Government Control in Higher Education is Interfering and Not Required

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Aarohi said: (Oct 5, 2019)  
Good morning everyone.

I'm totally agree with the topic that Government control is interfering in Higher education.

Because the current policies of government is not up to the mark. The scheme of passing each students, the CGPA marking system only deteriorates the knowledge of the students.

We can see the current example of MHRD of increasing the fee to 900% in M.Tech this type of activity can be seen as a obstacles for students to get higher quality education and makes them force to run behind jobs after graduation.

So we can say govt control can be seen as a interfere in higher education.

The steps of govt should be motivating and encouraging so that students will become eager for higher education or else not to make paws which restricts talent.

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Chandradangwal said: (Jun 10, 2019)  
This is the most important topic that government control in higher education is interfering and not required.

I think the government has to interfere in higher education because most of the private colleges make education like a business.

They do whatever they want there is no proper record for the fees how much you want they apply the fees for the professional courses that are not enough actually that is wrong if I want to go for higher study so we should have to pay a large number of fees.

Which is ok for the businessman children but for the middle-class students like us is not acceptable.

So, I conclude my point the government it should be interfering in the higher education and make proper rules and regulations for both Government and private colleges because everyone wants to be higher education this because of this problem peoples are migrated from one place to another so if-if government want to be the development of our country so they have to give us the facility which is required for the study.

Thank you.

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Samyuktha said: (May 12, 2019)  
Hi, this is Samyuktha.

In my point of view, government rule in higher education plays a prominent role in the student's life.

The government gives so many scholarships and many subsidies to poor people.

This government is also providing the fees reassessment to the students who are coming from a poor background for the engineering education system.

Private institutions providing education based on more money, but a poor and middle life people cannot bare that money.

The main disadvantage of the government system as they are not having the proper faculty, they are attracted to the private institutions.

So I conclude that the government interfering in higher education is very useful to the poor background. So it should not be stopped.

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Deepika Pathak said: (Aug 30, 2018)  
Higher education by private schools may be good in aspects of education system, smart classes facility, personality development and other basic facilities, but if we see at the back of curtain, we will get to know huge fees charged by the students affordable only by middle rich or rich class people. So many unaffordable students may deprive from this. In this way govermment may interfere as a helping hand for the students lacking financially.

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Uzma Naaz said: (May 29, 2018)  
I think government should conduct a scheme for poor people and very poor villages for their growth and development some scheme like educational programs.

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Titir said: (Nov 15, 2017)  
Private colleges and universities are one type of business nowadays. Any students who come from poor and middle class families how they can afford huge money for studies. So there will create some unity in our society.

But we know that education for all and we want every citizens of India will be educated and gov definitely wants to eradicate illiteracy specially woman illiteracy. Gov interference should have in higher education.

Otherwise many brilliant students who come middle class families they won't get chances to built their career. But I think gov should take action to develop the school level education which built the base of career.

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Champ said: (Jul 14, 2017)  
Yes, government control in higher education is interfering and not required. I believe that private school provide better education without policies of the government and if we will continue to follow governmental rules than private school conditions will also be pathetic like governmental schools.

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Nitin Salunke said: (May 9, 2017)  
Hi Friends,

According to me, the government should control to the Higher Education because of lots of College and school charged to High Amount they don't care student study properly yes or not they only care about the amount.

The Government should take action if any government employee's people child will government school all politician's child will do study in the government school that's benefit government school teachers will automatically Teach very well because of they know if we will not be taught properly so government and political will punish us.

Also, lots of intelligent students available in our society they don't have enough money for study so government also should take some rules for the same.

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Poorupa said: (Mar 10, 2017)  
Government Control in Higher Education is Interfering and Not Required. According to my understand, govt should interface in the education system as private schools, colleges and universities are been the only setup to earn money. They do not care whether the children are taking there studies seriously or not they only charge huge amount of fees and provide degree to the students which lead to inequality in the citizen of country as children from rich families can take degree by spending money and bright students for middle and lower class families can not able to provide good education to their children. Govt should perform the tight control on this so that each and every child get an equal education. Even govt should improve their services in govt institution so that they can attract parents to study their child.

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Nishant said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
It is not true that Government Control in higher education is interfering and not required. Although government is failing in providing good quality education at school level, but government provides good quality higher education especially in field of Engineering and research. As everyone knows that IITs, IIMs, AIMS, IISR, CSIO, CDAC, NIELIT, ISRO, BSNL and DRDO provides best quality research environment. IISR and IIT are best known in world. Moreover, fee offered by government colleges is not excessively high. So, it will provide a chance to potential candidate to get good quality education.

