Is compulsory attendance really needed in college?

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Shayoni said:   1 month ago
I firmly believe that a minimum compulsory attendance policy is essential for the development of students. Without such a policy, there would likely be a lack of discipline in college, with many students frequently skipping classes. While it is important to develop new skills and prepare for various activities, it is unnecessary to miss classes to do so. There is ample time outside of class hours for these pursuits.

Additionally, relying solely on online resources for learning undermines the purpose of attending college. If everything needed for education could be found online, the value of a college would be greatly diminished.

Sanjana said:   6 months ago
Hello everyone,

In my opinion, attendance shouldn't be mandatory.

We are in a generation where the student can study by himself with the help of growing technology. The world became handy. And it is so easy to learn anything at our own pace. Students have multiple options if they want to learn something seriously.

So, I believe attendance should not pressure a student. He/she should get time to invest in his/her interests and gain skills.

Pawar siddi sahebarao said:   8 months ago

According to me, attendance is not necessary, because there are many students who come only for attendance.

Besides that not for learning and gaining education. At this stage they do not decide their future goals and, what they want in their life.

Also, is not important in too much because in our country most of college teachers, and students the syllabus and it is not enough to crack the competitive exam.

Also, as we all know we are living in the digital world and students can get top- top-level education from YouTube and other websites which is actually most colleges fail to provide.

So, I think compulsory attendance is not important. it's time to gain more skills and some gain practical education.

Thank you.

Riya said:   8 months ago
HI everyone!

I am glad to share my opinion in this current topic.

According to me, attendance is not necessary. Because there are many students to come college only for attendance.

Besides that not for learning, and gain education At this stage they do not decide their future goals and what they want in life.

So, I think its time to gain more skills learn some practical things.

Thank you.

Arzoosharma said:   9 months ago
In my perspective college, attendance is compulsory because I am also a student some time I feel lazy and I don't want to go to college and I waste my time at home or on mobile or with my friends but the criteria of attendance motivate us to attend the college where I have gain the knowledge.

Amani said:   10 months ago
Hi everyone,

I'm glad to share my views on the current topic.

Attendance of students is not mandatory. If made so, students can't devote much time to identifying their interests and potentials and may not be able to enhance their skill sets that might be essential for their future. We live in an advanced technology era where students can learn from different sources that can't even be provided by their college and lecturers.

Moreover, students feel pressurized and lack interest in attending classes if they find lectures are not so gd.
So attendance shouldn't be made compulsory!
Thanks once again.

Have a fantabulous day!;).

Shrishti Trivedi said:   12 months ago
Hello everyone,

As per my opinion,

1) I think attendance is not important too much because in our country most of college teaches students the syllabus and it is not enough to crack any FANG companies or even others.

2) If attendance will be necessary the student can't groom in class it is a harsh reality. Until and unless anyone starts devoting time to themself. Because coding competitions are not there in every college so students only have good academics but not applicable skills (any programming language).

3) Any student who gives time to themself then they can't do both things properly.

4) I think it should be that much necessary that no students get bad marks in any subject of their academics.

Harsh Dev Tyagi said:   1 year ago
Good Afternoon Everyone.

Today topic is very important for each and every student "Is compulsory attendance really needed in college?".

In my point of view, attendance is important in college it totally depends on the college teachers suppose if your college has good experience teachers then each and every lecture is important and any student doesn't watch Youtube Videos to study and utilise the time correctly place like practice the coding on computer revise the topic day by day that why attendance is important if your college has experienced teachers.

Anonyms said:   1 year ago
Hi everyone!

In my opinion, college attendance should not be compulsory as we all know that we are living in the digital world and students can get top-level education from youtube and other websites which actually most colleges failed to provide.

In engineering, all are learning concepts from youtube. So if you will impose attendance issues in college that will result in a lack of concept clearance in students.

Kushagra said:   1 year ago
In my opinion, the rule of compulsory attendance should not be implemented. It actually led the student to develop reluctance and feeling pressurized. Today's world requires a smart and creative individual. To fulfil today's world's needs and to grow their skill sets, individual needs to give time to themselves so that they can identify their potential and desires.

Field of interest and do the necessary hard work in that direction. Colleges and universities should realize this situation and set students free on this thing. The best thing, they can set a minimum desired attendance rule that should be fulfilled by the students instead of the compulsory attendance rule.

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