Ethics in Business are just a Passing Fad

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Shivani Somani said: (Apr 16, 2018)  
In my opinion, Ethics in business is not a passing fad.

To be ethical in business is very important to run it. If you are not ethical than you cannot survive long in the market. Once you lost your ethics, moral values and goodwill than it is difficult to gain again in this highly competitive business world.

We can take an eg of Tata company, it really business on ethics that's why it still has a good name and fame in the business world.

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Palash said: (Sep 11, 2017)  
Hello everyone,

According to me, the main objective of any business is to gain max profit. Its true.

Thus nowadays people want to gain more profit by any method or by hook and crook.

But they forget that work is worship. Soon or after every thing will get open and there business will start declining.

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Uttara Deb said: (Jul 15, 2017)  
Hello. Myself Uttara.

I feel the topic of ethics in business is a passing fad is appropriate in today's scenario. Ethics and values are the soul of any business. If the organisation can't resort to ethics values and morals the business won't be a sustainable one. Because truth always prevails. If we take instances. Whenever we visit any cosmetic store we find a sales person across the counter. The sole intention of that person is to hurt your emotional point. He persuades you buy saying lies which force us to buy the products at the end though we don't need them. And we end up having bad skin after using those products. So here ethical business practices gets marred. Recently in India maggi was banned for following unlawfull business practices. The company used to hide tge original quantity of lead and msg in the products which are really harmful for gealth. Then in Volkswagen case. The carbon monoxide emission from its diesel cars were said to have way lesser than the original one. Their also the company resorted to bad business practices to earn profit. So falsification unethical values are almost prevalent in today's world. But in all the examples the companies lost the customer faith on them. Eventually their businesses stands unsustainable. So ultimately. To do a business ethical values is the most important quality that one possesses. Thank you.

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Anamika said: (Jun 23, 2017)  
No, Ethics in Business can never be a passing Fad. Ethics are the basics of a business. If a business wants to go long and earn more goodwill it will have to work on its ethics. Without ethics, if a business tries to earn more profit it will remain only for a short span of the time, Because all consumer needs a quality, loyalty and integrity from any business. He will be a long consumer only when you meet their expectations. So I would like to say, ethics are very important for any business.

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Tanuj said: (Jun 22, 2017)  
Hey everyone dere!

The thing I just wrote upwards is a sense of ethics and norms.

I strongly believe that ethics in a business corporation is not a passing fad. Any business who wants to be established with a huge esteem needs to follow it's operations on the base of ethics set by the policy framers.

A business ' success and failure lie in the ethics which it holds. A positive attitude with effective ethics is the only Mantra for the success in no time.


Think positive life passionately!


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Neeraj said: (Jun 9, 2017)  
Hi Guys,

How we can say that manners are just passing fad in the business whereas we know very well that without manners we can not achieve even a thing in our business. Ethics is the base of any business even if you are trying to cheat someone to make some more profit so for that also there is need of that kind of manners because both situations having its own manners whether it is wrong or write. But good manners always play a long relationship with the customers through which we earn a lot in our business.

When we abide in beautiful management so we always try to play a very handsome role with the people because people are nothing but assets for any organisation. Those companies always get handsome profit which always invests into people with the help of their better manners. Because a better scale of manners always teaches us that how to deal with the people to complete the particular task.

We know that companies are able to run because of handsome profit and that's why most companies try to cheat the people for making more and more profit but as per my experience companies are able to earn better profit to show its better manners towards honest way because "honesty is the best policy" where all people feel free to do their best performance before the people and with the people at a place.

Ethics always tries to emerge positive energy from ourselves for the others between the meeting through which are able to perform better because a healthy environment is that which is being accepted by all people at the place. So overall, I would say that the ethics is very important to use in the business to grow forever.


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Tarali said: (Feb 14, 2017)  

I believe ethics in business can never be a passing fad.

Ethics are very important for the growth of business. Ethics relate to a person's moral value.

By using false practices a businessman can earn huge profits but only for a short span of time. Business is all about customer satisfaction, fulfilling their demands. Then only customers will appreciate the hard work and stay loyal to the organization. In this cutthroat competition of the business world, one cannot afford to lose valuable customers.

So by ethical practices, only an organization can earn trust and money in the long run.

Thank you.

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Manoj Kumar Singh said: (Dec 29, 2016)  
Ethics in business is not a norms rather a challenge. It encompasses broader aspects like abiding all norms and regulations laid down by government. Further customer satisfaction, redressal of their grievance, allocation of CSRI fund and it's rational spending are also important. Protecting environment and providing jobs ton local people are essential element of business ethics. Rehabilitation process with proper compensation are equally essential element of business ethics.

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Utkarsh Garg said: (Dec 20, 2016)  
Yes, since the inception of CSR a lot of company showing what they do for the society. They want to be in a limelight so they gain people's sympathy which would help them to show them in a better light and thus gain the emotional psychology over the people.