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Susmita Gulve said: (Oct 17, 2016)  
Yes, Government control in higher education is interfering and not required. This is because of the current policies the government has made that you cannot fail a child till seventh std, they have removed some important topics from the syllabus in exchange of some silly topic. My question is that if the child cannot be failed till seventh std, how will he ever get the will to study, he already knows that even if he didn't study no one is going to fail him. And after this difficulty arises when the child reaches higher standards, he cannot study because he knows anything, he fails in his crucial years, lack of quality education is being seen recently in our education system all because of the interference of government.

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Binod Thakur said: (Oct 15, 2016)  
I think, it should be controlled & led by the government.

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Lakshmanan said: (Sep 21, 2016)  
Most of the educational institutions which provide higher education have the support with political influence. The government should allotted specific rules to all colleges and also be monitoring with some employees but some political people wants the only aim of money to run the college not to provide the good education. Whenever government allocates specific kind of good education some of the intermediate who makes it to money. Such kind of people in the society which will be destroyed. Then only Government's educational quality comes to reach.

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Aysha said: (Sep 4, 2016)  
The govt should have the control. Because the initiatives were taken by the govt were all success. This made an increase in literacy rate. Female literacy reduced.

If our country is becoming educated only we could be a developed one. For such a development education the govt should have control.

They help to create a common social fabric where all are respected and accepted.

I strongly believe that the interference of government is mandatory.

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Ajeet Kumar Singh said: (Jun 27, 2016)  
I completely disagree with the statement. The government has a fair idea of what is beneficial for the future of our country as the government looks over all the affairs of the country. Now, it should have complete right to control the education according to the need for the betterment of the country.

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Samara said: (Jun 17, 2016)  
Government interference in the education institutes is necessary otherwise, they will raise their fees and will just become the profit making bodies. Government interference is necessary to ensure that education reaches all the sectors of the population at subsidized rates. It ensures that students are given admit to the universities on the basis of their talent and not on the basis of the money they have.

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Sugu said: (Nov 2, 2014)  
Yes, all the points are true in some view. But either govt or private colleges, till they are not ready to encourage students skill. They need money only to build up their self. The students might studied in government school upto 12th but according to the mark only they are admitted in colleges.

If the govt allot that the status of education under it also give the loss of student knowledge they and their affiliated colleges both are in the stage. Because the students are treated in the same way. They lossing and spoiled our student future. Hereafter, even they will take step to resolve mistakes. They cannot solve it completely. Because our students have the problems in base.

So, in my point whomever take responsibility for our student life. They should contribute their life to them.

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Krishna Gole said: (Aug 27, 2014)  
Government control in higher education is not interfering and it is strictly require because when their is no rule for higher education private college and institutions make their fees higher and higher day by day. And then one day it is not possible for poor and middle class student to complete higher education so government rule is very important for higher education.

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Pk Dadhich said: (Jan 30, 2014)  
I think government should not stop to involve in higher education because private institutions only think about money they don't care about student future. Someone once who takes admission in private college they don't take care of him. They only think about another opportunity to convert him in money.

On the other hand government provide education equally whatever poor, middle or higher class in lower fees.

If we talk about poor and middle class students who want to take higher education but they don't have further money to survive in private colleges then who will assist them, obviously government will help them.

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Rhuda David said: (Jul 31, 2013)  
Hello friends.

Its great to discuss on this topic. In my view Government Control in Higher Education is not at all Interfering, It is Required. Private colleges providing higher education aim only for making money. Government colleges are the best for higher education. Who over here will not be happy for doing B.Tech from a government college instead of BE. From a private institute. The IITs are also government Aided. So concluding I would like to say that though at primary level government Education is not favoured yet at higher level its giving the best education.

Thank you.

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Vipasha Sharma said: (Mar 28, 2013)  
I do not agree with this statement. In fact, I think education sector should completely be under the control of the government. Privatization in education is, in a way, snatching the right to quality education from the middle class and poor people through exorbitant fees structure. Privatization has made education only a business whereas it must be done as a service.

Yes, doing this may deteriorate the quality of education but that at least will be fair to all, no discrimination on the basis of financial ability. Moreover to maintain the quality in education many steps can be taken by the government.

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Sakthi said: (Jan 25, 2013)  
Now a days private colleges and government colleges does not give excellent education for student the difference between both side are private colleges expect money and it strictly handle the student then government colleges does not strict the student but both colleges student only mug up the books then print at the exam they are not learn and they not have practical knowledge's.

So there is no use in government interfering higher education.

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Sumathi said: (Oct 15, 2012)  
This educational system not provide the good things to students it only teach the subjects it does not give any practical knowledge to students even private and government institution also give same problem to students.

