Future of Sports in India

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Chaudhary Vivek Gurjar said: (Nov 22, 2020)  
Hello friends.

In my opinion, future of sports in India is bright because nowadays our government appreciates sportspersons, and sports by the event like Khelo India India youth games and by giving the award to sportspersons, the prime minister also encourages the youth to participate in sports by fit India and games etc. And the government should also increase the sports budget to make the future of sports bright in India.

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Vikas Jaiswal said: (Nov 20, 2020)  
I think the future of sports in India is maybe bright if the government support it properly and focus on every sport equally.

Besides cricket badminton & many other games will have a great bright future if the government will support it.

Khelo India youth game is a appreciable step taken by government. And we need more this kind of campaign to attract the youth for sport as a career.

Because our parents don't support us for a sports game. In their opinion, education is everything. Which needs to be changed in our society.

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Vinayak Kumar said: (Nov 19, 2020)  
Hello friends.

This is Vinayak Kumar.

I think the future of sports in India is maybe bright if the government support it properly and focus on every sport equally. There is not only a single game, cricket. , in India, there is only cricket is a game that's it. Another game has no future.

But like PV Sindhu ka badminton & many other games will have a great bright future if the government will support it.

Even our national game hockey is not so much popular but cricket is a breath of our country, right.

And our parents don't support us for a sports game. In their opinion, education is everything.

That is the reason, that I think India is not so good future in sports.

Thank you.

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Omesh Yadav said: (Nov 17, 2020)  
As we all know, India is a sports-loving country and world biggest youth country. And sportsmen in all over the world especially in India are increasing day by day. I think the future of sports is bright because many youngsters participate in sports freely and they play sports with passion and dedication. And the government is also encouraged to the children and youth and has taken various healthy steps for the future of sports. And due to this, performance and confidence of players have increased and the interest of youngsters have also increased. I hope their performance will more improve in coming days and will get well for India. Thank you.

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Samar Chaudhary said: (Nov 17, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

This is Samar Chaudhary in front of you.

Today, I am too glad as you gave me a chance to discuss on the topic"future of sports in India".

India can have a great future in sports if the government provide so many facilities to a sportsman so the families of youths agree to send their child in the field of sports.

Thanks to all.

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Abhay Singh said: (Nov 16, 2020)  
Hi, in my opinion, India used to perform very poorly in Olympic because of lack of proper facility to Indian player. America, China and Russia is a top list in Olympic because they spend a lot of money in the sports sector. But in India player face many challenges like lack of investment, skill coach and many more. Indian sports future is bright but they need government help. Many Indian players like Hima Das, Sania Mirza and many more players are good.

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Siddharth Bhardwaj said: (Nov 14, 2020)  
Hello friends.

I am Siddharth Bhardwaj and today I am going to discuss an interesting topic which is related to the future of sports in India. Friends as we all know India is a diverse country and the boys and girls of India have a lot of potential in sports. India is very good at sports like cricket, hockey, shooting, wrestling, archery, running etc. For example, in cricket, India is one of the best teams at the international level. India is continuously increasing its medals tally in the Olympic year by year. The government of India is also encouraging the youth of India in sports by initiating various sports programs like Khelo India youth games and Khelo India University games. The aim of the government to start these programs is to search talented boys and girls all over India and trained them by giving professional facilities to compete at international level and to increase the medals tally of India in Olympic games.

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Harish Malik said: (Nov 13, 2020)  
Hi friends.

I am glad to start the discussion on the topic name is 'future of sports in India' in my opinion the India future bright in-game and other sports activities because nowadays India won many medal in games you know weel India won a medal in wrestling, cricket, athletes, etc.

But on my opinion government has some investment on the game because many people participate in-game because the government has not to give fund on games so many children have not participated in-game they have not enough money to games.


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Rishav Shavant said: (Nov 10, 2020)  
As we know that India is a diverse country.

Due to which there are so many sports are playing in India.

But cricket has given more importance than other sports. And other sports have also adorable performance in Olympics due to low supporting of people.

Except cricket there are low opportunities in other sports due to which other sports have secure the future of player.

So the government should expand also other sports then-future of sports will become well.

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Surendra said: (Nov 9, 2020)  
Hello, everyone, we are going to discussing the future of sports in India.

According to my conditions nowadays not to India as well as in more importance of the word in sports.

Many years in India is the role of cricket because of people of a craze in India.

Mainly cricket is the majority of India is favourite cricket. Everyone likes and want to play cricket.

And also other sports like football, tennis, volleyball and kabaddi.

The government should be an increase in sports budget that nowadays of youth Motivated and this opportunity more skills of the show,

Our country is fond of sports.

I hope that India is a top-ranking in all sports formate, thnk you.

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Adarsh said: (Sep 29, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

According to me the condition of sports in India is not up to the mark except cricket. If we talk about the Olympic Games performance of India is not so adorable.

We always struggled for gold medals every time. Most of the Indians don't know the names of Hockey, kabaddi, volleyball players that's the irony of Indians.

Govt. Should do something better for the development of numerous sports.

Indians are also the most talented and hardworking sportspersons, but due to lack of resources, they are not able to show their talent worldwide.

Indian government should increase the budget for sports quota and encourage youth for sports by which they get the opportunity for self-development.

But problem is that we always ignore sports except for cricket, our immense love for cricket is so much that we don't know about different sports.

China USA Russia these countries invest millions of rupees for sports that's why they are always on the top position in sports.

