Indians Perform Better as Individuals than in Groups/Teams

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Bhuvaneswari Gowtham said: (Jul 19, 2022)  
No, in present scenario, India develops a lot of technology and improvement of many other fields. Indians how are have improved ability, skills and knowledge to perform better in individual.

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Naveena D said: (Jan 26, 2019)  
Good Evening Friends,

Obviously, India is better in both individuals and group team work. That is better for work in each together. Because they are good skills in team work and individual works. And also they are work with good managing and maintaining skill in working places.

Thank You.

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DIBYAJYOTI PATTNAIK said: (Jan 17, 2019)  
Indians perform better in both team as well as individual. Every person has hidden talent and attitude, they better know which thing is to use at what time in the right time and place. Talking about their role as a individual or in group it is like in cricket, football and hockey each player gives their best for their team. But some tough situation comes like "the last wicket is remaining and the team needs to win 6 runs from 4 balls" at that time it is responsibility of that particular batsman in the pitch to take the match into his custody.

With respect to actors like Mr. Shahrukh Khan or Mr. Akshay Kumar and many more they have just grown from a ground level with lot of hard work and when they work in team they encourage the whole cast to perform well and tackle every tough situation which comes in between the film.

But in IT sectors people have to work in a team because on which project they are working will be based on different techniques, so they if they work in group or team they can easily handle every part of the project and the project can be completed with the given deadline.

Hence, you work in group or in individual you have to be down to earth, so that you get lots of appreciation and support from your team mates and other senior employees of your work place.

Thank You.

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Bhawana Gupta said: (May 31, 2018)  
In my point of view, it depends on one's choice because there are so many examples of individuals who are better in their field. Eg. To make a cricket team one's individual performance also has been watched. Example of singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Atif Aslam, Neha Kakkar they alone are sufficient to perform better and get name and fame in the whole world.

Other examples are some dancers like Dharmesh, Raghav, Remo Desouza they also come in individuals category they started their career alone and got a name.

Sometimes if there is any dispute in a team because of two members than all team has to pay the cost for that. It is the biggest drawback of working in a team.

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Mayank Agarwal said: (May 12, 2018)  
Hello friends,

Everyone have different skills, different knowledge and different attitude which determines the success of a person. In my view, if an individual can succeed individually so he/she can create magic in groups where a lot of different skills, knowledge and attitude would combine. India is country where people compromise as much they can and obviously they are too much cordinative also. As we can see there are many examples where team work succeed. For example, you can take current political party if our Honorable P. M. Narendra Modi would work individually and other members of the party would not support him so is it possible that he would work in such efficiency as he has done, obviously never. Another example I want to quote is that most projects are planned with teams not individually reason being everyone knows that in a group an individual can think about various riddles with the discussion of other members and determine various pros and prone related to it also. So in my conclusion, I just want to say that Indians perform well individually but when they work in the group they will do magic where they feel security or safety also.

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Nimisha said: (Jan 14, 2018)  
Every individual has different skill and talent, but when these individuals work in teams they discuss and share their thoughts and opinions on different things. Therefore team work is far better than individual work.

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Siddhant said: (Nov 4, 2017)  
I personally think that an Indian can perform better in a group because Indians are usually very compromising have a good temper and can manage things very effectively.

Not only this in group Indians usually don't interrupt in other persons work had hence the work goes on effectively.

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Shivam said: (Sep 28, 2017)  
Yes, Indian can perform better as individual because in a team there are some people who are lazy and create problems by giving their stupid opinions. Individual a person cam achieve anything what they want to do because there is no one to interrupt them and it will make a big success. Sometimes we need teams work in which many types of specialised members are required.

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Nam said: (Jun 24, 2017)  
Indian perform better as individual than group or team it is an situation of everyone how to tackle problem. But I think group can do anything because it has lot of strengths and team achive great result but.

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Shaik said: (Apr 10, 2017)  
We Indians can perform well as individuals and groups.

It's person's ability to tackle the situations and go along with the teammates by ignoring their weakness and encouraging their strengths.

If individually everyone performs well then only collectively team can perform.

For example, Kapil Dev and M S Dhoni individually are superb talented cricketers and in their leadership team India performed well and could able grab World Cup twice.

It's only mindset or thinking that Indians perform better as individuals than in groups/teams.

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Adi said: (Mar 25, 2017)  
When we talk about Indians performance we always remember the lacklustre performance in recent Olympics. However our girls in individual events made our pride, but the team game didn't live to our expectations.

