards youth because youth are the pillars in the development of a country.

Thank you!

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Animesh Kashyap said: (Aug 14, 2019)  
According to me, today's youth is confused and confident both. They confused because they are not able to decide their field for a career, many of the youth have left their field of interest because of high competition and social pressure, like dancing, acting playing games, etc. So now they have many same fields to choose for their career. But except this, they are much confident that they can do anything.

Now, I want to say that today's youth will much confident if provide them better information and analysis between all fields of jobs from which they can relate their field of interest along with they can choose one better field for themselves.

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Anju said: (Aug 10, 2019)  
In my opinion, Indian youth is well confused. As the education systems are not properly updated, so most of the students didn't get the basics which what they wish for. So irrespective of their educational qualification, they do whatever job they get!. In confusion about the future. And they always regret what they did! They can't analyse what's right for them.

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Nisha said: (Aug 5, 2019)  
India's youth makes up for most of the population of the country but I want to discuss some facts about Indian youth i.e 42. 6% young Indians are still either unemployed and 41.5% of youth wants to be happy and 30% wants to be rich.

Some youths are very confident about their future. Their aim is very clear that they want to go to a career in which they're genuinely interested.

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Zinal Gohil said: (Jul 14, 2019)  
Many people don't know where they are going on the right path or just a robot. I really think the youth of India is confused about themselves and many of them are literate but just for sake of the name. Every youth should have a fire or doing something for the country just like Bhagat Singh. I truly bow down for this man. And every Indian should know what was India. How to make it prosperous, beautiful again.

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Sai Manasa said: (Jul 14, 2019)  
In my point of view. Most of the youth of India are confused about what they really want in their life. Lets us consider a small example of one of the successful persons of the world.

"Bill Gates " from America which has a population of 2.1million when compared to America India has approximately 1.33 billion people and the youth are 80% of it then think how many bills Gates can come into existence from our nation? It only depends on the mindset of the youth as earlier said: "today's youth are tomorrow's light". If there is a proper guidence I'm sure that many other successful people come from India.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my views. Have a nice day.

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Pensword said: (Jul 11, 2019)  
The schools should have SCHOLASTIC APTITUDE TESTS and a student's talent to be recognised. According to that talent, the only student must venture into that field.

Not to compare with others like fellow student or friend or parental pressures.

The govt must propel the student into that direction only. The mobile technology must be made expensive such that students or even parents must be able to use it ONLY IN EMERGENCIES. If a thing is got freely, there will be no value for it and hence diversion of mind towards that free availability. The mobile technology and applications may be giving comfort to the consumer or customer, but in the same plane, self-employment is lost (for eg self-employment Net centres, Xerox, studios, videography, cinematography, graphics designing and can add many more).

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Tanmay Kochar said: (Jul 9, 2019)  
Youth of India is confident as being compared to other countries however they are confused between themselves youth of India is confused about their future as well as present.

However by taking insiative workshop are conducted to make them confident.

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Sanyam said: (Jun 29, 2019)  
Nowadays the youth of India is usually doubtful or unsure about their choices and decisions. In the current time, youth do not believe much in themselves and are vulnerable to losing confidence. They are always sceptical if what they chose or what they did was right or wrong. It is right to analyse these things carefully but this escalates the problems of stress, depression and feeling of worthlessness.

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Yashi Kansal said: (Jun 14, 2019)  
As regarding about subject it is said that "the person who is confident never become confused and the person who is confused never become confident. ".

India has 70% approx youth generation in the total volume of the population in which most of the population are dependent on the agriculture sector. Rest of the youth generation is dependent upon the textile and service sector.

In addition to education in developed countries parents also emphasis in the technology sector. In our country, due to lack of high-class education, the parents don't believe in technical line, they focused their child future only in schooling education, not in technical.

Seeing the scenario of the developed countries the Indians parents have to change their mindset up. The education should be technical along with schooling education.

In the present scinerio, our honourable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi also emphasizing to provide compulsory technical education so that the ratio of unemployment curtail.

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Vk said: (Mar 29, 2019)  
In my opinion, the 80% of the people are confused which is more than confident. It's due to they don't have their fixed future carrier and its because of they don't have proper guidance at the right time. Let's take an example there are lots of students who have done an engineering every year but most of them are unemployed because they get confused about their future plan if some have done Engg in ECE then he would get confused either go in it sector or in any core. They don't know what they gonna do in their future.

I would like to talk about some parents. Some of our parents want their child in the study if any students want to do some in curriculum things there parents forced them to become something in the study only then students get confused. Parents shouldn't compare their children with the neighbour of the child because every student has different strength and weakness.

