Is the World Ready for Cashless Currency?

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Vikram said: (Sep 20, 2022)  
Yes, I think the world is ready for the cashless currency because the cashless currency helps in many ways preventing viruses on the cash while handing them at covid19 time this was very helpful that time and nowadays people are storing black money in their home so it also stops black money and it helps in Indian GDP we all know that cashless currency has good and bad as well because of cashless currency there are security issues and there is no privacy.

Thank you for listening me patiently.

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Arun said: (Aug 11, 2021)  
Hello Everyone,

This topic is very relevant in the present scenario.

Here, I can say that it's not the time to adopt the cashless currency. As covid-19 hit the whole world very badly and for that reason we have seen that many people started using online transactions to avoid the spread of the virus while handing over money. But while doing such online transactions many problems have arisen like network problems, lack of proper knowledge while making payment, bank server issues. We can see here the problems and add with that there are infrastructure problems, many people don't have smartphones and proper internet connection. If we go for cashless currency there are also chances for flaws in the system from where anyone can get personal information as we have already seen before.

For these reasons, we are not ready for cashless currency.

Thank you.

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Shadma said: (Jul 29, 2021)  
The coin has two sides, similarly this topic "Is world Ready for Cashless Currency" has both advantages and disadvantages. Like we can't directly say the world should shift into cashless currency. Taking about the advantages, like our country India is no 1 in digital payment just because of UPI after demonetization in the year 2016. Just by carrying our phone, we can go to the market, buy different kinds of stuff, and there is no fear of pickpocketing. In case our mobile got stolen we can just clear our data from the pc's, also there is a password before doing any payment through UPI. As a result, there is no risk of getting affected in case our phone got stolen. Now looking into the other side, there are times when there is network issues. We have to wait till the time the payment is getting successfully. Sometimes we have to return without buying anything. The next thing is we are hugely prone to cybercrime. This is the main disadvantage of the Cashless system. I want to conclude that we should have to keep some amount of cash for emergencies and have to be aware of cybercrime. Thank you.

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Manisha said: (May 5, 2021)  
Hi everyone,

This topic is quite interesting to discuss as everyone in the world is not ready for cashless currency. As there are some developing and underdeveloped countries are there which still doesn't have a strong network connection and also awareness is not there. So, first of all some steps have to be taken to get the world ready for cashless currency -.

A strong network connection should be provided everywhere in the world.

Smartphones required for cashless currency.
Awareness and education should be given to peoples about cashless currency.
Cybersecurity should be improved.

By doing all these measures we can achieve cashless currency in the world. Now we will see the advantages of cashless currency-.

It saves a lot of time and it's very convenient.

The safest measure of payments no risk of robbery and no need to carry much cash with us.

No expenditure required to print currency.

No worries to count much cash and also no chances of error as we don't need to count it.

But before all these, we have to take some steps to get ready for it.

Thanks a lot!

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Dnyaneshwar Doke said: (May 4, 2021)  
Every new thing is quite difficult initially but once it become routine it will be more helpful to us. Cashless currency is an advantage to everyone but it will be more convenient to workers who are not always ready to connect with banks at all times. Cashless economy will save time of ours and it will become easy for transaction of money.

Now-a-days we see that almost each person (atleast one) in a home have android mobile phones which will be suitable for transactions of money. As these android applictions are not very tough to handle everyone can able to drive it. Some basic and easy steps we have to follow.

There's present 4G connections at every places even in rural area also, hence thse problems also can be resolved.

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Zoey said: (Jan 18, 2021)  
Hi, everyone,

To begin with, a cashless economy is an impactful topic where one can express many thoughts about it. However, the cashless economy is a good topic to discuss and debate but is it applicable now? The question remains unanswered. A shift to the cashless economy means the world and India is ready for a substantial change however, while some may be ready others may not. The cashless economy revolves more around the more developing countries where such technology is feasible. But the World around may not be ready for it. I was really impressed by one participant when he said that for the cashless economy we need a smartphone for it to operate which I believe is true one cannot have access to such technology without a smartphone. Internet connection plays a vital role in such functioning as well. But another aspect is the willingness to operate while some may agree some may be hesitant because of lack of information or negligence. Poor and underdeveloped countries may not be willing to switch because of many economic, political, social reasons which have to be taken into consideration. Thus we can conclude that the World and India are not ready for a cashless economy.