It is not so that Indians do not perform well in teams or in groups, for example, look our Indian cricket team (men's and women) they are always ahead of others, but the undue pressure on them by our crowd makes them desperate to perform well. Our Indian hockey team is also a feather in a bird.

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Anne Amrutha P said: (Mar 3, 2017)  
Well, it depends. Some people perform better when they work alone and some people are more comfortable in teams and groups. Both has its own pros and cons. I would say that working in teams are good when it comes to projects, startups, group activities. The ideas and performance of the entire team is pooled in together to create something beautiful. But this doesn't hold good when it comes to heading an industry or business. I personally do not believe in partnership when it comes to business. This is because, during the course of time, their ideas might change. This causes friction and it might even lead to liquidating the company (assets and shares). Therefore its always better for an individual to head a company or a business and team of managers to work under him/her for the an industry to perform well.

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Pratik Manduskar said: (Dec 3, 2016)  
I think many answers are biased. Any individual cannot perform without a team. Even if we talk about a football player or a politician or Saniya Mirza or M S Dhoni it is same for everyone. Everyone only performs in a team. Everyone can only give their outcome in a team. Yes, of course, there will be differences which can be cleared after discussing over that. I don't think football player can perform individually if he was been trained by 3 to 5 people who were working in a team. I don't think that M S Dhoni could have performed if he wouldn't go through the training which was given to him by his group of trainers. I think any individual cannot work or succeed alone. If he or she works in the group then only he or she can succeed and make many more successful people in future.

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Mohammed Faiz said: (Oct 13, 2016)  
Hello friends,

In my point of view, when I considered all aspects of development of India I concludes for India working in group is better than the individual. As a team all nations has to help each other and try to increase the development % of their country. Specifically for India I want to say that India could become a better and fast developed country then the others if it contribute effective part.

Now I concludes my part.

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Rikita Rana said: (Aug 31, 2016)  
Hey all, As per my point of view,

If there is good understanding, ability to ignore colleague's mistakes & help each other to improve work ability, supporting nature, helping nature of all team members in team then I think all team member can make a good working team.

Otherwise as I have seen in Indian companies indians are like crabs, they just do leg pullings of their colleagues when they did mistakes, kidding of juniors, I think Indian professional people haven't aware about professional etiquettes.

So, I think individual work is better, you can learn from your mistakes, you will face problems and you know about every work area on which you will work individually. All credits will be your's after completed assigned project.

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Shivam Dhawan said: (Oct 20, 2015)  
According to me it depends on the person's ability, if he can cooperate with the team members then he is a good team player or he can be a team player but there are many people who love working individually because they think that they can perform the work according to there own wish no one will poke their nose in it and they also feel that no two persons are identical so there thoughts differ.

So how can they perform in a group if they have been assigned same work and because of this conflict occurs and team performance becomes low as compared to an individual performance.

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Puenendra said: (Oct 11, 2015)  
I think it is difficult to say that who is batter? Individual or group because it depends on person to person. But one thing that we can see easily that there is very few people they are success individually instead of number of successful people work in group.

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Kunal Kushwaha said: (Oct 6, 2015)  
I totally agree with the point which are given above and also according to my point of view. Indians are very well balanced people's. They know that how to work as a team or as an Individual. Actually it depends upon the type of work what we are doing working in a team require those people who know that what to do and when to do and how to do?

They have to do a proper planning about each situation and required some backup for any miss happenings. They need to share thoughts and know each other's ability and so on. So the conclusion is that Indians can work on any attachments weather as an individual or as a group.

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Krushna Ch.Dissary said: (Oct 4, 2015)  
In my point of view India can perform very well as individual and as a group. As a group Indian cricket team, not successful only for M.S Dhoni. There the success is hard work of every player of the team. And many politician are success for the group perform. And Viswanathanand and many more player are success as a individual perform.

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Felbera said: (May 27, 2015)  
In my point of view India can perform very well as individual and as a group. For example as a group Indian football team, the football team achievement is not the work done alone by Sunil Chhetri. Thus it is the hard work of each player of the team and for the passion they had. On the other hand we have World number one badminton player like Sania Mirza and Olympic bronze medalist like Mary Kom, these two struggle and face many obstacle alone.

But if I had to choose only one I will choose work as a group. Because in times of facing difficult task it is necessary to share our thoughts, ideas, opinions of each and every individual so that we could have a great outcome in order to solve the task in an easy way.

