Ethics in Business are just a passing fashion

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Kapil Rathore said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends i want to initiate the topic "Ethics in Business are just a passing fashion" & of-course i am totally satisfied with the given topic, In this competitive Era every buddy wants to see himself at the top of business world, and for that they can do any things doesn't matter that are Ethicist or not.

Vivek said:   1 decade ago
Yeah I agree with you Kapil that every one wants to be the top businessman. But they don't have ethics in their business they cant go to the top. You can gain short term benefits if you are unethical but to gain long long term goals or to become a great businessman you should have ethics within you and in your work.

Ankit said:   1 decade ago
In the world of business profit are the measure of the success, so for the profit no one cares for ethics. Now a day Ethics are the only world which is just added in the corporations code of conduct.

Neha said:   1 decade ago
Ethics to me is a highly individualistic term. Ethics in real term cannot be generalised, the thing which seems ethical to me may not look ethical to you. However, I am not supporting being unethical. Ethics in business is good to follow. But we can see many corporate giants (its not right to mention the names on a public forum) who have being unethical in one or the other way and are adding numbers to its growing revenues.

Ethics are highly dynamic in today's competitive era.

Viji said:   1 decade ago
My view about this topic is that one cannot be a good businessmen when he has no sincerity and fails to follow the business ethics. It is like cheating the people and their ownself.

So to be a good businessman and a good individual one must have their own rule towards their business goal.

Nazima said:   1 decade ago
Ethics play a very important role in doing our own business. Because every individual has its own perception, the ways to smooth-running of their business. Some people who are humorous follows ethics and who are not they won't, being ethical actually matters a lot for our business in achieving long term goals.

Reddy said:   1 decade ago
According to my perception being ethical shouldn't be a rule to be to be followed by people. Being ethical should always be fire in the heart of a business men in the business world and also other people which helps in building a minor but the most important relations and people which is quite essential for the development of an organisation.

Ethics is an hidden and always driving force for every corporate individual which can be proved through the development we gain till now in business sector. So ethics is never a passing fashion.

Harish patidar said:   1 decade ago
In today's world ethics is much more important, if you don't cares for others you would not go longer but you can earn only short term profit. Let take a example of Ratan Tata men who knows the values of others and made a car in just 1 lakh rupees for peoples who dreaming for a car. Other side take example of Bhopal gas tragedy in which thousand of people lost their lives, just because of irresponsibility. Here men doesn't know the values of peoples and then he flies off from India and today he, Anderson is neither a good business nor a good men.

So friends one should know the ethics for business then only he became a good business men.

Himani Chandel said:   1 decade ago
Value based organisations, such as Infosys, has demonstrated that even so-called soft concept can be very powerful. As ethics covers all the possible areas of business, end and means should justifiable as per the norms of society. Rather than to become showy characters businesses should integrate core values, such as, integrity, honesty, fair practices, trust, respect with policy making and decision making.

Amey said:   1 decade ago
I believe unethical practices can only get you short term gain..for a business to succeed the company has to build a everlasting relationship with their customers, by making use of unethical practices, they cant last in this tough competition for long, this lesson was learned by Mr, Raju of Satyam the hard way..When you think of TATA group, the first thing that comes to your mind is their integrity and ethics, so the customers are assured of quality from TATA

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