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Poonam said: (Jan 7, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

What have topic to discuss here that is "is the world ready for the cashless economy".

In today's century not 100% people are ready for a cashless economy. Not all people are familiar with digital technology.

There are some challenges in front of the world before moving towards a cashless economy. Still, there are some people who cannot understand the cashless transaction. Not every person have a smartphone to go with the digital transaction. There is poor network connectivity in many regions. Now many people stopped the cashless transaction due to charges applied by gov on the digital payment transaction.

First, we have to sort out all these issues then only we can move for a cashless economy.

Steps to be taken.

1. Provide knowledge to the people about the cashless transaction.
2. Affordable smartphone to economically enabled people.
3. Fastest and strong network connectivity in all-region.
4. There should be a free digital transaction.
5. Gov have to improve cybersecurity and have to set awareness to progress me on cybercrime security.

In my opinion, now the world is not ready for a cashless economy. First of all, countries have to develop digitally. People first have to grow with digital services. People need time to learn and adapt changes. Then only we can be ready cashless economy.

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Sagar Rathee said: (Dec 1, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

My Name is Sagar Rathee.

In my opinion, apart from the digitalisation of the world, we are not at that stage of inclusion of each and every person in this process.

Here, it requires a plethora of stringent steps at national and international level both:

1) To aware and educate the minorities which are still deprived of technology.

2) to enhance the budget expenditure in digitalisation so that everyone can have access to technology.

3) to install a rich Web of the network as a proper Internet is the main pre-requisite.

4) and also to set up programs or committees for awareness regarding Cyber Security.

Hence the concept of cashless economy is a necessary evil. After taking proper steps in upcoming 5 to 10 years we can head toward a complete cashless economy.

Thanks a lot.

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Rohit Lohar said: (Nov 15, 2020)  
Good morning everyone. My name is Rohit Lohar and today we are going to discuss, is the world ready for cashless currency.

In my point of view, today world is not ready for cashless currency.

Because many countries are remains to develop and many countries are still developing. If we start cashless curency that day there will be many problems in all over the world. Some countries like USA, China, UK, Britain are the developed countries, they can use useless currency. If we wants to do cashless currency then we have to develop our country in every respects. We have to increase our G.D.P. For cashless currency, a country should independent in all respects. It may be in future but now a days it is not possible.


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Harshini P said: (Sep 27, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

This is an interesting topic in today's world scenario.

No, I think this is not the correct time to shift to cashless currency.

The basic need for a cashless currency is a smartphone which is not affordable by some people. The next basic need is a strong internet connection for transactions. Not everyone with smartphone can pay for the internet.

But in near future, it is possible for a cashless currency.

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Rishav Raj said: (Sep 8, 2020)  
According to me, the world is not completely ready for cashless money. It is one of the best tech revolutions in late 20's no doubt, but the world is not completely ready for it because many people can't even afford a smartphone and many of those who have a smartphone have a lack of knowledge on how to use it. As the most important requirement for doing a cashless transaction is a smartphone most of the people can't afford it. It is a known fact that cashless transactions are fast, secured (no chance of robbery), and as the technologies are evolving almost every company provides a medium for the cashless transaction but the most important need is the knowledge of how to use it.

Thank you.

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Aishwarya G said: (Sep 1, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

According to my opinion, the world is ready for cashless economy. It is one of the great idea.

Now the online transactions will be done through some apps like paytm, google pay and other apps which made the life easier. There will be no carrying of money in hand or in the bag to transfer the money by standing in que in banks because of cashless economy. Cashless economy is good initiative as it consumes less time to transfer our money to anyone.

This is very useful for today's generation as everyone has cell phone.

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Abhi Yadav said: (Aug 12, 2020)  
Yes, according to me, the world is ready for the cashless economy as we are seeing in the present time most of the apps are providing the benefit of cashless economy and these apps are getting positive feedback and it also decreases the chances of robbery. So, I think in nearly 7 to 8 years the world will rebuke the paper money and totally accept the e-money.

Thank you.

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Divyansh said: (May 22, 2020)  
Hi everyone!

Today our topic is that the world ready is for a cashless economy.

I totally agree with this topic. Because in today's generation almost every people have mobile phones that's why they are able to use a cashless economy. And there are many resources are also developed day-by-day like paytm, phonepay and google pay etc. With the help of this we can be part of using a cashless economy and saves our time too. It is also a little bit risky to use these apps because there is also increase cyber crime but it is less risky than an offline payment. And there is not much awareness about this cashless economy but overall it is very essential for us and it helps us more and we all want to aware of those people who are not aware of this thing by which they are also capable to take profit of this thing.

