If Winning isn't everything, why do they Keep the Score?

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Sanjay Netagal said: (Feb 9, 2021)  
Winning and losing both are the part of the game. We have to accept both equally. Winning one game will not decide that you will win all the games like this losing will also not decides you are a looser. So, trying hard and hard we can improve our skills that makes a man perfect.

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Riya said: (Oct 8, 2020)  
Yes, I agree "winning isn't everything but we can't ignore that after wining how we feel. Winning a game increase our confidence, level, personality. Based on that one can't be judged on his/her performance throughout life. Scores show the areas to develop and finally, at one day we will also be a winner. This is true as the two complements of the world like light and dark, true and false etc but they both are made for any reason. So what I think here is competition is something which is needed to judge an individual and his mental ability as well. Also, it tells us how confident one is in handling a situation.

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Bharathi Muthusamy said: (Aug 14, 2020)  
Yes, Of course, winning isn't everything. By keeping the sores, you can know your capability. Once you know that, keep working on it and increases it day by day. Just work hard to increase your skills and your talent not for the victory because victory is temporary, if you take that seriously, it will always become a burden on you. So when you won in something don't take that seriously that gives you the pressure of winning all the things which will be in the next. The same comes to losing as.

Well if you lost, don't feel that the whole world is crushing on you. Just chill. Keep working on your skills. The most important thing is don't let others estimate you, you only know what you are capable of. Take a deep breath and start again. Winning or Losing doesn't matter. Your dedication and hard work, passion and love towards the work which you are doing is important.

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Abishek said: (Jun 6, 2020)  
Hi guys.

At first, we need to understand that Score is like a target we need to run towards that. Winning isn't everything, but we need to keep the Score.

That tells the person where they stand in the team. In the team, the person who scored more than others should not think that he is the best or No. 1 why not someone would be there like competition.

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Aniket Sunil Pawar said: (Feb 15, 2020)  
Yes you are right winning is not everything but putting effort at the ultimate level and showing the capabilities of the winner is everything. Just similar to the life we have to keep going.

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Kireet said: (Feb 10, 2020)  
Let us take an example if suppose I gave an exam and the results are out and they only gave the list of qualified and the non-qualified without giving their scores individually without any marks this is where the problem lies if suppose I didn't qualified for the exam I will not know my scores and will not know where I am lacking in my exam Conversely if suppose the scores are given then I can easily understand where I am lacking and will put extra efforts in those areas and will try to qualify in my exam. So according to me, Scores must be definitely given irrespective of the results.

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Parthiban said: (Sep 25, 2019)  
Myself Parthiban.

Yes, winning isn't everything but it starts new beginning it may be in sport or job.

If a cricket team needs a huge total to chase and winning a match and all batsmen failed to score but still the match goes till the end may be a new player can show skill and talent in the match even in losing cause there is always some positive. Life is not always about winning there is more than winning.

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Mina said: (Jun 14, 2019)  
Exactly winning is not everything. But putting efforts to show your capabilities to the ultimate level defines the winner. Every field is competitive and only a person's competencies define his or her level for the particular field. So, to define a winner, organisations conduct exams to look forward to the skilful and competitive workforce. Hence, the score is a must to define a winner.

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Yamini said: (Jan 25, 2019)  
Definitely, winning is not everything. Every experience in our life teaches us something to learn. Suppose, there is a task: There are a group of 20 people and the person who climbs the mountain first will get 20,000 cash. Now, all the 20 people can't win the game. But, all of them will make new friends, share each others stories and while climbing the mountain they may even get to see beautiful scenery. More than 20,000 all these are the moments we will remember life long that 20,000 might get done in 2 months. So, participating and enjoying things matter a lot more than winning.

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Shubham said: (Jul 27, 2018)  
As per my opinion, by keeping score one knows their ability to compete with other on the basis of that one can improve their self accordingly.

If in games, the score is not included then how one can terminate the game that's why for deciding the winner.

And to finish the game at certain level score plays very important role.

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Shashank said: (Jun 29, 2018)  
Hello, friends as there is a famous quote I will not win immediately but definitely, it depicts the whole meaning of our topic as t in a game there are two teams one team wins and the other loses and the third condition is a tie. But the team which wins is not winning immediately they might also lose some games and then reaches to this position so this statement depicts that you have to give a healthy competition to others so that they give best of them there might be chances that they win. But if they lost then the score not stops the score runs and they practice well and they finally get their win.

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Niraj Kumar said: (Mar 20, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

Consider that, we are in a GD room in this topic, we all must have been selected from a larger lot (Exam) which means we all have won a game and many would have failed in that. All those were governed by a scale 'SCORE'.

So score always just gives provides a means of the healthy competition and provide the chance to prove yourself in the game.

Next, some of us will be selected after GD and again others will not. Few win and others not but those who have failed will definitely try in another game, considering he works hard and again does not win the next game, he again works hard and plays times after times finally he wins.

When we play it's all about how we play to achieve his target or score. Win or lose doesn't matter at the very particular moment, but in a long run, we all play to win. And ultimately we all win. All we have to do is put our focus on our work which is nothing but the SCORE and win will be yours.

