India should go for the presidential form of democracy

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Isha Vyas said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, India should not jump on to presidential form because India has a wide number of population and to control so much population by only one person doesn't seem good and even may be because of this there would be many differences among people related to caste and religious system. And the most important thing is that now India has made up with parliamentary form and would definitely take a lot of time to get adjusted with presidential form.

Varun Parkar said:   6 years ago
India has to have a presidential campaign because.

India is a vast country. We have a lot of states like Karnataka, Maharashtra and much more.

There may be a lot of parties to elect them and there is a fight amongst them to get votes.

And then, on the other hand, there is a presidential election where the people will get to decide.

And the power lies in his hand so that he or she can control the amount of black money.

That is why would like to conclude my speech that.


Joy Mitra said:   5 years ago
Immediately India must be governed by Presidential System, otherwise, too many fatal troubles are nastily waiting for Mr Narendra Modi, BJP and whole India.

Shreya Kundu said:   5 years ago
I advocate for a presidential form of government for the following reasons:

1. President will be directly elected by the people of the country.

2. People can choose the presidents according to their integrity, leadership quality, honesty which is beyond doubt.

3. The total executive power will be visited or will be with the president, thus he can take decisions which is good for the country.

4. In the presidential form of Government majority or minority of the Parliament (Lok Sabha And Rajya Sabha) is not a factor, this can avoid midterm elections.

5. The financial power also will be with the president, thus can avoid delay of sanction of money for any good project of the country.

6. Even though our country is a Parliamentary form of Government of West Minister model (Britisher's model), but in the last general election in 2014, Narendra Modi fought the election in presidential form and he was projected as the supreme leader of BJP Nd was the star campaigner. Thus people of the country got the opportunity to choose their leader. As he was projected as the Prime Ministerial candidate for BJP.

By this. I conclude that.

" India Should Have A Presidential Form Of Government ! ".

Varun Goyal said:   5 years ago
No. Because we have created this alternative parliamentary form of Government only to get rid of the Kings. Hero worshipping should be shunned.

Hate it or love it, this is the true form of Democracy.

Chaitali Bauri said:   3 weeks ago
India should go for a presidential form of Government Our India is a democracy and people have to rights for vote there starting problem nowadays most of the political leaders showing their bad side before the election and force them to give a vote to their party so in this situation people have fear of lost life so they give vote unwillingly. If there would have a presidential form Govt there is less chance of corruption.

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