So, according to me, most of the youth are confused.

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Prasanna M said: (Mar 22, 2019)  
Hello, every one.

Thank you for giving an opportunity to share my knowledge about an interesting topic.

Is the youth of India confident or confused?

According to my point of view youth of India is confused because their is no proper guidance for senior person who are experienced their situation before we experiencing because nowadays people are confused about their life because lack of proper guidance from people they don't listen around 95% people are still confusing about their goal because in my country parents need only a good marks they don't think what my son/daughter acquired knowledge in this class or course because they think that a 98% candidate are more successful in their life it is not correct because a person who has a good communication skills and knowledge about all matters of society they can survive more days compare to 98% candidate because nowadays a person who is confident can settle in good position without subject knowledge because they need a person who confident in life not by person who always confused about in their career.

Thank You.

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Snehsl Pise said: (Feb 20, 2019)  
Hii friends.

According to me, the youth of India is more confused than confident because;

1. Their goal is not fixed.
2. Lack of ptoper guidance at the rtight time.
3. Lack of confidence.
4. They are focused only on getting good marks rather than knowledge.

The ratio of confused to Confident is 80:20.

i.e; 80% youth are confused about their career. Because as I say lack of proper guidence at right time.

There is a need to give proper guidence from childhood. Then only our youth will become confident for their's career.

20% of youth are confident in their career but they always higher for countries like USA, Japan etc.

So a friend who will support other 80% student?

I think if our goal is fixed and parents also support us then within some years the ratio will be reversed.

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Nitin said: (Feb 19, 2019)  
Our Youth is Confident but they are a little more Confused because to survive now is hard because of the increasing competition in every field and they don't make the future plans (because of the un proper guidance).

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Ravi said: (Feb 15, 2019)  
Good afternoon all of you.

In my opinion, Indian youth is confused due to the lack of guidance. And believe anyone for your future and could not set the goal.

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Preethi said: (Jan 28, 2019)  
In my opinion, youth are confidence to do any work, but confusion mind destroys their thoughts.

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Saloni said: (Jan 25, 2019)  
So, my opinion would be that the youth of India is confused. India is a developing country currently and there have been dynamically changed regarding everything around us. So many options being put forward confuses one where to go and what to do ahead.

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Gulshan said: (Jan 21, 2019)  
As for my opinion, Indian youth is confident as well as confused. In the sense of confident, we see that by improvement of our technologies youth are using in order to improve their skill their communication skills etc.

But youth is also confused in the sense of there is a lot of unemployment is there and youth are just want to get a better Lifestyle. I want to give an example. Like during the admission in college students get confused to take admission in Which department even they are confident in their own subject because every department has their own package rang. To get a better lifestyle after college completion students are confused.

So, I want to conclude my point as the youth of India is confident as well as confused.

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Kshitija Jagdale said: (Jan 18, 2019)  
Hello everyone,

I am Kshitija.

Today's topic is interesting and very well based on the current situation of students that,

Is the youth of India confident or confused?

My opinion on this is. We youths are confident and extremely talented in our own way. But the thing which makes us confused is the growth in competition in most of the well-known fields, also if any one of us has talent in some extraordinary field like creative fields eg. Dance, painting, poetry than the perspective of money and earning heads up. There is very slow growth in such fields, which is not accepted by many of the families. This topic is not just get stopped on simply confusions but in many cases, it touches the level of depression too! Many students are not able to take the pressure and therefore day by day suicide cases are increasing.

It is necessary to take a view on Indian youth's confusion problem seriously and to guide them properly that why the field which he or she is choosing is proper for them. Rather giving them suggestions it is must nowadays to give them moral support and to give them will power from your maturity and life experience.

Thank you!

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Rohit Patil said: (Jan 12, 2019)  
According to my point of view, guidance is not the only reason for confusion there are many things that can be confused to youth, as we know that population is increasing day by day, so that competition for respective job is also increasing due to this youth thinks there is already more competition for that job, so they think they won't grab that opportunity and turn towards other things instead of doing any struggle.

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Akram Khan said: (Dec 13, 2018)  
Good morning everyone myself Akram.

Today our topic for discussion is the youth of India confident or confused?

So, according to my point of view, today India's youth is confused about his career. This is happening due to lack of proper guidance in the beginning of childhood. In India most of the population lives in village and it is seen that most population in rural areas not educated so they can't give the proper guidance to his children by which they are studying year by year and he doesn't know what to do in future or after Completion of my study.

