Individual Freedom and Civil Society

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Nikhil Singh said: (Aug 14, 2021)  
Hello everyone!

As it seems to be, today's topic is quite important to be discussed about that whether someone is free to do anything whatever they want to, without regarding it's imapct on society or they have some accountability towards the society of which they are part.

In my opinion, the freedom should be in such a way that society can't interfere in someone's privacy directly, but in some cases where the impact of individual's decision seems to have impact on sensitive matters which will have serious affect on not only that individual but to whole society like as ;some new traditions and laws that can't be affordable to everyone) there the interfere of civil society is needed.

So that they manage to change the individual's mindset but all this should not be done forcefully.

And finally, in my opinion, there should be a link between individual and society, so that both of these factors are connected to each other in positive way.

Thank you!

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Haren De said: (Jun 11, 2021)  
We have been living in society For this, it is our moral duty to give something in society.

I support individual freedom and the civil society system.

1) it gives all citizens to share their own knowledge and help us to make a good society.

2) therefore our constitution (articles no19 and 21) has given the opportunity to interfere with government policy and freedom of speech.

3) individual freedom will give our society new talent and creativity.

4) To maintain democracy.

That's all.

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Ajay Yadav said: (May 25, 2020)  
Hello everyone, A very good evening to all of you.

This is Ajay kumar, today my topic is individual freedom and civil society.

First of all, I want to tell about individual freedom, it mean that liberty of speech, expression and right to life and education, as we all know that it is a constitutional rights which is given by our government and it is clearly mentioned in the article no 19 and 21. And we all have to follow the rights with keeps regarding of social responsibility and accountability. And we as a citizen of a country has a moral duties of giving individual rights by keeping in mind of certain limit.

At last,I want to say that we all have to assist each other when they need.

And do not interfere in their personal liberty or freedom unless they violates Indian constitution.

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Divya Jain said: (May 24, 2020)  
Freedom is right of everyone. If someone feels free he can do well in every phase of his life. Now it is upto the Individual whether he has to use his freedom in right or wrong way. Society cannot restrict a person from doing anything nor restricting freedom can do it.

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Prerak Aggarwal said: (Apr 5, 2020)  
Well being of one person can not suppress of many, that same law applies if in a society. If each and every individual rights are taken into deep consideration, the society will become a mess and as we all know if a society has 90% good people there are 10% bad too. It takes only one person to create a conflict and our history has clearly shown that. If an individual can't keep his personal grudges aside before using his rights properly, that individual right is unlaw full.

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Arpita Yaduvanshi said: (Aug 3, 2019)  
Freedom is a vital part of our life. It has its own significance. But our freedom to should not harm others emotions. Everything has its limit in this world, freedom too. Freedom with limitation is real freedom.

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Naveena D said: (Feb 12, 2019)  
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, Individual freedom is very important for everyone's life. Because they are independent for everything to accept their conscious. In their mind, thinks about their own decisions and thoughts. So freedom is very useful for getting the next life for their life. Society is also important. But without personal freedom, we cannot involve our social life. So freedom is helpful for involve in our interests and interaction to the society.

Thank You.

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Amit Sharma said: (Oct 26, 2017)  
Freedom is good we should have riots to show their talent. But in the name of freedom if we show vulgarity so I think this is not good.

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Vinoth said: (Aug 22, 2017)  
Induvidual freedom is every ones rights to perform a talent, sharing ideas but we are behind our civil society so there are rules, law and order following it is our responsibility so our freedom is down the society it haves a limit for freedom.

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Nandhu said: (Aug 13, 2017)  
Individual freedom is more important for everyone. Because we are all educated to be independent. We all have the rights to live our life as like we want. No one can stop us. But we must be more careful in one thing that our freedom should not disturb others. We should be more responsible.

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Sachin Sehwag said: (Jul 4, 2017)  
Hello, friends.

I am Sachin Sehwag.

I have a strong opinion that.

We all are free to show our talent. Our constitution has given equal rights for everycitizen in India. There are more than 100 crore people in India a lot of talent can come out from them. So everyone should show their talent. This will be helpful for country growth.

We must remember one thing that.

We are deeply attached to our society so our relatin with society should not be spoiled due to this individual freedom.


