If Winning isn't everything, why do they Keep the Score?

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Sanjay Netagal said:   2 years ago
Winning and losing both are the part of the game. We have to accept both equally. Winning one game will not decide that you will win all the games like this losing will also not decides you are a looser. So, trying hard and hard we can improve our skills that makes a man perfect.

Riya said:   2 years ago
Yes, I agree "winning isn't everything but we can't ignore that after wining how we feel. Winning a game increase our confidence, level, personality. Based on that one can't be judged on his/her performance throughout life. Scores show the areas to develop and finally, at one day we will also be a winner. This is true as the two complements of the world like light and dark, true and false etc but they both are made for any reason. So what I think here is competition is something which is needed to judge an individual and his mental ability as well. Also, it tells us how confident one is in handling a situation.

Bharathi Muthusamy said:   2 years ago
Yes, Of course, winning isn't everything. By keeping the sores, you can know your capability. Once you know that, keep working on it and increases it day by day. Just work hard to increase your skills and your talent not for the victory because victory is temporary, if you take that seriously, it will always become a burden on you. So when you won in something don't take that seriously that gives you the pressure of winning all the things which will be in the next. The same comes to losing as.

Well if you lost, don't feel that the whole world is crushing on you. Just chill. Keep working on your skills. The most important thing is don't let others estimate you, you only know what you are capable of. Take a deep breath and start again. Winning or Losing doesn't matter. Your dedication and hard work, passion and love towards the work which you are doing is important.

ABISHEK said:   3 years ago
Hi guys.

At first, we need to understand that Score is like a target we need to run towards that. Winning isn't everything, but we need to keep the Score.

That tells the person where they stand in the team. In the team, the person who scored more than others should not think that he is the best or No. 1 why not someone would be there like competition.

Aniket sunil pawar said:   3 years ago
Yes you are right winning is not everything but putting effort at the ultimate level and showing the capabilities of the winner is everything. Just similar to the life we have to keep going.

Kireet said:   3 years ago
Let us take an example if suppose I gave an exam and the results are out and they only gave the list of qualified and the non-qualified without giving their scores individually without any marks this is where the problem lies if suppose I didn't qualified for the exam I will not know my scores and will not know where I am lacking in my exam Conversely if suppose the scores are given then I can easily understand where I am lacking and will put extra efforts in those areas and will try to qualify in my exam. So according to me, Scores must be definitely given irrespective of the results.

Parthiban said:   3 years ago
Myself Parthiban.

Yes, winning isn't everything but it starts new beginning it may be in sport or job.

If a cricket team needs a huge total to chase and winning a match and all batsmen failed to score but still the match goes till the end may be a new player can show skill and talent in the match even in losing cause there is always some positive. Life is not always about winning there is more than winning.

Mina said:   4 years ago
Exactly winning is not everything. But putting efforts to show your capabilities to the ultimate level defines the winner. Every field is competitive and only a person's competencies define his or her level for the particular field. So, to define a winner, organisations conduct exams to look forward to the skilful and competitive workforce. Hence, the score is a must to define a winner.

Yamini said:   4 years ago
Definitely, winning is not everything. Every experience in our life teaches us something to learn. Suppose, there is a task: There are a group of 20 people and the person who climbs the mountain first will get 20,000 cash. Now, all the 20 people can't win the game. But, all of them will make new friends, share each others stories and while climbing the mountain they may even get to see beautiful scenery. More than 20,000 all these are the moments we will remember life long that 20,000 might get done in 2 months. So, participating and enjoying things matter a lot more than winning.

Shubham said:   5 years ago
As per my opinion, by keeping score one knows their ability to compete with other on the basis of that one can improve their self accordingly.

If in games, the score is not included then how one can terminate the game that's why for deciding the winner.

And to finish the game at certain level score plays very important role.

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