The future of India is very bright and Indians also doing a very fantastic job in every field of sports but with this, we just promote the other games.

A lot of famous sports personalities like Hima das, Babita Phogat, Merycom, etc are proud of India.

I hope and pray to god that one day will come when India will be in top position in every sport of the world.


Jay Hind! Jay Bharat !

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Mohit said: (Sep 24, 2020)  
India has always won in international game sports. The Indian players are very hard work for Olympic. The Olympic game is paying to many countries and huge people are looking at that game. India has different gameplay Olympic, swimming, 400-meter run, 1600 meter run and long jump etc. Olympic game is different countries people coming and enjoy that Olympic game.

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Kishore Narayanan said: (Sep 10, 2020)  
India is a pool of sport's and game's.

There are 2 types of sport's indoor and outdoor sport's. Mainly cricket is the majority of people favourite sport, everyone love's and likes to play cricket. And also other sport's also like football, kabaddi, volleyball and tennis and badminton and many more. In India, every sport's should be motivated. All the parents should motivate their child to become the sport's man. And every youth must know the player's name of our country. In sports, all the retirement age, the retired person will go and new players will come. Age doesn't matter. All the players will be appreciated by the government of India and they provide every sport's player government jobs and facility. India will become the strongest sport's country in the world.

Thank you.

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Shubhangi Mundhada said: (Sep 5, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

I am very glad to express my view on this topic "FUTURE OF SPORTS IN INDIA".

There are two types of sports (INDOOR & OUTDOOR).

People mostly like the outdoor game in which there is a craze of cricket.

Mostly ninety per cent of India like cricket.

The performance of the India cricket team is very well as is IIC ranking is one in ODI.

Future of our sportsman is not secure because do not get abetter job after their gaming age.

I think Indian sports have a great future as you can see HIMA DAS and other athletics and sportsperson giving their best for the country.

And also the government helps sportsperson by giving incentives and government jobs sometimes it may take time because of procedural difficulties.

The government should provide good facilities to sportsperson and also encourage them.

Thank you.

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Roshani Singh said: (Sep 5, 2020)  
India is a notable country of sports. Sports is a big emotion for Indian people. Here, Cricket is considered as a religion. Not only cricket, but people love to play football also. Like the cricket team, the Indian Football team is also developing day by day. Besides cricket and football, hockey, badminton, kabaddi, table tennis, chess these are also beloved games of India. There are a lot of domestic tournaments happening frequently which are going to be a good platform for all the young players of India.

But if I want to talk about the future of Indian sports then I personally think that cricket is given too much priority than the other sports. A simple example is that most of us can tell the name of all 11 players of the Indian cricket team but how many of us can tell the name of all players in the football team or hockey team. So, we have to give importance to all the sports equally so that Indian sports will be developed in all fields. Parents should motivate their children about the importance of sports. There are lots of players who are not so strong financially, they should be given enough support so that they can play for our country and make us proud. Indian sports will be bright and glowing in future days by proper infrastructure, appropriate guidance, and giving equal importance.

Thanks, sir.

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Ananya Gupta said: (Aug 23, 2020)  
For India, sports are emotion. Especially Cricket is like a festival in India. Youths are very motivated to sports and they really want to build their carrier in sports. You can see Virat Kohli, he is our new Indian caption for the cricket team and he is doing very well. Now coming generation will surely perform great job in sports and yes Future of sports in India is very bright. And one thing is also important that government should support those who financial cannot afford to build their sports. Then of course the future of sports in India is very bright.

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Suffi Dsouza said: (Jul 24, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

I think future of sports in India is very bright. Sports is in our blood. If we talk about cricket than every one of five citizen in our country is interested in cricket. We connect it with so well that if our country wins we came on road to celebrate our victory. Not only cricket threre are so many other sport which are also doing great like hockey, football and etc. Celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor, Abhishek Bachan promoting football and that results in increasing the craze of football in country. I somehow agree that Indians love cricket than any other game but now situation is changing and we are loving all games.

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Divyansh said: (May 30, 2020)  
Hi everyone!

Today's our topic is Future of Sports in India.

I consider that there is a great future for sports in our country. Our country is developed day-by-day in the field of sports, especially in cricket. Cricket is not only a game for our peoples it is an emotion for our country peoples. And I want to suggest that we all have to give equal importance to every type of game either it an indoor game or outdoor game because our country players are all-rounder they are best in every type of game. And there is a great scope or future in sports. And it is also essential for our health. Finally, I want to tell that sports have a great future and our country peoples are also best in sports.

Thank you.

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Subhra said: (May 18, 2020)  
I am glad to get the opportunity to express my views on the topic "Future of sports in India".

India is a notable country of sports. Sports is a big emotion for Indian people. Here, Cricket is considered as a religion. Not only cricket, people love to play football also. Like the cricket team, the Indian Football team is also developing day by day. Besides cricket and football, hockey, badminton, kabaddi, table tennis, chess these are also beloved games of India. There are a lot of domestic tournaments happening frequently which are going to be a good platform for all the young players of India.

But if I want to talk about the future of Indian sports then I personally think that cricket is given too much priority than the other sports. A simple example is that most of us can tell the name of all 11 players of the Indian cricket team but how many of us can tell the name of all players in the football team or hockey team. So, we have to give importance to all the sports equally so that Indian sports will be developed in all fields. Parents should motivate there children about the importance of sports. There are lots of players who are not so strong financially, they should be given enough support so that they can play for our country and make us proud. Indian sports will be bright and glowing in future days by proper infrastructure, appropriate guidance, and giving equal importance.