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Mohit said: (Apr 6, 2015)  

I think Indians perform well in both cases whether it's team or individual. For group you can take example of ISRO, they have successfully completes mars mission with the help of a large team of scientist.

And as far as individual is concerned you can see any Indian entrepreneur, they all started on their own and turned their start-ups into billion dollar companies.

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RATAN said: (Feb 27, 2015)  
Looking towards this topic I am like to say that group work is much better than individual work. If we work in a group then we share our opinion about the task with other members of group so that we can understand about our mistakes and correct it by taking help of others.

Also we are able to complete our work in less time and accurately by combining the views of each members of group.

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Deep Jyoti Das said: (Jan 31, 2015)  
According to me Indians are good as a individual and also at a team. Indians are so talented and have so much ability and adaptability that they can work both individual and at a team. It is only depends on the situation. As an example Indians are good at team sports like cricket (Sachin Tendulkar) and also good at individual sports like boxing (MC Mary Kom).

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Saubhik Nayak said: (Jan 17, 2015)  
In every sector of our society whether politics, sports, media, and many more. Only having individual potential is not enough to make someone successful. There are many people supporting an individual to achieve such success.

So why it is not considered as a team effort. Suppose we start from our own house. If we get good marks in academics. It also depends on our parents for encouraging us to be focused. Every individual to take initial steps has to depend on someone.

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Danish Khan said: (Dec 10, 2014)  
Showing Your potential and calibre is individual is also possible but when we work in team we exchange our view, thoughts, opinions with individual to individual and when we sum-up these thought and opinions together our work efficiency will automatically increase.

If take the example of sports like cricket it require collective job to win if Virat hits century and Shami take five wicket does not mean you win the match it require proper team effort to win. I give you some another example of freedom fighter if we talk about Mangal Pandey Tatya Topye Bhagat Singh they could not be able to achieve their objective of India become independent. Then Mahatma Gandhi come into scenario with huge supporter and we attained the freedom.

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Vishwanathan said: (Oct 26, 2014)  
We cannot say that Indians are good in working alone and not in group. There may be very few people like that, but with this we cannot generalize it. If a person feel that he is able to perform well in group let him work in group or else let him work alone. If we take the case of Sachin Tendulkar, we did not see him playing alone, he was in group. But if we take the case of Viswanathan Anand, he plays alone.

So we can conclude that its how we work but what we work matters.

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Udit said: (Sep 25, 2014)  
Friends I would like to bring in here the aspect of Physiological and Safety needs (You might recall them as the first two steps of Mazlow's hierarchy of needs), Most of the Indians are living in desolate conditions where their Physiological and Safety needs aren't even met.

In comparison, their Nordic counterparts are well provided for. Therefore, a typical Indian is busy fending for his basic needs of Food, Shelter and Safety. This makes him more and more self dependent and individualistic, to the extent that even after these needs are fulfilled, Indians do not break away from that frame of mind. Whereas a typical American is able to work for teams because his basic needs are being provided for and he now craves for Esteem and Social needs.

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Vivek said: (Aug 17, 2014)  
I think INDIANS are powerful and want to act interdependently. Everybody want to show their talents. In team work their unique performance are not exposed. Of course our team work got the independence of our country but there also we need a unique personality like Gandhiji. Everybody fought for freedom but one individual strikes in our mind. So either in team or individual every one ready to prove their talents Then Success will be ours (INDIANS).

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Sudhakar said: (Jun 28, 2014)  
I would like to say that India work better in groups rather then individual. The good example is India festival shri krishna gokul asthma, where we need to reach the top of pot, as we need to go with all together to reach the pot, as individual can not reach.

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Arun Kumar said: (Oct 28, 2013)  
I would like to bring your attention to a major point that anybody working gives his best when he is having a feeling of security, a feeling of fullness or the cause is big enough and the example could be seen in Indian Army, Indian Cricket team, Indian women Hockey team But, now talking about in general Indians do not feel secured, competition has crossed its limits. Even the students feel sceptic in sharing knowledge as since competition is too much.

Therefore, it is very much right that Indians work best individually and can also create magic together once secure conditions prevail.

