Is God Male?

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Khushi jain said:   5 months ago
In my opinion, I guess god is both female and male it's up to the person to person whom they believe.

Kirti said:   1 year ago
Well, in my opinion on this topic is that it's a matter of belief if some people say UPPR WALA they never say UPPR WALI because in our society is a "male-dominated" and that's why some people think that God is male. But this is not true, God is a creator and we only feel. We all know in the Hindu religion we worship God and goddess both because Shiva already has a roop of "Ardhnarishwar" they teach us God is both neither a male nor a female so it is up to the people whether they consider God as male or female. So this is my opinion.

Thank you.

Mahesh kumar said:   1 year ago
God is like jot Saroop we can feel that when we are sad and pray for a Good time. We used God's name for happiness and sorrow time. In my view, God is present always in the world every time. But we need to remember and pray to god.

Suraj kumar said:   2 years ago
Every creation has a creator.

Example:- A child doesn't know who created the Remote control car. Until unless someone doesn't tell him that this car is made by Human beings. If a child says I don't believe that there is some creator of this car then he is understood to be foolish. Similarly, whether God exists doesn't depend on anyone's belief. God exist and he is a male and his name is Krishan the supreme personality of God's Head. Krishna is the male and Prakriti (nature) is the female. Actually, people don't know who is God!?

God has 6 qualities.

All beauty, all renunciation, all wealth, all power, all knowledge, all fame.

And Krishna has all the qualities. It's not easy to understand God in 1min. We take 15years to get one job and people understand that they will understand God in one min. Who has created millions of universes?

For learning Engineering we go to engineering college similarly to know about God we should go to an authorised person or authorised book (like Veda, Bhagavad Gita). There is a huge description about who is God, where he lives, why we are there and so many things. Human beings have perfect knowledge because we have many defects that's why after some time of any invention we modify it. God is not a myth, we have to just look to the right sources.

Tejaswini said:   2 years ago
I have an answer for this which may or may not match with believes of a lot of people out there.

I think god is manifestation. God is energy scattered around us. Yes, therefore god is everywhere. When we pray we are practically manifesting god and increasing the intensity of godly presence around us. I feel temples, churches, mosques and other places of worship posses a lot of this energy because of continuous manifestation by a huge crowd constantly. And I also believe that constant manifestation of god will stabilize the intensity of godly presence after a while. And when it comes to gender it is up to you and your believes.

Abhishek Ranjan said:   2 years ago
God is almighty and omnipotent. He is anything you want him to be and any form you want to worship him into.

He may be a human figure whether male or female or it may be a divine light, he can be anything we perceive him to be in. That is why he is god.

Aryan Singh 85 said:   2 years ago
According to me, it's just a matter of belief. God is a great lie.

I think God is neither a male or a female.

They are just the position imagination of our hearts and minds lt is belief which is fitted from childhood.

Ashwini CS said:   3 years ago
I believe God exists. Throughout our life we bear so many feelings for humans, animals and nature around us.

We show compassion for poor and needy. We believe in power because of what we can sense. The feeling of purity and positivity comes from within.

There are many tales of God exists in different cultures and religions throughout the world. As a Hindu myself we believe in more than one God. My personal favourite is God Ganesha. He spreads wisdom and happiness.

God is male or female or any other form of life what matters is he has given us life. We need to keep ourselves content and help the needy.

Sandeep rawat said:   3 years ago
The belief of GOD under the periphery of gender is entirely baseless. GOD is omnipresent and omnipotent. They are present in each micro and macro entity. In Hindu mythology, there is a concept of "ARDHANARESHWAR" i.e. which is enough to explain that the god does not discriminate on the basis of gender. They are present in all forms of gender known or unknown.

Rakesh said:   3 years ago
Good evening to all, first of all, I would like to thanks for giving me this opportunity to give my view so what is the male terms means it is nothing but one type of gender and the modern human being creates it but why it is applied to supersonic power that beyond human thinking if God is male or female then why they create a transgender form of a human if we ever think that God may be a transgender but no we can't compare the god to male-female or transgender they just our good partner that they always provide hopes to our every bad and good deed so our mindset makes some scripture different images and painting but in actual god is just a hope that we all need in our difficulty times thanks.

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