Group Task: How can we have Mount Everest in India?

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Shivam said: (Aug 18, 2021)  
The Everest we are talking about here is the prosperity and the pride that mountains take place in. And according to me, we can have our own Everest as once India was known as golden bird due to its prosperity and elegance. And same goes for us as everyone has their own Everest to conquer in their life.

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Rakesh Debata said: (Feb 8, 2021)  
Hi good evening to all and today I am so excited to give a talk on this topic.

Everest is not an only term or a mountain it's a symbol of largest strongest and pride of world so here we compare that criteria with our growth and economy of India so if we focus on some selected fields then we can achieve that criteria if we focus on making money that is here everyone wants to earn money but some peoples that make money if our money makers are increased then we can decrease our poverty in our country like by making and implementing more and more ideas through a startup that will increase the standardisation of our life and also focus on Indian products that our Indian brand does not need to invest outer side product if our products is more developed and highlighted then we can make our business in outer County also that increase our foreign currency focus on agriculture also in this world of techno every one needs that foods so by Indians we can achieve it throughout the world and one-day whole world will compare our economy to the Everest to the world.

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Shubham Gulati said: (Jan 27, 2019)  
Eradicating poverty and corruption from our country is one type climbing mount Everest and one has to face these challenges like an avalanche.

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Raj said: (Nov 7, 2017)  
Hi friend Raj here,

As one of our friend already told about exact meaning of mount Everest in reference of this topic as become stronger and more powerful, whether in terms of economy or in terms of power or in terms of creating more intellects. For that we will have to focus on our resources which is human resources. According to one data it is found that till 2030 India will have most no of young people to work in different sector. So by using these resources in different sector we have to increase our economy, our per person income, become a developed nation which will strongest man power in allover the world. Although to reach that goal, people of India as individual and as a group, leader it will become a strong nation.

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Megha said: (Jun 28, 2017)  
My Everest is something that every climber wants to conquer. Having Mt. Everest in India simply means making India so good that it becomes a dream country of the other countries citizen. We have put our efforts to build a nation so prosperous that even Everest wants to have India. We can do this by building a strong country with excellent economic, social and technological development and nonetheless making the best use of our human capital.

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Elumalai said: (Mar 17, 2017)  
Hi I am Elumalai. Here I will be putting my thoughts on how can we have Everest in India.

Mt Everest represents symbol of strongest and No 1 and greatness. The ultimate core value of the topic how will make India as developed country and strongest country among nation.

1) We should focus research field like increase our man power & allocation of money.

2) Getting touch with latest technology & try to adopt in our country.

3) Focus on import products & try to make in our country also.

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L. Thaiba said: (Jul 1, 2016)  
Stop messing about where the Mt. Everest is located? Just care about you yourself, the people, your surrounding, environment, and the world will know you, care you, listen to you!

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Abhishek said: (Apr 15, 2016)  
Hi friends,

This is Abhishek here.

I would like to draw your attention towards the core of the topic which means that how can India become stronger and more powerful, whether in terms of economy or in terms of power or in terms of creating more intellects. In my point of view Mt. Everest is the symbol of greatness, symbol of protection that it provides to India. In history, India has the importance in providing the intellects to the world. If you can remember the history that we have read and in early days then one can say that India was great. We had first university in the world. Indus valley civilizTion was one of the world's most developed civilization in its time. We taught the rest of the world to write. Our technology of infrastructure was so advanced that even today there is no match to that kind of technology. Take the example of temples in South India, the excavations were done on them are so precise that it would not have been possible without advanced technology. Not only this there is one iron pillar in Delhi which is famous for its quality, the quality of the pillar is that though it is exposed to rain, air and sunlight but still it never get rusted and is standing still from several years. You may Google it on the net that in America they have Sanskrit in their curriculum why because it is the most acceptable language for the computers and can you tell me who has said this, yes world's most famous space agency NASA. There are so many points through which I can say India was the world leading power in history. So bringing that era again will itself bring Mt. Everest in India.

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Chhabi said: (Apr 17, 2015)  
I think topic should like this how can Taj Mahal will be in Nepal, how can Nepal back his lost part from India, how can England rule in India again. If you all Indian are being angry it is common. If you can't respect then never aspect it from other why you think future of other countries. You should think about year country whether it will again rule by east India company. But I have to remember year standard.

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Robin Thomas George said: (Feb 13, 2015)  
Firstly understand that why exactly we need a Mt.Everest in India? India has a lot of wonderful attributes in the various sectors of science, medicine, education, sports as compared to Nepal.

Hence we can actually state that India does not need Nepal's Mt.Everest, rather, India itself is a Mt.Everest as compared to Nepal. Hence if we cannot have one, we can surely strive to be like one.

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Gagan said: (Dec 31, 2014)  
Its a very interesting topic that how can we have Mount Everest in India. It means how can we make India a develop country that the stronger in the world. So we all know Mount Everest is biggest and how can we make India no.1.

1. Improving skills and knowledge.

2. Perform best in technically field.

3. Politicians work.

4. Make a best scientist in the world.

5. Make a good confidence and courage in the younger.

These all are the circumstances that the India will have the Mount Everest definitely.

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Franks said: (Nov 20, 2014)  
Agree with Amrinder and we, India will be responsible in a way.

We can't take care of our existing beautiful nature Himalayas, Arunachal Pradesh which has become mini China and slowly the rest of North east because of the treatment given to them by so called Indians.