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Dinu said: (Dec 14, 2016)  
Before actually getting into point lets start with ETHICS. It is a moral value. In view of this, I believe business ethics is nothing but providing the customer's satisfaction which is very difficult to achieve. I believe companies look to pay back for the money if not in complete satisfaction but to partial fulfillment of customer wish or desire. Business is not a short-term goal of any person so companies stick to their morals not only to customers but to an environment by cleaning the surroundings as many MNCs and Indian companies do. I strongly believe ethics in business (long run) are not passing fad.

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Dictator said: (Dec 8, 2016)  
Hello friends,

Every business is initiated on its own principle. These companies work on these ethics and bound with these ethics morally. But in the present days where profit is more important than ethics these company vitiating its own principle. Like many companies bound to do not harm the environment or forest but they do only sake of profit and spread its business. For example, many oil company excessively harness oil from the earth, for what? answer. Is more production and more profit. But there is also a few company which insists on their ideology and ethics. But most of the company are only profit centered company and consider ethics less in comparison to profit or production.

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Ritika said: (Nov 30, 2016)  
As everyone knows ethics are the moral principles that govern a person's actions.

In business, this is the most necessary thing as the base of business is ethics. But know a day it is just a passing fade. Every firm is busy in making profits. They have forgotten about their ethics to treat customers as God, to respect every customer. The main ethics they are forgetting is they are using society resources so they have their responsibility towards society. So know youth, the future of India has to take the step to spread awareness and have to protect our ethics.

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Pankaj said: (Nov 27, 2016)  
As we are from Indian background so everyone thought of his reputation on behalf or moral values which we are calling ethics so if we make a trustworthy relation with customer then we can achieve what we want.

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Himanshu said: (Nov 8, 2016)  
According to me, ethics in business should be a passing fade.

Ethics relates to a person's moral value. Coming to the business it is, how much you are true to your work and to your customers who chose you. Ethics in business is you don't only see your profit by cheating on your customers but also doing a full justification to them and with their demands. So, therefore ethics in this place is very important, because it will be your ethics that will attach a large group of customers with you and it will make a huge success.

Using false practices in your business, you can make a huge profit in your business, but it will be only for a short spam and not for a long time.

If you do full justice with your job as well as with your customers and work with your proper ethics, maybe the profit at that time would be little low, but it will help you in your upcoming future. Customers will bound to you for lifetime seeing your hard work. They will appreciate that you not only thought about your earnings but also valued them. As a result, your business will make a huge success, as customer satisfaction is the important rule in the business world.

Moreover, it will give you inner peace and will make you love your work.

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Shrikrishna Padalkar said: (Nov 6, 2016)  
I feel that yes it's true to some extent. There is a common attitude of "Chalta Hai" (Hindi) in most of the firms. One of the reasons of succumbing to unethical practices is the lack of will-power from the employee's side and the pressure imparted to complete the task within a certain deadline from the Manager's side.

So, I think both the Management and the employees should Synergize keeping in mind ethics at the core of performing any task.

If you don't resort to unethical practices your skills as well as happiness level rises. So, ethics should not be compromised at any cost.

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Kavitha said: (Oct 26, 2016)  
The rules that come on the basis of ethics is not a fad for many companies. In the long run, it is trust that the company earns that matters the most. For example, the TATA group which has existed for more than 100 years. They have earned the name as a trusted brand. The completed the Nano project for benefit of common man even though they were making losses. Also, a place where ethics matter is a joyful place to work at. Tata group has gone to the extent of changing their heads in management when they tried to compromise on their philanthropy activities. Many companies take ethics very seriously.

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Kemy Srivastava said: (Oct 15, 2016)  
According to me, ethics in business plays a vital role as we considered that customer satisfaction is the first priority for every business so if we follow some ethics in our business so customer will emotionally attach towards the business as far as I know that if there is some ethical things were involved more people are going to attract with the business ethics not only hear concern of only religious and beliefs but it also talks that business person will never try to make fool the customer always provide a right quality and quantity of product and services what ever they are offering.

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Sony said: (Oct 14, 2016)  
Hi, friends.

I believe that ethic plays important role in business. Business is the relationship between customer and company. We know very well the what is the definition of healthy relationship. Same thing with business. Customer trust you that's why they have attached with your company. You earn more money once the time whenever you cheat with your customer but if you want to earn for lifetime of business. Ethics should be in your business.

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Vj'S said: (Oct 14, 2016)  
Yes, business ethics is required as it is a prima facia of a company in a long run. Not only in
business but in every segment of life inclusion of ethics leads to success eg: Sports, Relations.

As far as business is considered in a long run befooling users long time is hardly possible. As after a span of time customer identifies a name by its image in the market which is hardly possible without ethics.

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Bipuljee said: (Oct 14, 2016)  
Ethics in business are not at all a passing fad and for sure will never be in future even. Business is all about making profits by satisfying customers needs. By being unethical a businessman can befool customers only for once or twice but not always. So it may seem profitable. But it has very short span. So. For a sustainable and growing business. One must be loyal to customers. By being ethical is a safe side for one to prosper his businessman.