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Yuktaa Dewan said: (May 17, 2020)  
Sports in India is famous right from the ancient days. It is seen as a medium of recreation, enjoyment, part of peoples routine. We had witnessed it's advancement and development day by day. The craze and demand for sports is very high in India but only few of us can afford to learn it. Sports is meant to widen our mental as well as our physical ability. It helps one in building their health, posture, good mental health and also allows them to lead a stress-free happy life. Without sports life is meaningless.

There are various sports such as Basketball, Hockey, Badminton, Karate, Judo out of which Football and Cricket is worldwide famous. Sports is seen as a medium of emotion as it connects people.

The various nation has a different perspective regarding sports. Their equipment and technique are different too. For some people, sports is a hobby or a pass-time, for some, it's their career but for some it's everything.

In India, we see that it has developed greatly. We can spot the difference between the kits used then and the kits used now. People in India actively and ardently take part in it with a positive attitude.

I would like to stress upon those people who cannot afford to take proper coaching.

In order to excel in any sport, one needs a proper guide. Not all have the capability to afford a guide as some of us might not be financially strong. Due to this major factor, we observe injustice towards good players. With the rise in demand, fees for sports coaching is increasing rapidly.

If given a chance, I would suggest to the higher officials and the Sports Authority to lower down the fees or to provide some discounts for the lower class because due to the financial problem we often lose good players. In addition, I would also want players to take part in sports fairly. The future of Sports depend upon the people of our country. If we don't think about one of solving these issues and to provide aid to them, the future of sports in India is going to the dark as hell.

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Zubair Tehseen said: (Apr 25, 2020)  
Indians are very passionate about sports. People enjoy Sports a lot. But let me Clear one more thing, sports mean not only cricket in India. People also like badminton, tennis, hockey.

There is a big future in sports. We saw many sportperson they are very successfull in their career, like MS Dhoni, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, PV Sandhu, Jwala Gatta many names are left.

So Conclusion is that If Anyone wants to make Career in Sports. He can try according to their intrest and skill. Many sports are there, not just depend on cricket.

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Alpha said: (Apr 23, 2020)  
Yes, India is a large platform of every sport. Sport is the weakness of every Indian, especially cricket. It is fond of the younger to oldest. In India, they give lots of priority to cricket and also create a large image in the overall world. Now, India also participates in the Olympics and won medals.

But Sports does not mean cricket. There is also Hockey, football, Tennis, Badminton, Shuttle etc. But there is less scope than other countries.

And they're a major problem is Corruption which makes harassment to the youth.

So the Government takes an initial stage to increase the scopes of sports in our country.

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Tejas said: (Apr 10, 2020)  
Today's topic is the future of sports in India.

The future of Indian sports is better.

Because the player played better and show quality on the ground.

The future is better in cricket because the format of cricket is changed the T20 format is coming.

So the player played a short format better.

DLF, IPl also give cheer up to players.

The new league are coming inside India country different state are played IPL Kabbadi league football hockey etc.

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Durga Prasad Reddy said: (Apr 8, 2020)  
Hi Hello, everyone, I am DP Reddy.

I got the opportunity to share my opinion.

So, in my opinion, sport is really a very essential part of our life it maintains our mental as well as physical fitness.

(But our future of sports in India is "0").

Because there are so many recommendation candidates there in all sports.

Example : Ambati Rayudu is so good in cricket batting history but he is not selected for the world cup team. Because of the recommendation.

That's the way Indian players do not improve their skills.

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Satakshi said: (Feb 14, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

India is a developing country and in this growing country, every section is growing rapidly so as we talk about sports. India is taking part in various different indoor and outdoor games with the city to city and county to country competition and nowadays many people are taking interest in the various sports field, it has become there dream to play it for there country and win.

Talking about government initiative towards sports has also increased as it decided to give more funds to the girl's section also and motivate the public to participate in more and more sports thought showing past achievements in the different sports by India thought movies and TV.

So yes I definitely think the future of sports in India is brighter and tougher for other countries.

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Jainath Kumhar said: (Feb 6, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

My name is Jainath Kumhar and I am glad to get a chance to share my opinion on the topic "Future of sports in india".

I think future of sports in India is very bright, nowadays there is many leagues like ipl, pro kabaddi league, premier badminton league etc, which give a huge opportunity to young generation sport player.

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Anshoo said: (Jan 21, 2020)  
First of all thanks for giving me chance to represent my view on this topic.

I think future of sports in India is bright. Nowdays we are doing well in different sports like cricket, football, kabaddi. If I talk about cricket, India is number one team in world.

But government should more focus on sports and it is duty of our parents to motivate their children in taking participation in different sports.

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Nitika said: (Nov 26, 2019)  
Very good evening to all my point of view the sports are very important for fitness and also some passionate people will generate some setups systems and some stages to aware the importance of sports.

I think sports like cricket some players are playing for example someone plays very dedication and passionate and they will compete to other countries and show our country to respect and earn something and invest for future use and make a good image in front of the population. Thank you.

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Dhananjay Sarangi said: (Oct 19, 2019)  

This is Dhananjay. I am glad to get a chance to share my opinion in this platform. As we know today topic is "Future of sports in India ".

