India should go for the presidential form of democracy

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Chaitali Bauri said:   5 months ago
India should go for a presidential form of Government Our India is a democracy and people have to rights for vote there starting problem nowadays most of the political leaders showing their bad side before the election and force them to give a vote to their party so in this situation people have fear of lost life so they give vote unwillingly. If there would have a presidential form Govt there is less chance of corruption.

Varun Goyal said:   5 years ago
No. Because we have created this alternative parliamentary form of Government only to get rid of the Kings. Hero worshipping should be shunned.

Hate it or love it, this is the true form of Democracy.

Shreya Kundu said:   6 years ago
I advocate for a presidential form of government for the following reasons:

1. President will be directly elected by the people of the country.

2. People can choose the presidents according to their integrity, leadership quality, honesty which is beyond doubt.

3. The total executive power will be visited or will be with the president, thus he can take decisions which is good for the country.

4. In the presidential form of Government majority or minority of the Parliament (Lok Sabha And Rajya Sabha) is not a factor, this can avoid midterm elections.

5. The financial power also will be with the president, thus can avoid delay of sanction of money for any good project of the country.

6. Even though our country is a Parliamentary form of Government of West Minister model (Britisher's model), but in the last general election in 2014, Narendra Modi fought the election in presidential form and he was projected as the supreme leader of BJP Nd was the star campaigner. Thus people of the country got the opportunity to choose their leader. As he was projected as the Prime Ministerial candidate for BJP.

By this. I conclude that.

" India Should Have A Presidential Form Of Government ! ".

Joy Mitra said:   6 years ago
Immediately India must be governed by Presidential System, otherwise, too many fatal troubles are nastily waiting for Mr Narendra Modi, BJP and whole India.

Varun Parkar said:   6 years ago
India has to have a presidential campaign because.

India is a vast country. We have a lot of states like Karnataka, Maharashtra and much more.

There may be a lot of parties to elect them and there is a fight amongst them to get votes.

And then, on the other hand, there is a presidential election where the people will get to decide.

And the power lies in his hand so that he or she can control the amount of black money.

That is why would like to conclude my speech that.


Isha Vyas said:   7 years ago
In my opinion, India should not jump on to presidential form because India has a wide number of population and to control so much population by only one person doesn't seem good and even may be because of this there would be many differences among people related to caste and religious system. And the most important thing is that now India has made up with parliamentary form and would definitely take a lot of time to get adjusted with presidential form.

Aditi said:   7 years ago
With over 7 decades of Independence and the Constitution promising food for all, shelter for all and education to all, we still have a long way to go. We are still held behind by the shackles of poverty, hunger, illiteracy and unemployment. Is it that the Government isn't taking steps towards it or is it that we Indians still don't understand what is going on around us and that we should take decisions wisely?

It can be termed as a rhetorical question but I believe that the people in power and the ones who desire for the power are in constant fights with each other and disrupt the implementation of any policy decided. Also, most of the department or wings of the Government are handed over to candidates who do not have proper idea or experience in that field. How can one take proper decisions on the education system if he/she is herself not educated enough to take them? There is bound to be flaws in such situations. Rather than adding any value to the nation or state, the ministers or the Government become a burden to the exchequer. And we, the citizens suffer. The dependency of different ministeries with each other also usurps the smooth flow of plans and policies. There is also instability and in continuity in the Government of our nation. Most People take positions of power by cajoling the poor and lower sections of the society, which again accounts for the majority of our nation, and do no work at all. And the backwardness of certain states of our country is a proof to this. I believe we should do away with Parliamentary form of democracy and start with presidential form of Government. The advantages of the latter should be told to people and prepare them for the same and also make them aware of how important it is to elect a person with the right qualities to run the nation.

Siddharth Singh Rawat said:   7 years ago
Indian democracy should definitely evolve now and embrace the presidential form of government. I say this because the need of the hour is that we start electing a commander in chief from whom we can demand accountability and doesn't have the excuse of hiding behind his party or blaming the opposition when he or she doesn't come through. The sad reality is that Narendra Modi will not be around forever. And history is witness to the fact that a political leader who holds himself accountable before the people on his own comes around once in a lifetime. The presidential form of government will force the BJP, Congress or any other central political party to put their best man forward (which they find ways and make excuses to avoid) or concede without participating and this will put an end to the Gath Bandhan politics that is destroying and further degrading the level of politics in this country, in the end forcing citizens of this country to make do with things and hence lose faith in the system and also in the political class if anyone ever had or there was any ever.

Moreover, we ought to know upfront who we are trusting our military and national security with as in most cases both at the state and the national level parties do not declare their candidate upfront and god knows we cannot have person like Manmohan Singh as our country's representative and commander-in-chief ever again.

With this, I rest my argument on why I strongly feel about a need for change in the present government structure.

Rohit kumar said:   7 years ago
Hello everyone,

I appreciate your effort and respect your views on this topic but my point of view is that.

As we know India is a large country and 2nd in population. We are also having diversity in culture, religion, custom, tradition and there is unity in diversity due to our policies and laws.

I feel India shouldn't go for the presidential form of democracy due to various reasons.

1. We are diverse country so it's important to have everyone opinion in every decision making so that it won't hurt anyone sentiment.

2. Our democracy is 65 years old almost which is a root and respect of our country too so we shouldn't violate that.

3. In parliamentary form of democracy, there's an opposition party who always raise the issue taken by ruling party which isn't perfect for country and after discussion a right decision is taken place.

So, in conclusion, I would like to say that yes in the presidential form of democracy efficiency in quick decision, eradication of corruption etc increases but it's not suitable for a large country with so much diversity.

Cheryl said:   7 years ago
Yes, definitely India should go for a presidential form of government.

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