Some people are guide his children in proper way by they not need to worry about his next steps.

So, The conclusion of the topic is that the student are confused about his career due to lack of proper guidance.

I would like to invite my friends for further discussion.

Thank you.

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Shobhit said: (Oct 11, 2018)  
Mostly, Youth were confused about their future they are not doing what they are interested in or what skills they have if they inhance it or sharp it they can be do something great in their respective life and some students were going with the flow my friend were doing this I also want to do they are not thinking what he can do because everyone have their special skills which only he can do but their are hidding their talent and going with flow and at the end their are saying that "life sucks" or "i quit with this" or " failed in life" what can't they understand if they will go with their skills I can surely say that skills will work and they will successfully in their life.

Thank you!

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Kuldeep Shukla said: (Oct 9, 2018)  
80% of youth are confident they bring up many creative things which is actually useful for the society but people don't encourage the youth most of the time they disagree.

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Sweta said: (Oct 6, 2018)  
Hi friends.

In my point of view, that the youth of India is confused and confident also. The confusion. Occurs because of lack of guidance. In the childhood, if any person said that this is best for you and they agree with him. They don't think that what happened the next. If they get the proper guidance they are no more confusion. Another reason for the confusion is that the population increases day by day and the opportunity become less so it is hard to decide where to go. Because there is a person who got 99% even they also miss the opportunity so how to decide anything is really hard. There are various steps to show their confidence if they want actually.

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Deepu said: (Oct 4, 2018)  
Hello everyone!

To begin with Indian youth today is confident but is confused. This confusion is what makes one's life insecure. This confusion is restricted not only to career or academic choices but also to those of future of individual and society. This poses certain questions like what next? where when to go? what to do? without any answers. Added to this is the lack of right guidance at right time due to which youth end up in making wrong decisions and later fiddle with the way out. Youth is confident because today's India provides a multimedia platform to showcase your talents and this confidence is the result of one's own efforts.

The source of confusion, in my opinion, is that we the youth in our childhood are not allowed to take the decisions independently and later gracefully face the consequences. We are always thought to live up to societal expectations and not to our own expectations and desires. Confusion is due to the unclear picture that the society creates and the hazy information it portrays before the youth. The impetus to this is the political drama that just sweeps off everything.

To summarize, the talented youth of this country are certainly confident of building their dream and themselves but lack a clear picture of how and what about the process and require a thought-provoking and guiding light in this field. Thank you!

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Chandan said: (Oct 2, 2018)  
According to me, the youth of India is more confused than confidence. Today's era is competition era and everyone are racing into it but everyone does not have proper guidance and also don't have a proper goal in their life so in the end, they get confused and when they go to their parents to take a guidance the parents do not have a proper time to spend with them so I think guidance is the most imp factor for a lack of confidence in youth.

And an other's point is that getting a misguidance from others make more confused other for example;
A student passes their high school examination after passing he decide to go in one particular stream but still, he confused to take an admission in this stream because his friends are saying not to take an admission into this stream even it is better then he gets confused although he is sure to take an admission into it.

So proper guidance is the most imp thing for the confidence.

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Puskar said: (Sep 27, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

As a youth, I think the youth of India is confident as well as confused also. They have all facilities but there is no helping hand to clarify what he/she done next step that happens due to lack of communication between them and their family members. Because they are also busy with their life. They give all facilities but they have not enough time to spent with. Because some time confidence starts from home, not from school college or University. In a digitalize era we have a lot of friends in social media but no real friend in life. I think guidance is the most important thing which needs young India to more confident as a comparison to confuse young India.

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Mallam Vidyasree said: (Sep 27, 2018)  
Hi, everyone.

In my point of view, the youth of India is confused and the reasons are:

1. The population is increasing day by day, simultaneously lack of opportunities is also increasing and almost all the youth have the same talent, thereby they are getting confused to chose the correct field which is suitable for them. This is only the difference between a confident and a confused personality.
2. People are not aware of their flaws.
3. Focusing only on entertainment or jumping into the same field what others do or forcing by someone into the regular fields.

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Akash Rai said: (Sep 26, 2018)  
Hello, I'm Akash,

According to me, the youth of India is confused. It doesn't mean our youth don't have talent but they are confused because they don't have proper guidance. We are one of the youngest nations in the world as our population consist of people from 25 to 35 age group. So we lack in the field of experience. We have to work upon the thing to know that whether they are good or not. In our country, till now we don't have many opportunities in every field.

So, we are not able to pursue our career in our field of interest this leads our youth to the confusion that what should they do now?