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Abhishek Nair said: (Jun 9, 2017)  

Individual freedom is a necessity of every Human being and yes animals too! It gives every individual to make choices on their own and helps them to widen their thinking and imagination, which are two significant keys to one's success and the development brought by them in the civil society! But as we know that how a coin possesses two sides, just like that this has too! Good side and bad side. Now, this depends on the proportion that to what extend an individual uses his/her freedom. If one doesn't make any use of this individual freedom provided to them means they miss the opportunity to explore new things in life, and if one goes beyond boundaries of this very rightful freedom, the person might tend to hamper lives, sentiments of people/society, damage property etc. And eventually, face consequences.

This means, Individual freedom is something very precious and one must use it wisely to enjoy a happy life.

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Princess said: (Aug 21, 2016)  
Yeah freedom is good even our freedom fighters incouraged it and it should be given by birth and I know that it will never cross limit in India because laws are there to prevent it.

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Melita Anderson said: (May 3, 2016)  
What is normal?

In order to not be deemed "abnormal" in society's eyes, we change ourselves, slowly diminishing our true self. However, freedom is a broad topic in which we as a whole is far from. When we change ourselves whether knowingly or in ignorance we are falling captive into society's net confining us as a whole.

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Priya said: (Feb 9, 2016)  
According to my point of you what is individual freedom or civil society everyone has his own thinking & social right so do whatever you want but in a good way let it suppose a man live her life freedomly and suddenly a person can interpret in his life this is not called freedom. Listen everyone but do what do you want.

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Priya said: (Dec 31, 2015)  
Individual freedom is birth right of everyone. Its important to show our talent because everyone have some special talents and they can explore it only when they have freedom. But one must see that their relations with society must not get spoiled because of our individual freedom. According to me freedom is like. My life my choice but their is one restriction choice should be right.

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Ranju Rk said: (Nov 1, 2015)  
Freedom that is individual freedom is the birth right of all citizens what ever be the cast, race, sex, religion or anything. Every citizen has given equal freedom in constitution under article 12 to 35 of Indian constitution. But it has certain limitation. If we take an example of article 19 (1) a freedom of speech an expression in this an individual can express his thought what ever may be the medium oral or writing but it should not effect the public feeling.

This kind of restrictions is necessary in the present world or society because in a society all class of people are living so each citizens has to give equal respect. Its the duty of the society to restrict certain right. Society is formed by people of that country so indirectly it is the duty of the individuals to protect the right of the society.

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Chandan Kumar said: (Sep 8, 2015)  
Freedom is a fundamental nature for human being. It gives a lot of new innovative ideas for preparing his own civilization. Under this circumstances we can make a good civilization country. Apart from this individual freedom to rising the civil society.

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Chetan Bisht said: (May 30, 2015)  
Individual freedom is the birth right of every citizen & it is also very important for self development, because we have some natural talents which would only be nourished when we are free to express and practice them without any restriction.

On the other hand we have civil society where we live irrespective of caste, creed and colour and with love and prosperity among neighbors. But sometimes our individual freedom can hamper the atmosphere of our society. Our bad habits can create problems among the society members.

In order to avoid this we should have individual freedom to express our views and ideas but under the supervision of our parents. Because if we are wrong at some point they can correct us so that we can escape from inheriting bad habits.

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Sana said: (Apr 24, 2015)  
So many rights are given every citizen to enjoy our freedoms in your world. Like right to freedom right duties right to information right to religious etc. All freedoms are given which cast you interested you can transfer that. You keep any styles and any work in your country you transfer from only PMA to and plannings.

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Krishnaa said: (Oct 4, 2014)  
Parents give freedom to their child in certain limit as they know that what is good and what is bad for their child. In similar way freedom doesn't mean that one should do whatever he likes he must be bond by rules and regulation set by constitution.

In current world, definition of freedom changes country to country and even within parts of the country, woman enjoys less freedom as compared to man, why so? Isn't she a human being.

Individual freedom rights and duties for society go hand in hand. It should be balanced and same for man and woman. Then and only then it will be justice to all.

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Andydp1982 said: (Jul 27, 2014)  
Freedom is not possible for all members of a monetary society and for that reason the capital-based economy should be replaced by a resource-based economy. The reason is simple: without money I can't go where I want to go. The amount of Freedom I have is dependent upon how much money I have. Therefore, only the rich are truly free. Freedom should allow me to go and do whatever I want, but only if I don't have to exploit someone else to do so. For more info please research anarcho-communism.

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Sreerenjini said: (Jun 22, 2014)  
To me all should have the right to individual freedom. Though India is a democratic country many of the illiterate people does not have the right to think individually as they do not possess education. At first every citizen of India should be educated atleast upto their elementary education. If they are not educated like today, in future also they will be cheated by greedy and cruel people. Anyway if all are literate everyone will be having the courage to raise their voice against exploitations. Thus right to freedom and speech should be applicable to every citizen of India. !