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Akanchha Tiwari said: (Mar 9, 2018)  
Yeah, it's true, winning is not everything.

Think if a person wants to win every time even without doing hard work and when they lose suddenly then they will find mistakes in others, not in themselves.

Winning and losing is like a double-edged sword. If winning encourages us to continue same work in future then Losing equally teach us to do hard work, to realise our mistakes. Every time it does not matter to win but its matter to learn every time. When we lose we try to search for new ideas and we do lots of hard work for the great victory. After a lot of hard work and after searching new and great ideas to win, when a person succeeds with a great victory then he/she realise the importance of losing a game and realise how that lose turn them into a strong man.

So winning does not mean to think we are stronger then anyone but its like to realise that we are capable to do anything and there is nothing impossible to do any task unless we put our hard work. Winning is just to encourage people but a person who chooses his field with passion and interest, for them winning and losing does not matter. The only thing is matter is to do their best in that field and to learn from mistakes.

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Pankaj said: (Feb 13, 2018)  
Being a sportsman, it feels bad when we lose. But that's not the point where we stop it's that point where the entire team focus on to improve, we fight for win and scores never mattered me yet.

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Riya Mitra said: (Jan 2, 2018)  
No, well winning a match and keeping the score are two different things. Whenever you are playing, you play with an expectation of winning. Everyone plays for it. But the question is what if you don't win?

In every match, each player gives their best to make their team win. The competition is not only between the two team, it is between the players as an individual. As individual players need to improve their skills too by making more score than their previous one. The winning of a team doesn't depend on a single player but an individual winning definitely depends on their daily performance. And if there any lack of their performance they can learn from it and do better in their next match.

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Manish Giri said: (Dec 8, 2017)  
Hi, guys,

We will discuss it by an example of cricket. If viral is scoring well definitely he is doing it for winning but unfortunately sometimes he loses the match.

Losing the match doesn't mean that Virat's effort went in waste. It simply means that he put his best no matter matter they win or loss.

So Winning isn't everything it is effort which ensure your next victory.

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Amit said: (Oct 6, 2017)  
Hello friends,

According to this topic, winning is not everything, your participation and sincere efforts is what of utmost importance. If you think that by completing certain work in life, will notakr way for your goal. So, if you choose to not to work on that and wait for your type of work then it's wrong. If you choose to work on it, then you will gain experience of how to tackle problems, your weakness in certain areas. So it will improve knowledge that will help you to gain success in the work that is need to be achieved.

So, we always need to score or participate, although the winning or achieving it is not important to us.

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Manpreet said: (Sep 8, 2017)  
Yes. Winning is not everything. But if there will be no scores there would be no competition. If there will be no competition there would not be any zeal and enthusiasm. And most important if there would be no winning then there would be no losing also. Which is integral to move forward whether in games or in life.

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Anjana said: (Aug 14, 2017)  
Winning or losing is not the matter, participation is important. Participatio certificate is provided to motivate the players. Score is there to know where the players are? Participating on everything is good. Winning is secondary. Just participate and success will come for you.

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Shubha said: (Aug 6, 2017)  
You win or lose, your life doesn't end there. Here the importance is given to the participation.

If you win it shows how hard work you're.

If you loose it shows where you have missed. So that you can work on it, and correct them in the next match.

They keep the score because to increase the level of competition between two teams, If there is no competition there is no game.

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Simran said: (Jul 27, 2017)  
I think this sentence can be determined in two ways first one is if we win any game are task our parents feel so proud of us all though they also have some expectation from us. Not only on the game but in any felid or task. On the other hand, if we lose the game we can analyse ourself that how much we have to work hard on that particular game are a task.

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Linda said: (Jul 17, 2017)  
Everybody proclaims that winning isn't everything, well that has a modicum of truth but the question is why do we keep the score?

The answer to this question is pretty simple, people work to satiate their hunger for success and scores are just the motivation to get ahead. Everybody needs some motivation or incentive which the scoreboard is providing in this case. Scores define your performance, it reflects those areas where you lag so that you can work upon it and also highlights the areas where you excel. Participation and sincere efforts that you put in is for a purpose and winning is that purpose, it is that goal which has to be achieved.

Goals in life give you a certain direction. People move in the direction of their goals and defeat every hurdle with zeal but if there's no goal there's no direction. When we say winning isn't everything, we imply the fact that our life does not depend on the outcome of a game. The cardinal point is the learning process which is facilitated by the scoreboard. Winning and losing are just the superficial parts of a game, the main aim is to improve, participate, perform and do better every time.

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Manas Dhruve said: (Jun 14, 2017)  
Hello, Guys, I think the first and foremost important thing about a game is participation.

Considering the Winning factor, it is the potential of an individual as to how as a team they are playing together against another team. WINNING defines the criteria or the difference between the two teams on that particular day & location. It is rather more important to rely on the fact that one should play its own game and compete with its own the next time.

The Score to be precise is the measurement/quality which a player inputs into the game, and at the end, the well-deserved player is awarded based on this score.

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Anunay said: (Jun 14, 2017)  
I think winning is everything no matters how as everything is fair in love and war and Sports is like a war. Thank you.

