Films are corrupting the Indian Youth

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Hanumanth said:   4 months ago
This is my opinion that Films are corrupting the Indian Youth. Nowadays most of the youth would like to see movies, movies make the impact of good and bad, especially youth more of time spend on movies they are lack of concentrate on carrier goals, some of the members after seen the movie they will implement on real life activities that is not good finally I share one thing watching movies not bad but how you taking the message on that is very important.

Paridhi said:   9 months ago
If films are corrupting the Indian youth then we should question our education and upbringing instead of the films. It is one's perspective that decides the judgment, being a youth of this nation I know what is good or bad for me and if the films can influence me. The films are made for entertainment purposes only and a great help to the economy as well there so many employments connected to this field. People especially the youth of this country are not that foolish to let the media and the films to tame them.

Anjali k said:   1 year ago
Yeah, films are corrupting the Indian youth but it is not completely true.

Why it is not completely true because there are a lot of films that inspires you like 3 Idiots, Lakshya those movies motivate you and some movies related to the family. There are a lot of movies that give you some good messages but I can't say all movies are bad or all movies are good it completely depends on us that what kind of movies we are watching and what message we are getting, what things we are learning at the time of watching a movie.

Because there are a lot of things available in this world some bad things or good things so it depend on us. We can learn anything from everything available in this world so try to learn good things and avoid bad things.

But nowadays there are a lot of films that shows only some bad scene like smoking, drinking, erotic scene and related to the crime that affects our new generation why it is affecting because people try to do the same things whatever they watch in the movie they don't think it will be good for us or not so don't try to copy.

And last, I would like to say watch good things and learn from there it would be helpful in future. And watch movies for just enjoyment purposes but don't take them too seriously in your life.

Thanks for giving me this platform for sharing my views.

Janta Tudu said:   2 years ago
Films are corrupting not only the Indian Youth.

And also not only the youths those who are not conscious about the films and those who are addicted too much they are following the actors without any judges whatever it is good or bad. They are doing wrong in society. For that reason, some people can say that films are corrupting the youth but I think it is not fully true, because if we watch movies consciously and find some good things it will be good for us. And in every movie, there is some good message we should find out the good message and do good for the society.

Aadya singh said:   2 years ago
First of all I would like to say thanks for giving me such a beautiful platform to share my view on such a serious topic.

So, yeah, in my opinion, films are an integral part of human life and we can't ignore the fact that people always try to copy the hairstyle, dressing sense, and even the speaking texture of the actors or actresses. This is a swing that how much people connect themselves with the films. People blindly follow the actors and actresses in their personal life also. So, of course, it becomes the responsibility to the actors to choose storylines which inspire their audience. Whatever the audience sees on the screen they start coping with those things without thinking that it is good or bad. Even the use of abusive languages is also increasing in the films and because of that people especially the youths are so much more comfortable using such languages. So that's how we can say that films are corrupting Indian youth.

Haf said:   2 years ago

In my point of view, See the films like a film don't take it into your lifestyle, just enjoy the movie and take a good message from that film, don't get addicted it.

Have Great Day.

Prathamesh khodke said:   2 years ago
In my opinion, all movies are not like same, there are so many movies that are too good and spread important messages to our youth.

But yes, now there are too many movies that are corrupting the youth. Nowadays, why Indian cinema is making movies about gangsters and showing them as a hero, and like they were doing everything and killing people and becoming a gangster also got fame.

Nowadays, I see many young guys are making gangsters with their ambition. And they are coming on the track of crime.

Pranith said:   2 years ago

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my views on the given topic.

I think we are mature enough to think what we should see and what not because it's our interest.

Sai kumar said:   3 years ago
As for my opinion, it is not true about films corrupting Indian youth. A film is a combination of good and bad elements. If in a film, hero is enjoying the life and later he works hard and successful. And now we come to auditions (especially youth). And they only observe the only enjoying part and they didn't think about their future. And spoil their life and give up on their dream and leads unsatisfied life. If we watch the film, there is good and bad, but new have to adopt the good and be an inspiration to others.

Films make the youth to think. Shows the problems in society and gives the solution.

Jaya said:   3 years ago
Hello, I'm Jaya.

I don't agree with that films are corrupting the Indian youth because films produce useful messages every Film has unique message. It's totally depends on the person in which way he takes that message. There are so many movies which realise the importance of parents, friends and our nation etc.

We can get some chill mood through this movies and it can combine our friends and parents.

There are many people are depends on film industry and there are doing a lot of help to people. Through this film industry we are seeing great people like Rajikanth, Chiranjeevi.

So from my point of view, it depends on our opinion only.

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