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Karan said: (Oct 3, 2016)  
Hi everyone, my view on this topic is that by following ethics in business are just foolishness. People who believe in equality, and by following only certain methods cannot achieve what he strives for.

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Varsha Lawate said: (Oct 3, 2016)  
Business ethics is important to every organization for creating a good image of society.

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Ibrahim said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
According to me, Ethics in business is important, because as it is said whats goes around comes around.

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Pranav Singh said: (Sep 19, 2016)  
As from my point of view, if a company wants to be in the market for a long time or flourish in their business then they must have to follow the ethics related to business. I want to justify my point with an example a few months ago everyone has heard about a phone called freedom 251 Mr Modi ji make in India initiative but you all know that what happened to that company and their product F251. They have made promises in which they got so much costumer and demand but at last what they promised they are not able to deliver. So for a business what they promise is part of ethics if they can't they can't survive in the market.

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Subham said: (Sep 12, 2016)  
Ethics in a business determines its internal control and seriousness of a business towards their customer. Every customer will prefer an ethical organization to deal with. Every organization is looking forward to showing themselves as an ethical one. After so many scams in India, it has become a trend to show that every organization is ethical. Ethics will lead in achieving organization's long-term objective. So I will say that ethics are not just a passing fad instead it's a standard for comparison.

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Jalaj said: (Sep 9, 2016)  
Hi, this discussion is going well, but my pint of view, I do not agree with this statement that passing fads and all. Every business starts from a small status or small scale, to make that business large or stable be had to maintain our customer. Because there are already many businesses running in the market like you are starting. And they have already their customer. So to make a profit and provide stability in the market be had to maintain our customer and follow ethics towards his customer to maintain regular customer.

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Vidyesh said: (Sep 6, 2016)  
News of corporate espionage by giant conglomerates and some prominent examples in recent past like Enron, Kingfisher airlines creates doubt in mind of people that whether concept like 'Business Ethics' exist or it is the only useless study subject taught in B schools to managers having no practical application. Ethics in business depends on the values that organization stand for. We must also look at in this fierce competitive environment there are organizations which are known for there core values .

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Glan said: (Aug 21, 2016)  
Ethics in business are not just a passing fad. This is the age of competition and not monopoly. The customers are having many options in the market, so it is important that firms maintain their regular customers. To maintain these customers ethics are very important, be it social, cultural, or any other. Customers are a media of advertisement also, they will recommend their friends and relatives about the firms. A business without ethics is simply a losing concern.

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Akanksha Nigam said: (Aug 1, 2016)  

I believe that ethics are very important for the growth of a business. Those who follow get success and sustainable in the market and those who won't; might get profit for a certain period of time but I assure that they can't grow for a long run. Ethics can never be a passing fad it will be the soul and root of the business by which how many problems can come but if the root is strong so no any disaster can affect it.

We all know that business gets profits only through his customers so if you won't serve them quality than how can you expect that it can help to grow your business. It won't work for large scale business and also not for a small scale business.

To clear my point I'm putting an example I.E if you go for a tea stall and you won't find tea good then what you will do? You will pay for the first time for the tea but you'll never give the chance to that tea staller or attender and also you'll stop your friend to avoid drinking tea at that point and explain the whole which you experienced and one or the another day that tea staller is in loss as because he not only loose one customer but also many by the bad experience of a one customer. So what happen is if you are not providing quality and not following ethics while building up your business and also not continuing it you'll never gain profit.

I hope that could be helpful to understand that ethics are just like an asset of any business.

Thank you.

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Thejus said: (Jul 19, 2016)  
I think ethics is a relative term. Definition of ethics changes from person to person. If you want to succeed in business you will have to smart business. A famous marketing person once said "we have to come up with great products and project it to be a greater product to our consumers"; well he did compromise on ethics for some people. But at the end of the day, such a person did make the profit and acquire a rep.

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Mazher said: (Jul 16, 2016)  
Hi Everyone,

I would like to contribute to the healthy discussion.

From my P.O.V, I agree with the statement "Ethics are just the passing fads".

In current scenario where business is a global challenge and the market is at the pinnacle of competition.

It's not true that every business avoids the ethical values as there are traditional business's which own their flagship by maintaining a never ending relationship with their distributor, patrons, clients and partners by achieving their confidence and faith through high moral values.

At present, New business's entering the market with their primary motto to earn high profits at a short span of time which leads them to practice unlawful and deceitful activities to grab customers.

I conclude that a business can own a goodwill by abiding with the ethics designed and practiced by all organization staff.

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Amit Solanki said: (Feb 13, 2016)  
Hi friend.

According to me if we want to run business for long term process than we should to apply ethics in business because every business men want to earn maximize profit with goodwill. And there are many company running good business like Infosys, Wipro, Reliance etc.

All these company are earn maximize profit and it doesn't matter this apply only for long term business, we can apply short term business and we should do every work in such good manner because if we don't like that than we call business man.