So, in my opinion, Youth of India is confused rather than being confident.

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Archit Srivastava said: (Sep 22, 2018)  
Hellow this is Archit,

According to me, today's youth is more confused than confident. Just because they don't get proper guidance. Some of them have faced a financial problem, and some have a health problem that's why they don't get an appropriate decision. And they don't know what they want to be in life so, they have no confidence.

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Jyoti Chaurasia said: (Sep 21, 2018)  
Hello friends, I am Jyoti.

According to me, today youth is more confused. How to choose the carrier in achieving the success in own life. Some person only depends only on another person. Every person always gives the opinion another person does not choose the carrier when you achieve in your life so take it seriously. And ask your question what do you want in your life. For example, our school time after 8 class that other field in engineer or medical. Both are good but some student is also confused when they see the fields. In some cases some student is select a course only time passes but in some students who take it seriously also crack the exam. Some engineer students lack of knowledge, lack of experience. So, firstly, when you join this field also clear all the things. So we can say life is given a one time offer so use it well doesn't waste the time, because time is money, time is money, time is everything.

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Rahul Kumar said: (Sep 4, 2018)  
My point view is that the youth of the India is confused because from the very beginning of our childhood we haven't taken any of the decision related to our studies or anything that we want to do we have fully dependent on our parents to make decisions and also parents does not having taken care of our what should I want to become so in this way the current youth of the India is confused. One of the famous example from our school time that in class 8 we all had a choice to either select computer science or commerce but we decided through the marks that has been obtained in our last year and we make the decision to study for the test subject only because we have get higher marks in that subject and after giving class 10 board we again have option to choose either engineering side or a medical side and we see from our surrounding that most of them engineers so we also want to become engineer so we of Science and we are not even confident about 2 what are the subject and what are the benefits to choose science or a medical as a future career so in this way the present youth are confused. But some of the Ucha confident also but they are liking some opportunity that should be given some sort of support from the Government of India so that they can be further enhance the skill.

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Shivam Mishra said: (Aug 31, 2018)  
Hello, friends, this is Shivam Mishra.

In my opinion, Indian youths are confident but at the same time, they are confusing because of lack of experience or knowledge. They have dreams and ambition but only few of them gets right guidence and due to that maximum of them following others or doing what others say to them.

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Madhumita said: (Aug 31, 2018)  
Every individual has something or the other in which they are confident enough and something they fear about. In technical field of life youth are confident enough to decide what makes them do good. But, they are confused of how they can achieve the same. Therefore, in my opinion one should not think at all about the youth if they are confident or they are confused but they should take care of what they are confident of and what makes them feel good about. What they want to achieve is answered but there should be one's who can guide them properly in the correct direction so they don't be in state of confusion at all. Nowdays, youth is referring or I can say dependent on the Internet for this purpose which is not 100% right way to get away from the confusion.

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Rajan Kumar said: (Aug 30, 2018)  
Hello friends. My name is Rajan Kumar.

Today we are discussing today's youth are confident or confused.

It's my personal opinion that today's youth are confused because they have a lot of pressure for their carrier and future. 80% of the youth are studying without interest in the subjects. They are not following their dreams; they are following their parent's dream. Sometimes they go with their friends. Really no one is interested to know what they want to do in their life.

We all know the Population of India is 135 Crore in 2018. India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 years. Our annual per capita income is 1.18 Lacs in 2018.

Due to the lake of resource in small town & cities, youth relocate themselves from a small city to big cities. They face a lot of challenges in their life. They have to adjust themselves and earn money too.

We all know there is cutthroat competition especially in India where the ratio of jobs in government sector as compared to no of people participating is merely 1%. Same is the case with any competitive exam.

After a lot of rejection and competition, they got the job that they really don't want to do. Money won the battle between dreams and money.

We do the work for money and forgot our dreams.

Finally, I want to tell you one thing. We can live with our dream too and try to fulfil our dreams in this life only. My life is like that only and I am sure I will fulfil my dream and you also.

Goodbye friends.

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Shivasangari said: (Aug 28, 2018)  

In my point of view, nowadays youths are afraid to face the failures so they are lacking confidence in them and it eventually confused. They are seeking the easy way to reach success. They are also confused by their surrounding as their parents, society, etc. The main reason for their confusion is they are inspired by everyone (ie) they are not fixing a fixed role model for them.