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Mk Reak said: (Oct 19, 2013)  
Hi guys,

In India, we have fields that need group activity and fields that require individual potential as everywhere else. We have a variety of success stories in both these fields like Vishwanathan, Indian Cricket, Freedom Victory, but the point is how many of these stories in each field outnumbers those in other countries. Its really a matter of accurate statistics if we need to find a right solution to our topic. That said, its not really teamwork or individual alone decides the victory. Its a mixture of both.

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Pooja V Shenoy said: (Aug 21, 2013)  
Hi very well said by everyone. I would like to add on my point of view that is we can perform better in groups than Individual. I think you all had heard about the story of bricks given by father to his four sons. If we are individual it is very easy to break us and if we are groups no body can easily break us.

Also as we are living in India which is the Mixture of all religions and culture we are happily living by celebrating all festivals as ours.

So I would like to conclude that Indians perform better in groups rather than individuals.

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KIMI said: (May 18, 2013)  
Hello, I think working individually is much simpler than working in team. In a team WE have to take care of many things such as one has to be good listener, supporter and most imp one has to set aside his/her ego and be generous so that each and every one get his chance to speak out their point of view.

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Abhipsa said: (May 12, 2013)  
Since the topic is that Indian are like to work as individual or in group, looking towards the topic I would like to say that, the group work is much better than the individual work. Since here we exchange, share our views and opinion with all, so also we can find out our mistake & correct it by taking the help of other group member as well. We can make new innovative ideas by adding up all the view, and also the work can get completed in a very less time.

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Babumadanmohanreddy said: (Dec 20, 2012)  
In my point of view the team or group work is the better than individuals, because when you take a team work the time will be less and effective, but in the individuals work the time will be difficult to do in less time.

If we take an example of transport office in our country it will divided into main branches and as well as sub branches.

If we take an another example like Private organisations.

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Wgn said: (Apr 19, 2012)  
Hello Friends,

As there is an old saying 1+1 makes 11 in terms of strength, confidence, ideas. So, 2 minds working together may it be physical activity or just a think process. The two working in 1 direction with same goals can achieve much better than 1.

Example. Big giant 2nd largest INDIAN IT Sector Company Infosys was started by a GROUP of 7 people.

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Shatakshi Sharma said: (Mar 28, 2012)  
I totally agree with the phrase.

"united we stand, divided we fall" at times team work counts a lot. Showing your caliber n potentialities individually is also possible but when we work in team we exchange our ideas, thoughts, opinions, views etc. Ideas and thoughts do vary from individual to individual and when we sum up all those different ideas of an individual together our work efficiency enchances automatically which brings efficacy and better outcomes. On the contrary its preety difficult task to conclude whether working as an individual is better than working in a team or group. Both conditions depend upon the type of work we do. As stated above the example of "Vishwanathan anand (working individually) " and "indian cricket team (working in a group) so our main focus should always be on our utmost efficiency either working as individuals or in a team.

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Bobby said: (Mar 28, 2012)  
Hi friends,

Earlier in 90's management studies were not very common in India and therefore, a few were having the idea of the group characteristics. During that period, being ignorant to the different stages of a group, Indians preferred to work as an individual. Off-late, with more and more students opting for management studies, we understood that group has stages viz. forming, storming, norming and performing.

So the argument within the group, which were earlier considered as impediments for accomplishing any given task, are now being considered merely as stage of group and we know that all these arguments are leading towards giving the best ideas resulting in fulfilling the responsibilities perfectly.

The best example for groups, performing better than an individual is the Self Help Group in the field of micro finance. These SHGs are being considered, all over the world, as better option for extending financial assistance as compared to financing to an individual.

So I would say that the present era is the era of working in group and another example, in Indian politics, is the collation government and contesting elections with allies, which now a days is said to be the future of Indian Politics.

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Zameer said: (Mar 15, 2012)  
He gays hello!

I personally think that neither the individual nor the team is better but it depends on the field in which the work or task is done because for example take a look at the sports only if you are playing in Indian Cricket team it is a collective job to win the match not that Sachin only hits century or zaheer takes five wickets or so its team efforts at the same time when you see the other sports like in olympics games where in any game for that matter if its running 100meters individual has to run not the whole India will come and win the race for you.

Therefore I would say the cheer passion and courage to do the task is very important.

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Mahesh M Veer said: (Mar 1, 2012)  
Hi friends.

The subject in simple way, the difference between "I" & "WE" and it also give you answer if you think deeply about question. When we work as I & When we work as WE you get the difference.

I - selfishness, ego & try to put extra work on coliuges head, Result-60% achievment.