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Tarun Manhas said: (Jun 3, 2017)  
Well, friends the topic in discussion here is forcing us to focus deeply on the root level of games and sportsmanship. Winning is not everything, it means that there is no value of a win if someone does not possess sportsmanship. It's a fact that every team on the field plays for victory only and to compare the performances of the team, the score is necessary. That's why it is said winning is not important, the way you play the game is important. As match score can only calculate one's performance but not sportsmanship, they are restricted to field only whereas sportsmanship is a part of personality.

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Raj said: (Apr 21, 2017)  
Well, in my point of view, winning and losing is a part of life. But in the other hand If you can't win then other can win your game. So it is necessary to win in every competition not only in games but also in other works as well. And scores are the most important things in every games or works, without scoring you can't measure the capability of an individuals or a team.

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Saurav K Singh said: (Apr 11, 2017)  
Winning is not everything it doesn't mean that we don't require to compete or fight. Everytime we compete for something we require to put our full effort but sometimes even after giving your 100% you lose. Then we say that winning is not everything and things which you learnt from this lose is of more importance. But obviously scores or rank is necessary as it is benchmark of performance and it keeps passion in competition and keep you motivated to compete.

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Happy said: (Mar 25, 2017)  
According to me, score is not just a number. It shows the performance level of a team or an individual. If you we go in deep we find, it's true that matches are only for amusement and fun but a team/individual wins that only because of their practice and support of associations. That also shows how their countries support sports. Lastly, score helps in keeping the spirit and motivation of game alive.

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Mayur Ugale said: (Mar 19, 2017)  
Yes, winning isn't everything but there is a requirement of something to measure one's performance. So that it will help to improve once performance & to give better result next time. It will also help to play more enthusiastically So I think there is need of score for performance measurement.

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Manish Hota said: (Feb 27, 2017)  
Yes, winning is not everything but it means a lot. I would like to say;

By keeping score, performance between the participating teams can be compared and analysed. It tells about the strength and weakness of a team.

By keeping score, there will always be an enthusiasm among the players to do better the every next time.

It also makes the game interesting, the players, as well as spectators, enjoy the games.

The Score system is one of the best criteria to award any deserving candidate/player.

And this is all how the scoring system keeps the spirit of games alive. Thanks.

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Jatin said: (Feb 15, 2017)  
Yes, we all admit that winning isn't everything but according to me scores are mandatory because whether it is cricket, hockey, badminton or something else, 1 thing is similar in all of them, they all are a "game" a play of performance, and performance can only be measured in terms of scores.

Moreover, if scores were not there it would be very difficult to know where to stop. As apart from time score is the biggest factor that fixes the end point of a game.

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Vaibhav Patel said: (Jan 21, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

Acc. to my point of view, there is two meaning of this statement, first, participation in the game and second proof for what you are participating for, if we take part in the game, it shows that there is a quality of accepting the challenge and there is a challenge in the game if we set a target (score). Yes, it is truth that winning isn't everything but if we didn't get anything after participation, it will totally useless and if there isn't any target then we keep moving and moving in the space. So if we win or loose the game doesn't matter but what you get from this, is the point.

Thank you.

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Stuffseeker said: (Jan 21, 2017)  
Basically, every sport is a token of enthusiasm for mankind when it comes to a point that how much enthusiastic, there needs an attribute for it which is obviously "Score". And without it, we cannot measure any sport.

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Reno said: (Jan 10, 2017)  
They keep scoring because they are participating in the game, but most of all one does not only engage to win but to observe, consider the elements that needs to be considered after a lost of a game os gain so that they can strike and place more effort into achieving their goal.

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Krishan Kumar Singh said: (Jan 3, 2017)  
Hey, guys.

According to me,

Winning isn't everything of any game/work.

Winning isn't important if you participating.

If you win the game/work, you can motivate by you, If you lost they're your mental pressure has gone high.

It depended on you that Winning is not everything.

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Happy said: (Dec 23, 2016)  
I agree that winning is not everything. Fun is equally important. If one would lose then he/she would be got a message for next time and it leads to improvement so winning is not everything.

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Naresh said: (Nov 30, 2016)  
A game is played between two nations not merely for fun but far beyond it. It depicts the whole population of the nation. Of course, winning isn't everything, recently England has lost to India but a fantastic innings was played by hammed who was injured to just delay the inevitable loss for England which was appreciated by many. That shows the spirit of players. The scores are counted because obviously, everyone can't represent a nation unless he is best the nation can send to represent. It also pushes the players to perform consistently. One more reason could be that viewers get bored if there is no competition.

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Saravana said: (Nov 25, 2016)  
Hey, Guys.

I would like to say something about this. Sports is not about win or loose something. All you have to do is show your passion, everyone has their own style. Never hide it.

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Lambodar said: (Nov 17, 2016)  
There is a thing called status which every player has to maintain.

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123 said: (Nov 14, 2016)  
This is so because our previous scores keep us determined to improve for next time.

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Kavitha said: (Oct 25, 2016)  
Scores are not kept just to determine who wins. Scores can help in pushing the players to perform better. Competition motivates an individual to perform to his best potentiometer and with all spirit. Scores also make the game interesting for viewers and participants. Competition is essential to judge a person's confidence. Also, scores will tell which player performed the best. It will be a good indicator of performance.