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Ishwar said: (Aug 28, 2018)  
I think that due to over care taking of parents making the children confused. They are not allowed to see the world competition. Everywhere parents use to take decisions prior even asking to their child. So this way children are also dependent on their parents on every aspect. School like Sainik school give chance to their cadets to mould a personality, which matter in this world. Cadets given chance to organise many things. Of course parents interest is required but it should not be in most precious manner. Even one's friend circle matter a lot to be in darkened world. It is well said that "if you compare yourself with great people you will improve, but if you compare yourself with dull you will lack behind.

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Abi said: (Aug 24, 2018)  
My opinion is that the youngsters are confused because of they didn't think about the future. They won't give their own decisions to make their way. In our society, the job is going to the deadline.

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Ayushi said: (Aug 20, 2018)  
Hello friends, this is Ayushi Shrivastava.

I personally feel that youth of India is confident about doing something out of the box but at the time she is confused how to. As we all know there is cutthroat competition especially in India where the ratio of jobs in govt sector as compared to no. Of people participating is merely 1%. Same is the case with any competitive exam.

Also, any young person wants to stand out in whatever she pursues without realising whether it is something according to her interests! This is what we call "peer pressure". Youth follow their friends, their known relatives who have outshined in their careers Youth make them their role models and blindly try to copy their roadmap of success without noting that this may be something that they are not made for. So, it can be concluded that the youth is confused about their careers.

Sometimes, the scenario might be something else. Let me share my story with you. I m a final year CSE student. I have worked hard for gate exam for the last 3/2 years. But now I have lost touch with the gate for 1 month. I didn't code much because that was not required in the gate. But now I have decided to code as well. Because it may get me a good campus placement. I was very confused what to do. But finally, I saw the light and thought of killing 2 birds with 1 stone. This is nothing but a severe change in my strategy for cracking gate but I m now confident that my decision is right! And yes, this is not influenced by any form of peer pressure, it's my own independent decision!

So, guys, take your decisions on your own. Don't let anyone take control over your thought process. We are youth and we are supposed to be confident and supporting the nation. Jai Hind!

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Nitin Kumar said: (Aug 17, 2018)  
According to me, youth of India is confused because of various reasons;

(1) From their childhood, they are teached to get a job as soon as possible.
(2) They are forced to study properly for getting good marks& rank in their class.
(3) Their personal interest is not understood by the parents and their teachers too.
(4) Parents compare their children with other children and force them to get good marks instead of thinking about his interest.

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Pranab Sarkar said: (Aug 13, 2018)  
In my opinion, I want to say that the youth of India are somewhere confused regarding their career because they fear to take the risk before going to do anything.

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Manishika Gupta said: (Aug 10, 2018)  
According to my point of view, the youth of India remains confused. Young minds are not mature to make the right choice or to take the right decision. Today we live in a world full of cutthroat competitions, only the one who is successful can survive.

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Figah said: (Aug 9, 2018)  
Youth is confident about earning more and more money but confused about what set of career help them to do that as in the present environment they see how people are acknowledged by the society who join a good job as soon as possible, This confusion is also due to lack of respect to another field apart from engineering and medical by the society, Ex-student crack IIT, then crack Cat and finally UPSC so anyone can see some sort of t confusion regarding his career and many examples like these, Also there are no Confident enough of their career who set their own path and follow them earnestly.

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Harsha Vardhan said: (Aug 4, 2018)  
In my point of view, Youth are confused in education system.

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Urvashi Agarwal said: (Aug 2, 2018)  
According to me, Indians are not confused they are confident. There is no field as such where Indians have not where Indians have not hosted the flag of India, whether it's in the field of research, sports, invention etc. The problem is there with the education system and the lack of opportunities. Most of the Indians get confused due to the poor education system. There is a need of technological advancement and best education. Also due to lack of employment Indians are not able to show their true potential. India is growing at a very high pace, only there is need of resolving these critical issues.

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A.Roy said: (Jul 12, 2018)  
Talking about confusion among the young guns of the nation, I would say they are confused. Being one among them I have faced and realized that education system does not go with the recent technology they are as old as invention of fire. The education needs to be updated every year and go with the recent technology changes in the world. The peer and family pressure on the child should be less as much as possible. Proper guidance and motivation plays a major key in shaping child's future. The count for confident youth are same as that of confused. The confidence and sheer determination of youths related to their career and for the nation has been increasing in a very fast pace. With them we hope INDIA has a bright and progressing future.

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Garvit said: (Jul 12, 2018)  
Hello guys.

I am Garvit.

