Government Pumping Money into the Economy is not the Solution for our Economic Problems

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Himanshu singh said:   3 years ago
Hello friends,

As we all know that, India is an agricultural country in which 70% population of this country directly depends on it. And there is no proper solution and management for sustainable agriculture policies and because of lack of technology and proper management farmers are not able to lift up themselves. And just because of pumping money the govt thinks that we help farmers or people then they are wrong. Because as we all know that Indian govt is corrupted it also adds in the pockets of our highly respectable ministers. Govt should take strict actions to combat corruption in order to improve the current situation of our country where the poor are getting poorer, and riches are getting richer. So, pumping money is not the solution. Investment of money in the right way according to that need and keep proper management of that money is more reliable rather than pumping money into the economy.

Thank you.

Neeraj said:   7 years ago
Hi Guys.

As we all know that India is an agricultural country where maximum people depend on its irrigation so it is clear that how many earning resources are available for the people for their livelihood where there they are not able to even to grow their crops properly because of poor technology provided by the government. Farmers are not able to utilize government's utilities because of poor management which is being taken place under corruption we can say that government is giving money buy not in proper manners that are why problems are not getting short out pumping the money. And the same thing is happening with the education sector which is also under corruption so because of different-2 kinds of corruptions money is not able to utilize properly in all the sectors.

So over all, I'd say that only giving money is not enough to develop the country there is need of proper management so that money can be utilized properly for the nation.


Priya said:   7 years ago
I believe that being a human being if we get an easy solution for any problem we do not grow. Same is the case with a nation. If government pumps money into the economy it gives an easy solution for dealing with the economic problem and in that way, India will never grow. We have to pay attention to issues such as education for all, introduce technology to rural areas etc.

Anamika said:   7 years ago
Hello friends,

Yes, I do completely agree that pumping money in the economy is not the solution for economic problems. It is important to come up with feasible schemes and make its proper execution. Merely allocating money won't be enough. It is important to make sure that the money is being applied at the right place and that its benefits are reaching the poor, decreasing the gap between rich and poor and ensuring overall economic development. We all know the drawbacks of Planning commissions. States were imposed with certain plans and allocated an amount to achieve that plan within a time period. Did that work? No, ultimately, Our honorable PM Narendra Modi had to replace it with NITI Aayog. Here states are given equal chance of participation in economic development which helps them achieve these gooals more effficiently. Also there are certain schemes launched by the govt that fails to implement, main reason being the mere allocation of funds are considered sufficient. In conclusion I would say, Pupming money money into the economy doesnt insure economic development. Thank you.

Nipun bansal said:   7 years ago
The best method is to improve the economy is first to improve ourself, our thought nd then improved our atmosphere who are current day by day. The economy problem is created by ourselves. So when our thought are improved our economy are improved otherwise the money who are pumping in a various sector is wasted.

Ravish Kumar said:   7 years ago
Hello, friends. According to my scenario only putting the money is not the solution to improve our economy. Indian economy is based on agricultural and education so government should invest their money in these 2 fields. One important thing is that first, we should change our self in the field of corruptions. It is the wall which resists our economy. I don't have any questions regarding government policy to give the money in each field but it is not spent in a specific field. So I would like to request you people that don't take the money as a bribe and never give the money as a bribe. If it happens then our economy would definitely growth.

Harsh said:   8 years ago
Hello everyone,

It is true that pumping money will not solve our economic problem because there is a lot of corruption due to which the money can't reach the right place. So we need to focus on corruption and priority should be to use the minimum amount of money and should use it in the right place instead of wasting it by giving it in the hands of corrupt people. There is a need of regular check on the flow of money so that there should be no leakage in form of corruption so money is not everything we need to work in the right direction for achieving a developed economy.

Chalachew birhanu said:   8 years ago
Yes, according to Ethiopian economy simply adding money to the economy is not a solution to the economy of the country rather it is better to use other menses for the solution of the economy like creating other systems for collecting money to the bank circulate it and create job opportunity to the peoples of the country. Since in Ethiopia there is no man power shortage so pumping money into the country is not the solution.

Ravi said:   8 years ago
There is no meaning of putting money into the economic sector until we do not have a corruption free government as we heard and read on the daily basis that govt will put this new programs in a city and that much amount in that sector but all these words are just has the meaning in dictionary but not in the real world so if we really want to develop our nation than we have to improve our education system first and import rate should be shrunk as much as possible and put effort in generating the resources more and more in our country and this will ultimately increase our export rate which improves economic status of our country.

Mansi said:   8 years ago
It is not the solution for our all economic problems. To pump money onto our economy government Firstly should build up a strong base for the upliftment of our economy. Because pumping money into our economy unnecessarily increases our fiscal deficit, and as Indian govt is corrupted it also adds in the pockets of our highly respectable ministers. Govt should take strict actions 2 combat with corruption in order to improve the current situation of our country where poor are getting poorer, and riches are getting more rich.

I think if govt literally wanted to invest money, it should invest it in education, and health care. These 2 are the very imp. Aspects of the country's growth.

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