How is Technology impacting the Banking sector?

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Tushar yadav said:   1 year ago
Hello everyone.

Myself Tushar Yadav.

It's my opinion.

Technology is a very vast thing to help in the banking sector basically in managing transactions of accounting holders. There is a good impact for advance technology on our banking sector and our society. We will not go there to ATMs or net banking because of the technology.


Muhammad Siraj said:   1 year ago
Technology has revolutionized the banking sector, bringing about digital banking, mobile payments, data analytics, automation, and blockchain. It has enhanced customer experiences through convenient access to services, personalized marketing, and self-service options.

Additionally, technology has improved efficiency, fraud detection, and risk assessment. Open banking initiatives have spurred innovation, while cybersecurity measures have become paramount. Overall, technology has made banking more convenient, efficient, and secure, but it also presents new challenges that require continuous attention.

Sumer khan said:   12 months ago
As you can see the current or trending technologies align all the day-to-day challenges to work smart, quick, and secure.

If we approach the banking field like how technology contributes to working fast within time like transactions faster, security, and transportation scenarios like visiting the bank or visiting a particular branch of the bank all these scenarios.

But the thing about technologies like cyber security, blockchain, and data analytics all those fields align the management of the bank in a structured manner so all issues regarding the bank are solved.

Eg: online payment issues, spam detectors, fraud alerts, etc.

Those all issues can be prevented and make good transactions.

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