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Kcr said: (Oct 30, 2014)  
Guys, In a group discussion. Its not necessary to revert our views to something related to macro-economics and politics. We can add some humour to it. Because the only thing matters in a GD is how you portend you thoughts through innovation and vehement impromptu.

Mt Everest is in Nepal. And it is in one way considered as its pride. So India will not be able to benign Nepal through any kind of talks at any level.

What if we assume that we are in the times of Indus Valley Civilization. And when the whole of Nepal and China were one land. And India derives its name from it. A simple mathematical assumption. To prove your point.

If not that, why don't we name one of Peaks as Mount Everest II. And pay Nepal some royalty every year. Then we have a peak named Mount Everest.

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Nishant said: (Jul 4, 2014)  
I believe the discussion has swayed away from the main topic.

The everest can be brought to India using various techniques India can strike a deal with nepal India can make an offer that Nepal would not be able to refuse.

We can also have a sharing type of thing where the region can be shared between the two countries and India with its better technology can help in improve the state of tourism and the place can be also utilised for getting various herbs that are indigenous to Mount Everest are better for the cause of solving many diseases and the two countries can strike a deal in sharing the consequences of various activities the mount everest will yield.

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Dhanu said: (Jan 19, 2014)  
Hi friends good morning all of you. I think the question how can we have mount Everest in India may mean how can we make India a economic power or India a powerful nation among the world. This can be only by improvising our skills a young people of India and being its back bone to success as scientist contributing to its technology growth, as politicians eradicating anti social elements and economic barriers as entrepreneurs stimulating its economic growth and as people of society raising our children who would make India feel proud. Thank you.

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Ganesh said: (Jan 17, 2014)  
Hello guys, I would like to put your attention that why first India should try to make Mt. Everest in India. It is the proud of Nepal and let it be in Nepal. You guys don't think India has many other things and glory that make India its self proud. In my opinion India should try to increase its own fame ad fame from other aspect rather than thinking of MT. Everest.

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Roshan said: (Dec 7, 2011)  
Hey as we all know that Mt. Everest lies in Nepal. There are many evidences i.e. the first climber is from Nepal (Tenzing Norge Sherpa) , it lies in Sagarmatha zone which also falls in Nepal, etc. Widout doubt we can tell that Mt. Everest lies in Nepal but I dnt kno why India always claim that the main resources of Nepal lies in India any answer?

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Suhail said: (Sep 15, 2011)  
If there is something called global warming. Its due to Us or Europeans.

This so called developed country's Manufactures millions of computers, toys, Televisions, mobiles and many many more plastic gadgets every year and replace for new ones every year. The question is ? Where does this Gadgets Go? where does the replaced computers GO. How much radiation dues this gadgets realize to the earth.

No government is interested to reduce this or find a solution for this. Because the government lives their luxury with this and they will live this. There is no ending for Global warming.

Man will never save the world. Or will try to save the world.

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Apurva said: (Aug 15, 2011)  
Goodevening to all of the comrades here discussing about the topic "How can we have mount everest in India ? ".

Firstly, with respect to current discussion going on, I would like to add a point that initially it doesnt matter where the mount is --infact in today;s world it all depends on who climbed the Everst first, then obviously the one who reaches first is known.

Secondly if apart from thinking from geographic point of view, we can India has a growing economy now if we bring great economists, intellects for having a thought over to increase its economy like never before and not to fall under the effects of recession n all then obviously all eyes of the world would be on India and not you. S.

Hence, you. S. Being regarded as Mt. Everest would b considered under the hands of India, like India faces affects from you. S.

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Saravanan said: (Jun 24, 2011)  
We would have mount Everest because the Indian ocean is before at Nepal so that global warming have spoil the all location. So some make agreement made to Nepal and border of the country get the Everest.

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Ranger said: (Apr 8, 2011)  
Forget about bringing Mt.Everest from Nepal to india. But indian ocean for sure will reach the territory of Nepal just because of global warming!! So i think you should be more worried about that!!--Global warming-- For controlling global warming start from yourselves..go green!!

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Chandrika said: (Feb 17, 2011)  
ya i too agree with diksha.because a person may have many be good at one or more thing(s) but if he lacks the capacity of exbiting it then there is no use even if he is a mount everest in the inner

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Aysha said: (Nov 7, 2010)  
We Indian's are proud about the Mount Everest. It protect us from high winds. As Diksha had told we actually don't care. And we will recognize the after affect after sometime. So we the people of India should care the world famous everest.

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Mount Everest said: (Aug 20, 2010)  
Hi Friends, I draw my attention towards the statement made by Varun,
Yes there is a solution that We can have mount everest in India.Every Country is responsible for global warming. Each country should Contribute in Equitable manner depending on their Development,..

But My Question is Why Other Countries Should Sponsor for this deal. Its our country to take the Initiative towards the Global warming in such a manner that leads the Mount Everest to be resident of India.

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Diksha said: (Aug 16, 2010)  
Yes, we have Mount Everest in india but its also true that we don't care of this like. We have some unique qualities in our selves but people don't care for them until we don't understand our qualities by ourself and use them.

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Varun said: (Jul 30, 2010)  
Lets not be pessimistic and their is a solution in the form of Kyoto protocol and Copenhagen summit, only requirement is every countries contribution in a equitable manner based on its emission and development.

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Amrinder Singh said: (Jul 6, 2010)  
Don't worry. After 25 or 30 years, due to Global warming and pollutions, Mount Everest and our hills will be same as we are depleting everything by use of natural resources to the extent. Then all hills and forest will reach the same result and you dont need to have Mount Everest in India.

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Group Task: How can we have Mount Everest in India?

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