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Priyanka.Hk. said: (Jan 27, 2016)  
In my opinion I like to express that business must be in ethical way it must not be for short period. If business is people of ethics it is great advantages for business it enhances their reputation of organisation and it build the loyalty between customer, supplier as well as shareholder.

I like to conclude by saying that ethics is not new thing in the business field it is since vedic period all business organisation must implement the view of ethics.

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Shefali said: (Aug 27, 2015)  
Hello friends. I would like to start by saying that today the monopoly system had vanished to a great extent. In order to survive in the market for a long run it is very important for an organization to build up a good repo & to continue with it.

I agree there is a requirement to earn maximum profits as early as possible but we cannot deny the fact that business works on ethics & good relationships between customer & manufacturer or service provider. So it is beneficial for an organization to acquire the name, the goodwill in order to survive on long run.

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Stephen said: (Aug 24, 2015)  
Well I would like to join into this healthy discussion. People now a days expect quality product and finally they end up getting cheated by quantity. Being ethical always cannot suit for one's business people who argue for ethics, themselves aren't ethical in business. They just keep their own ethics in words but in their actions.

Whatever the case maybe, being 100% ethical cannot turn you profit and being 100% unethical will not make you reliable in the market. There are some instances where you have to be ethical as well as unethical in order to get a good turn over. There should be a mixture both stuffs each people has their ethics on their own.

So choose the best way at the best situation in a business comprising of groups, there may arise problems between them because of different ethics among different minds. So in that case being unethical can bring the dispute between them to an end. So have a mixture of both, and taste profit to the core.

Thank you.

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Vasanti said: (Jul 8, 2015)  
In my opinion ethics in business ate very important its like body without shoal. For doing business profit is must be important but it obtained in only ethical manner. I know that it very difficult to obtain more profit in less time but not impossible.

When the customary believe on your company product then trust is developed between company and customer with the help of this trust your company may will be in top level. When you able to reach that top level then no one can fall you this is happen when you go in ethical manner.

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Rinku Stephen said: (Feb 12, 2015)  
As businesses flourish, they try to project a squeaky clean image and so make use of ethics. Once the business is hit, they would definitely discard ethics and take advantage of non-ethical means.

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Alen Franca said: (Feb 2, 2015)  
When I look at the world today, we need each other and its through this enables one to follow other peoples example so as to achieve the best therefore one needs to be ethical and value other peoples efforts and work.

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Chitrangada said: (Dec 12, 2014)  
Hi friends.

We all have heard success can be achieved by anyone but to keep us there we should have strong character. Same thing applies in business. Any business totally depends upon customer, there are the king of market and its necessary to every businessman to make there loyal customers.

Hence for this we need ethics to be part of business. Its ethics which will keep your success forever. The faith of your customer in you brings name, fame and the most imp. Profit which is the agenda of each business.

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Umesh Khadela said: (Oct 26, 2014)  
Hi Everyone, I am Umesh and I would like to add something to this ongoing discussion.

As per my point of view ethics is the utmost important thing for the survival of the business, because it is the credit that will earn profit for a longer period for any company, it is the quality that provides major revenue to the company.

In today's world in India only so many generic drug manufacturers produce drugs, but still people believe in the standard company, why because they maintain their ethics for all thing, like efficacy, patient compliance.

Same in the IT sector, people are paying too much money for APPLE Iphone, why?

In nutshell I would like to say that ethics generate more revenue for company by creating a good brand image of company in the mindset of customer, so its not passing fad but vital thing for any business.

Thank you.

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Raj said: (May 2, 2014)  
India is a competitive world and every one has to compete for their survival. As competition is increasing companies strive to be ethical.

1. Business today runs on basis of faith by clients and employee following the trust business runs smoothly on both the parties.

2. Earning profits in short run by going against company rules and values may give temporary growth but then without values no clients can trust you on your deals.

Therefore business ethics should be followed.

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Biswajit said: (Mar 19, 2014)  
Ethics according to me is the key for every company to stay alive and run the race in the long run. A company which follows ethics will have a satisfied consumer base and will try to live up to their expectations which in the process benefits the company as they have to value their moral values and hence the employees in the company will be satisfied too.

Hence in my opinion a company must look for profits but must also have some ethical values which will help the company to stay alive in the long run.

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Devyani said: (Mar 6, 2014)  
If business wants to prosper then it has to follow certain ethics. Without ethics, suppose business is making false claims and selling there products, they might make profit for short run but the company will never flourish. I don want to elaborate but would like to cite a few examples. Let us take CAR companies like BUGATTI, LAMBORGHINI, FERRARI, PAGANI. They have there business ethics and they are still ruling, if they had think about profit then they could have produced tonnes of such cars. What they want is to produce quality. They follow ethics, they produce certain editions and we can see they are ruling and will keep on ruling.