Finally, I want to say that a cashless economy is very beneficial for our society and we all want to use it and saves our time and increase in the development of our country in the field of science.

Thank you.

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Varun Kumar Tiwary said: (Jan 5, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

Cashless currency is an important step towards reducing corruption and also making the transaction easier. But it comes with lots of requisite.

1. The country needs to have a good quality of the smartphone.
2. The country needs to have good internet speed.
3. The country should have a good interface for transaction online which is both secure and that doesn't fail.
These steps will ensure low-cost cashless economy, unlike the pos machine which was costlier.
UPI in India and the Alipay and the Tenpay in China has shown that is possible to make the cashless currency a possibility.

Therefore even countries in every part of the world can have a cashless economy if provided with these services.

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Abhiram said: (Dec 16, 2019)  
Hello all,

Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

Yes. The world is ready for cashless or for digital payments. Many nations like India, China, US, etc are forwarding steps for it and are encouraging people to make online transactions.

In India, after demonetization in Nov 2016 National Payments Corporation of India had unveiled with UPI (User Payment Interface) for going cashless. After this scenario, online transactions are boosted with the entering of players like Paytm, Google Pay and PhonePay, etc. There came a situation, wherefrom Vegetable vendor to Shopping malls started accepting UPI payments. To soar the condition, the Government introduced customers to pay expenses such as Electricity Bill and Booking travel tickets through online following payment apps attracted by offering discounts and cashback.

Another good example to consider is Sweden which reached 95% of the payments as cashless and to be the first country in the world to be completely cashless by 2023.

However, there are certain challenges to be noted in online transactions such as network and security issues. Governments are still enhancing to deliver the best and looking for a bright future.

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Aditya Swaraj said: (Nov 26, 2019)  

In my opinion, several parts of the world are ready and several are not, depending on the development of the country and its people. Some countries are well developed and can go with cashless currency, in fact, they are doing it for 75% of transactions as we speak, but there are developing and undeveloped countries also and they will face problems in going cashless and are not ready for cashless currency.

As for India, several people are saying cashless currency will fail because there are uneducated and poor people in India, but as we know people are dynamic and they can adapt to change, and that is what happened in India autorickshaw, panipuri sellers are accepting payments through paytm and other payments app. Though I will say India is not yet ready to go fully cashless but in the future. DEFINITELY.

Thank You.

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Deepamala said: (Sep 24, 2019)  
Not only India even the world is not perfectly ready for cashless currency. We still improve a lot in every and every aspect to make the world cashless currency.

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Shiny said: (Sep 15, 2019)  
As per me, India is not ready to do so, because as India is still a developing country, instead of making the people aware of the technology, it invests more on the unnecessary aspects, so if we can make the hard work of poor or uneducated people as smart work, then everyone can go with this cashless currency.

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Mubi said: (Aug 17, 2019)  

Guys, I don't think so everyone is ready for the cashless currency because of in our era different kind of people and everyone has own way of thinking well in our country, not all the people are educated firstly we should educate him and if we ever meet uneducated person we should encourage them we are the future of INDIA.

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Kavita Deshmukh said: (Jul 29, 2019)  
Hello friends,

My name is Kavita.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to say something about the world is ready for cashless currency,

As per me, the world is not ready for cashless currency because there are two types of people who are living in this world from that some are educated & some are uneducated so there is the creation of lots of problems. As we know that most of the people of our country belong to rural areas and many of them do not have a bank account & very less amount of people properly know how to use online transactions. So I conclude that till the world is not ready for cashless currency.

Thank you.

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Ankita D said: (Jul 21, 2019)  
According to me, this decision needs time and resources, which we both lack. There are more than 60% of rural areas completely unaware about the cashless system and those who even know about it are scared to use it. The lack of knowledge about the system eventually leads to all sorts of problems and Hacking is the real concern.

So To make India ready for Cashless System I think the government should take initiative and carry out activities in rural as well as in the places where internet is out of reach, make peopleware of the system, teach them how it works and its benefits.

Only then we can take a step towards building a developed India instead of the developing one!


