Ethics in Business are just a Passing Fad

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Shivani somani said:   5 years ago
In my opinion, Ethics in business is not a passing fad.

To be ethical in business is very important to run it. If you are not ethical than you cannot survive long in the market. Once you lost your ethics, moral values and goodwill than it is difficult to gain again in this highly competitive business world.

We can take an eg of Tata company, it really business on ethics that's why it still has a good name and fame in the business world.

Palash said:   6 years ago
Hello everyone,

According to me, the main objective of any business is to gain max profit. Its true.

Thus nowadays people want to gain more profit by any method or by hook and crook.

But they forget that work is worship. Soon or after every thing will get open and there business will start declining.

Uttara deb said:   6 years ago
Hello. Myself Uttara.

I feel the topic of ethics in business is a passing fad is appropriate in today's scenario. Ethics and values are the soul of any business. If the organisation can't resort to ethics values and morals the business won't be a sustainable one. Because truth always prevails. If we take instances. Whenever we visit any cosmetic store we find a sales person across the counter. The sole intention of that person is to hurt your emotional point. He persuades you buy saying lies which force us to buy the products at the end though we don't need them. And we end up having bad skin after using those products. So here ethical business practices gets marred. Recently in India maggi was banned for following unlawfull business practices. The company used to hide tge original quantity of lead and msg in the products which are really harmful for gealth. Then in Volkswagen case. The carbon monoxide emission from its diesel cars were said to have way lesser than the original one. Their also the company resorted to bad business practices to earn profit. So falsification unethical values are almost prevalent in today's world. But in all the examples the companies lost the customer faith on them. Eventually their businesses stands unsustainable. So ultimately. To do a business ethical values is the most important quality that one possesses. Thank you.

Anamika said:   6 years ago
No, Ethics in Business can never be a passing Fad. Ethics are the basics of a business. If a business wants to go long and earn more goodwill it will have to work on its ethics. Without ethics, if a business tries to earn more profit it will remain only for a short span of the time, Because all consumer needs a quality, loyalty and integrity from any business. He will be a long consumer only when you meet their expectations. So I would like to say, ethics are very important for any business.

Tanuj said:   6 years ago
Hey everyone dere!

The thing I just wrote upwards is a sense of ethics and norms.

I strongly believe that ethics in a business corporation is not a passing fad. Any business who wants to be established with a huge esteem needs to follow it's operations on the base of ethics set by the policy framers.

A business ' success and failure lie in the ethics which it holds. A positive attitude with effective ethics is the only Mantra for the success in no time.


Think positive life passionately!


Neeraj said:   6 years ago
Hi Guys,

How we can say that manners are just passing fad in the business whereas we know very well that without manners we can not achieve even a thing in our business. Ethics is the base of any business even if you are trying to cheat someone to make some more profit so for that also there is need of that kind of manners because both situations having its own manners whether it is wrong or write. But good manners always play a long relationship with the customers through which we earn a lot in our business.

When we abide in beautiful management so we always try to play a very handsome role with the people because people are nothing but assets for any organisation. Those companies always get handsome profit which always invests into people with the help of their better manners. Because a better scale of manners always teaches us that how to deal with the people to complete the particular task.

We know that companies are able to run because of handsome profit and that's why most companies try to cheat the people for making more and more profit but as per my experience companies are able to earn better profit to show its better manners towards honest way because "honesty is the best policy" where all people feel free to do their best performance before the people and with the people at a place.

Ethics always tries to emerge positive energy from ourselves for the others between the meeting through which are able to perform better because a healthy environment is that which is being accepted by all people at the place. So overall, I would say that the ethics is very important to use in the business to grow forever.


Tarali said:   7 years ago

I believe ethics in business can never be a passing fad.

Ethics are very important for the growth of business. Ethics relate to a person's moral value.

By using false practices a businessman can earn huge profits but only for a short span of time. Business is all about customer satisfaction, fulfilling their demands. Then only customers will appreciate the hard work and stay loyal to the organization. In this cutthroat competition of the business world, one cannot afford to lose valuable customers.

So by ethical practices, only an organization can earn trust and money in the long run.

Thank you.

Manoj Kumar Singh said:   7 years ago
Ethics in business is not a norms rather a challenge. It encompasses broader aspects like abiding all norms and regulations laid down by government. Further customer satisfaction, redressal of their grievance, allocation of CSRI fund and it's rational spending are also important. Protecting environment and providing jobs ton local people are essential element of business ethics. Rehabilitation process with proper compensation are equally essential element of business ethics.

Utkarsh garg said:   7 years ago
Yes, since the inception of CSR a lot of company showing what they do for the society. They want to be in a limelight so they gain people's sympathy which would help them to show them in a better light and thus gain the emotional psychology over the people.

Dinu said:   7 years ago
Before actually getting into point lets start with ETHICS. It is a moral value. In view of this, I believe business ethics is nothing but providing the customer's satisfaction which is very difficult to achieve. I believe companies look to pay back for the money if not in complete satisfaction but to partial fulfillment of customer wish or desire. Business is not a short-term goal of any person so companies stick to their morals not only to customers but to an environment by cleaning the surroundings as many MNCs and Indian companies do. I strongly believe ethics in business (long run) are not passing fad.

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