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Sreerenjini said: (Jun 22, 2014)  
According to me, individual freedom should be applicable to one and one citizen of India. Though India is a democratic country, many citizen are not having the right to take decisions themselves. This is because many of them are not educated. As per this reason they are cheated oftenly by listening the words of greedy and cruel people. According to me all should be literate at least up to their elementary education. All should have the courage to raise their voice against exploitations.

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Naina said: (Oct 3, 2013)  
In my opinion I think everything which we have done should be I proper manner. Government have made some rules for only to maintain the civil society that is one of the most imp thing to maintain or balanced the society. For eg. If we give the individual freedom to a child it could be dangerous fr him so that we should learn him first the rules to secure himself and automatically it will help to improve the civil society that is imp.

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Manish Verma said: (Aug 17, 2013)  
In my opinion, god has given the right to every people to live their life with freedom.

We are living in 21st century. So there is no right of one's on other. Individual's freedom is valid for every person. But if we have to live in a society then we have to care about the society. Then there seems to be a person in society like secretary who care all about the society.

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Harshika said: (Aug 16, 2013)  
Individual freedom means freedom given to everyone in respect of rights, duties and socialism whereas civil society means that person should be literate enough to understand each and every person's viewpoint. Individual freedom maintains the stamina for each person to enjoy each and every rights given to them by government whereas in civil society bureaucrats tends to maximize their influence on them through their powers and money.

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Arunesh said: (Aug 13, 2013)  
One might say that freedom might be misused by people in wrong ways but I firmly believe that corrupt government that follows unethical policies like bribery and nepotism and every level, nobody can really blame the citizens for the way they have turned out.

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Preeti said: (Mar 11, 2013)  
Individual freedom is must as it is our birth right. Without freedom we won't be able to take any initiative and cannot be creative which is important for the development of self and one should understand what is right freedom for development of self and towards society is.

On the other hand being in a civil society one should know his responsibility and duties towards it. If individuals have their freedom with them they can be be responsible towards civil society in many positive ways.

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Shakthi said: (Dec 3, 2012)  
One might say that freedom might be misused by people in wrong ways, but I firmly believe that with a corrupt government that follows unethical policies like bribery and nepotism at every level, nobody can really blame the citizens for the way they've turned out.

When the sole ruling power of a country/state which is the government, is completely misusing its power, how can one expect ethics and values from ordinary citizens who will only emulate the kind of example set to them? Hasn't anyone considered the fact that the government itself is a clear case of freedom gone awry?

The best solution to this problem is to:

1. First rid India's government of corruption - to root out all the crap that had been overshadowing our potential all these years - and put in its place, a new government filled with people who will set a worthy example for the rest of the country.

2. Give every individual the freedom that is his birthright and eliminate all traces of bias and discrimination in giving only certain sections of society some privileges and concessions, and establishing equality among all.

3. And most important of all, TEACH the people to USE the freedom in a befitting manner (i.e) to not take undue advantage of it and exploit it shamelessly, but to use it in a responsibly and maturely, for since a great person once said "With great power, comes great responsibility".

The entire crux of the plan depends on the ability of the government to make the people realize that freedom has to be used in a socially acceptable way and when that stage has been successfully achieved, we can hope to build an India that is every bit as glorious and filled with splendor as it was before those white-skinned bastards came and looted the whole lot away.

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C.Padmaja said: (Sep 26, 2012)  
What I mean that we have individual freedom. We must use this freedom in a right way else this leads to problems for society. Civil society means our behaviour cannot efect the society. We want enjoy but in a good manner;we must responsible with society. We have invidual freedom along with we must behavie & responsible for society.

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Betu said: (Aug 5, 2012)  
I think the India is a mixer kind of society where the veriety of people live and built the society. A society is necessary for human life because g man without society will be like a beast. If he has some sorrow or happiness its the society where we go first. Any kind of physical, financial problem to which most of the people faces regularly can b easily short out by the society people. Now the society are modern and they are not interfere anyones personal matter. Just like a tiff between husband and wife. At last society is important because if your neighbour got set fire then if you are saying that its none of my buisness then that fire may come to your door also.

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Candy said: (Jul 12, 2012)  
How far are we able to use our right to freedom? I agree that government has given us the right but its only up to a certain extent. We are being harassed by the social barriers. Every thing we do is interlinked with the society. If we start doing anything new, the society is not ready to accept it.