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Aman Gupta said: (Sep 14, 2016)  
Hello, Everyone.

"Sports without Competition is like a Meal without Spices".

1) Keeping scores raises the competitive spirit between the participants so they are pushed to perform better.

2) Any sport is nothing without the viewers, Maintaining scores make the game interesting for the participants as well as the viewers.

3) Scoring acts as a catalyst in improving the standard of sports.

Although scoring and competition are essential ingredients for any sports but I will conclude that "Winning in a game is not everything" but "Wanting to win" is the most important thing in any sport.

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Rudrakshya said: (Sep 4, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

Yeah, we often say winning is not everything and we really mean it too. But we are participating in a competition, the goal is to give your best, to be on the top. How can we compare ourselves with our competitors without maintaining score? This is the one thing that keeps us pushing forward to work harder, to play more dedicated if we score lower than our opponents. The aim is to give your best shot and to get better and better every time. The moment you stop counting scores you are gonna lose your interest to play. So after everything winning doesn't matter.

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Aditya said: (Sep 4, 2016)  
Games and sports are loved for their competition entertainment zeal and teamwork. A country like India where cricket is part of day to day life of people if scores will not be kept then there will be any competition as players will know that they are not going to loose team spirit will vanish there will be no entertainment and zeal as there will be no hustle and games and sports will lose their fan following and charm.

However, this is also right that winning isn't everything because by participating you at least learn every time. So scores do matter.

Thank you.

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Ravikiran said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Hi, everyone,
The score is the thing which can show the capabilities of teams which are fighting for the win. Scoring is like a scale to measure the capabilities.

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Khushbu Bharti said: (Aug 19, 2016)  
Hi everyone,

In my opinion winning is not everything and scoring criteria should be kept because If people don't keep the score then there will be no race and no excitement. And If scores are kept we can understand what level of expertise they reached. So Score is importance for the individual.

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Anurag said: (Aug 12, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

What my opinion here is scores are the points which we are getting in any competition. As far as competition is concern competitions are there to judge the one's ability that how can he or she handle's the situation in the given sort of time.

So what I think here is competition is something which is needed to judge an individual and his mental ability as well. Also, it tells us how confident one is in handling a situation.


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Puni said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
They keep score to evaluate the performance of the people.

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Rp1 said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
I think that winning is important but only up to the point where you are satisfied with your win but not angry or too upset with your loss. As for keeping score, it's a way of determining how you need to improve and how you're already doing. Before even trying to win you need to know you strengths and weaknesses. Also, if you work hard, you are obviously more happy with your win. Even, so dwelling too much on a bad score prevents you from moving forward and trying harder.

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Abhishek said: (Jul 17, 2016)  
I agree that yeah score is not at all important in the game, but can anyone please tell me how will you evaluate the performance of the players. I think it's quite impossible without score. It is only the score which enables the players to watch their performance. I think game without score is same as ship without radar.

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Patrica Booty said: (Jun 28, 2016)  
Instead of focusing on what other people are doing, just try to realize your own dreams. Dreams can turn into reality, if we move towards them consistently. Just be focused towards your dreams and goals of life. If you want to achieve your goals, it simply means that you have to take proper steps at the right time. It is never too late to realize your dreams and follow them with full passion and enthusiasm. If you work hard and do all the planning, then you can surely achieve your goal easily. Through competitions, you can get a chance to win many opportunities which can help you to fulfill your dreams.

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Tanmay Sharma said: (Jun 20, 2016)  
It is important (I mean score) because it tracks us where we are, and what should we do in order to move forward.

We can compare it with our education as here knowledge is important than why we keep examinations. Here come the point, that is to track ourselves and to think where we are lagging and what measure we should take in order to reach where we want to.

The win comes with an accuracy of multiple factors and these factors are dependent on what is our score.

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Samara said: (Jun 18, 2016)  
A score is necessary because,

* It used as a measure of the performance index.

* It helps the player to compare their performance and encourages them to perform better.

* Awarding prizes and medals to the highest scorer motivates him and encourages other players.

* Prizes can be awarded only if scoring system is there.

* In the absence of scoring system no player will take the pain to perform better.

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Priyanka J Nair said: (Jun 10, 2016)  
Yes, winning is not everything. But it is a step towards achieving your goal. Keeping no score is equivalent to being stuck in one place. If you want to move forward you need to know where you stand and where you want to stand. I am not saying losing is a step backward, in fact, thats what helps you understand your position and help you overcome your flaws. Winning is the reward you get for doing so. So, while the score is important, do not let it get to your head.

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Sajida said: (Jun 7, 2016)  
Hi everyone,

In my opinion winning is not everything and scoring criteria should be kept because it will help in setting certain parameters that will help an individual to measure its performance and take corrective measures to improve the same. It'll also motivate an individual to fully utilize its energy and skills as well as to work hard to improve its performance.

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Neeraj said: (May 9, 2016)  

Actually "winning is not everything" this kind of mind set up varies person to person that which kind of person you are and which kind of attitude you having with yourself if a person trying to convey that winning isn't everything it means that person wants to do more that that winning.

That's why they keep making high score and don't count their winnings.