WE - integrity, new idea generate, high leval of confidence, accept to face d risk. Result-100% Achievment.

So as per my view team work is better than Individuals. Lastly we are Indians.

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Vivek Verma said: (Feb 23, 2012)  
Hi to all. Friends i believe that it wont be appropriate to say that indians perform good in team or as an individual,they perform better. I think the primary reason being we have to categorise our discussion. For instance, take literature, science etc, these are the fields where individual performance is a must. Now look at the other side of the coin, fields like politics, sports, corporate house etc, they are more of a collective team-work.

Some of my friends have stated very good examples of Anna Hazare, Arundhati Roy, Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Rajat Gupta etc. Needless to say that they have all set benchmarks in their respective fields but I must make a mark here that it all matters to the field you are working in. When we talk of big enterprises, they have a business environment in which individual as well as team-work, both matters a lot.

We say India is an Agriculture-driven land,but we look in the deep roots, even that is a collective effort. The food grains available in the market is a chain supply from the farmers to the brokers and government and finaaly to the retailers.

Not to mention that we have the second biggest workforce in the world. We have many hands to work and many heads to eat. We have been taught since our childhood to live in a united culture and as we grew up, the fierce competition teaches us to be ahead of others. Thus focussing more on individual work. As we move onto the business world, we learn to gain competitve edge from others though working with them.

So i must say it all depends on the environment,the type of work-field,the competition etc.
It will be wrong to flip a coin and say that indians are good as team then individuals or vice-versa.

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Aryan said: (Jan 17, 2012)  
Friends, i really appreciate the points put forward by all of you. When we look at Indians, we can see a mixed pattern. For example, take some freedom fighters like Bhaghat Singh, Tantia Tope, Mangal Pandey...all were good but were not able to achieve their primary objective of making India independent...but it was only when Mahatma Gandhi came into senario with his huge supporters, we attained freedom. The same applies to Mass movement against corruption led by 74 year old Anna Hazare. Here one can see that Indians have done well in groups.
But we cannot also ignore the achievements of people like Abhinav Bindra, Susheel Kumar, Saina Nehwal, PT Usha, Karnam Malleshwari, etc who made our country proud in olympics. These are few names of Indians who excelled as individuals than in groups.

Therefore, we can say that Indians are good as individual as well as in groups.

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Priyanka Das said: (Dec 27, 2011)  
To win a war, group work is needed. Any organization sustains on group work and all employees have to work for a single vision of the company. Indians, from the ancient past have set an example of group work from the time of freedom to establishing greater heights in business, manufacturing industries etc, but due to severe competition and the urge to perform, people tend to forget the importance of group effort. So training and development programs should be provided to Indians to work better in a group and succeed in doing the job efficiently.

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Uthara said: (Dec 20, 2011)  
From all the examples before us it seems indians prefer working as an individual rather than in groups. Take for example people like sania mirza, mahesh bhupati, vishwanathan anand who have excelled in their own fields of interest. And in industries there are persons like Arun Netravalli whose is the head of the AT & T bell laboratries. But there are instances were indians have performed well in teams. Like the freedom movement. Were gandhiji held the torch but couldnt have done it without the help of the other. This is the instance were an individual took the initiative and a team put it in to a successful mission.

Similar is the case with the mission of chandrayaan. Were an individuals dream was put in to action by a very big team of scientists.

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Kumarmouthik said: (Sep 28, 2011)  
Actually to get any friutful worth following terms are required:

1. Strategical planning regarding the task
2. Hard work without any procrastination
3. Zero percent distraction in the work.

The difference here is the stress or the pressure of particular task or work will be on:

1. Single man show for the single person.
2. Group of a members show for the team .

So one could n't decide which is the purposeful thing it actually depends on the one own's efficiency of the performance regarding the particular task.

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Satendra said: (Jun 24, 2011)  
See Folks!! The question is not about is our cricket team is playing good or not. Look if it is like so why the hockey team is not on the Top. Indians are a little bit more emotional than the other world. We perform like anything, and we adjust with any situation. But soon enough the passion goes down if somebody get promoted among the same team. They will more happier if nobody get prometed :)
So according to me Indians are not good performer as a team. Indians always need a boss to perform better not genuis Coworker.

