Future of Sports in India

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Vikram said:   9 months ago
Thanks for giving me the opportunity.

My opinion about the future of sport in India increasing rapidly, the government providing facilities to the sports person so they can do their best in the game, with my opinion, India is giving opportunities to everyone in sports there are a lot of sports in India.

Raghav said:   10 months ago
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my opinion on this topic.

In my opinion, the future of sports in India is very good due to the following reasons:

1) Now govt of India should spend largely on the infrastructure and provide good meals to the sportsperson so that they bring their best towards their game.

2) Government Open various stadiums these days so that the person will do their training there they will not go to other area or city for their training this will help in saving their time.

3) Govt. Appoint many coaches in various fields these days so sportsperson get proper guidance from them.

4) Govt spends so much money on sports these days so if a person joined any sports they have a good future in them.

5) Now many sports events will take place like Khelo India, Khelega India, Tabhi Toh Jeetega India this will encourage many sports person to play and give their best to the game.

Dhruv said:   2 years ago
Future of sports after 2021 Olympics, seems to grow tempo as "the Uncouth youth" is taking interest in other sports rather than cricket. Medals won by Indian players is a huge revere for India. Players flounder to get these medals. Retrieval of interest towards Hockey (which was ignored from a perennial time) is seen among Indians. There was a time when hockey was the only famous sport in India but because of some reason, hockey was slowly getting away from Indians and the cricket phase came.

One of the main reasons hockey got carried away was: "The grass".

Indian hockey players acclimatized to the natural grass grown in fields but later on, World Hockey Federation decided to change grass from natural to plastic grass (for whatever reasons) which ended as a catastrophe for indians because the price was exorbitant. This accentuates the governnent of India that was not much interested in giving facilities to players but, the odisha government gave their full support to the Indian hockey team and build stadiums with plastic grass which resulted in bronze this year. Youth is becoming fans of medals won by Indian athletes which encourages youth to get one. This is the nascent stage of the future of the sport of India in the Olympics and other international sports championships.


Parents are not supportive when it comes to sending their child in sports. Parents must foster and incubate their children to take interest in sports.


Frankly speaking Government on sports was reticent when players ask for facilities and other equipment needed for respective sports. But there is a change in the mindset of government now from two to three years government is spending and trying there best to foster sports in India. Talking about facilities by Indian government, there comes Odisha government who is making full efforts for Indian hockey team and also sponsoring Indian hockey team, I don't know from how much exact ttime but they also announced that they will continue sponsoring Indian hockey team for another 10 years

So taking the above point, to be precise the future of sports in India is in good hands.

Bijay Alley said:   2 years ago
Advantage :

1) Constant determination makes an individual's future bright.
2) Makes proud to Self-generation, locality, state, country.
3) Individuals will be trending.
4) Updated physical fitness.
5) Exemplary individuals.

Disadvantage :

1) Career spoil who does not have a plan b.
2) Physical disability or maybe even mental who is not under good mentorship.
3) Fail in every step who doesn't apply 100 afford particular sports (means only who think their work done is over by offering a glass of water).

My perception to empower sports in the future.

1) Handsome budget.
2) Top-class coach.
3) trending in media.
4) motivating to youth by sports individual.

Ashmit Kashyap said:   2 years ago
Hello, I am Kashmit Kashyap. I am expressing my views on the future of sports in India.
In my opinion, the future of sports in India is good, in past, sports it was not good but now govt starts various initiatives to encourage people about sports.

Shadma said:   2 years ago
When we talk about sports, India is not up to the mark except cricket. The performance of India in the Olympics is not so good. India also has many talented youths in sports but due to lack of resources, our country is unable to perform. Most of the Indians don't even know the names of other players in hockey, volleyball, boxing, kabaddi etc. Our immense love for cricket is such that we are just ignoring other sports. Our government should have to increase the budget of sports quota and should encourage our youth towards every sport. Countries like the USA, China, Russia are spending a lot in sports hence they are no 1 in every sports. India also have many famous sports personalities like Dutti Chand, Geeta Poghat, Mary Kom, Saikhom Mirabai Chanu (who recently bagged a silver medal in 2021 Olympics) and many more who are proud of India. I hope in the future, India will be no 1 in every sport. Thank you.

Prashanth said:   2 years ago
Hi, Everyone.

India is a developing country at different patterns in the present stage. So we have to develop to sports in future generations also to gain more profits like outdoor games.

Firstly, we have to prefer an athletics (Individual Performance).

Give more opportunities to people and Encourage, sponsored.

Government should protect the chances of people. Present the future generation is no upcoming events in the sports because we all know the COVID Pandameic Situation.

I think we all are don't move to the front step in sports up to 2022.

Manisha said:   2 years ago
Hi everybody,

I am here to give my point of view on the given topic that is 'Future of sports in India'. So, according to my opinion, there will be a great future for sports in India in the upcoming years as the government, as well as some NGOs, are taking big initiatives for this. And also somewhat mentality of society is changing towards sport which is good for sports now people are looking as a carrier towards the sports.

But there is another class that exists in Indian society that assumes and tells that there is no future in sports just focus on your academics even if that student is more interested in sports but due to this kind of mentality, the talent of most sportspersons lags behind.

India nowadays participating in every sport everywhere around the world and also winning various medals and trophies too. Also, the government launched the 'Khelo India' initiative by which sports are encouraged in India.

Sports are good for health they keep us physically and mentally fit and also teach us various qualities which are important in life like leadership, decision making, sportsmanship, calmness, gratitude, situation handling, etc. Due to sports, we can keep ourselves balanced in life.

In India, the government is also providing free sports training to rural students and economically backward students too. The government has a sports quota for the sportsperson in government jobs. They also encourage sports in India by giving various awards and fellowship to the students.

For achieving a great future of sports in India government should include sport as a compulsory subject in academics.

Government should focus on the opening of the new training institute and also implement new techniques of training.

They have to start some scholarships on school levels to encourage students for sports.

Thanks a lot!

Dnyaneshwar Doke said:   2 years ago
India is a country where tremendous varieties of games that played by individuals or in groups.

All Indians play games regionally or which they fond of. Though hockey is India's national game there is ninety percent of peoples who like cricket. And every individual who looks at cricket matches must eagers to play cricket on the ground. Even small children also very fond of cricket.

As we know that in India IPL is big cricket tournament, crores of peoples enjoy the game. There another match also played which contributes towards to increase in respect of India.

Wrestling is another field where our Indian players always felt us proud on international levels. The champions in these games got gold medals many times.

These are some kind of games. But their lots of games that played internationally and all these games increased India's pride and championship in national and international both the ways.

Sohan said:   2 years ago
There is a bright future for sport in India. It is rising more than the past sport culture in our country and it will rise. People are participating in various international events like the Olympics and gave their remarkable performance. The government is also promoting sports in India. They have a Sardar enclave for prompting all sports in India. A sportsperson can come and play on this ground. Delhi government is also planning to built sports schools in India which gives opportunities to students to build their careers. It also provides scholarships to the person and government jobs for the people. So overall sports is enhancing day by day in our country. But there are also some areas where there is also need of improvement government should increase funding for sports. There should be less political interference of people in sports department so to give opportunity to talented people. There is also a need for the promotion of various sports in India. By doing this there is a bright future for sports in India.

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