In india, Mens cricket is the only popular game as compared to other games even our national game i.e. hockey is also not that much popular. Sports doesnt mean only cricket. There are a no.of variety sports are there. Recently, Appriciable steps has been taken for the developement of other sports by the mutual understandig of Indian govt & some wellknown sponsers. Still I would say, Indian govt should focus on other games also. A day might come, when india's economy would depend upon sports.

Thank you.

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Anshul Ojha said: (Oct 16, 2019)  
My name is Anshul Ojha.

Today I represent the topic "Future of Sports in India".

I am in favor of this topic, The present situation of sports is definitely better than before with the introduction of leagues for neglected sports. We are on a good path. But still, there is much to be done to produce more world-class athletes and to inspire future generations to take sports as a career. Thereby the fast-growing sports industry will create more job opportunities too.

Thank you.

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Yedhusree said: (Oct 4, 2019)  
According to me, sports have not attained enough credibility in our country. Most people often consider it as a hobby and sacrifice the potential they have. Future of sports should begin from our school grounds where children evolve their passion to this field. Even now we don't have an established curriculum to incorporate the heart and soul of sports. So the govt should manifest their efforts to emanate the energy of young sports-men in the country.

Sports is a movement of national integrity. It's this unity that is reverberated when we Indians cheer up saying Sachin Sachin. In the stadium. In-spite of our geographical, cultural and linguistic differences, we unite under the same tricolor flag.

There are numerous people in our country who can become a Sachin or P V Sindhu tomorrow. What they crave is for a financial and moral support. I hope the govt along with the people can toil together to leave the glory of Indian sports to the world.

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Ajay Yadav said: (Sep 9, 2019)  
In my opinion, future of sports in India is good and become excellent in coming days recently India won many medals in different sports but government has also responsibility to spend more funds in sports and, distribution of funds is equally in all sports so as to develop each sports equally and, younsters have equally chances in all sports for making their future bright in sports.

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Manjit said: (Sep 8, 2019)  
In my point of view, to nourishing sports in India govt must make effort from grass root levels. Sports should be encouraged as a separate subject in school and youth should be provided all opportunities and required infrastructure. The children should be encouraged in the early age so that they can opted for there career in future. Govt must provide basis infrastructure for sports even in villages. The govt is doing in this direction by encouraging youth through Khelo India and fit India movement.

Parent should be also motivated because many parents didn't consider sports as career and they pressure on children to do well in study rather than sports.

School also plays a big role in constructing future sports. To encourage school govt to ensure provisional of best sports gadget facilities and coaches in school. School to be appreciated with awards which produces sportsmen at national level.

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Praveen said: (Aug 22, 2019)  
Hello, everyone, I am Praveen.

I got the opportunity to Share my opinion.

So, in my opinion, sport is really a very essential part of our life it maintains our mental as well as physical fitness.

So the future of the sport in Indian will be bright in upcoming days because nowadays people are aware they know what they have to do they can also make sports as a career. But still, something will be required from govt side like proper infrastructure, training programs, good coaches.

Yes, it is very difficult to convince parents about sports because most of them believe that study is everything those who are playing sports is not good and wasting their times in such stupid things. Mostly it happens in rural areas because people are not aware of sports or many things. So govt should take some initiative to promote sports and encourage youth as well as their parents.

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Aditya K said: (Aug 12, 2019)  
The first step to do, to settle the sports in India is, to change the mentality of Parents towards the Sports.

Many parents in India don't believe that there is any career in sports especially Lower and middle-class parents.

For that, we have to change their wrong assumptions into strong beliefs about sports. When we successfully do it, that time is very near that India will top the medallists.

Starting step of this plan is Parents meeting at school levels. As there is a discussion about study there must separate session of sports to discuss. Not only in metro cities but also in rural areas.

As we know about today's lifestyle this is must take action about it. To build the children and our nation.

Since God gifted are very rear persons. We must believe in the hard work of each department related to us.

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Komal said: (Aug 10, 2019)  
Future of sports in India is the opportunity to those our youth who do not get job for whilw studing of long time. It is saying wrong that hard working is not needed in any field. Hardworking is needed in all field like in sports sports makes our youth healthy and stay away from drugs.

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Siva Nittala said: (Aug 2, 2019)  
Hi to everyone.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to discuss Future sports in India. Example kabaddi, players have to improve such technical skills, but not to play with brainless body.

Sorry for saying this, north players are very well technical players compared to south players.

Most of the players who represent India are north players. I wish, south players will have to play technically especially Kabaddi. Thanking you.

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Parthil Ponia said: (Jul 31, 2019)  
Sports plays a very vital role in India, I say that because participation in sports increases day by day, by virtue of which India becomes more popular in world and the performance of Indian teams is well in many sports as well as in Olympic also that all the things indicate that I India sports reputation gone well or we can say that all the factors which affect sports gone well soon in India.

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Dheeraj said: (Jul 22, 2019)  
First of all, thanks for giving this opportunity to share my views.

In India every person is capable of something, when we talk about sports, many people have a lot of interest, but due to lack of infrastructure, and encouragement they can't come forward and showcase their skills, they are many factors stopping them, such as support from government, no proper to practice their sports, cricket is one of the famous sport in India, many people like playing cricket, even having a lot of interest, their parents are not supporting them, due to political influence many of the other people getting chance, even they are not good at sports, by taking this into consideration, the government must come forward to encourage all the students irrespective of gender, and provide all the required facilities.

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Surya said: (Jul 12, 2019)  
The future of our sports are very good in some kind of sports only we have to encourage all the sports in all the ways. The govt of India should take the initiative.