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Aasim said: (Mar 4, 2014)  
Hello friends, the ethics in regard with business are as necessary as 'flow' for water to maintain its purity until the water is not pure no one will like to drink also no one will like to use it. So ethics in business are to necessary to maintain its efficient working like we ourselves don't buy a product which does not specify our needs with good quality. And in business to maintain quality is to follow the ethics otherwise it will cause a waste of time with no money and satisfaction.

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Shantanu Ghosal said: (Mar 4, 2014)  
Hi Friends.

There was a time when business corporations only used to think about making profits. Profit used to be the sole driver of business.

But back then companies were also few and so the consumers had lesser options.

However at present the number of companies in any sector have increased remarkably which also increased the competition. And so every company tries to project itself as the most socially aware, as the most righteous, as the best employer and one which provide best facilities to its employees to attract more consumers and talented people to work in their firm. These social and ethical responsibilities undertaken by firms so as their increase their economic viability is called 'Business Ethics'.

With the ever increasing number of companies, increasing competition and increasing globalization it is becoming very important for the firms to incorporate and follow business ethics so as to create a good image in the mind of the consumers and their employees, otherwise their employees and consumers both can desert them for other better options.

So Business Ethics is not a passing fad rather in future it is going to be the chief driving force behind businesses.

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Vijay Kumar Yadav said: (Mar 3, 2014)  
Ya, it is true in far extend. In today corporate culture the only things which matter most is Profit at any cost. To make more profit companies are just ignoring the ethical value which is really needed in the corporate world.

In today scenario, companies are not even bother about the ethical values because they have the feeling that you can't make enough money though the way of ethics. They are busy in making money and continuously avoiding the importance of ethical value. This is not a bad idea to make profit but to ignore the ethics is not fair.

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Kapil Sharma said: (Feb 28, 2014)  
Hi friends.

Business means profit. But what is the meaning of profit that depend on the businessman. For the short term we can take money as a profit but in the long run we must strong fundamentals of business. Company's reputation, working environment in company resell value of products, acceptability of product all matters a lot and for sure for that you have to bind with ethical values.

We can see it in another way that in practical life it is hard to apply. When anybody starts a business he/she always try to make more money and that is the main requirement of company because the expansion of company depend on it but try to avoid those things which is strongly against your ethics.

A little bit fakes is allowed in this era of changing business world very fast but also try to maintain fundamental values of the company.

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Sunil Kumar said: (Feb 14, 2014)  
Hello everyone,

In my view ethics is an essential part for every business organisation, for the survival every business entity must serve the society in a healthy way by contributing towards CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. It is the duty of every business house to deal with the issues prevailing in the society and must try to deliver their best by way of creating employment opportunities, spreading equality, brotherhood, environment awareness etc. Practically speaking, no business house can survive without considering the welfare of society and its customers. Ethics in business should be dealt with more sincerity and dedication, it should be taken as their one of the major objective other than profit making, than only the growth can be observed in both the areas of concern i.e. society and business.

Thank you.

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Amit said: (Feb 14, 2014)  
Hello friends.

According to my point of view ethics are not a passing fad it plays a very important role for the organizations. I think than the word ethics means that "neeti" it means that a way for get a profit for the organizations. If I take an example like cricket match before the playing matches both teams are make their ethics for how to achieve the goal how to stop the players for making a big score. Same idea used in business sector. If the organizations not have own ethics I think they are not achieve a big goal. So ethics are not passing fad.

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Soham Bhaduri said: (Feb 13, 2014)  
Hello friends.

Today I am going to present my view on the given "BUSINESS AND ETHICS ARE FAD'.

Well if you wish to know my view on this, I would rather say yes ethics and business are two face of a coin. In business ethics is maintained since it is this quality that makes a business prosper. Name any company and you will see that both business and ethics are joined hand in hand. It is this ethic that create a bonding of trust and affection towards any organization with an employee. Any business where there is no ethics then that business will be ruined.

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Sham said: (Feb 10, 2014)  
Yes ethics and business are fad but if the people for use to our family business before 5 year ago but now everyone can find the job then he/she will be take experience before, after that he/ she will be open a business for on contribute the capital start the business as well as she/ he working on job.

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Shashidhar said: (Feb 1, 2014)  
Ethics and business are two faces of the same coin, you have to take your call in this perspective. In my opinion ethics and business should go hand in hand as it will create faith and belief in the company.

For example TATA group which has a brand image it is all due to the work and ethics which they have followed in their business.

Business along with ethics will be favourable for the company as whole as it creates a sense of trust and bond.

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Chandan said: (Jan 7, 2014)  
Ethics is not just a passing fad, every organization should have choice of right and wrong way of idea. Without ethics there is no value of populare or big company, for big branded company ethics should be there. For example my friend his name Prabhat ranjan his not having any ethics or any idea to do the work, he always give the suggestion to another boys how to do, what to do.

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Nihilist said: (Jan 4, 2014)  
Its true that Ethics in businesses are just a passing fad. Earlier when population was less the market was 'customer-oriented'. Businesses catered to the needs and wishes of the customers. But with enormous rise in population, the scenario has changed altogether.