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Xyz said: (Sep 12, 2012)  
Govt control in higher educational is not at all interfering rather it is mandatory, as the huge amount of funds required for research purposes can made available by govt.

Moreover, govt funded institutes are more preferred by students as they are cheap and also provide quality education. Various government companies also prefer govt colleges rather than visting private colleges for campus recruitment. Moreover the recognistion of government colleges is also seen across the globe, on the other hand private institutes are not known worldwide.

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Xyz said: (Sep 12, 2012)  
Govt control in higher educational is not at all interfering rather it is mandatory, as the huge amount of funds required for research purposes can made available by govt.

Moreover, govt funded institutes are more preferred by students as they are cheap and also provide quality education. Various government companies also prefer govt colleges rather than visting private colleges for campus recruitment. Moreover the recognistion of government colleges is also seen across the globe, on the other hand private institutes are not known worldwide.

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Paplu said: (Jun 24, 2012)  
Good evening friends,

According to me government education is far better then private education, because at-least we people are sure that we aren't studied a business company which produces only goods nothing else. The private institution are play with student emotion Yes it is only made for black money people. So government Should start more institutions and appoints highly qualify teacher.


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Pooja Joshi said: (Apr 2, 2012)  
No, government control on higher education should not stop because many private institutes are giving education only for money. Education is only business for them. High cost of fees is also a fact that student can not take admission in private college. Government colleges are helpful for those who can not afford high fees of education. Some people think that Government College can not provide quality in education but that's not true because we have great government colleges like IITs and IIMs and many government universities.

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S.Jaya Abirami said: (Mar 25, 2012)  
For a talented student either government or private institution is not necessary. He can gain knowledge at any cause. However, government should have to improve the standard of educational system much batter than a private institution.

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Archana said: (Jul 23, 2011)  
According to my point of view private institutions are far better than government ones this is actually the condition of now a days. But as we know according to our information education system in older days was confined to government and they have given their best products who are running our country.

But this does not allows them to interfere to existing system of education. As we know "Change is the rule of nature" similarly with time private institution are doing their best to provide good and better education to our new generation which are lacking in government institution.

Another important thing to notice is that with changing time the needs of students have increased as well as standard of living has also increased due to which they are asking for money. Like patent law I think government should give some space to these growing institution to provide good future builder of our society and country.


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Deepa said: (May 21, 2011)  
I agree that private institution coaching is well but they are collecting more money. Its not too fair even the people having money can join in good institution and will get selected in campues interview. But the hardworking and well talented students studying in better colleges. Government should stop totally the bribes getting in colleges. Donations should be banned.

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Vipul said: (Apr 30, 2011)  
I think government intervention is must because Private college are asking for donation.

Second think I would like to mention that just take a example of management entrance test student has to appear for many tests like CAT, XAT, MAT, CET, ATMA, MICA, FMS, IBSAT, WAT, JMET, SNAP, NMAT and many more each college as its own entrance test, each test cost more than Rs1000. It is just a money making scheme used by many colleges. I think it should be stop or we need government intervention. In Abroad student have to appear for GMAT and IELTS or TOFEL for English and these score are accepted all over the world. I think India should also go for single test rather than a different test for each college.

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Nidhi said: (Jan 15, 2011)  
I feel that government interference should not be stopped at all because when one feels that the quality education has not been granted then at the same time he learns to become self dependant. one knows that he himself is now responsible for his academics and career. he becomes more innovative and self assesing rather than depending on the spoon feeding techniques used in schools.

government infrastructure thogh sometimes is not reliable but at the same time you learn to carry out your tasks efficiently with less resources, which makes you more economic.

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Prabhu said: (Dec 27, 2010)  
Ya I accept my friends point of view. Today campus interviews are becoming just like business. Government should interfere into account and should stop that. Because the persons with less knowledge who are paying much money in big colleges are getting placed where as the persons who are having good analytical skills and good technical knowledge are not getting placed because they are not studying in good colleges.

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Panduranga said: (Sep 8, 2010)  
I agree what madhurima said up to to little bit The private institutions asking for huge amount of money, even for nursery they asked.

Donations in lakhs at the same time they are giving quality education.

Because in an Govt. Education the teachers up to 70% are looking only for salary and for quality education but where as in private institute. If they don't teach properly the management people can take them out for this they give quality education.

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Madhurima said: (Jun 12, 2010)  
private institutions wants to make profit and they dont give quality education.on the other hand government institions have better infrastructure and quality education thats why we indians work hard to get into an IIT or i think government interfiernce in eduction should not be stopped

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Government Control in Higher Education is Interfering and Not Required

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