Facebook needs to clarify policies on content removal!

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Ashutosh Bhise said:   6 years ago
Yes, I think FB needs to clarify policies on the content of removal. Spreading rumours and brainwashing is done mainly with the help of social networking sites which are the main reason behind overall disturbance in the society.

Kriti said:   6 years ago
Friends as we see that cases of fake news increasing the cases of mob lynching in the country the need is that to prohibit such content. As we seen that one of the major platform for such fairness are social networking sites. So there is urgent need for content removal and supervision. Also we seen in the past many fanatic ideology get there base and strength from social sites. So, for controlling such brainwashing ideology to get circulate we need to a right of content removal. Also from one of the report published it was found that the terror group circulates their ideology using such platforms very common and easy because it's is difficult to find the source and track of those. Also very quickly change their identity.

Mohd azam said:   6 years ago
Hello friends.

From my point of views, Facebook should have policies. Because people are using fack account on fb and use abusing words, bad comments on each other post and upload nonsense post-communal posts etc. At least there should be a little bit parameters like Aadhar no should be linked from account so that no one can do such kind of activities.

BALU said:   6 years ago
Yes, I agree by using FB its have been useful for communication, but linking with AADHAR is used to errase fake accounts.

Ann said:   6 years ago
I agree with Prathap, Without making any sense many people using FB. Due to them, some problems are faced. Nowadays we need to link all important documents or accounts with ADHAAR. If FB is linked with ADHAAR the people get aware of their activities.

Kshitij gadge said:   6 years ago
Definitely, Facebook needs to clarify policies on content removal. There are numerous cases related to data breaching and illegal sharing of personal memoranda of the user, resulting in online fraud and ransomware. Enormous sexual and adult content convey a wrong signal to the youth of the developing nations, to be more specific, INDIA, where 70% of youth population serves the countries Economic sledging. Also, being a diverse country, some fanatics attaches an irrelevant post which creates a situation of instability among the communities. Propagation of fake ideology among the users and brainwashing are the fundamental lacuna of Facebook. Thus fb should upgrade its policy as per the status quo of the world.

Thank you!

Mohan said:   6 years ago
In my view, although there were many uses of facebook, bad things can also be observed in facebook like posting adult content, posting abusing words in the comments, creating fake accounts to lure the people etc. So when certain content is found bad, it should be removed with immediate action. Facebook has to make policies to achieve this.

Pramod Rai said:   6 years ago
Hello Everyone,

According to my point of view.

Facebook plays the most important role each and every sectors. But it depends on the person how to utilize it. If we use this one in an appropriate way it gives the lots up advantages to us. But if we used this one in just to spend the time it effects in the lots of areas of our life.

Suraj Kumar said:   6 years ago
As per my opinion,

It may be useful or it may be hazard depending on the view of using.

It will be useful for advertisement, making friendship with good people, posting good things and using it as our any knowledgeable purposes.

But it is very hazarding for those people who posting bad things, making a fake id for snaring new people, in the comment use unnecessary abusing word. So these either use FB as time pass or cheating people.

So like that it may be useful or hazard.

Prakash said:   6 years ago
Hello every one,

Yes, Facebook should clarify policies on content removal, it is a platform to share our view to related any point. It is a platform so we can communicate to the people in the worldwide facebook should clarify policies on content removal not only about sexual content about all running application which are running on Facebook platform like when you getting married, when will you die, they should remove all this type of things.

A few days back some personal data leaked because of this type of things.

Facebook should take care of this.

This is my point of view.

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