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Sudhir said: (May 9, 2019)  
According to me, sports in India has pros and cons due to of system there so many children in rural area who want to due sports as career but due to infrastructure and lack of money and not giving proper guidance so they diverted to other things, they had quality but due to properly environment like ground not available if ground available there should not proper guidance, I think changing system will have Indias bright future in sports.

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Mangesh said: (Mar 29, 2019)  
Hello, everyone, I am Mangesh,

So we are talking about GD,

The given topic that future of the sport in India,

So my openies in this topic sport is very important in our contoury because all are people don't have any exercise. Sport is playing regularly that person has fitness and body control.

In this country, it plays to most upon colleges and school.

I have one example cricket is the most famous sport in our country and all other countries. So the child is playing cricket in our country so all children are fitness and compatible in your life.

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Anjali Mathe said: (Mar 25, 2019)  
Sports has got a bright future in India. Players like Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom, Sakshi Malik, Sania Mirza, Leander Peas, MS Dhoni had proved the strength of India at International events. New players like PV Sindhu, Shrikant Kidambi, Mirabai Chanu represented India on important platforms, Young players like Manu Bhaker, Prithvi Shaw are future of India. So India has a long way to go in sports.

Definitely, our history in sports events is not so memorable but now we came a great way ahead, still, we need improvement. All we need is good infrastructure in sports academies, experienced coaches, experienced selection teams, a qualified nutritionist to decide diet plan for players.

Apart from this awareness among people for sports as a career option is also needed, for this sport should get a place in mainstream subjects during 10+2 classes also government need to modify their policy of sports so the future of a sportsperson is not ruined and he /she gets a job for sustaining his/her life with passion. Because many bright players leave their sport due to the lake of finance after a time.

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Shivam Singh said: (Mar 23, 2019)  
Topic- future of sports in India.

Firstly, I am also a crazy fan of cricket, that's true after Major Dhyan Chand Indian national game fall down but in case of cricket we know that after 1983 world cup popularity of cricket in India increases so we say that in future popularity of cricket also increases, Indian sports do not provide proper money with our player (except cricket) so that no man wants to go sports area, So from my mind, India has no shortage of talent, so kindly requested to our Indian government for providing more money in the field of sports. And, after this, all types of sports will increase in India in future.

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Shrawani Wankhade said: (Mar 12, 2019)  
The future sports is definitely going to improve in India. With initiatives from govt and also people actually understanding the importance of sports and physical fitness. The upliftment in local sports like kabaddi, Wrestling it is definitely going towards a positive future. Youngsters being motivated and empowered from schools parents is going to bring us more glory in future. And starting from a small age towards sports also guarantees a long and more successful career. Sports will also make the future generation more healthy and immune.

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Prem Kumar said: (Feb 25, 2019)  
According to me, about future sports in India.

In our day-day life, there is a lot of commitment for today's youngsters on the basis of the family, career, dreams lots and lots of things which stops them to take participate in the sports.

Those who came from a poor family background is not able to think about sports. If the government offers them a scholarship and motivational programme's there is a possibility to participate and bring out lots of people who had the power to win the lots of medal for India.

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Chandan said: (Feb 15, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

As we all are here to discuss on the topic "Future of sports in India".

According to my opinion. , future of sports in India is not in a perfect track as you all can see the results of the 2016 Olympics.

India got very less number of medals according to its population.

No proper training programs and equipment are given to the children who are good at sports.

Childhood is the age where he needed to get trained, they are the future of India.

The government should start sports programs for the children who are good in sports and a proper trainer with well-required equipment and aim for life.

Thank you.

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Jayaprakash said: (Jan 30, 2019)  
Hello everyone,

According to my aspect of view, every person physically strong in our life. In future, the sports in India is very huge on young people, nowadays the young people must and should lead to improving India's best on Sports.

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Naveena D said: (Jan 23, 2019)  
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, Future sports will be developed surely. Because in this generation young peoples are most participated in sports. In future, sports will be main part our life. This is important part and career of our life.

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Shashank Srivastava said: (Jan 18, 2019)  
Good evening everyone.

According to me, sports plays a great role in our daily life. It is one of the ways to make yourself physically fit. But in the present era, most of the people is not able to get enrolled their names in the sports because of the lack of infrastructure and lack of motivation. For this, the government must organize a motivational session to encourage the person to get enrolled in the sports and provide the good facilities to the coaches and to the sportsperson as well.

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Meharaj said: (Jan 15, 2019)  
Future of sports in India according to me.

There are lots of hidden talents and natural talents being hidden in India.

One reason what our country people fail to do is. Stop showing interest and they don't come out of their comfort zone for what they want everyone need everything to be easy.

The next things the government lags in giving proper support to sports men there is no proper coaching. They bring politics inside the sports.

The day when politics entered sports the respect of sports has lost.

No proper infrastructure no proper support to the students.

One example what I can give is there is lots of categories in Olympic weightlifting. But my question is why only mirabhai chanu is representing womens India in Olympics in there are many women and men's for other categories as well who are capable to to perform in their respective weight categories so there should be a proper planned ministry for sports and it's recreation.

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Pavithra said: (Dec 11, 2018)  
In my point of view, sports is very important our life and our health also. And too important for girls and many opportunities are there sports field. Many games are hidden in our country. That sports warming are so helpful for our health. We can maintain our body control.

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Suresh said: (Oct 30, 2018)  
Hi friends.

