India should go for the presidential form of democracy

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Giya said:   7 years ago
India is a large agricultural country with 2nd highest population in the world, also with diverse languages, religions, social customs and traditions. At present time it requires lot of development not only at social political and economic level but also at strong executive and judicial level.

And for all these reasons I prefer parliamentary form of government. If we have peoples representatives at village level who know their custom and language well then I think they represent peoples problem well and also know where development is required and where is the best use of resources which government provide.

And as we know in parliamentary system their are opposition parties which stand and speak up against the wrongdoing polices and work of ruling party. I acknowledge that there are so much loopholes like corruption which slowdown the progress of our nation but we can remove it by stringent laws and by reforming our administrative system.

One among above discuss that we can elect governors in presidential form of government at state level. I appreciate this thought. But its not possible in this large country. Even a single state head like governor can't reach to people problems. It again requires 3 tier system like elections up-to panchayat level.

Bindhya said:   9 years ago
The Exact option for our country is presidential democracy. In India the political party and leaders are ruling the entire country. Always rich people are getting more rich and the poor people getting more poor this only because of the cheap political strategy and manipulations. Now a days there is no way to prevent this. Presidential system is the better and best for our country. It will reduces the entire political dramas. Each and every citizen can decides the best person, who is capable to lead our country. If we want to be a developed nation, it is the only way. Let the next generation may undergo in to a justified system.

Siddharth Singh Rawat said:   7 years ago
Indian democracy should definitely evolve now and embrace the presidential form of government. I say this because the need of the hour is that we start electing a commander in chief from whom we can demand accountability and doesn't have the excuse of hiding behind his party or blaming the opposition when he or she doesn't come through. The sad reality is that Narendra Modi will not be around forever. And history is witness to the fact that a political leader who holds himself accountable before the people on his own comes around once in a lifetime. The presidential form of government will force the BJP, Congress or any other central political party to put their best man forward (which they find ways and make excuses to avoid) or concede without participating and this will put an end to the Gath Bandhan politics that is destroying and further degrading the level of politics in this country, in the end forcing citizens of this country to make do with things and hence lose faith in the system and also in the political class if anyone ever had or there was any ever.

Moreover, we ought to know upfront who we are trusting our military and national security with as in most cases both at the state and the national level parties do not declare their candidate upfront and god knows we cannot have person like Manmohan Singh as our country's representative and commander-in-chief ever again.

With this, I rest my argument on why I strongly feel about a need for change in the present government structure.

Thamilarasi Rajendran said:   9 years ago
Hi friends,

We are all saying that "we are in a big democratic country" with very proud. But it is not really true. We are just sailing on the boat which is under the control of political parties rather than democracy.

If we have a chance to make the presidential form of governance, we will definitely work towards the growth of our nation. No one can put control on anybody.

Political parties are making rule which are favour for themselves only. A common man can't get anything.


Naveen said:   9 years ago
I agree with the statement that "India should go for the presidential form of democracy".

Only one man who is capable of taking our country forward should be there to take the decisions.

India is a democratic country but in the shadow of this democracy how far we have gone?

What we have achieved? Nothing.

And where are we heading? towards corruption.

The condition of India was much better at the time of British rules as compared to present condition. Today we choose leaders of our choice but what we got? nothing more than fake promises and more and more scams and rising corruption.

And rarely if somebody got caught then because of his/her power he got bail and nothing else.

So to stop all this and to take India forward I'd say that,

"India should go for the presidential form of democracy".

Godwin said:   8 years ago
I believe that presidential form governance is not possible in India. When we speak about India we are speaking about a country with different religions, languages and culture. Any political decision taken always tend to have religious or caste clashes.

Also it is not possible for a leader to speak in one language alone for e.g. in Hindi in our country. Because it angers people of non Hindi speaking stated. How can then a single person make decision? Practically speaking in India our modern system is the best.

Dipk said:   8 years ago
Yes, India should adopt the presidential form of government, because if we see today's scenario, if govt want to bring change of any kind then most of the time gets waste in satisfaction of the opposition and people. Its impossible to make feel our rival political party satisfied with our view.

So the raises their voice in criticism with no reason. Which definitely delays the decision of change and badly impact our growth. If we adopt the presidential form of government, and if we got president with good knowledge then no one can stop our nation's growth for what so over reason.

Thank You.

Cheryl said:   7 years ago
Yes, definitely India should go for a presidential form of government.

Suyash said:   9 years ago
Hello friends,

1. The main benefit in the presidential form of system is direct voting. It is away from the dirty politics of the party which make alliance at very end time to get majority, or buying of leaders of other party to get majority. Critical mainly when competition is close or party is not getting clear majority.

2. So I think that in parliamentary system main leader is bounded by members of party, sometime members even quit the the party if they are not in favor of leader or their motive can be selfish. So we have to examine the whole party and examine the party of national level is difficult.

3. Any new candidate who is educated, who is generous and want to something for the country have to make party at national level which is very challenging and thus leads to misconception that student and common people should live away from politics.

4. In presidential system we have to examine only one person which is simple and away from shrewd politics of party.

5. Parliamentary system is good when all party member are good and united but there should be some system equivalent to presidential system which give direct opportunity to common people and students to fight some national level or state level elections without spending too much money on media and other corrupt resources etc. This will also not discourage the common people that nothing good will happen for this country and also two independent cross checking system with equal power distribution will do better.

Soumya said:   8 years ago
I support parliamentary form of government in India because in this form, opposition parties plays a great role to enhance the working of other party, they highlights wrong dealings of opposition parties through which public get to know what the elected parties are working for their sake. It is well said that if you have your competitors you will perform better to shut your rivalries.

Secondly, single mind which is presidential form of government with no competitor's can't help the country to run to its best specially in a country like India which is a diverse country. Different people from different states with different thoughts only can fulfill the basic needs of the living beings who elect their candidate so that they could fulfill their needs, which is impossible in presidential rule because one person can't be known to every religion, rituals, culture and basic need of citizen to its all forms.

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