For example if a widow is trying to get remarried, the society starts poking her as if she has done some harm to them. Man is just a social animal but can never enjoy the real power of right to freedom and speech.

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Dipti said: (May 16, 2012)  
Individual freedom and Civil Society share a symbiotic relationship. They are very much interconnected. We have freedom of expression, freedomof speech but that doesnt mean an individual can do anything which can jeopardize the society. Same goes with the society, too many restrictions tend to burden a person which may lead him to become a rebel in the near future.

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Sarang said: (May 12, 2012)  
Individual freedom is a matter of choice. It is up to the individuals how he or she wants to live his life. But the moments too much of leeway is provided it might become detrimental to the interests of society. Similarly if the society is too rigid on things like what people should do and what not the individual freedom can help the society amend such impositions. In the end what matters is how much balance is struck between individual freedom and civil society.

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Pradeep Chopade said: (May 7, 2012)  
In a democracy every has a right to freedom, right to state his mind but we should not forget that as we live in a society, we do have a duty towards society (as it is famously said "with power comes responsibility". I think it is necessary to maintain that balance for smooth running of a country.

Like the recent National Counter terrorism Center (NCTC) it has been given a right to raid any place on its will.

Lastly, I feel a individual is given necessary freedom in a democracy but we also have a responsibility towards society, which in long run is going to help us.

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Dennis said: (Feb 24, 2012)  
Individual freedom is necessary in a democracy with a right mixture of rights and duties. Every individual has the right of speech and expression as long as he maintains the duty of not going aganist the values upon which the civil society is built, like culture, religion e. T. C.

Also it is necessary for the civil society to understand and accept the freedom of speech and expression of individuals.

We have seen the case of Salman Rushdie, the late M. F. Hussain, Taslima Nasrin who have been denied the right to travel in their homeland due to threats posed by religious fundamentalist groups who refuse to give any consideration to their rights.

It was a sad fact that India has lost a great international artist, M. F. Hussain, who passed away while he was on an exile in the Middle East for painting scantily dressed Hindu mythological figures which angered Hindu fundamentalists.

Earlier during the Rushdie visit controversy, several Muslim leaders had gone on record saying that they would pay 1 LAkh to people who hurled a stone at Rushdie.

Taslima NAsrin was attacked on several ocassions by Muslim supporters and many threats are still posed on her life.

THese uncivil acts should be put to an end and we must be encouraged to live in an environment of mutual respect and tolerance between the individual and society.

It is the individual's duty to uphold the values of his diversified, multi-cultural society and the society's duty to support its individuals and educate him to do the above.

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Latika said: (Feb 12, 2012)  
Individual freedom means right to apeak,express feelings,etc &these are the things that a constitution provides to us.Civil society is a body in which an individual exists & society has some rules which a person has to follow but society must also take care about an individual.This is b'coz both have to live together & go together as 2 lines which meet at same point.

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Subrat Sil said: (Jan 11, 2012)  
Everyone has a freedom but it's upto the person that how he takes it or how he utilises it.If we give freedom to a small boy and let him do what he wants then he can't be a good citizen for sure and we can't expect that also, because if we don't teach him something he won't get anything and do what ever he likes.

freedom should be given to a person who will utilise it in proper way and won't cross the limits.freedom must be given to choose the correct way to perform the responsibility towarts society.

Girls must be given freedom to live their life how they want to live it but all the above conditions are also for girls to be followed.

In case of choosing lift partner all have the power to choose that and that shouldn't be restricted by any one if both don't have any problem.

As a conclusion i want to say that we all have the freedom but we shood choose the write right way to proceed in the development of our society and it should be in limit!!!!

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Aishu said: (Dec 30, 2011)  
Individual freedom is good for all since it crossing the limit. If it crosses the limit,it may be spoil our obediency and dignity.

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Kuldeep said: (Dec 15, 2011)  
People must have complete freedom to choose the way they enjoy their personal life. But at the same time they must perform their responsibilities towards society, so that they can make themselves responsible citizen. Both the things must go with each other.

In Indian society there has always been conflict between individual freedom and social responsibility. Discussing this topic in Indian scenario we can not take India as a whole because scenario of urban society is very different from that of rural society. In urban society where individual freedom dominates social responsibility, in rural India social responsibility dominates personal freedom.