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Pqr said: (Mar 23, 2016)  
-> Scoring is necessary to rate the individual's performance.

-> Records can be made only when scoring is done eg. 100 international centuries by Sachin.

-> If there will be no scoring then no one will put the efforts to win and ultimately there will be no fun and competition.

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Abc said: (Mar 23, 2016)  
Winning and losing is a part of life. But scoring is necessary to rate the hard work put by an individual. If there is no scoring, then no one will put the effort to win.

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K Meghana said: (Feb 7, 2016)  
I think winning is important for every individual. Any person who is not having the confidence that they are going to win makes them feel confident that they are going to achieve anything and everything in their life if they win.

Similarly if a person looses also they may learn a lesson from it and should not repeat the mistake again. But winning doesn't matters, one should learn some important concept and boost their knowledge.

So as to increase and to inculcate the habit of learning score is the most important thing which makes them feel satisfied and it gives an encouragement to gain more knowledge and they will also try to gain more and more knowledge in their future.

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Abhishek said: (Jan 24, 2016)  
Hi, I partially agree with the topic that winning isn't everything, but it is something. One always has a second chance to do better and for the same score is used. It is to scale ones effort and talent. If someone loose because the other one is more talented, than he/she must use more effort next time, so to win over other's talent. It matters when someone is paid for winning or they do lots of hard work. It does not matter only when it is just for fun.

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Anshul Khare said: (Jan 17, 2016)  
Winning is not important, but the thing is what strategies you are making for the game and what things you learn from your mistake. Score's are only numbers which gives result of our preparation. If we work hard enough we will surely have a good result. And that result will be shown on our scores.

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Nitin Agarwal said: (Nov 18, 2015)  
Winning is not Everything. But the zeal to win make people learn better and the scores help them understand the improvements they are making. So be it a sports, curriculum activities or your academics, Competition and scores teach you to learn and improve. This helps in positive contribution in any real task that he/she must have to undertake in any point of time in her life.

Friends, with this note I would like to bring about one more view that no learning is a waste. The learning and effort put by you may come into effect at any instance or age till you live. So be Positive!

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Kavipriya said: (Oct 13, 2015)  
According to me, winning in a any task is not that they are succeeded in his or her life, scores are used for fixing target for a particular game or a task. So, it is needed sometimes to take decision that which team is performing better and to motivate them to achieve anything big.

Nowadays, only based on scores only, the school students are entering into a good college. Good marks are used for particular period and not for entire life. So, avoid seeing the scores and see each and everyone's talent. In sports, they use the scores to fix a goal, if the runs are not there, then they will not show interest and their hidden talents.

That's why they are keeping scores or runs for all fields to become our world as competitive one. So, each and every one should not keep score as target, they should improve their own skills in various fields, that shows winning is everything and it's reality.

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Kunj said: (Oct 10, 2015)  
In my opinion, winning is not everything but it is most of everything, when person strives for something with his whole heart and puts in efforts he deserves it and for that scores are must, even for the loser he gets to know where he lacks and can always improve as there is always a room for improvement.

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Shubh said: (Oct 2, 2015)  
Hello I am Shubh.

We all know that every coin has two sides either good or bad. In the same way when two persons try for the same thing then there is always a competition. Same condition is in case of sports winners get good prizes i.e. medals and looser don't get anything at that time the question comes if is it really right?

Friends, winning and loosing never matters in any case on how much did you contribute in doing that task matters so much. And if we think on other side that if winning is not everything then why there is competition. Then I wanna say that if there will be no competition then people won't give their best because people work with exception that they may get something and if there isn't any competition then no 1 will take interest hence competitions is necessary.

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Gopal Agrawal said: (Sep 13, 2015)  
If scores are not there it makes the judgement of winners difficult and also scoring is necessary in order to evaluate who is performing better than the other. Winning is not everything but there is nothing without winning anything.

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Pankhi said: (Sep 11, 2015)  
Yes, winning is not everything but at the end of the day when we achieve something with a decent score it keeps us motivated. The will to work harder drives us which fetches better results in future. So we can say wining is one of the best possible way to decide where one's life is heading and one can also unleash their hidden potentials at times.

And when it comes to score it acts like a benchmark which helps in distinguishing between the meritorious and non-meritorious people. Basically, this is one parameter to decide between win and lose.

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Vasanti said: (Aug 19, 2015)  
In my point of view wining is not everything. But do hard work for winning is most important I want to explain this with one example which happen with me. I and my friend Asma participated in many competitions every time she said we have to score best and we must win in this competition.

Every time I said her that if we do our best then we must win due this I become more confidant and we try our best and we got it. If sometime you not able to win then also ok. Because life has every time a second chance. You can improve your mistake which done in before competition and try next time at that you defiantly win.

Because of this we improve our drawbacks. After listening our opinions and according to my opinion I concluded that wining is not everything and scores must important in any game.

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Rajlaxmi said: (Aug 16, 2015)  
Dear friends,

In my opinion winning is surely a good feeling a sense of achievement of one's hard work and determination and in the other hand scores reflects how much hard work we have to do and workout on our mistakes again and again. Scores makes a game or an exam more interesting, it creates competition among the players and urge them to give their 100% without scores it would be like food without salt in it.