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Ralph Dsouza said: (May 16, 2011)  
The first thing that's to mind if we talk about team is the Indian cricket team. Team work is about the unity but we cant ignore in teams there can be group-ism and ego clashes also. As individuals, We can think of Dr. Vijay Mallay who has single handily taken his company UB Group to great heights. In team we if perform to our best efforts and are more deserving we may treated the same as the person hasn't perform that well. Individuals have to rely on themselves to get the work done, which can help them perform exceedingly well.

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Abhi said: (Mar 1, 2011)  
Indians performance in group is better than other.One single word CRICKET makes the argument more realistic. Coming to this game even if Sachin scores a century the effort of other players should be considered for the game. Similary in any office one individual cannot make the difference as group work speaks the result.The manager and his ideas may be the key for the success but ultimately it is ones interest towards work that talks about the final verdict.

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Anusha said: (Dec 22, 2010)  
I feel that there are times when you need to do things alone, individually, only for your sake. Its helps in realizing your capability, the knowledge and strength you have.

And there are also times when you need someone's help, thoughts and ideas to get to important conclusions. Then you need a team. Working individually or in a team differs from person to person. Therefore I don't think it should be discussed globally.

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Ankur said: (Dec 12, 2010)  
For every achievement there is a lot of hard work and support of members of a team, working for a team concerns many minds to think for and to accomplish the task by proper planning, and in the best way, there are many examples of singles favoring the topic, many of us think that freedom has been given by only because of single personality, but the team of revolutionaries who gave up everything for their country and snatched freedom is a true ever example of team work, so I would opt for teamwork.

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Prashant Gupta said: (Dec 5, 2010)  
I think that team plays a pivotal role in attaining the organization's task in time and with greater efficiency. Our army forms different battalions and works in team to safeguard our border. Similarly in corporate sector there are teams in project when some organizational project is allocated. Although one individual may outperform others, but its team that takes the credit for that job.

Suppose in a team, one individual is facing problem in understanding something, he/she may sought help from his colleagues and likewise efficiency increases for each individual within team. Remember that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

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Kusuma said: (Dec 5, 2010)  
Hi Friends.

Let us take our freedom fighters like Gandhi he started individually a peace war to get the freedom to our country, but later a team made and we got independence. Of course individually also Indians invented great things as our friend said Amuthan. So my conclusion is team work will get more results than Individuals.

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Krishna said: (Dec 3, 2010)  
I appreciate aysi's point. I feel we should be more interdependent. Individually Indians may be like lions in their own field. But even lions go in a pride. So all lions come together to work for a single goal of developing our nation will solve the problem. From above examples given by our friends India has already proved the talent at individual level. So for a developed India we need to do the team work.

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Aysi said: (Dec 1, 2010)  
I think INDIANS are powerful and want to act interdependently. Everybody want to show their talents. In team work their unique performance are not exposed. Of course our team work got the independence of our country but there also we need a unique personality like Gandhiji. Everybody fought for freedom but one individual strikes in our mind. So either in team or individual every one ready to prove their talents Then Success will be ours (INDIANS).

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Murali said: (Nov 10, 2010)  
I truly agree with team work is better than individual one. By team work only we can achieve more concepts as well as innovative ideas which are very essential to perform any.

Particular task. An individual can do work with his own thoughts but while doing work with team we can share ideas and finish the work as soon as possible.

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Lakshmi said: (Nov 2, 2010)  
Every Indian are more talented. They can do the work individually in better performance rather than group. I agree the topic.

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Neha said: (Oct 29, 2010)  
I think that every individual is talented in some or the other way, its just that sometimes they cannot channelise their ability to perform. Some needs the support of others and are more comfortable working in teams. Talking particularly about Indians I can say that there are lots of examples where Indians as an Individual (Chess Champion- Vishwanathan Anand) have performed exceptionally well and also as a team (Indian Cricket Team) had contributed to the nation's glory.

Ideal case is when every person is able to contribute at an individual level and help the team to deliver better results.

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Sanchu said: (Oct 22, 2010)  
I think that Indians are well talented they can do their work as individuals and also in a team work. In both the situations they can do their best. For example because of Indians team work Microsoft and other software companies are gaining a lot. They can also work individually and do their assigned works perfectly. We proud to be Indians.

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Amuthan said: (Oct 21, 2010)  
Hi friends.

I accept the topic that we Indians work better individually because, Indians have an inbuilt leadership skill that the people of other ethnic group doesn't possess. Having these leadership skills it is difficult to constraint us to a small team and do petty jobs. We are all born leaders. Destined to change the face of the world.