In the future, every child learns games and sports during childhood days. Every child in India they acquired skills and participates for our nation. But give encourage to them and so much confidential about their games and take medals to our nation. So many skills hide in the rural people but politician didn't give chances to them if given the chances. Then future of sports in India is inspired throughout the world.

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Bhim said: (Oct 28, 2018)  

On this topic, the future of sports in India is very bright. As we can see sports like cricket, football, hockey, Kabaddi etc are the sports which Indian prefers the most. IPL in cricket gives the opportunities to the new players to show their talent. Pro Kabaddi is the new league in India was started to promote this sport in India.

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Akansha said: (Oct 23, 2018)  
Future of sports in India is bright provided some facilities being provided to the sportsperson. There are lack of infrastructure, lack of motivation, lack of support from the family and from the government.

Government should provide good facilities to the coaches and to the sportsperson. They should provide funds to them. Sometimes inspire of having talent a person is unable to perform good due to lack of sports kit, proper training, and support. There is not even a single national institution for sports which can motivate students to take sports as a career option.

I think students should be encouraged from the beginning itself about the sports, and the fame associated with it. There should be a sports period every day from the primary school itself. So that every child can play and identify their talent in sports. If the conditions in the sports field is good they can look onto sports as a career option. The poor financial condition is also one of the major cause for not having enough candidates in sports. Whenever anyone chooses sports, he /she thinks twice whether he/she can earn a living through it or not. Sometimes they are the only feeder in their family so they have to give up on their dreams. There is also politics in national sports federation, the whole funds do not reach to them.

So with this, I will like to conclude that it's not like that India doesn't have talents but it doesn't have proper facilities for the persons involving in sports. If facilities can be improved, then surely the future of sports in India is bright and shining.

Thank you.

Have a great day ahead.

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Vishal said: (Oct 20, 2018)  
Good evening everyone.

Today's topic is the future of sports in India.

The future of the sport in India is very bright. Because people are aware of to make a career in the sports era. And nowadays government of India taking my initiatives to search a sportsman in all over part of India i.e. Recognizing Sports as an Industry, providing proper infrastructure and all necessary facility to people, providing a fund to all sports. And now the Indian sportsman doing well in all format like as Indian cricket team, hockey team and the Indian football team doing well since the last 2 years and the all Indian teams doing well/good in all format.

But there are the many difficulties which are as:

1. Doesn't provide proper infrastructure because govt provide all necessary details because mediators doing the fraudulent activity.

2. Corruption: people who are eligible don't get the opportunity because of politician power.

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Chandan Kumar said: (Oct 17, 2018)  
In the ancient period of time, our country India has a large contribution in the field of sports. At that time kabaddi and kusti were the most popular game in which a large number of players play these sports. Nowadays, many of the physical game and sports attract our young generation and they took interest in their favourite sports. As we talk about the "future of sports in India " then this sentence give unique identity future to our country. Day by day India made his identification among the world ranking of sports. Either in the field of cricket or in the field of hockey India has no 1 position in world top ranking. Our young generation much interested in the field sports. But they really need to good facility and better infrastructure.

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Shaista Reyaz said: (Oct 17, 2018)  
The future of sports in India depends upon the youth and the upcoming generation. India is a diversified country and people of the different region took interests in different things. India should create a bright future if the proper training schools, Infrastructure provided in a better manner. We all know Hard work is the key to success but for that hard work, we need those facilities also because without a proper facility one cannot develop their skills. So India can really perform well and go ahead from where it is now and can really create a bright future in sports. If every school give proper interest for sports from the primary classes and they include it as a part of the study so it really gives a good impact on our country that whom of the students are interested in sports and they will work in the sports from primary classes and can really lighten the name of our country. But one thing I want to say that our country belongs to a major rural population so apart from the urban population if we put efforts to develop those rural areas. They will take part in everything and really make a bright future in sports.

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Charu said: (Oct 13, 2018)  
I would like to share my view. We have proud to be an Indian. In India future of sports is very bright.

Nowadays we all seen that sports are very popular and in the sports future is very bright not for only richness but for representing India. We all know in many stream of sports very talented players represent India.

Most of people and parents are thinking sports is not good and there is no future. They only force their children for doing a study and not allowed to go for sports.

Sports is very important for health. A healthy body is also required sports and work out. Nowadays people only watching TV playing video games they are not taking initiative for sports.

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Shrirupa Bhattacharyya said: (Oct 8, 2018)  
As we are here to discuss such a crucial topic, in my opinion, we should first look into the obstacles that the Indian sports is currently facing. Though India has achieved a big success in sports, the no of athletes who have achieved this success is too less. Why is so? Don't our country have enough sports enthusiastic students? Or there are some other reasons? If we look into our educational system, what we can see is there's no specific institute in India for sports enthusiastic youths. Many of the sports enthusiastic students in India don't follow their passion because of lack of funding, lack of proper infrastructure and lack of other facilities. Though we have sports quota in govt job, the seats are very limited. If we can establish a proper centralised institute for sports and proper scholarship system for the students, many of the sports enthusiastic students will turn up, and they will think to take sports as their career. Cricket is already getting much helps. Through the infrastructural facilities, we can encourage other sports as well. And in this way, I hope India can get more Mary Kom, more syna who will be representing India in an international platform and will glorify our nation. And there will be a great future for Indian sports.

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Rahul Thakur said: (Oct 8, 2018)  
Hello Every One,

I have a mixed opinion on this, I feel the future of sports in India is Bright provided certain criteria is fulfilled.

