Individual Freedom and Civil Society

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Nikhil Singh said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone!

As it seems to be, today's topic is quite important to be discussed about that whether someone is free to do anything whatever they want to, without regarding it's imapct on society or they have some accountability towards the society of which they are part.

In my opinion, the freedom should be in such a way that society can't interfere in someone's privacy directly, but in some cases where the impact of individual's decision seems to have impact on sensitive matters which will have serious affect on not only that individual but to whole society like as ;some new traditions and laws that can't be affordable to everyone) there the interfere of civil society is needed.

So that they manage to change the individual's mindset but all this should not be done forcefully.

And finally, in my opinion, there should be a link between individual and society, so that both of these factors are connected to each other in positive way.

Thank you!

Haren De said:   3 years ago
We have been living in society For this, it is our moral duty to give something in society.

I support individual freedom and the civil society system.

1) it gives all citizens to share their own knowledge and help us to make a good society.

2) therefore our constitution (articles no19 and 21) has given the opportunity to interfere with government policy and freedom of speech.

3) individual freedom will give our society new talent and creativity.

4) To maintain democracy.

That's all.

Ajay yadav said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone, A very good evening to all of you.

This is Ajay kumar, today my topic is individual freedom and civil society.

First of all, I want to tell about individual freedom, it mean that liberty of speech, expression and right to life and education, as we all know that it is a constitutional rights which is given by our government and it is clearly mentioned in the article no 19 and 21. And we all have to follow the rights with keeps regarding of social responsibility and accountability. And we as a citizen of a country has a moral duties of giving individual rights by keeping in mind of certain limit.

At last,I want to say that we all have to assist each other when they need.

And do not interfere in their personal liberty or freedom unless they violates Indian constitution.

Divya Jain said:   4 years ago
Freedom is right of everyone. If someone feels free he can do well in every phase of his life. Now it is upto the Individual whether he has to use his freedom in right or wrong way. Society cannot restrict a person from doing anything nor restricting freedom can do it.

Prerak Aggarwal said:   4 years ago
Well being of one person can not suppress of many, that same law applies if in a society. If each and every individual rights are taken into deep consideration, the society will become a mess and as we all know if a society has 90% good people there are 10% bad too. It takes only one person to create a conflict and our history has clearly shown that. If an individual can't keep his personal grudges aside before using his rights properly, that individual right is unlaw full.

Arpita yaduvanshi said:   5 years ago
Freedom is a vital part of our life. It has its own significance. But our freedom to should not harm others emotions. Everything has its limit in this world, freedom too. Freedom with limitation is real freedom.

Naveena D said:   5 years ago
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, Individual freedom is very important for everyone's life. Because they are independent for everything to accept their conscious. In their mind, thinks about their own decisions and thoughts. So freedom is very useful for getting the next life for their life. Society is also important. But without personal freedom, we cannot involve our social life. So freedom is helpful for involve in our interests and interaction to the society.

Thank You.

Amit sharma said:   7 years ago
Freedom is good we should have riots to show their talent. But in the name of freedom if we show vulgarity so I think this is not good.

Vinoth said:   7 years ago
Induvidual freedom is every ones rights to perform a talent, sharing ideas but we are behind our civil society so there are rules, law and order following it is our responsibility so our freedom is down the society it haves a limit for freedom.

Nandhu said:   7 years ago
Individual freedom is more important for everyone. Because we are all educated to be independent. We all have the rights to live our life as like we want. No one can stop us. But we must be more careful in one thing that our freedom should not disturb others. We should be more responsible.

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