Leaving out few sectors many have put profit before ethics. Even worse some have taken ethics out of the equation. They produce/serve as they wish. And there are customers ready to buy/take it. That is because of craze. Businesses take this to their advantage and are exploiting us. Though they may appear ethical to the regulatory authority the real picture is different. We used to choose between good and better. Now its between bad & worse.

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Rahul Jayker said: (Dec 29, 2013)  
Ethics in business must not be a passing fad because by ethical values only the products can reach the consumers. Ethical values includes replacement of defective products, providing some good offers, not too much of profit, providing necessary services providing warranty etc. , If the company is practicing non ethical values it can survive only for a short span of time. The main goal of any company is to survive for a long period. Only by surviving long term it can achieve public confidence for the product. If it achieves public confidence then it thrives in profit and sales maximization.

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Pallab said: (Dec 21, 2013)  
Ethics is something which should be maintained by an organization in order to generate goodwill which will eventually increase the sales as well as profit. Organization like asian paints, nestle always value ethics and as such they have become one of the most profitable by winning the hearts of common man.

Society today is not only concerned of the product and its quality, it also sees the way organization paved its path towards positioning. One of the most common example of an ethical company is Mc.Donalds, which conduct its business operation by maintaining its standards through fairness, honesty and integrity.

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Ananth said: (Dec 3, 2013)  
I also thing that ethics is more important to an organization. Business may run in profit or loss but they should fallow ethics and values. If we fallow that it will create a goodwill to our company and that will increase our product usage broadly. Profit or loss which may change day by day. Ethics and value will make benefits gradually. So I conclude that ethics and value is more important to every organization.

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Pradeep Isukapati said: (Nov 26, 2013)  
Hello every one,

Ethics for any business should not be a passing fad. And in present scenario most of the businesses are following ethics. This is a competitive world and every one has to compete for their survival. As competition is increasing companies strive to be ethical.

This is the generation where there is more literacy rate and customers or customers are well aware of what they buying. Thanks to modern stores and add agencies which are providing customer a chance for choosing a product and to know about its alternatives available.

Thanks to globalization which brought involvement of companies in ethical manner in order to achieve competitive advantage over others.

Globalization and business ethics are linked as they affect a company's ability to commit to its shareholders, in particular to external investors, and preserve the trust needed for further investment and growth.

Business ethics involves effective building of relationships with a company's stakeholders based on its integrity that maintains such relationships.

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Poonam said: (Nov 26, 2013)  
Hi Friends, According to me Ethics in business are passing not the passing fad. A small businessman with their ethics can survive and make big business but on the other hand a big businessman with no ethics will lose their value with passage of time. Ethics not only important for only business man its value is for everyone. If a person will fail in business but if he has ethics he will get back to their platform with same strength. In short Business without ethics is as good as body without soul.

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Apoorv said: (Nov 6, 2013)  
"Ethics in Business are just a passing Fad". Oh you kidding! Its not just a FAD. Rather it is something that is going to make its place in majority of the companies as the time comes.

Agreed, businesses are run for the sole motive for making profit, but in this cut throat competitive market, where each and every organization is striving to get the tag of No. 1, organizations will have no choice but to keep their functioning going in an ethical manner. Because, they knew, it take pains to build a good rapport but a small incident to nullify the gains. So, what I believe is, time will certainly come when the organizations will adhere to the norms and regulations that they have set for themselves. Finally, to conclude, I would like to reiterate that Ethics would play a crucial role in each and every organization in the near future.

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Sup said: (Nov 2, 2013)  
Ethics are highly important for any kind of business, a person can earn high profit in unethical manner in short time but in long time perspective the firm will left with nothing if it continues to work in the same manner. Along with the profit there are various intangible assets which every company posses, and they are the brand value, goodwill, brand reputation, culture of the company, ratings provided by the various analyst, once a company lose these intangible asset then it become so hard to gain it again.

I would like to draw your attention on the satyam's scandal case, its CEO by unethical manner showed a profit of around 200 billion and later on when the culprit was exposed, all the other business organization which were initially linked with satyam left it, and the company was later on was shut down for 8 years. This is what happens if do not follow ethics in business, so I would like to conclude that ethics are very important in any business.

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Sreedhar said: (Oct 25, 2013)  
Yes, It's true that ethics are fading out in todays modern business trends.

Every company starts its business with some motive, some to gain huge amount of profits which obviously vanish out of customers mind (but they will gain initial profits and motive fulfilled. We can't expect ethics form these companies and remaining are the one which try to maintain a long term relation with customers and sustain forever in the peoples mind.

The problem is with these kind of companies, when they fall behind in race, they obviously compromise with ethics and values first and if they gain profits, then they never ever think upon picking up this ETHICS term again. The worst part is, other companies which are running out of their profits take this as example and they decrease their values. This happens day by day and is spreading rapidly these days. I think this is the reason for degradation of ethical values in today's business world.

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Swapna said: (Oct 8, 2013)  
Hello friends.