In urban India most people have become selfish they are indifferent towards their neighbors and other members of their society, even in metros people do not know names of their neighbors. They do not want to help one another at the time of need. They think they are living their life peacefully and have nothing to do other families. They forget their duties towards society and nation. This has exploited by terrorists in the past. Terrorists came and lived in highly populated areas without fear and get away after performing their task. This happens because of our indifference towards people. It is good that people in metros do not meddle in personal affairs of one another but they must try to prevent illegal activities that is happening in their ambiance.

Seeing towards rural India people perform their social responsibilities very well but at the same time they often meddle unnecessarily in peoples personal affairs. Girls are most affected. They are often prevented from enjoying their life in a way they want by illiterate older members of society. Just take the example of khap panchayats. They ostracized young men and women and even sometimes murdered them only because they want to marry with their self-chosen partner in the name of culture. This is complete negation of Indian Constitution. They say they are protector of Indian culture, but they forget in a democratic country Constitution always comes first.

So at last I want to say people must help one another at the time of need and they should not interfere in other person's personal life unless one is doing anything illegal or against Indian constitution. They must contribute towards the development of India.

In this way we can enjoy our personal life and perform our responsibilities towards society at the same time, that is necessary for an ideal society.

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Nilesh said: (May 8, 2011)  
Let me define Individual freedom first: Individual freedom means the rights given to to us to speak, to express, to live the way we want etc provided that we follow certain rules and regulations of the society. When we talk of Individual freedom, we must not forget our responsibilities towards society. We have to agree with the fact that Individual freedom and Civil society are dependent as man is a social animal. If one dominates, the balance is not retained. For ex:their are certain countries where women don't have the freedom to wear the dress they want to wear. Here civil society is dominating and hence the balance is lost. Hence I conclude here by saying that Individual freedom and Civil society should be in a balance with respect to each other.

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Varnita said: (May 2, 2011)  
What about the celebrities! they cant move freely in society. They don't have the freedom. Indian constitution has given rights of freedom for every1 to live in society peacefully and respect each other's rights.

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Shweta said: (Apr 20, 2011)  
Individual freedom is very much necessary for an human,but one must see that his relations with society must not get spoiled and this is only possible when we obey the feelings of others and giving space to each other,and one thing is for sure when a man is a social animal & a part of civil society he must always be concern about his society & when we start interacting with society we see ourselves as more improved personality by getting more explored to human values & ethics so i conclude by saying being freedom to individual must not effect the society in a bad manner.

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Sinclair said: (Nov 29, 2010)  
Take the case of Singapore. The government has curbed freedom to a significant extent but still the society has managed to come up remarkably. In fact some say this is the reason why they did come up so remarkably. Decisions can get made faster, not many people to oppose things, etc.

Of course imagine living in a society like that!.

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Naj said: (Nov 9, 2010)  
Man is a social animal he is live in society. The society have certain rules and regulation we must follow. We have responsible for that. If one can live in island or forest then he can live its on way.

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Shammi Verma said: (Jun 24, 2010)  
There is a strong webbing (web-ing) between an individual and the society. I would say the term 'limitations' has feather edge and everybody mend it a little. We always focus on issues of personal interest than the social welfare. When we talk about freedom or liberty we relate it with many celebrative / enjoyment / energetic and other zeastful activities whereas being free and having liberty should also be related with the RESPONSIBILITY.

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Harshith said: (Jun 24, 2010)  
It's a great thing that our constitution has provided us right to freedom and speech along with others . It's our right to enjoy these rights . But what about the duties assigned to us ? Who will care for them ? It is we , who are enjoying rights .It is a serious offence , if our actions hurt others . So let's take our fruit (rights) without damaging & disturbing the other fruits of the tree(society).

We are a social being . Sharing is required but not dominating . If we don't follow the rules , what's difference between an animal and the social animal(man).

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Noorjahan said: (Jun 22, 2010)  
Individual freedom is good but it can't cross their limits every one wants to live their own life but there may be some rules. So every one should follow that rules.

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Ramesh said: (Jun 15, 2010)  
Individual freedom is good for some limit. But if it crosses the limit, first and fore most thing is it will spoil the security.

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Swati Bharadwaj said: (Jun 12, 2010)  
Everyone today seems to speak about right to freedom. However while doing so they never think about how others can get affected by their actions. For example there was a recent case of a hit and run case of a drunk wife of an army personnel. What wrong here is not that she was drunk but what wrong was that she didn't care about the social laws that protect the people. A person should keep the personal freedom as long as they don't harm the society. Anything within limits is always welcome!

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Baskar Vasudevan said: (Jun 10, 2010)  
Because this only liked every body

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Individual Freedom and Civil Society

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