Lack of infrastructure, lack of motivation and lack of funds will always remain the reasons which will pull us down.

As per my opinion, the population is the biggest drawback and an advantage for us.

As a disadvantage:

1. We just don't have evolved as a country which shines brightly as a sport, we have to feed our poor and ensure they are living in better houses. All in all their basic needs are fulfilled. i.e Food, shelter and clothing.

2. Even if the funds are allocated after fulfilling the above needs, the sports federation, right from the top to bottom fight for their share. i.e. corruption playing its role. So the attitude has to change right from the top. We have talent and manpower, but how will we nourish it if we don't have the right tools and infrastructure.

3. The third opinion is why do you want to play or pursue sports as a career. There is a saying try to do what you love or you will be forced to love what you do. So when you start playing or pick up a sport, do you think that this will feed my family one day. We always compare ourselves with the Olympic medalist, do you understand the amount of hard work they put in to stand on that podium. The feelings of feeding the family are distractions which never allow one to succeed in their arena, that is when you are afraid and you give up. Winning a gold medal is beyond this. This is just an excuse that I am poor who will feed my family, are first put in the effort and win than think of feeding them.

Our soldiers join forces out of love towards the nation, they know about the risk involved but they still join in.

So, I feel that the future is sports in India is complicated, unless until the attitude of the people change about sports. The corruption has to end completely, then we can think about providing facilities to our big population. Else population too will become a hindrance.

Thank you.

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Learner said: (Oct 7, 2018)  
According to me, Future of Sports in India is not good. Our country is reliant on traditional education techniques and we don't focus much on overall growth of the youth. For example, in schools there is only one games period per week, therefore the youngsters have limited career option & they don't think out of the box.

Some movies like Dangal, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag gave motivation to the students and some of them now took certain sports as their career options.

These things should be taught up in schools so that the Child can choose from a variety of Career Options.

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Soheb Shaikh said: (Oct 5, 2018)  
Future of sport in India is bright?

I must say India is a country with a billion people and yet our contribution in sports is very less. India doesn't lack in talent, it doesn't lack in hard work but lacks in support. Support from family support from the government.

Many talented players quit the sport and start working somewhere to help themselves their family because they find their problems and greater than their dreams.

No support no facility from the government makes them even more easy to quit on their dreams.

But apart from cricket, very fewer games are there were India had achieved much.

But now the position and stand for sports is charging people are coming out with determination and will. The government also started many schemes and programs to help sportsman. Many sportspeople in numerous fields had achieved miles.

If I start quoting them here list will not end.

So, in my opinion, Sports have a great future ahead for such an amazing country "INDIA".

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Mathews Ignatius said: (Sep 29, 2018)  
The future of sports in India is bright. Why I am saying this is that, If we discuss the past history of India, we are very much fond of cricket. Even though oru national sport is hockey we consider cricket as our favourite sport. Even though we have other sports the models that we were respecting and trying to imitate are from cricket only. That was something pathetic. But the things have changed and in a changing course. Now we have role models in each and every sports. With the advent of isl the football in India has strengthen their stats. Saina Nehwal and pv Sindhu has done so much to branding the game of badminton. These all some good signs which shows the sport in India is bright.

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Puskar said: (Sep 26, 2018)  
Hi everyone.

I think future of sports in India goes to the right way. Some years before in our country gave the priority only cricket, but now beside the cricket govt as well as private organization come to help the other sportsman's and provide the facility for training diet and also get the job. But this is not enough I think if govt as well as private organization are spent some big amount of money then the sporters are showing better performance and enlighten the name of India in world.

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Ramanjha said: (Sep 16, 2018)  
How much fund is given to Indian cricket player as compared to kabbadi player it's show that only cricket is popular game and other game is going to down people have less attention towards other so we have to active our all game instead of only cricket.

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Roy said: (Sep 3, 2018)  
I think the future of sports is under development.

The government along with other private sectors have taken huge responsibilities in lifting the level of sports. India this year have won a record no of medals in Asian games. Private sectors are giving a handful to the govt by organising tournaments and bringing out raw talent from remote parts of our country. But the phase of being a raw sportsman to a professional is very difficult. It is here where the Govt needs to look up rather than after a professional wins any event.

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Payal said: (Aug 31, 2018)  
Sports are liked by everyone as they are good for health and also a leisure activity. No other sport in India is as much popular as cricket is but other sports are also gaining popularity nowadays like football, kabaddi. Sports industry is developing with increased manufacturing of sports car (though it is low as compared to the production of other cars). We can see Indians participating in Asian games, Olympics etc and they perform excellently. Their participation and performance makes India and their family members proud. Thus, encouraging more people to join sports and make a career in it.

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D. Vidya Sagar said: (Aug 31, 2018)  
Now, our Indians are showing utmost interest on sports. In Asian games, the crew is performing in tremendously. We got many medals in this Asian games as compared to the past 3 times. But we are in the last position in the points table. This is because of lack of infrastructure, financial crisis to the person who is willing to show their talent.

Our India got talent to do everything, but we need perfect coaching for the particular sport or game. Because of this, our youngsters are stepping out of their interest in sports. When they grew up they need to earn money, they start searching for jobs and leave their interest on sports. Exactly they will become busy. So I think this is the main problem for our country's development in sports.

As our country has 70% of youngsters, we can do miracles in sports. Our government should make use of these youngsters and let our country's name and fame fly high.