As a common man one should say ethics are more important for companies or any business organisation growth. But having ethics we don't say we should reach top level. Even Though trust and ethics of a company plays a prominent role in customers view. We don't get on this competitive world. Our ethics should not encourage bad and don't spoil our company future and present. Than only our company will be satisfied all our customers.

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Athirath said: (Sep 24, 2013)  
Business is not only making profits and making money, its something more than that first of all its the virtue of Trust, ethics, values, morals to be followed in order build the trust from the customers who are considered as the gods for the business. So Business without the ethics is like "playing chess with out king ". So in order to reach heights in business ethics should be followed and maintained then definitely reaches to top, without this we may reach top but certainly falls as soon as possible.

So in a nutshell "Business with ethics is immortal and business without ethics is mortal".

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Thrishul said: (Sep 18, 2013)  
Ethics in business is very important for the growth of organization. Ethics is a set of moral principles on which an organization runs. Set of values attached to organization always performs well many successful companies abide there moral values in fact they have high position to respect.

But when these are not followed then comes the problems like corruption, wrongdoings, illegal works etc. Now a days many of the organizations don't abide the ethics because to reach the heights with in short period of time.

I can say that ethics is not only the success part of organization but it is part of it. Which prefers well being.

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Uday said: (Sep 12, 2013)  
Business across the globe are compromising with ethics either to increase their sales or to gain business. The unethical practices like misleading advertisements, the asterisk sign denoting conditions apply, reducing the size of product, etc are also no use as strategic tool. The companies have to realize that this practices can give them some term benefits but in the long run they cannot make it big. Cheating the customers leave them with bitter experiences and the customer becomes hesitant to buy the product again.

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Waresh said: (Sep 8, 2013)  
To get a better benefit and a good success in the business, every employee working under a company or sector should keep one very important issue in the mind that the quality of the product which is to be sold. Without a good quality for a product is not possible to survive in the market. If you provide a product to the public with good service and without any deceitful confusion, people will remember that product as well as the company. Those are not following the moral issues for making a product and only earning money by deluding people their business would be ephemeral.

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Bir said: (Sep 4, 2013)  
No one can have any business without customers and if we want that we should be successful in our business we should respect and must satisfy the customers. So there must b some ethics and principles which a company should follow to survive in the market. If there are no rules in the company, the company will take no time to shutdown.

The employees should also work properly for the development of the business, because company is nothing just a group of individuals, so if employees work with full dedication And hard work the company will reach to the top.

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Suhaani said: (Aug 18, 2013)  
Yes, I truly believe on this that ethics in business are just a passing fad. Now a days every business man is conscious only about his profit never he thinks about the way he makes it. Earlier people use to concern about each other but now they are concerned about themselves only. They use advertisement for this and say anything about their product which is hard to believe but still they use it and people go to those products. So, now ethics have gone. Businessmen want to make profit by hook or by crook!

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Monika said: (Aug 8, 2013)  
Hello everyone,

According to me, ethics in business is very necessary for development and growth of organisation. Everybody knows that for successful growth there must be some rules to follow. Without any rules no one can get success. Ethics provides satisfactory to the employees for jobs, a better and comfortable way to work in company as well as a good decision making which will develop the companies and the environment in which they are working.

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Nithiya M said: (Aug 6, 2013)  
Good morning to everyone.

I am pleasure to start this group discussion.

First I want to say that ethics is one of the important factor which is to be followed by company forever to develop it.

Every company has its own ethics and it should be followed. An ethical person know how to deal with critical situation.

Thank you.

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Vipul said: (Aug 4, 2013)  
In my opinion I want to SAY that ethics in business is compulsory in this young generation, because the todays generation believe in ethics. Nowadays a businessman also follows a ethics to increase his business. Nowadays a individual person also follows a ethics for rising in his life. So it is fix that ethics in business is compulsory.

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Deeksha Saxena said: (Aug 3, 2013)  
Hello friends.

In my opinion, ethics cannot be a passing fad for the business.

In fact, I will say that ethics are essential for an organization to be succeed in its business. Because, an organization is there if the customers are there.

A customer affects the growth of an organization in many ways and each organization don't let their customer go.

So, each organization should keep ethics in its consideration as it keeps profits.

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Indian said: (Jul 31, 2013)  
In my view Ethics in Business are not just a Passing Fad, to grow a business we need to win costumer as well as employs's trust, without ethics we can't get trust of these people, as one of the previous person mentioned about how the educational institutes are demanding a very high donation money for the admissions, it is pretty sure that they are not going to flourish much.

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Soniya said: (Jul 26, 2013)  
I think ethics in business are just passing fad when the particular business became popular that time they uses the trust of customer increases rate of there product and sometimes there service to the customer is not good. This happen because they are not following there business rules and ethics. They know customer always attracted by the brand name so first develop the good brand name after that no need to follow business rule.