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Patel said: (Jun 29, 2019)  
According to me, this is not a perfect time for the cashless economy because in developing country the main problem is that literacy rate and lack of awareness of the internet.

In India, there are so many rural people they don't know how to use internet efficiently so they got into trouble with hacking and all sort of things and they have fear about security and misinformation.

So, the main thing the government has to implement is awareness among rural people and good infrastructure for digital security over digital payment.

But also there are many benefits for cashless like lower risk of carrying money, reduce cost of printing new notes, ease of financial transaction.

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Shubham Pawar said: (May 13, 2019)  
In my opinion,

The world today is ready to accept the cashless currency and it is steadily moving towards it. But the aim of completely cashless economies seems to be very far at this rate.

There are several obstacles to meet this goal.

First and the most important is the access of the population to the internet at an affordable rate. Talking in the context of underprivileged countries of Africa we see that the people there struggle even for basic needs, the dream of cashless currency in such regions are far away from reality as they don't even have access to mobile phones.

The second challenge to meet the goal of cashless currency is digital literacy among people. In India, almost every household owns a smartphone and have access to the internet (even the rural population), but the point is how do they use it or do they even know it's uses. Many people who use digital payment apps don't know what to do in case of transaction failure or how to protect their account credentials.

The third challenge comes in the form of technical readiness and capabilities to support cashless currencies and transactions at such a vast level. The cyber frauds and security threats make people restrain online transaction which demotivates the spirit of cashless economies.

Lastly, the minor challenges like lack of mutual acceptance for digital transaction (eg. If the supplier refuses to accept digital payment the customers are bound to pay in cash) or the lack of trust on online merchants cannot be ignored.

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Shraddha Jain said: (May 13, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

So the topic of discussion is "Is the world ready for the cashless economy".

Now the point is what is the cashless economy?

Cashless economy stands for the transactions done digitally i.e. without any exchange of cash.

According to me, the world is not ready for a cashless economy but it can be in the near future. There are two types of countries in this world. One type of countries which are growing, leading and progressing and another type of countries which are still backwards or progressing very slowly.

Countries such as Ecuador have already declared themselves as cashless currency economy as this type of countries is fast-growing countries.

Let's talk specifically about India to get the point in a much more better way. In India itself there are parts. One urban India and second Rural India. People in Urban India are mostly literate digitally and are ready for the cashless economy but the people in Rural India are mostly illiterate digitally. Hence they are not ready for a cashless economy. After demonetization cashless transaction has increased in India but not to that extent.

Government is taking significant steps for promoting a cashless economy by introducing Jan dhan scheme, direct benefit transfer scheme. India will be ready for the cashless economy once the people of India become digitally literate. Also before the introduction of the cashless economy to the world the cybersecurity should be strengthened.

The services provided by Google and other companies are helping India to go cashless by helping the illiterate people with the text to speech converter feature of google lens through which the text is converted to speech in the language one wants.

Hence in my views, the world is not ready for a cashless economy but will be ready in the near future by spreading awareness among citizens and strengthening cybersecurity.

Thank you.

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Furqan said: (Apr 26, 2019)  
No, because if we go digital our currency has 85%chance to got stolen because on the other hand there is cybercrime.

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Anjali said: (Mar 21, 2019)  
On, when we talk about full dependency on cashless currency then there will be issues like. Affordable smartphones/desktops to use different payment online modes, 24X7 net connectivity to get access to this online payment mode, and more importantly digital literacy to identify the possible risk of hacking.

As most of the countries are not able to provide these basic needs to their citizen it is not possible to replace physical currency with cashless.

But when the question come is world-ready? then answer is the world has already accustomed to it. People may not be having smartphones, net connectivity or knowledge of possible hacking but still many of them know about the cashless money.

They may not be using cashless currency but if proper tools and education provided we can move to the full cashless transaction which at present an ongoing process.

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Bhavani said: (Mar 11, 2019)  
Let me first what is cashless currency.

Cashless currency: transaction of money online without using printed paper notes and coins.

At present scenario, some countries are developed and some countries are not developed, so the world is not ready for cashless currency.

Problems faced by underdeveloped countries:

1. The basic need for cashless currency is a smartphone which cannot be affordable by some people.

2. The network connection is not good throughout the world, which leads to transaction failure.

3. Hacking of system, where every information is will be taken.

4. Some people do not know how to operate a smartphone.

5. Everyone should have a bank account.

So now the world is not ready for cashless currency. But in future, it can be.

