How is Technology impacting the Banking sector?

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Sumer khan said:   9 months ago
As you can see the current or trending technologies align all the day-to-day challenges to work smart, quick, and secure.

If we approach the banking field like how technology contributes to working fast within time like transactions faster, security, and transportation scenarios like visiting the bank or visiting a particular branch of the bank all these scenarios.

But the thing about technologies like cyber security, blockchain, and data analytics all those fields align the management of the bank in a structured manner so all issues regarding the bank are solved.

Eg: online payment issues, spam detectors, fraud alerts, etc.

Those all issues can be prevented and make good transactions.

Muhammad Siraj said:   9 months ago
Technology has revolutionized the banking sector, bringing about digital banking, mobile payments, data analytics, automation, and blockchain. It has enhanced customer experiences through convenient access to services, personalized marketing, and self-service options.

Additionally, technology has improved efficiency, fraud detection, and risk assessment. Open banking initiatives have spurred innovation, while cybersecurity measures have become paramount. Overall, technology has made banking more convenient, efficient, and secure, but it also presents new challenges that require continuous attention.

Tushar yadav said:   10 months ago
Hello everyone.

Myself Tushar Yadav.

It's my opinion.

Technology is a very vast thing to help in the banking sector basically in managing transactions of accounting holders. There is a good impact for advance technology on our banking sector and our society. We will not go there to ATMs or net banking because of the technology.


Ruban said:   1 year ago
In My Opinion;

Day-by-day technology upgrades so more facilities are available in the bank sector. More time is saved because money is deposited or withdrawn in online transactions and the transaction way or method is also very easy.

And most importantly old age people are more useful this technology.

Bhavisha said:   1 year ago
Nowadays, technology has been taking place in backing sectors, with advanced technology withdrawal and deposit easier. Today, due to busy schedules, people can not visit banks, with the help of technology like ATMs and online transfers can save time. And also, can be eliminated long queues in the bank.

Emmanuel Unique said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

I am Emmanuel Unique.

I think technology serves as the blood which passes all sectors of life. The impact of technology to banks can't be overemphasized. As technology makes the banking process easier and more comfortable. Back in the days, a long queue to the bank was the order of the day. But with technology, it may take someone years without even going to the bank to transact. I can do it online.

Mohit Joshi said:   2 years ago
The banking system has been undergoing massive changes with the help of technology and it has helped in areas such as,

* Online Loan process - Banks are upgrading & replacing current systems to speed up the online loan process.

* Faster payments battle - With many improvements coming in payment technologies, banks are creating new and improved products because of the faster payments that are occuring.

* Customer Access & Control - Many times customer don't know that their information is been sold or shared. So for that there are new technologies being developed that will give banking customers the option to make their own settings on who can access their data and at what level. Placing control of personal data into the hands of the customer seems to be the future.

Priyanka said:   2 years ago
Nowadays technology is impacting the world. But, banking sector technology is the most powerful impact in the world. Banking sector technology is useful for transaction amounts in one bank account to another bank account online, easy to pay the amount in the shopping. Online transaction Is also convenient and also easy to fraud the amount.

Ashok said:   2 years ago
At the outset, I could say that technology in the Banking sector is playing a pivotal role. The new generation is very tech-savvy and utilizes the technology products very effectively. In connection with the older generation, it is facilitating to cater for their needs. By providing all the services through technology platforms banking sector has found a good revenue source without any extra efforts and reaching the more underprivileged sectors of societies.

Utkarsh singh said:   4 years ago
Friends, by my point of view, technology has made our banking very easy and time-saving. By the help of digital banking, we can withdraw or transfer money in seconds. Digital banking has decreased cash thefts. Day by day, the security of digital banking is made more efficient. Technology has played a vital role in the banking sector. Through technology one can check records of his transactions, one need not to queue in banks in an emergency which was time taking process. So by my side, technology has been a boon to the banking sector.


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