In my opinion, a large portion of our youth is confused. The confusion starts on the last day when you leave your school. That what should I choose, so he fills an NDA form, an engineering firm, DU form and many others. He is confident about his knowledge, wisdom but he is confused about how to show it. Our youth is just following a trend that if his 2 or 3 friends is doing some course say engineering then he will also but not on his own will but because his friend is doing.

But at the same time, a small portion of our youth know what they want to do they are working for it very hard.

In my opinion there is a need to remove this confusion some immediate actions must be taken like conducting periodic counselling of the students by their successful alumni who are performing well in their respective fields so that what mistakes they have already done because of lack of proper guidance are not committed by there juniors so that they don't get confused.

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Ajita said: (Jul 5, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

According to me, youths are confident but somewhere they are confused. As almost says the confusion is coming after 10th or 12th. Because the students need to take the stream which they interested or their skill can utilize maximum. Then they will be more confident after their studies. The confusion will happen when they heard from others or their nearest one. As a developing country, India doesn't have that many opportunities to provide a job for the educated people. We have lot of streams are available in our educational systems but most of the students won't get any job after they finished their graduation or education. Then the chances are coming to select the stream which has more opportunities in the country now. That means they are not interested in their course but need to select it for getting jobs. That time confident youth will get confused. I think the developed country can increase the confidence of youngsters.

Thank you.

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Hema Latha said: (Jul 4, 2018)  
Today's youth situation is confused. Because of lack of support from their parents. Parents do not understand in which field their children was good. Just they forced to get good marks, ranks. Even schools and colleges also forced to study theoretically, the children only having book knowledge. They couldn't give a chance to choose their destination. So, when we want the youth of India confidential, to support their choices. This is the best way to make youth confident.

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Anamika said: (Jul 3, 2018)  
Hello friends.

According to my view, Indian youths are very confused because every person want to success but they are not decided to what you the want, which feild is best for him he looked out his frnd nhi relative how are successful nd the are walk same way and finally results is he is fail so always choose what are interested.

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Vinay Reddy said: (Jul 1, 2018)  
Today's youth are very confused because in most of schools and colleges have on theoretical learning but not practical learning so many private colleges also give a lot of pressures on the student and student will come out of college with a lot of confusion how can survive in this competitive world. Whenever the colleges give some confidence to the students then only the students do something to the society.

Thank you.

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Gaurav said: (Jun 24, 2018)  
Hi friends I am Gaurav.

According to my point of view, today is 21st century youth of India is so confused because of their lack of confidence. They really don't know how to face the world to achieve the success in our life.

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Yogeshwaran said: (Jun 17, 2018)  
Hi friends, the youths are India are definitely confused as we can see they are easily distracted from their point of goals from pulling or forcing them into the scenarios which they don't suit are don't like, the youths are partial in protest to get their basic rights for many things and the opportunites are very less this makes them to be in state of confusion when they select a way to achieve they can't because of less empolyment towards a particular job they have to struggle or they definitely have to give up. They find ways which is not convinient and move this makes their efficiency less than they thought.

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Nani said: (Jun 16, 2018)  
Youth of India: Communication comes into the picture. If they are quite good in their communication, then why they will get confused. Instead they will be confident. And, Whereever they go, they get their respect because of their well Communication.

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Lalitha said: (Jun 13, 2018)  
Hello friends.

As per me, today youth of India is partly confused and confident because they have the willpower to do anything but their confusion will make them depressed. Actually, they have their plans for their life but because of there parents pressure or friends, words will make them change their plan so they will be in dialamo about what to do and what not to do. If people leave them as per their interest then 80%of the youth will be definitely settled those who have interest in their carrier but not the people who are not interested.

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Teja said: (Jun 13, 2018)  
In my opinion youth are confused more than confident because lakhs of students completed their degrees per year, but thousands of jobs available for them in market. Less no of students achieving their goals, remaining students don't know what to do with that degree.

But some students who are not get jobs in their courses, they try to settle in other courses. So our youth are hardworking but confused due to lack of jobs and facilities.

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Nil Patel said: (Jun 13, 2018)  
Hello friends.

Let start it. In India, there are 3 types of youngsters.

1) who already decided their goal of life & also prepare whole future plane to achieve it (it almost 20%).

2) who have their own goal but don't know how to achieve it & confused to do something (almost 70%).

3) who have not decided on a single aim & doing same as surrounding like a herd of the ship (min 10%). They don't have any idea of future.

Most of the youngsters mostly students are confused.

After 10th, they are confused for choosing stream without analysing their personal interest.
After 12th, they are confused for selecting their branch or degree and also good institute.
After graduation, there are confused for further study or taking the job.