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Saravanan said: (Aug 29, 2018)  
I think we should forget the idea of India is good at sports because they play good cricket. Because most people think that cricket is the one mainstream sports in this world. Its because of the lack of curiosity on the other sports and the lack of guidance on sports like football and many other. The government should take action in finding out the talented players by organizing the sports programmes on rural areas and also providing the perfect coach who are actually passionate about the sports. In India we have lived up to the restrictions provided by the parents as to prioritize the education over the sports more which has led to many inborn talents and many dreams so I guess the parents themselves should motivate thier kids when they are actually passionate or enthusiastic over something new.

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Abhijit said: (Aug 27, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

There are some issues which need to be addressed:

1) Lack of infrastructure.
2) Lack of Sports schools, especially in rural areas.
3) Lack of sporting culture.
4) Politics in National Sports Federations.
5) Insufficient funds.
6) Lack of incentives to sports persons.
7) Low salaries of Sports Coaches and staff in the sports field.
8) Becoming a sports person is expensive for poor and lower middle class because it requires costly sports equipment and years of dedicated hard work.
9) In India, employment opportunities in the sports field are very much less, when compared globally.
10) Lack of concurred sports culture in India.
11) Lack of quality equipment, and no proper coaches.

The present situation of sports is definitely better than before with the introduction of leagues for neglected sports. But, there is a need to develop India as a multi-sports nation. This can be done through talent search programs, thereby finding talents in especially rural areas as there is no exposure to even the talented, finding unrecognized sports disciplines, creating awareness about different sports, providing opportunities, organizing games and events to nurture it. Multiple sports must be concentrated and worked upon instead of the selective few ones.

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Deepak said: (Aug 27, 2018)  
Hello friends.

I think India have great future in sports. As we know India is the second largest country in population. But we are getting very less medals in olympics it is because of no proper guidance about sports. Government of India should also concentrate for development of sports. And sports is also one of the source to develop the country. Parents in India are forceing their children to study. They are not at all interested to send their children towards the sports. They think that education is the only key to success. Parents should incotage the children to go towards the sports. We will get lot of opportunities in getting jobs. And we have good reservation in sports.

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Sumit Kumar said: (Aug 12, 2018)  
Hello friends,

First of all, we have to discuss how to increase attraction about other games instead of cricket. Just think how cricket is more famous after coming of IPL. So for increasing attraction about other game our gov. Should pass some society in which experinced people share their experience and initiate like IPL. Many games have started (ex:PRO KABBADI, HIL, PIL etc) popular but we have far away from that mildstone where all the games all attract just like cricket. We can see people are exited we any player won the medel (ex:HIMA DAS IN ATHLETICS) we only see that time when that person won the medel than after we forgot that game so looking the future of any other games than cricket our government should launch app of soccer games, kabbadi, badminton on play store and ios and give prize to people who score best.


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Sha said: (Aug 12, 2018)  
I don't think the future of sports in India is good because of the following reasons.

1. There is a lack of infrastructure and lack of encouragement for sports in India.

2. Low salaries of sports coaches and staffs in the sports field.

3. Also, due to lack of nutrition in children from the lower class and lower middle class these children are not fit for sports because for sports people should be physically as well me mentally fit.

4. Due to the lack of job opportunity in the sports field in India. If someone failed in sport, he/she has to face struggle to make living in India.

5. Becoming a sports person is expensive for poor and lower middle class because it requires costly sports equipment.

6. Indian education system more focused on studies rather than sports.

To overcome this, parents should encourage their children in sports.

The government should provide good facilities to sportsperson and also encourage them.

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Surender Pal said: (Aug 3, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

I think Indian sports have a great future as you can see Hima Das and other athletics and sportsperson giving their best for country. And very well said "hardworking pays".

And also government Helps sportsperson by giving incentives and government Jobs sometimes it may take time because of procedural difficulties. But sportspersons have a great future.

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Vinod Karanam said: (Aug 3, 2018)  
In my point of view, sports means different games but in India only cricket is popular that doesn't mean India has good players in cricket and other games also little bit popular like hockey, football etc. If they perform well the India popularity wiil know to world. So govt take an further steps evolove the sports in all ways and enhance skills of players or find them use in proper way, if you build today we wiil enjoy everything in future so my opinion is the future of sports is depends present that depends on government if government do all the required things and encourage everyone one who are interested in sports increase their level and countrys level throughput the world.

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Pallavi said: (Aug 2, 2018)  
Appreciate @Sanu,

As per our convenience, you are right, India have not much ranking with other games. And as you said govt has not taken any steps, How could you say this? because As we seen women shows interest in cricket that's why govt gave chance to they. And also given the best support, coaching also. So, If who have a real interest in sports they can talk with the respective department.

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Sanu Raj said: (Jul 31, 2018)  
India used to perform very poorly in Olympic. Many times people of different countries make joke also as such huge country got 2 or 3 medals. Why?

The Performance of Indian cricket team is very well as its IIC raking is one in ODI. But what about other games. Future seems to be same as current scene. The government has not taken any effective steps yet regarding other games. Future of our sportsman is not secure, because they do not get a better job after their gaming age. They are also not paid well. Therefore, many good sportsmen leaves their carrier earlier due to either family pressure or lack of money. The facility of a coach is also very poor in the gaming centre, unlike other countries.

Future of Sports is in hand of government and youth of our nation. Most of the youngsters are busy in finding jobs or don't want to do hard work. To Compete with other countries, we have to follow their trends.

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Future of Sports in India

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