Individual Brilliance Certainly makes a Difference

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Neha said:   1 decade ago
I agree with the topic that indiviual can change the situation itself.Take the example of this group discussion in which most of the people are in favour of the topic.If someone of us puts a strong point against the topic he/she will change the direction.So, individual can make difference to the situation.

Jamsheer.T [MEC] said:   1 decade ago
Yes. I am sure individual Brilliance certainly makes difference. Majority of individual performence should be live as life long. CharlesBabage, he is a inventor of computer. His brilliance has been living without any life period since its invented. Based on this example constenly I can say individual Brilliance certainly makes difference.

Priyanka said:   1 decade ago
In my view brilliance is something which can turn a problem into advantage, harder into simpler and impossible into possible. Individual brilliance makes someone perfect in any sphere of life. History has proved many such examples of great persons. Right step in right condition avoids problems. Individual brilliance can be helpful not only the person concerned but also the people around him. Therefore, it certainly makes a difference.

Harish said:   9 years ago
Some of my friends have made a very good point about individual brilliance. I strongly agree that an individual mind can make a difference. Because all of the decisions which have changed the world were taken by individual, not by group of people. After a long lasting war with North Korea, South Korea had nothing, it was ruined, It was at the bottom of the 179 countries with a GDP of $79 per capital.

But there was one people park change him, who dream to see his country among global power and It was only because of his faith, south Korea has become one of the innovation Hub and global power in the world with a GDP of $35, 485 per capital.

Naveena D said:   5 years ago
Good Morning Friends,

According to me, Obviously, individual brilliant people are also getting a uniqueness to show their activities. And common peoples are different from them. Because brilliant people activities vary from other peoples and they have little different and attitude from others. So we can find easily, which people are looking brilliant.

Thanking You.

Rohit said:   1 decade ago
Individual intelligence certainly makes a difference. Its not that a group of certified and talented people gave the laws of motion. He was the only Newton, Similarly we got loads of other specific individuals who led the people to this present situation.

When individual intelligence is promoted and supported by other intelligent person then the difference obviously takes a turning point and is much more useful as there can be all the possible positive and negative effects listed out.

So, Yes! Definitely yes, individual intelligence makes a difference. And we know an individual alone can change the mind of thousands of other people.

Swadhin said:   1 decade ago
As per my point of view individual brilliance make the difference. As we know good is always selected and bad is always rejected. Every one follows the good people and their ideas take example of vivekananda his brilliance change a lot of people and motivate whole world.

Shahana said:   7 years ago
Of course, the individual brilliance can make the difference because there should be some initiative and initiator in every group that could be coming from an individual and we can achieve the success by making others follow the individual who has a thought clarity. The Difference can be made by an individual brilliance but how effectively we are following would depend on the group of people and again it's individual brilliance to make them follow.

Sagar said:   1 decade ago
Yes, individual brilliance makes a difference as everyone has his strengths & weakness. Every individual has got a different way of thinking, sometimes an individual can find a easiest way to solve a problem by different way of thinking.

Anisha said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion individual brilliance does make a difference but only if given the right support. Even though Gandhiji had the vision of ahimsa but he couldn't have done that if he didn't had people support, so the brilliance in the person need to be identified and put to effective use by the people around in whichever field it be.

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