They don't have enough practical knowledge & social life knowledge due to lack of educational system.

They are confused in their social life like relationship problem, personal problem etc.

Even they also confused in politics for selecting a good leader for the country.

Most of talented youngsters who have very good skills in sports, music, dancing just studying forcefully & finally become "confused" in their life.

By the way, today's generation is changing & Orthodox peoples mindset also changes with time. So India will get many talented idols in future.

Thank you.

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Shruti said: (Jun 9, 2018)  
Hi friends,

In my opinion Indian youth is very much confused. Here even after their graduation they are unable to answer this question "what next?" But I think it's not their fault. Our system & society is responsible for this confusion. When we have the choice to choose our career our parents & society pressurized us to go with the crowd. After becoming graduate when we come to the market we struggle for employment. Reservation, Corruption are responsible for this. Now if we want to change this situation society, system, & youth should come together and take most effective steps so that Indian youth will not remain in confusion & become confident.

Thank you.

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Sakshi SrıVastava said: (May 30, 2018)  
I am Sakshi.

And I want to say that about this topic, in my opinion, today's time 85persent people are confused. They are confused about our life they don't know what they want to do in our life. 80persent people are confused and only 20persent people are confident in our life. On the basic of the rule of caste system inequality of religion division of the class system, their minds had to face many problems in the course of progress to developing their ability.

So, I think youth in India are totally confused.


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Sakshi Agrawal said: (May 29, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

I am Sakshi.

And, I want like to say that about this topic, in my opinion, today's time 85% people are confused. They are confused about our future they don't know what they want to do in our life. Because they don't do our study carefully when they should do the study so in our study time the people wasting our time in enjoyment and then they are confused so the region is only that they are not sincerely for our study.

So, 85% people are confused.

Thank you.

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Mohit Sharma said: (May 14, 2018)  
Hello friends,

So on this topic is the youth of India confident or confused I want to say that some quantity of youth in India is confident much most of the no. Of the youth is confused. So if we talk about the youth that is confident here I want to say that nowadays a youth is able to find out the interest where he or she wants to go and what he or she wants to pursue. The Youth of India is nowadays is much literate so that they can easily take the decisions what is good for them or what is not and accordingly they take the decisions. Youth nowadays is the pack of energy through which they find out their own potential and go for the field where they find their interest.

But if we talk about the youth that is confused here I want to say that most of the students in India are confused because they don't follow their own interest they go with the crowd like a student whose interest is in medical and instead of going to the medical he or she go for the b-tech wherein most of the students take. Admission and as a result, he or she would not be able to succeed much in his or her life. Recently, a survey shows that most of the b-tech students are not able to fulfil the computer requirements of the companies so they are being fired from the companies. Youth like those who instead of going towards the potential go for the advice of the others, the interest of the others, suggestions of the parents means the thing or the course that had been done by the parents etc. I am having a practical example of one of my friend who was having the interest in pursuing the training for the defence but he was not rejected for the 3 or 4 times and he dropped out pursuing the training of defence and he never again try to go for it and nowadays he is pursuing b-tech and what was the reason he followed the crowd and advice of the others.

There are many other reasons because of which the youth is confused like the fewer opportunities, reservations, corruption and so on. If we talk about reservation where the candidate who belongs to the SC or ST category would be selected for each and every post easily example is the exam of the IAS wherein the candidate who belongs to SC and ST category would be selected easily. We all are having the practical example wherein a student belongs to the general category and was having the rank of 91 but a girl who was belonging to the SC category and was having the rank of 350 or 365 and what was the result the boy of the general category was not selected and the girl was selected.

So, in all, I want to say that most of youth in India is confused instead of being confident.

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Vedang Pandya said: (May 14, 2018)  
Greetings to all, According to me, the majority of Indian youth is confused and some of them are very confident in the path of their life. Let's say this ratio of confused to confident is 80:20.

The reason behind this is that, flock of sheep flow in our country.

For example, if 2 people are selecting engineering rest of 8 out of 10 people is also go for engineering because there is hot talk in the market that there are good jobs and opportunities for engineers.

So, without thinking for a minute those 8 people have passed the first step in destroying their career and life. They don't understand that rest 2 people had interest in engineering that's why they pursued it.

Second is Resources. Like many people want to do work in which they have interest, but resources are not much or we can say those fields whose resources are abundant people go in that field making the others fields with lack of resources. For instance, if I want to become soccer player, but majority people in India play cricket, so what will happen? I won't get the same number of people to play and practice football like I get for cricket. This results in poor country infrastructure for a soccer player. So if I'm interested in sports either I'll end up playing cricket or else I'll be lost in this market.