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Fxvinay said: (Jul 24, 2015)  
Interesting! Main exams is not everything, why do they keep writing external exams, because it's helps to further improvement, without score. How do you justify about player Ability? Very simple without a score board you can't judge how much that player needs to improvement.

Practice made more perfect.

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Sanjana said: (Jul 23, 2015)  
Hello everyone,

Yes, winning is not important than participating because when when we participating in any competition we always think that I should receive a prize because I have done many many practice so I should receive prize.

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Aarzoo said: (Jul 23, 2015)  
Hello everyone.

In my opinion we do need to keep scores in any game because these scores make the game more interesting for the player as well as for the audience to watch out. Scores are important to analyze the strength and weakness of a player. If there were no scores there would be no enthusiasm because there would no benchmark to judge the performances of the team.

Also winning is not necessary since its just the outcome of one game. There may be just one winner in a game but there are many winners in life. Winning and losing are just parameters of life to inculcate sportsmanship in players. There is nothing bad in losing, bad is to consider yourself as a loser. So one should refrain from that. When we lose we learn from our mistakes and when we win we cherish our leanings. So in nutshell winning is not everything, its scores that judge ones performance.

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Sahun said: (Jun 17, 2015)  
Winning is the only thing, is it? It is true that winning is the form that makes competition what it is. It is the essence of competition. But winning is not life, it is just the good side of losing. Winning teaches you a few things but not everything.

No, winning is not "everything" and it is not "the only thing. " Turning failure to your advantage is everything! Learning from failures is the only thing. Failure is the lemon and learning is that proverbial lemonade.

1) The most essential thing in life is not conquering everything but fighting well for it.

2) Life isn't all about winning; it's about keeping the right attitude that is required to win.

3) Turning failure into an advantage and learning from them is the important thing.

4) Normally, when we achieve success, we get so busy in rejoicing that we actually learn little from it. When we fail, we can focus our entire attention on learning from it. We can learn far more from a failure than we might from a success. One who does not understand this about failure may win a battle or two, but may lose the war of life.

A well-known example is of Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb and many other useful things. Edison failed thousands of times before he hit upon the right solution. What others viewed as Edison's "failed attempts, " he considered them as "successful" experiments because they taught him what doesn't work. That opened the way for him to explore other options.

Winning is an important thing but what is more important than winning; it is the will to win. Winning and losing are two sides of the same coin both have their own effects. The road to success is littered with failures. The most important things are won in life only when one has learnt the art of conquering his/her failures.

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Deepika said: (Jun 10, 2015)  
Not everyone can win but learn for sure. And it has seen people with clear objective evolve faster. Similarly if we scale one's win with scores there nothing wrong in it. Definitely one has to score highest to be a winner but it doesn't mean others don't have the skills/knowledge.

Yes, it may be that runner-up lose somewhere but it doesn't mean that can't bridge the gap. They are lacking somewhere which winner could lead. You do not need to be upset every time you lose but you should find the remedy.

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Nikhlesh Patle said: (Jun 9, 2015)  
Dear friends,

Winning is not everything and why scoring is needed.

According to me winning is not everything because every person gives his 100%. They always play like a competitor and the only one person can win. If we are assuming wining is everything it will hard to respect failure.

A score is also a important factor of any competition because it give you performance statistics. It gives your strength and area of improvements. Score brings positive attitude and caliber to do things next time. Score is used to do things confidently.

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Rupesh said: (Jun 2, 2015)  
Hello guys,

If an individual or a team is on a winning streak there is no big issue. That particular individual or a team will always be motivated and he/she/they will definitely try to win the next challenge which life throws at them. They will be having high probability to win the next challenge.

But what if someone is on a losing streak, for them "winning is not everything" this acts as a motivation line. Just to ensure that after their failure they shouldn't stop themselves to participate for next challenge. This justifies that they should keep try and shouldn't lose hope. Failure in one phase doesn't mean they will be failed in next phase.

And talking about scores, score is a numeric value onto which status of an individual or a team is determined. Let's assume scores are not included or we are not aware of score, then on what bases we'll be deciding one's status that is whether he/she/they lose or won.

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Kssksandilya said: (May 28, 2015)  
"Winning is not everything".

This can be understood in 2 contexts.

1. For people who lost their game despite sincere efforts.

Here winning might relate directly to success. The team or individual is completely. Motivated to play hard. So loosing does not mean a great deal because such motivated. Teams and individuals are going to win someway near.

2. For situations where knocking down someone just means breaking a relationship.

In this context, you might win an argument and prove you are right but you lose. A valuable relationship in either of the contexts, the sentence is true.

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Thoshi said: (May 7, 2015)  
Hi friends.

" If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?".

My answer to this is of-course winning is not every thing the high score you got today may not be useful to got the today's cup but it will surely it will became a great inspiration for others and every one will get the result for their work so no matter on winning the current situation winning in your life is actually the great thing.

Your score may not help you for today's winning but it will definitely give you great achievement on tomorrow never give up.

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Pia Chopra said: (Apr 26, 2015)  
Hi everyone.

The topic is " if winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?".

According to me, we humans have a mentality that until we are motivated with some internal or external source we generally don't put are 100% into that, similar is the case in score thing.