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Prasanna M said: (Feb 27, 2019)  

Thank you for giving an opportunity for me to share my knowledge on this topic.

According to me, the world is not ready because all the people don't know how to use online because some people are from the village and some are uneducated and some people fear about online problems because of this all are not ready to cashless currency.

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Aslaam said: (Feb 20, 2019)  
Yeah. First of all, thank you so much for giving the opportunity. Myself I'm Aslaam. So now coming to our topic, the topic is cashless currency.

1. Nowadays digital marketing is the very fastest growing thing. We would like to continue this up to our next generations. A few years back we don't know about ATM, CDM, Net banking, Mobile banking, etc.

But now we know very well about that all things. As same as some villagers also don't know about the above things. But now they using very well even uneducated people's also.

I think in future those who are villagers also can know how to use digital marketing. Paperless transactions.

When we are using paperless work even we can reduce global warming also.

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Gopal said: (Jan 19, 2019)  
Hello everyone, today we are going to discuss about cashless transaction. Yes, in India 70% of then are doing now cashless transaction through net banking, Patym, Google pay, phone pay soon. Remaining of them who are come from villages, uneducated people are not ready to do by they not able to understand. Anyway, nowadays India is digitalized. It helps to control of black money and corruption. It leads to a growth country.

So we need to support the cashless transaction by giving awareness about it.

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Vikas Bhatt said: (Jan 10, 2019)  
Good morning everyone my name is Vikas. As per my point of view, cashless currency is very useful for every people. We don't need to keep money in our pocket and chances of thieve your money is reduce. Fear in the people heart has been vanished now a days. However world is not completely ready for cashless money. People who are from villages are not able to understand cashless currency and they are not interested in this. For awareness of cashless currency, the Indian government should take the seminar for developing interest and conveying benefits of cashless money.

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Vivek said: (Dec 25, 2018)  
Hello everyone !

What is cashless currency?

Cashless currency means you are doing transaction digitally without involving printed paper notes or coins.

So today our topic is "Is the world ready for cashless currency?".

So as per my opinion, no whole world is not ready for the cashless economy but if developed countries give some supply to the underdeveloped and developing countries so it becomes possible.

Problems because of the world not ready for cashless currency.

1. Many countries are underdeveloping so there is no electricity, no network so it can not be possible.

2. The technology of underdeveloped and developing countries are not so good so they can not handle it.

3. Connectivity of the network is not so good.

4. Illiteracy of these countries is also a big issue for cashless currency.

5. Hacking or spying is also a big issue.

7. Leakage of personal information because of unawareness.

8. For cashless currency, the minimum requirement is a mobile phone but there are present many countries which are not able to fulfil their basic needs.

So the conclusion is that first we focus on the basic needs of the countries and also should focus on cashless currency.

Thank you.

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Akashthapa said: (Dec 9, 2018)  
In my point to view, the cashless currency will be good if a country has no other issue like poverty and internet issue. In India, it is very hard to implement cashless currency. Here lots of people still live on other dependencies. Like many beggars live in Jhoparpatti and they asked for money from us in train Or buses. In cashless currency how we help them? In that way, we cannot give them money for help. Cashless is not fully safe. We have seen Ransomware attack in a European country. Hackers hack the important file of many people. It is very easy to hack other accounts within a min for hackers It's is not guaranty that your money is safe. Firstly, we have to start from the bottom.

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Dharitri said: (Nov 16, 2018)  
Hello friends,

In my point of view, the world is not completely ready for the cashless currency because it is only helpful for the people who are educated or lives in town area where has internet connections, otherwise it is not helping the people who are don't know the use of mobile or not educated. And after all these some of the place having slow internet access that's why some people are suffering badly like sometime during the transaction, the transaction is stopped and later it is very difficult to refund. After solving all the problem, the world can ready for the cashless currency.

Thank you.

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Pank said: (Oct 24, 2018)  

According to me, we can not go completely cashless we need to have some money in our pocket for miscellaneous uses. Cashless means to reduce the use of cash. The government need to teach the methods of the cashless transaction through the various program to those people who do not have any idea about the appropriate use of the system. Otherwise, these people can be trapped easily. Cyber security must be enhanced for reliable transactions. According to me, the government need to work on to develop a much safer system before going completely cashless.

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Chandan said: (Oct 5, 2018)  
Hi, This is Chandan.

