How effective are Indian B-schools?

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PMaspire said:   1 month ago
I just finished reading your article about the effectiveness of Indian B-Schools, and I have to say, you've really hit the nail on the head with your insights! It's quite evident that you've done your research thoroughly.

As a recent graduate myself, I've often wondered about the value these institutions bring to the table, and your article shed some much-needed light on the matter.

Your analysis of the pros and cons of Indian B-Schools is spot-on. I agree that the curriculum and faculty quality plays a crucial role in shaping a student's experience and future prospects. The point you raised about practical exposure and industry collaboration is something I've personally felt during my time in B-School. The anecdotes you shared from students really drove home the fact that it's not just about theoretical knowledge, but also about the skills and connections one gains along the way.

Moreover, your comparison with international B-Schools was eye-opening. It's true that these institutions often have a more global perspective, and the emphasis on research can provide students with unique advantages. Your balanced approach to highlighting both the strengths and areas needing improvement in Indian B-Schools shows a deep understanding of the subject.

Overall, kudos to you for a well-researched and insightful article! I'm sure it will help many prospective students like myself make more informed decisions about their education journey.

Sakura said:   2 months ago
Indian B-schools have gained considerable recognition globally due to their highly effective course frameworks that nurture skilled entrepreneurs. Those aspiring to start their own businesses must grasp the essential skills needed for ownership, and B-schools offer the necessary tools to comprehend and apply these skills in real-world scenarios.

A notable illustration of this effectiveness is the number of successful entrepreneurs who are graduates of prestigious institutions like IIM.

Although the courses can be costly, scholarships present an opportunity for admission, enabling students to excel and become strong entrepreneurs through the practical education provided by these schools.

Krishna Chandra Pandey said:   2 months ago
My Name is Krishna Pandey-

According to my point of view this time, it needs to develop our country if we want to develop our country then we need to create a business in our business and to make the business creative mind we need to change the education system according to the mindset.

The Indian government developed business schools to make children's minds. In business schools, the government give many facilities to the children for their future and after school, most of the children make their opportunity in the business world.

Ravi Chauhan said:   1 year ago
Hello everybody,

My name is Ravi Chauhan I would like to say about this topic that why we need B-school because we want to do own business but we think we don't need to take admission in B-school like a management school if our education system could provide practical knowledge more than theoretical knowledge then there is no need of take admission into the B-school after that, we will be able to do own business itself.

K Prasad said:   2 years ago
As per my opinion, our own business school are becoming commercial. There are lot of vacant seats available for graduated students in rural India. That's why B school does take entrance exams and give addmission to students. For the bright future students have to give MH CET and choose the top colleges from their presences. If students want more knowledge they have to attend lectures. Also, lecturer do not mention the proxy of students.

Adarsh said:   2 years ago
Hello Everyone.

First, we must know that what is the meaning of B school, bB school means education relevant to the business environment, those who want to go in business or want to become entrepreneurs.

Some important aspects:

1) our education system is very ancient and there is a lot of need to change syllabus and study pattern according to the requirement of time.

2) Every parent is following the monotonous study pattern n which they try to complete the 1st to 12th class schooling and after that, they choose a particular stream for their child.

3) Indian govt should be open business schools for students who want to join their own business. They have to encourage the youth to go in the business field also.

4) Every wealthiest person in the world is a businessman or woman because business can give you numerous money, fame and success, not your job.

5) we also have to add business-related courses in primary and secondary sections also for the overall development of students.

6) Govt must hire the best quality teachers for business schools in India.

7) Most of the developed countries are only believe in businesses that's why they created their own products and they are the most powerful and economically more strong. Like China Japan America.

8) business schools in the education system must be given a new direction in the betterment of India and will also produce new business to those we are dependent on other countries.

9) These schools these days very effective if their content quality is up to the mark.

Thanks all.

Ninu said:   3 years ago
Hi friends.

Myself Ninu.

According to me, Indian B School are good for those for who won't become an effective entrepreneur. Enterprniour can also sell vegetables to utilities his skills.

Megha Landge said:   3 years ago
According to my point of view, B-school Is important in India. Because its student can develop their knowledge there performance and so many things where they can use their knowledge and utilize their precious time in company whatever they learn. Hence by this, the student creates such portfolio for a company and themself which is they learn all ready by b school and the college where the student learns some of the basic information that should be used by the further process so B school is important by my view.

J.Divya said:   3 years ago
B school is very important to our people. The people want to know how the company should handle And how to improve the company, these all techniques will studied and improvised our skills in the b school.

Hina mahajan said:   4 years ago
Indian B schools are much effective in a competitive world. As famous and reputed colleges give birth to effective and efficient managers with proper knowledge, skills, training etc. B-schools are doing much efforts to provide and produce valuable youngster mangers for the economy but it also becomes the duty of a student to give his best and do different and valuable things for his own enhancement. Rather than fully dependent on Bschools. They are giving and forming our future managers and entrepreneurs for the soon developed India.

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