Individual Brilliance Certainly makes a Difference

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Sahar said:   4 months ago
It is a valid point that individual brilliance makes a difference.

In this world, everyone has something hidden in himself/herself, so everyone should try to show that hidden thing to the world. We should try to erase the landmarks from our lives through our personal brilliance.

Naveena D said:   5 years ago
Good Morning Friends,

According to me, Obviously, individual brilliant people are also getting a uniqueness to show their activities. And common peoples are different from them. Because brilliant people activities vary from other peoples and they have little different and attitude from others. So we can find easily, which people are looking brilliant.

Thanking You.

Archana said:   6 years ago
I agree with the statement, everyone has unique qualities and different perspective to see the world. Its due to their brilliance that they are solving their problems on their own. But some people are born brilliance and some come across due to the environment that they are living, which helps them to cope up with life and decision.

Individual brilliance of people when combine together certainly make a great decision or action.

Thank you.

Shahana said:   7 years ago
Of course, the individual brilliance can make the difference because there should be some initiative and initiator in every group that could be coming from an individual and we can achieve the success by making others follow the individual who has a thought clarity. The Difference can be made by an individual brilliance but how effectively we are following would depend on the group of people and again it's individual brilliance to make them follow.

Prince Raj said:   7 years ago
Individual brilliance is always make difference. If we are here in developed era it's mostly the sacrifices of individual brilliance what ever we talking about Newton, Einstein or other.

Individual brilliance always teach us something different from society or groups.

Sajjad said:   8 years ago
I strongly say yes individual brilliance certainly makes a difference because it happened in history when Indo-Pak subcontinent was under controlled by Britain many groups and organization tried to get freedom by means of violence. Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah made it possible by use of his brilliAnce and today we are free.

Pks said:   8 years ago
According to me, individual intelligence is needed. Because it can take out you from any problem or danger. You won't need a group of people to give the opinion for that.

Pri88yank said:   9 years ago
Individual brilliance is replaced by process oriented systems in modern world. Process oriented systems are robust, everlasting and can be scaled to serve the ever increasing needs. On the other hand individual brilliance has its limitations. Limitations include very hard path to achieve brilliance, exhausting nature or overburdening, installability i.e. finding too many brilliant people to serve ever increasing needs is next to impossible.

Individually brilliant people are very hard to replace, and any system build up on that, would collapse when such a person leaves. Processes make up for a robust systems, which replace individual brilliance with collective team work, and such systems are will not fall apart even if any individual leaves the system, i.e.every one is replaceable.

Also a system build on Individual brilliance will put a lot of burden on that individual (think of Indian team in 90's, 250 runs on board and every one expecting Sachin-Ganguly pair to fire) , which may soon exhaust the individual, ruin one's health and make him feel like he is a computer (all work, no time for life).

Definitely the quality of work produced by individual brilliance cannot be matched by systems build with processes, but when you have to mass produce, as with any industry, installability of throughput of individual brilliance cannot fulfill the demand. Then a system built on processes has to take over. Consider, 100% correct results producing systems serving small number (50/100) , vs 80% correct results producing system serving thousands, the second one seems a better solution.

So in real world, in every sphere of life we see process oriented systems replacing individual brilliance. Consider 10% person doing everything and 90% relaxing, vs 100% putting some minimum effort, makes life of individually brilliant people easy.

Although Sachin is one the greatest of all times, its Dhoni who not relying on individual brilliance, but putting up a team effort, won India the world cup.

Harish said:   9 years ago
Some of my friends have made a very good point about individual brilliance. I strongly agree that an individual mind can make a difference. Because all of the decisions which have changed the world were taken by individual, not by group of people. After a long lasting war with North Korea, South Korea had nothing, it was ruined, It was at the bottom of the 179 countries with a GDP of $79 per capital.

But there was one people park change him, who dream to see his country among global power and It was only because of his faith, south Korea has become one of the innovation Hub and global power in the world with a GDP of $35, 485 per capital.

Priyanka said:   1 decade ago
In my view brilliance is something which can turn a problem into advantage, harder into simpler and impossible into possible. Individual brilliance makes someone perfect in any sphere of life. History has proved many such examples of great persons. Right step in right condition avoids problems. Individual brilliance can be helpful not only the person concerned but also the people around him. Therefore, it certainly makes a difference.

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