Thank you all to me giving this wonderful opportunity.

According to me, the world is absolutely ready for the cashless currency there are some following points:

Save time: people don't have a sufficient time to one place to another place to save time it is a good way to transferring a money and go cashless.

Security: The cashless transaction is totally secure there is a very less chance that you May lost the money otherwise it ja totally secure.

These are some points that make a cashless transaction good and very efficient.

Part of this people is getting some amazing price for using cashless transaction so it is also making them very interesting.

But also one disadvantage is that it is making an addiction to the people are getting addicted to their mobile phones that is not good.


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Shubham said: (Sep 17, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

This is Shubham and I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak.

My view is,

Since the word cashless comes in our mind after the demonetisation held by our government after a long gap of years and before that more than 50% of people do not know about it. As we know that most of the people of our country belong to rural areas and many of them do not have a bank account plus very less amount of people properly know how to use online transactions. So I think first of all it is the need of the hour to spread the proper education among others related to cashless transactions and teach them the benefits of the cashless economy system. Narendra Modi's government had taken a huge step to make India a cashless economy system but their plan was not proper and civilised. So my conclusion is it takes time for India to make a complete cashless economy system but it is not too far if this government will go in the right direction.

Thank you.

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Payal said: (Aug 30, 2018)  
Most of the countries in the world already adopted the system of going cashless and they are running well. But the problem is going cashless means getting digitalized for which internet connectivity and literacy is required. Regional disparities can be seen in many countries. This means a certain percentage of the population of that country can avail the benefits of going cashless but the remaining percentage of people first have to learn how to use it. For this, all the regions of a country have to be properly connected with banks also. So, the world is completely not ready for cashless currency. Also, there are a number of situations where cash is required.

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Monisha said: (Aug 27, 2018)  
I want to add on to this as I agree with all of you. I think people are not yet ready for cashless economy as educated people are availing all the facilities but the poor n uneducated people are lacking behind. All big showrooms, shops are being cashless but what about those sellers who sell their products on street or those small shopkeepers who dnt know about the internet. First, there need to educate people n slowly slowly give them access to use.

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Atul Kachhi said: (Aug 23, 2018)  
Hello everyone Atul here.

I would like to thanks to share my thoughts in front of you.

I agree to become INDIA cashless because in that process time consuming, safe money transfer, any everything buy online.


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Shreya said: (Aug 17, 2018)  
According to me, only those people are ready who knows how to use the internet. Those who do not know how to use a smartphone or laptop can't do this. Without good speed, online transactions can't be done. And there are many countries where people are not digitally literate like India where population living in rural areas don't know how to use the internet. Before making this world cashless digital literacy and internet neutrality are important points which should be focused on.

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Ganesh said: (Aug 16, 2018)  
Hi, all.

My view is,

The world ready for cashless currency, it had a lot of advantages for cashless. Every transaction is recorded and we are reduced to fake currency, we are purchased through online, we don't carry to liquid cash.

Few countries are not ready for cashless, most of the people not trusted cashless transactions. They scared about cashless.

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Bhairavi.D said: (Aug 5, 2018)  
Hello Everyone!

I would like to thanks for giving me an opportunity to express my views.

Our gov started the system of the cashless economy with demonetization. There are various advantages of cashless economy. All the transactions are transparent, as a result people can't evade from paying taxes. Online transactions are quick saving time and human effort. But considering the fact that almost 60% of Indians are from rural areas, they lack the education, most of them don't have smartphones and also some don't even have their bank accounts.

Thus at this present moment, we are not ready to go cashless completely. We need to organize education camps, guiding them about how the cashless economy works. In near future, we can see India as a cashless country.

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Nskr said: (Aug 3, 2018)  
I am very glad to speak on this topic.

No, I believe that world is not ready to take cashless economy. Because cashless economy means usage of interest resources to make transactions and payments. Only those who are educated can make use of it but uneducated people will suffer and sometimes they will lose money by faulty transactions. Why because all of us know that in India there are so many uneducated people are there and their don't know how to use the internet and make transactions. So before employing any move towards digitalisation government duity to make some introduction programs to create enthusiasm among those people who will really helpful for our further move to make our India developed country.

My conclusion,

I believe that at this moment world is not ready to give thier hands towards cashless currency but definitely in future they are ready to take our smart move.

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Is the World Ready for Cashless Currency?

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