Is Management an Art or a Science?

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Tanisha said:   2 years ago
Management is both art and science. Science - because it needs continuous research and
Art - because it needs practise and result oriented as well.

Shagun said:   3 years ago
Management is a both science and art it is a universal valitidy and science is a experiment can do art is a creativity art is pratice.

Siddharth jain said:   5 years ago
Good noon guys.

Management is an art as well as science because before so many years a long debate run between great scientists for clear that management is science or arts but after all, it defines that management is art as well as science for following points.

1. In science, we gain knowledge and that knowledge we put in practice to complete work call art as well as in management, first of all, we decide what to do how to do when to do and put that decision into practice form so we can say that management is both art and science.

2. Science has universal formulas and definition which also similar in management.

3. Art has practice knowledge to do work which also similar in management.

So we can say that management is both art and science.

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Boddapati Anil Kumar said:   5 years ago
Management is an art as well as science. Art is the processing of managing skill by a person, Whereas science is of developing principles and laws where group of activities are coordinated. Management is the art of getting things done by a group of people with the effective utilisation of available resources.

Abanu said:   5 years ago
In my point of view, the management is an art because in any company middle level people and top level people they have a knowledge about management but there is only one manager he knows the tactics and art. So management is an art.

Babayeju Enoch Adeleke said:   5 years ago
According to my knowledge, Management as an art is the total random key too management because art implies in many ways as an old day's people basically base on a practical aspect, not a theory because practical will tell you the basic thing you're performing in the sense of art.

Example in some years back when man discover that females have a big part too take in male life when a cowrearer is lack of money what will come to his mind is too sale male cow that will fetch him money to start up a business and leave the female cow too produce young ones in performing art as an management in practical ways of performing management as an art.

Juveria Ilyas said:   5 years ago
According to me, management is not a science it is an art. To prove this statement I would like to give two examples. In my eyes management is not a science because science requires experiments and they get the same results irrespective of situation like if you throw a ball, it will ultimately fall down because of gravitational force while in management it completely lacks because it is not sure that the management which is working best in one country might be possible of doing best in an another country.

And on the contrary, I believe management is an art because just like art requires practice and experience on a continuous basis, for example, an artist can be expert in his field by creating new paintings on a continuous basis. Similarly, art also requires practice and experience on a continuous basis through which a manager is expected to grasp all the opportunities and can exclude all the threats for efficient working in the business.

Abhishek said:   5 years ago
Management is combination of both art and science. Science provide knowledge and management provide application of knowledge and skills. Like design a car is science but how to drive it is art. If you want to be a good organiser and manager then you have to know about both science and art. Management requires both skills and knowledge.

Sagar said:   5 years ago
As per my opinion, both are important for management.

Management means how to problems problem solved in front of you.

At that time both skills are required art and science.

Art skill means how to handle, manage that problem and at that time your behaviour, managing skill, communication skill.

And science skill means how it thinking about this problem and use is your knowledge.

Thank you.

Srirup Chakraborty said:   6 years ago
It can be said that management is a combination of art and science because both the principles of art and science are present in it but we cannot call it a pure art or science. It said that it is an old art and a comparatively new science and it will continue to be an art in the future till it turns into a pure science.

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