Third, a lot of time pass of social media. We waste so much time in trolling someone that ultimately our life trolls us because Karma is a bitch. It won't leave you anyway and make you pay for your time waste. Social media nowadays don't give us information but it will give you something that will upset your mind, making you irritated for no reason.

Fourth, we don't know what we actually want to do. We think about future a lot. Like "What if I become an artist and my paintings will not be sold in exhibitions?" OR "I like arts but all my friends are becoming doctors, they'll be rich and I'll be not living a content life". Stop thinking too much. Keep calm and wait for your turn. No matter how great the talent is, Things takes time. You can't become a body builder in one month by taking a lot of supplements.

Make a plan on paper, search pros and cons on the internet, develop your interest and skill set. There is nothing to confused about.

Just don't get pressurized under parent or society. You'll definitely win.

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P. Kolandasamy, Puducherry said: (May 12, 2018)  
India is a young country with a maximum population of youth. Govt of India released National youth policy. The National Youth Policy (NYP-2014) aims at providing an overview of the state of the youth aged 15-29 years in India. It highlights key issues and challenges faced by the youth and elaborates on how all stakeholders can support the youth to ensure that they contribute positively to the development of the society, now and in the future. It is to be effectively implemented.

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Prabhu Mantappa Madari said: (May 11, 2018)  
Hi everyone.

I feel the most youth of our country is in confusion. It starts with our start of teenage i.e. at the age of 16.

Only a few of us have perfect plans, accurate goals as what to do further. The people who have perfect goals they are not gonna change their mind whatever the situation is. These people are always confident.

But there is another part of our youth where their decisions will be according to the surrounding environment. These people are very much worried about their future as well as their surrounding people. This is the main stage of change. If you're with people words' obviously there will be confusion as a flock of people have different mindsets. And the parent and teachers' play crucial role at this stage. If they lead them properly no doubt they are going to be the bright future for their life as well as there for the society.

So, at any stage ask the right people but restricted to reach your goals.

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Suraj Kumar said: (May 6, 2018)  
First of all, I would like to say you thanks for giving me this destiny.

As per my opinion youth of India are very confused by taking their job, the ultimate goal, family attachment and many more.

First, they are in taking their job. They always think which type of job should I prefer; even if they got any job then get confused that I should have some more big job; if they get that they want I should have a bigger job than later one. So, like that, they are never satisfied with their job.

Now at present time youth also confused in making their ultimate goal too because of many problems like family background, society thinking, friends thinking. These type of trouble stop them to go ahead in their life. Like if I told you about any village story that if any buddy wants to think some more innovative thinks or if he doing the any better job so their lower or neighbourhood members push back him to stop, why/how is he thinking that much more.

So that's all.

Thank you.

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Rahul Goud said: (May 4, 2018)  

I am favour of India's youths are confused because we know and see those people, they don't know what they are doing. I have an example on that because (I am an IT student) Many youngsters doing degrees but they don't know what they are doing because of they don't have better known for doing on their career. Ex:- I met with a person who was pursuing B-Tech but he didn't know the actual mean of a professional degree. They are only going for a cheap line with friends. So. That is the main reason of India's youngster are confused. Only 70% people are going with a right way.

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Omar said: (May 3, 2018)  
Hello Guys.

According to me, youth are confident because some of the people following their dream and facing the bad people in society who don't them every time and look down upon them and pass comment to them so they ignore them and following their dreams and every time many people they don't respect them but they still facing them and they still chasing their dreams so smile in your life and forget the haters and chase what you want to do.

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Gaurav said: (May 2, 2018)  
Youths are confident.

"Rome was not built in a day". So we can say now that youth knows what they want. Yes, sometimes they do not achieve what they want. It leads them to be confused about the plan B. However. Now it is not only the parents who decide the fate of the student. If we talk about the youth of India, we need to talk about the youth living in the remotest villages to any metro cities. Now, they have started to convert their passion into their jobs.

Meanwhile, no matter what society you consider we have confused people living around. They will always exist. We should rather talk about the increasing numbers or percentage of confident youth than decreasing numbers of confused youth.

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Saksham Sharma said: (Apr 29, 2018)  
Hello guys.

According to me, Youth of our country are confident and they know what they want to become in their life and few students who are confused want a right guidance after which they will be on right track. Nowadays, everyone is in the rat race to achieve their goals just because they know what they wanted to be and they are confident enough.

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Is the youth of India confident or confused?

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