Future of Crypto Currencies

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HARDIXA SAVALIYA said:   4 months ago
The future of cryptocurrency in India is currently uncertain, as the Indian government has taken various steps to regulate the use of digital currencies in the country. In April 2018, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued a circular prohibiting financial institutions from providing services to businesses dealing in cryptocurrencies. However, this ban was later lifted by the Supreme Court of India in March 2020.

Since then, there have been various discussions and debates regarding the regulation of cryptocurrency in India. Some officials have expressed concerns about its use for illegal activities such as money laundering, while others have promoted its potential benefits, such as increased financial inclusion.

It is likely that the Indian government will continue to closely monitor the use of cryptocurrencies and may implement regulations in the future to ensure their safe and secure use. However, it is also possible that the government may eventually recognize the potential benefits of digital currencies and take steps to encourage their growth in the country.

Overall, the future of cryptocurrency in India remains uncertain and it is difficult to predict what direction the government will take.
However, it is clear that cryptocurrencies are gaining in popularity and it is likely that they will play a significant role in the future of finance, both globally and in India.

Porus said:   4 months ago
Hi, All

Transaction or working with crypto is said to be a game of rich ones. Blockchain technique which is the first time used for developing crypto is undoubtedly a marvellous thing. But that should be used for other transactions which is valuable in terms of physical properties.

Crypto is something which does not exist, not linked to any physical parameter so it may be capable of building a bubble. That will ultimately burst.


Heena said:   6 months ago
A cryptocurrency is a method of exchange similar to normal currency like USD. It comes along with an objective of exchanging digital information via a cryptography principles. The term cryptography involves with security transactions and controls over the new coins. Agreeing with coinpedia, the cryptocurrency market is notably getting more complex and there are end number of studies examining the role and forthcoming of Bitcoin.

Thamizh Selvan m said:   6 months ago
From my perspective,

Cryptocurrency changes the finance of the country very much. As it is decentralized in blockchain it is safer to invest and get profit.

Some of the common cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin Dogecoin Etherium and so on.

Ashish Yadav said:   6 months ago
Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency whose transaction details are stored in blockchain. This blockchain technology is based on the decentralised systems concept, meaning that no single person/company has the sole authority. Also, the data stored in these blocks are immutable, so the chances of data loss are negligible.

In 2009, Cryptocurrency came into the market. This is digit currency we can buy or sell in the national as well as international market. Is a convenient way to invest. Cryptocurrencies are of different types some of them are BITCOIN, DOGECOIN, ENTHEREUM etc.

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise due to its inherent security and ease of use. Crypto currencies are the future of payments because of the transaction speed and security it provides and that is the biggest advantage and we don't need the banks of we base our transactions on cryptos.

Simran Bishnoi said:   7 months ago
Crypto Currencies are unregulated in India but in budget 2022, the government has announced a flat 30 percent tax on gains from crypto currencies as well as TDS of 1 percent.

Abdul Muqeet said:   7 months ago
Hello everyone,

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency and in India crypto currency was banned at 2018 Then After two years, the supreme court removed the ban on cryptocurrency in India in 2020. For any transaction related to cryptocurrency, we have to 30% Tax to the Indian Government. The most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin, ripple, and many more it also contributes to the growth of the Indian economy. The future of cryptocurrency is very bright because it is rapidly increasing day by day.

Pratiksha sanam said:   7 months ago
Cryptocurrency is the technology of blockchain and blockchain technology means a decentralisation database decentralisation means a sole company in one sole personal authorised database and that's why bi it will be less possibility of data and information being misused.

So that it is safe nowadays because day by day cybercrime is increasing and people lost their money.

So, it is a great way to invest and it is more secure so in my point of view, it's a great future for the word.

Akansha jain said:   8 months ago
Future of cryptocurrencies in India is very bright and I feel that in future we all use digital currency as it takes very less time and use peer to peer network and it is also secure.

Vikram said:   8 months ago
As per my opinion.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency and in India cryptocurrency was banned at 2018 the supreme court of the removed ban on cryptocurrency in India in 2020 and then India created a rule for cryptocurrency that any transaction related to cryptocurrency will be subject to 30% of tax so because of that rule you have to pay 30% tax of your cryptocurrencies transaction to the government of India.

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