Alrophin says.

"The world is destined to have its leaders from India. ".

Albert Einstein:.

"We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made".

To name a few.

1. Rajiv Gupta is the GM of Hewlett Packard.

2. Vinod Khosla is the co-founder of Sun Microsystems.

3. Sabeer Bhatia is the founder and creator of Hotmail.

4. Arun Netravalli is the president of AT & T-Bell Labs.

5. Vinod Dahm is the creator of Pentium chip.

6. Victor Menezes, Rajat Gupta, and Rana Talwar are the Chief Executives of CitiBank, Mckensey & Stanchart. Goes on.

So these skills are something that we have inherited from our ancestors.

But the regretting fact is that the companies from foreign countries have understood this unique ability of Indians and have employed lots and lots of our people but we still don't understand this and keep them underemployed.

Hope the scenario changes and we Indians rule the world.

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Maya said: (Oct 19, 2010)  
According to me Indians are good both as teams and individually. When it comes to team I think Indians are far better as in India we have diverse culture, different language, but still we are good in managing that difference from the beginning of our life. We are well adaptable with every difference and can connect well. Example is software industry its completely a team work and we are exceptionally good in it. This clearly shows our advantage. I think Indians do better in teams and not less when it comes to individual show of caliber.

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Sunita said: (Oct 17, 2010)  
I disagree with the statement because by doing work in group person can gain something new ideas through others or better ways to do the work.

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Ash said: (Sep 25, 2010)  
I am totally disagree with this statement because in India in every field we have to do team work rather than doing it individually. In team work everyone is helping each other or not depends on environment in that particular place.

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Santeshwari said: (Sep 18, 2010)  
I think Indian can perform better in team work because it is our culture to support others. Most of us learn from our childhood to help the poor, and don't harm other. If we want success, then we do hard work without pulling others leg.

Every culture has merits and demerits. Poverty, Illiteracy, dowry are some evils of our society, which creates greediness and makes a man selfish. Because of this Indians wants to do individual. If only one person know some skill, then many person will be depend on him. That person Make the most of that for earning money.

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Mahalekshmi said: (Sep 17, 2010)  
I agree with my friend. But only some will try to improve, most of the them will become careless and some of them may load their work on some others. But if one work individually there is no other go and one will work hard to gain knowledge about their field of work. So capability of an individual is improved rather in teamwork.

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Madhu said: (Sep 16, 2010)  
I feel everybody in this world have their own talent, some may good at one thing and some of thing they don't have fair ideas. So if we are in team growth is more as individual as well team.

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Elakkiya said: (Sep 15, 2010)  
Rather being individuals Indians excel only in groups. Its not a wrong thing to say. Our attitude is similar to the proverb "UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL". We should be proud being groups. All the individuals don't have the will power to expose their talents. But everyn person will atleast have a backgound support to encourage. That thing makes us to do better.

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Aman said: (Aug 20, 2010)  
We cannot say this for all Indian because india is a mixer of many tradition and culture. It would be wrong if we says indian can not do team work. Kalpana Chawla has worked in NASA team. We won our freedom by a good team work. We also have good achievment in single such as in chess, boxing shooting, mathematics(aryabatt).

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Kapil Rathore said: (Jul 13, 2010)  
In my opinion Indians means we peoples perform better as Individual than in Groups/Teams. Most of the time i saw no Indian wants that some one else interrupt their work or interferer in their work they want to do their tasks by himself only with most efficient manner for his/her growth.

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Madhusudan Sahoo said: (Jul 11, 2010)  
I'll go in support of this topic. India is a country where people are willing to keep themselves idle, if they get a little time. They always depends upon there assistants or juniors to complete the task for them. So if they had to work in a team, everyone will look for another one to complete the project and the efficiency is decreased.

In the other hand if a work is given to a person, then he will give a better effort on the job.

The key fact is Indians are talented and can handle tougher to toughest problem, but they don't try it if any short-cut is there to skip the problem.

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Bhargava M said: (Jul 7, 2010)  
I dont really agree with the topic that indians work better as individuals..than in teams..
if not for team work..indian cricket team would not have been the NO ! test team in cricket ans 2nd team in ODI.

and if it very much true that indians perform better as individuals than v should have seen Sania Mirza or Saina Nehwal .. above every one in the world in their feids..

If it not for group work india would not even occy 2nd position in software industry in the world.

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Indians Perform Better as Individuals than in Groups/Teams

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