Is compulsory attendance really needed in college?

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Kushagra said:   1 week ago
In my opinion, the rule of compulsory attendance should not be implemented. It actually led the student to develop reluctance and feeling pressurized. Today's world requires a smart and creative individual. To fulfil today's world's needs and to grow their skill sets, individual needs to give time to themselves so that they can identify their potential and desires.

Field of interest and do the necessary hard work in that direction. Colleges and universities should realize this situation and set students free on this thing. The best thing, they can set a minimum desired attendance rule that should be fulfilled by the students instead of the compulsory attendance rule.

Hi everyone Im Choi said:   1 month ago
In my opinion, the compulsory attendance of 70% in college is really needed for all students because they can gain their knowledge and learn important things. If there are no compulsory classes in college may be students are using their college as a park whenever they come whenever they do not come in college. Teachers should make thought about students and that is an educational place so there is a particular discipline that should obey to all students.

Nick Biraori Okioma said:   2 months ago
Hi, my name is Nick Biraori.

My opinion about the topic of mandatory class attendance.

I think the world is headed in a different direction as opposed to the two decades behind us.

The world is headed in a technological and skilful era. Class attendance should take 50 % of the total lessons. Online classes and research methods should be more implemented in this kind of era.

Professional courses should also come in handy in regard to the type of courses for each particular student. Let the world go In a route of doing instead of cramming.

Thanks a lot.

Sourav said:   2 months ago
Hello, every one!

In my opinion, there should be a minimum percentage of attendance mandated by colleges for the overall growth of students. There is always two sides for a coin. If there is no compulsory attendance then students would be busy in roaming with friends and watching movies. They will be distracted from the goal. On the other hand, if the student has to sit in a classroom for all the time then would not be qualitative but rather quantitative. So there should be balance between holidays and classes.

Manasi Katu said:   5 months ago
Hi everyone,

According to my point of view, there should not be regular attendance to the students. Because attending college on regular basis makes them qualitative, not quantitative. To increase the quatitiveness of students, college should not be compulsory.

Nowadays, in today's, students can do his/her studies on their own basis by taking the help of technology and clearing concepts. So I think college should not be compulsory as 75%.


Bikram Saha said:   7 months ago
Hi everyone,

I respect everyone's thinking but in my opinion, it shouldn't be a compulsory option. 30% attendance should do mandatory só students will get more time for their studies and if it actually happens so students will only come to clarify their doubts but Causing 70% attendance or more pressurises a person to come in college. If a person wants to build up a start-up or do internships, it is difficult for him or her to miss the chance. College should make students qualitative not quantitive. But I respect every college's decision why 75% attendance should do mandatory but I think, What we are now some of us will be professors or will be in the higher authorities at a time so at that time we should think about that what you faced when you are in the college. We all students want to make our future better so at that time when you are in the higher authorities you should think about that.

Archana said:   2 years ago
Hi everyone.

Today's topic is, compulsory attendance really needed in college from my point of view it's compulsory to attend the classes from which students like me can gain knowledge and apply the skills which are required for future use.

This does not mean that we should have to compulsory attendant the classes. If the student has an interest in gain knowledge and skills. Being a student I myself want to gain knowledge and skills so it's helpful for future use.

From my point of view, it's compulsory to attendances really needed in college.

Samit said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

For me, a minimum percentage of attendance is compulsory like 30% not more than that. Because if 75% or more than that attendance makes a student's regular habit, not productive. We always want to make a student qualitative not quantitative so that each of students knows their duties and works hard for their goal. So minimum attendance is required for the interaction with teachers by which they can clear their doubts and analyze their potential and fault and rectify it further.

So, I strongly believe that minimum compulsory attendance is must required.

Thank you.

Mangesh said:   2 years ago
According to me, yes, sometimes attendance is compulsory but in another sense it is not.

There are two types of people one who are lazy and don't want to do anything only to stay at home watching Netflix etc all the time for that person it must be compulsory because they will atleast go to college and sit in the classroom and for 75% attendance they attend class and learn something when they can't use mobile then they have only one thing is to sit silent and study.

But on another sense attendance should not be compulsory for those who are motivated towards their goal they know what they are doing and they have decided their path they need not to come college for study and to attend college because sometimes we came college and nothing happens in class that is mere only waste of time for those students.

And yes, attendance must so that students can come college make groups introduce themselves take part in co-cirrcular activity and enjoy college life that is most important part of life and they will connect to college and studies.

Thank you.

Mangesh said:   2 years ago
I don't find any logic behind compulsory attendance. If the teacher cannot create interest in the class, there is no point in attending his classes regularly. Our aim of going to the class is to gain knowledge and if that is missing I don't really know why should we go. There are teachers who just come to the class and start reading monotonously form the slides without any interest for explanation. It is a known fact that there are some teachers who may be brilliant researchers but output in the class is nill. That is understandable. The point of not going to the class is not disrespecting the teachers but to stop wasting our times. Definitely the time that is gained by not going to the class should be utilised in studying those topics in details and then approaching the respective teacher with doubts. I believe he/she will very well be able to clear the doubts because he is a professor and has in-depth knowledge. The only problem was he couldn't express himself in front of a full classroom. So in my opinion, college classes should be made optional and a student should attend the classes of those teachers whom he fills can clear his doubts, This may vary from student to student.

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