True! winning isn't everything but I feel score acts like a motivator for participants or competitors which puts them in stress for a while that in return helps in the betterment of their performance.

Undoubtedly what matters is participation but again at the end I would conclude by saying that scores actually enhances the enthusiasm and spark in the competition.

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Azeez said: (Apr 25, 2015)  
As we have day-light & dark, right & wrong, similarly we do have winning and losing, but for it is to happen one should essentially and sincerely participate. So, which is first, is it participation or winning, undoubtedly it participation which comes first. Does participation is enough, no not at all; it is winning which matters most, because, a victory can only justify your preparedness & seriousness for participation.

For winning means you have tried hard but the victory is not permanent and loosing tells you have areas to improve. On the other hand, this is human tendency that we work only to achieve goals not bothering to enjoy the process of achieving it. The feeling of wining is always best and it boosts our confidence level, energy level etc. One should always need to strive for winning that should be in a true/fair manner. Irrespective of the strength of your opponent, you should come-up with a winning mindset. If you are not able to win, learn from the mistakes that you did and try not to repeat the same in future.

Some arguments claim that, winning or losing is always secondary. The primary thing is to participate or give an attempt. What matters is your attitude after a win or loss. A win does not mean you have achieved everything and a loss doesn't means you are left with nothing. If you have participated, that mean you have accepted the theory of life.

In this world of competition, do we all really feel that winning isn't everything? It is definitely not so. We are in such an atmosphere where winning is compulsory either be it professionally, personally, in competitions or in sports. Medal achievers are respected most and they are rewarded but what about those who lose.

Participation provides us a platform to challenge ourselves. We learn new things and develop various skills after taking up the challenge. Experience gained from the participation can be used to talk about in new and fresh tasks. Participation is just a process, not an endpoint where you keep on grasping from your understandings. Irrespective of the result one should concentrate on his strengths and should keep moving on in life.

Finally, Participation doesn't always guarantee success, but not participating almost certainly ensures failure.

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Siddharth said: (Apr 24, 2015)  
I agree win is not important and also loses is not acceptable. After we loose we blame if I could have done. The important thing is our best has come out or not and every match our graph should increase even if it is 0.001 a improvement is improvement and this COULD word is very dangerous.

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Niku said: (Mar 19, 2015)  
Because if you don't keep the score, it means that you have already accepted the defeat without even giving it a try and there can be nothing worse than this. Yes, winning is not everything, but trying for win and giving your best is something that matters the most.

Irrespective of the strength your opponent, you should come on the field with a winning mindset. If you are not able to win, learn from the mistakes that you did in the game and try not to repeat the same in coming games.

Winning and losing are part of a game and also our life. What matters is your attitude after a win or loss. A win does not mean you have achieved everything and a loss doesn't means you are left with with nothing. In both the cases you have to try to improve yourself and move on.

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Vishal Y. said: (Mar 5, 2015)  
In my opinion, life is a game in which there are a lot of games like exam, catching local, bus, cricket etc, in which we never keep with wining some times we loose it doesn't mean I am looser, it means I try my best like that if I am not selected in this round then I am not looser, then I will try my best to make my communication good but instead of doing this if I quit GD round then I am a LOOSER.

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Pragya said: (Mar 3, 2015)  
Hey guys,

Winning isn't everything. This is true as the two complements of the world like light and dark, true and false etc but they both are made for any reason. As winning means you have tried very well but its not permanent and loosing tells you have not tried with your whole heart. But keep trying is the same result for both.

On the other hand, we can see the scored that defines how you are playing and it finalize your position respect to your competitor. That doesn't mean that you are playing to get good scores it means there is something for which you are playing. Its like a motivation in your game.

This is human tendency that we work to achieve any goal. Like we work to eat, to live in our life. Everything is done for a purpose so here in sports, we put scores to have aim and motivation to move ahead. And this also increase the interest of the audience.

Thank you.

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Ashu said: (Jan 31, 2015)  
Hey I completely agree with this point. Winning in a task in not only the thing that forces us to do that task. Instead we learn something new & it gives us a proper feedback to us. But for that to do we have to set some goal point for task accomplish i.e. the need of scores in game & we have our target in front of our eyes to achieve.

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Avinash said: (Jan 25, 2015)  
A game is compared to life a win is set as goal.

If we want to win you have to score, similarly if we want to reach our goal in life we have to plan ourselves and try to achieve it, no matter if we failed we have to be confident and should progress with every step to reach goal.

This matches with winning in game that whether we win the game or not is not important we have to make sure not to repeat mistakes and keep progressing with every attempt to score runs.

So that one or other day we can finally win.

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Swapnil Chouhan said: (Jan 23, 2015)  
The topic is if winning isn't everything then why do they keep score. The score should be kept because it shows our performance and with the help of score we can improve our future performance.

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Aparna said: (Jan 13, 2015)  
Hai everyone.

In my point of view, if you want to win or lose. i.e whatever the is, you must give a try on something. Winning is a heavenly feeling, and failure is better than not even trying. Because failure itself means that you have tried at-least one.

