Indians Perform Better as Individuals than in Groups/Teams

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Bhuvaneswari Gowtham said:   11 months ago
No, in present scenario, India develops a lot of technology and improvement of many other fields. Indians how are have improved ability, skills and knowledge to perform better in individual.

Naveena D said:   4 years ago
Good Evening Friends,

Obviously, India is better in both individuals and group team work. That is better for work in each together. Because they are good skills in team work and individual works. And also they are work with good managing and maintaining skill in working places.

Thank You.

DIBYAJYOTI PATTNAIK said:   4 years ago
Indians perform better in both team as well as individual. Every person has hidden talent and attitude, they better know which thing is to use at what time in the right time and place. Talking about their role as a individual or in group it is like in cricket, football and hockey each player gives their best for their team. But some tough situation comes like "the last wicket is remaining and the team needs to win 6 runs from 4 balls" at that time it is responsibility of that particular batsman in the pitch to take the match into his custody.

With respect to actors like Mr. Shahrukh Khan or Mr. Akshay Kumar and many more they have just grown from a ground level with lot of hard work and when they work in team they encourage the whole cast to perform well and tackle every tough situation which comes in between the film.

But in IT sectors people have to work in a team because on which project they are working will be based on different techniques, so they if they work in group or team they can easily handle every part of the project and the project can be completed with the given deadline.

Hence, you work in group or in individual you have to be down to earth, so that you get lots of appreciation and support from your team mates and other senior employees of your work place.

Thank You.

Bhawana gupta said:   5 years ago
In my point of view, it depends on one's choice because there are so many examples of individuals who are better in their field. Eg. To make a cricket team one's individual performance also has been watched. Example of singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Atif Aslam, Neha Kakkar they alone are sufficient to perform better and get name and fame in the whole world.

Other examples are some dancers like Dharmesh, Raghav, Remo Desouza they also come in individuals category they started their career alone and got a name.

Sometimes if there is any dispute in a team because of two members than all team has to pay the cost for that. It is the biggest drawback of working in a team.

Mayank Agarwal said:   5 years ago
Hello friends,

Everyone have different skills, different knowledge and different attitude which determines the success of a person. In my view, if an individual can succeed individually so he/she can create magic in groups where a lot of different skills, knowledge and attitude would combine. India is country where people compromise as much they can and obviously they are too much cordinative also. As we can see there are many examples where team work succeed. For example, you can take current political party if our Honorable P. M. Narendra Modi would work individually and other members of the party would not support him so is it possible that he would work in such efficiency as he has done, obviously never. Another example I want to quote is that most projects are planned with teams not individually reason being everyone knows that in a group an individual can think about various riddles with the discussion of other members and determine various pros and prone related to it also. So in my conclusion, I just want to say that Indians perform well individually but when they work in the group they will do magic where they feel security or safety also.

Nimisha said:   5 years ago
Every individual has different skill and talent, but when these individuals work in teams they discuss and share their thoughts and opinions on different things. Therefore team work is far better than individual work.

Siddhant said:   6 years ago
I personally think that an Indian can perform better in a group because Indians are usually very compromising have a good temper and can manage things very effectively.

Not only this in group Indians usually don't interrupt in other persons work had hence the work goes on effectively.

Shivam said:   6 years ago
Yes, Indian can perform better as individual because in a team there are some people who are lazy and create problems by giving their stupid opinions. Individual a person cam achieve anything what they want to do because there is no one to interrupt them and it will make a big success. Sometimes we need teams work in which many types of specialised members are required.

Nam said:   6 years ago
Indian perform better as individual than group or team it is an situation of everyone how to tackle problem. But I think group can do anything because it has lot of strengths and team achive great result but.

Shaik said:   6 years ago
We Indians can perform well as individuals and groups.

It's person's ability to tackle the situations and go along with the teammates by ignoring their weakness and encouraging their strengths.

If individually everyone performs well then only collectively team can perform.

For example, Kapil Dev and M S Dhoni individually are superb talented cricketers and in their leadership team India performed well and could able grab World Cup twice.

It's only mindset or thinking that Indians perform better as individuals than in groups/teams.

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