India should go for the presidential form of democracy

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Firoz alam said:   9 years ago
I am agree with you all my friends but I think we should not see others country perspective, we should create our own example being not having presidential form we can live peacefully. It's all up to us how we manage, because if we don't contribute then form will be helpful until or unless we show extra effort.

Chandan kumar said:   9 years ago
Hello to everyone; According to present point of views we have well known to our parliamentary system. In this system we have certain aspects to find out the various issues according to vote majority. But the presidential system voted by also ourselves by indirectly ; So I realize some basic points for it.

1. When our System being not going on proper way the main activity take to them presidential part.

2. All aspects of presidential format is visible for the Law system (All levels of courts).

3. Elected by president is well educated and well mannered people. etc.

Lastly I say that the main problem is not that system will not work properly, the matter how we tackle it in proper way.

Thanks to all.

NAVIN AMANG said:   9 years ago
A presidential form will be more effective in our country as our polity has less power to execute because most power of a leader goes in formation of government with different parties. People do not get the right person to govern them as selection is indirect in our country. Democratic form also puts some candidates into important ministries which they are not master in. Presidential form will empower leader to choose ministers from people who excel in respective field. Here our leader will not be opposed by MPs and best brains will take care of people. Example, a scholar, researcher and experienced person from Electronics and IT will get Information and broadcasting ministry and not just a elected member having no knowledge of it.

Anil said:   9 years ago
In india, we follow democratic type of government not dictator type which is a part of presidential form of government it can cause civil war in our own country as it happened in sri lanka between sinhalese and tamil. Also people will not have opportunity to select their representatives and therefore which may form can be a corrupt type of government Due to transparency.

Pranali said:   9 years ago
We have eradicated presidential system many decades ago so why to bring it again. Presidential system may again bring to dictatorship in addition to corruption. One person cannot handle such a diverse country.

So rather than changing the system, people should should change their attitude towards country.

Ankit pachori said:   9 years ago
Yes it will be follow in India because regional party make government unstable and reduce the decision making power of government if president system will follow in India then decision making power of government will increase and a blackmailing which is done by regional party will be end.

Vikram Mandal said:   9 years ago
We all till now have tasted the present political system and know that something is needed to be changed or modified for a better future.

What happening is we just put our faith on a leader and select a MP (Sometimes we don't even have our faith in that MP) and now our leader is directly selected by those MP's, now at this instant our role is over and all the decisions are taken by MP's and they now sometimes ask our leader for a special position or benefits for continuing their support and sometimes get sold ! so this system is actually weakening our leader and he can't take good decision rather than he got tangled only in politics.

What if we are able to directly select our leader and then he will setup the system towards development and this is possible if we switch to presidential politics.

G S N said:   9 years ago
It does not really matter which form of democracy holds in India. The strength of our nation depends on the leaders who are elected. Instead of changing the system of democracy, it would be better if people stop being selfish and elect someone who would actually work for the country.

Zubaida Ali said:   9 years ago
Guys, I believe that India should have a presidential form of government. The benefit of having a presidential form of government is that, the representative of the people i.e. the president will be chosen by indirect election. This will ensure that he/ she (representative) has a good educational qualification, does not have any criminal record and has to prove his ability before wielding power. Another benefit of having a presidential system is that India will remain free from party politics, which is very active in India.

At this point one may argue that, since is a diversified nation, the representative will not be able to represent the different sections of people. But then, why not? the different sections of people will be represented in the Lower House of the Parliament (Lok Sabha) and the different states of the Indian Union will be represented by the Rajya Sabha (Upper House of the Parliament).

The best example of Presidential system of Government is The USA. Today it is the most prosperous nation of the World. All credit goes to the Presidential System operating in the state.

I firmly adhere to the statement that India should have a Presidential form of government.

Swati saxena said:   9 years ago
Instead of changing the type of democracy in India, it's better that each and every individual should contribute in eradicating corruption from the system. This will require awareness among people and until and unless we will not demand for change none of the system can help solving the problem. Our constitution is the largest in the world and the best part is that there are provisions for amendments. So I'll suggest that please actively take part in the government forming policy because after all it's your own India.

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