Winning or losing is always secondary. And the primary thing is to give an attempt or try. You have played means you have won somewhere in your journey of life. Even considering life as a big game, you are playing it because you are born in this beautiful earth. Score is just an add on factor to keep the spirit and not to let ourselves down.

Thank you.

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Raffique said: (Jan 6, 2015)  
This is quite an interesting topic to discuss; I believe wining is very much important in every aspect whether it is School, Sport, Election, Job etc. Wining shows where you have stands.

Wining would be judge by report card, scores, voting, rating etc. So we always need to score higher and higher to get the medal of wining.

The feeling of wining is always different it boost our confidence level, energy etc. One should always need to be creed for wining but should be in a true manner and scores helps you improve yourself.

Sometime we would failed to achieve our goals but we need to try to win until we get success. Once achieve it also try to maintain it.

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Ravali said: (Dec 18, 2014)  
Hi friends.

Winning and losing their in life it is the fact one time we are losing means we have to try many times on that time we have to improve our self confidence. We have to try our level best. We have to remember one thing we are losing means we are learning more knowledge and some particular subject. We are winning means you don't learn completely.

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Mudrika said: (Dec 1, 2014)  
According to me Winning and Losing are a part of life. We should treat them normally. Score is important just to bring about zeal and that feelings to achieve that score that feeling of having an ambition in life to reach that particular score. If there was no score system then what would you fight for or work for so hard. We give exams for iit's engineering, jobs etc. What do wait for ?we wait for a score.

If we get less we try to improve that score and if get more we get satisfied that my hard work paid off. Winning isn't everything because at times when we lose at one point in life we gain even more after that, so this score system just makes aware of our hard work and efficiency.

Thankyou. :).

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Devendra said: (Nov 11, 2014)  
I think winning or losing isn't everything for anyone and winning or losing is everything for anyone. If you took these thing in positive way then each thing tell you the truth means if you win then you will come to know that my hard work as well as smart work bring best from me to achieve success else then you will come to know that I need to work more hard and smarty because of some points I lose.

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Pavan said: (Nov 9, 2014)  
According to My Opinion Winning is Not Permanent, Failure is Not final So, Play game To know your ability not to Judge your fate, Peoples love winners, So Everyone trying To Win, Failures teach you How to Win.

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Deepti Sikha said: (Nov 9, 2014)  
Hello friends,

In this world of competition, does we all really feel that winning isn't everything? I don't think so. We are growing & living in such an environment where winning is compulsory either its sports or job or any other field in life.

In our country winners are highly respected like those who won medals at commonwealth asian or olympic game and they are rewarded but those who lose are not even encouraged. They had to do it there own. Even in our society, those who have achieved good place in life are valued but those who are still trying are some time demoralised by society.

Its true, we can't win all the time but score keep us aware of the area where to lay emphasis so that we should not fail again.

One more thing, if winning were not so important, none of the students at IITs or those preparing for competitive examinations would have committed suicide.

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Sandhya said: (Nov 6, 2014)  
We know by the score only who is winning, the winning is only is reach the goal, if the public to know what the score is till now by that only the the public can understand what score is going, to watching the match some enjoyment should be there. The score is mandatory.

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Soumya said: (Oct 13, 2014)  
I do agree that winning is not everything but keeping the score is necessary as it can create a competition between teams so that all of them could play with interest.

The one who has scored well would be happy for his hard work and the one who has scored less would try to improve.

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Rahul said: (Sep 26, 2014)  
Hello everyone according to me, assume life is like stairs or steps through which we have to pass if we reach up to certain level it doesn't mean you are win. If any one loss it doesn't mean you can't do any thing. If we learn from failure we can do better and better thing which is an not expected by any one. I can give example, everyone know sir Thomas Alva Edison invented bulb, before this invention he fails many time. Edison believe in his ideas and result is we are able to enjoy electricity. If we talk about score it is only system which is used to filter any candidate.

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Divya said: (Sep 26, 2014)  
Hi Friends.

Winning is just a matter of our performance and the afford we have kept on a particular task in that duration of time. Based on that one can't be judged on his/her performance throughout the life. Scores shows the areas to develop and finally at one day we will also be a winner.

Thank you.

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Rahul said: (Sep 7, 2014)  
Hello friends,

"if winning isn't everything, why do they keep the scores" is very interesting topic. It tells us about two thing. One thing is wining and other thing is score. Yes I agree winning isn't everything but we can't ignore that after wining how we feel. Winning a game increase our confidence, level, pesonality. Now score is very important part of a game because score tells us where we stand and what we have to improve to do better and one more advantage of score is level of game increase because suppose someone score 200 in 20-20 cricket match then people would want more than 200 and then level of game will increase. One more thing when we play a game, we should forget about records always give your best that's main thing.

Thank you.

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Shaurya Nanda said: (Aug 26, 2014)  
Winning isn't everything, which the subject of our discussion is, but it certainly is important. A great deal of exuberance enlightens our mind and soul when we end up on a winning note be it in sport, competitions or in any sphere of life. And scores add value to it. They keep an eye on the status of the players' performance. What if there is no concept of scores! There will be no competitiveness among the participants, also the spectators or the audience won't relish the proceedings of the game.

Bottomline, scores are essential for any sport!

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If Winning isn't everything, why do they Keep the Score?

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