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Sonu said: (Jul 21, 2013)  
According to my mind, ethics in business is very essential thing to survive in the market. We know that we live in competitive world and in this competitive world if I want to grow my business at the large extent we have to careful about the the relationship with consumer, otherwise our business will collapse and our competitor get a chance to grow in the market. Hence we (company) can say that our motto is to satisfy costumer at any cost. Thank you.

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Abdur Rehman said: (Jul 15, 2013)  
I agree with the statement that "ethics in business are just a passing fad" nowadays most of the companies are following their ethics at the early stage of their organization. Once they achieved their target, they will follow the ethics that makes their business in a profitable way, they won't think about their customers, example networking companies and educational institutes. In educational institute they will be asking donations to give admissions in their respective institute. This kind of actions is not a good ethics for any business.

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Guile said: (Jul 14, 2013)  
I believe no organisation can be 100 % ethical. Its a measure of how much good is your business for the people. A lot of natural resources like iron and aluminium ores are in Maoist hit areas. If a company there is paying a chunk of its profit to do business, it is directly funding terrorism. But would a greater number of people profit if the much needed resources are utilised? Likewise, a large corporation may declare to use its profits for developing greener technology, but is it worth stripping the shareholders who were promised greater dividends, Maybe.

Its not possible to do business by being purely ethical, nor can all the stakeholders be pleased at the same time.

Also law should not be confused with ethics. Most of us can relate with the movie 'Guru' where the protagonist pointed out some legal barriers which were simply put in place to hassle businessmen. But he justified that by breaking them, the nation and his shareholders, both benefited.

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Umi said: (Jul 9, 2013)  
I completely disagree with this that Ethics in Business are just a Passing Fad, simply because in today's world every business firm understands the importance of ethics in Business. Companies are spending loads of money to get the best available managers in there companies, and I am pretty sure they know the rules of business. To have a successful business you must Follow the Ethics, moral Values, Set of rule.

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Bala said: (Jul 7, 2013)  
Business Ethics 2 simple rules.

1. The old customers should stay. They should have there own place in the company. They should be never compromised for anyone.

2. The company should attract new customers. They should be able to satisfy them.

It should always be a win-win-win (old-new-company) situation.

Customer is happy implies company is happy. Simple these ethics are the most important to be followed. In the fast moving world, no matter how much we change if these 2 simple rules are followed I would say Ethics is business are not just passing fad.

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Nidhi said: (Jul 6, 2013)  
Ethics means follow the rules and regulation and ethics is very essential in the all field like personal life, business and society. We can discuss the one example of ethics in business is TATA company. TATA company always do the work for their employee welfare and this company earn more and more profit and fame in the market.

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Himabindu said: (Jun 29, 2013)  
Hello Everyone:

I don't agree with this. For any business to be successful in long run, people on either side of the dealing should be profited in a fair manner. Without this nothing can stand long, this is the law of nature.

So, if in a company business ethics are overruled, maybe it might profit the company at present but in long run it would render devastating.

Hence I strongly oppose the jargon " business ethics are just a passing fad.

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Jaya said: (Jun 25, 2013)  
Hi friends.

In my point of view ethics in business environment is not a passing fad. A company must follows some ethical principles for the well development of company. A company that follows ethics have good name in the market.

A company must satisfy both customer and employee's. A satisfied employee will work hard for company and a satisfied customer will buy the products again and again. All these can happen only if the company has ethics.

Thank you.

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Harshit Gupta said: (Jun 25, 2013)  
Ethics means Moral principles that governs by any person or group's behavior. Business ethics is very essential for the smooth conduct of any business. Ethics in every Business needs to emphasize on the various circles such as customers, employees, environment, societies, etc (by means of providing good quality of products, Eco friendly products and considering the moral values of the society) to survive in an ever-changing competitive business world. So according to me ethics in business can never be a passing fad. A good ethics will give Triumphant to the business.

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Anmol said: (Jun 21, 2013)  
Most companies will follow the ethical principal ed down by the society. Most companies run basically on their reputation in the mind of a consumer and investors. But what would be ethical is never defined It changes with every era. Something ethical in medieval India would be unethical to us now. So if the nature of ethics changes always so how do we define what is ethical or not.

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Pralad Dessai said: (Jun 21, 2013)  
Every businessman should be loyal to his customer. Every business should provide quality product and services to the customers. A business which maintains good relationships with the customers is said to have good ethical value.

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Ruchi said: (Jun 1, 2013)  
Not only business everything in life should be in ethical manner. If anyone wants to grow he should follow a positive ethics. Every famous person or brand is famous for its ethical values followed. To increase a business one should definitely follow an ethics.

For example-the people always follow a brand not an ordinary person or thing. Most of the follow will like to follow Mr.Amitabh Bachchan and Mr.Sachin Tendulkar like person for their positive ethics. A person always wants to join in a branded company rather than a normal company because it follows some ethics so that one knows what will he earn after joining.

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Veena said: (May 12, 2013)  
Ethics and principle on the business or the company stands it forms the core of their policies. Ethics of the company affects it image in the market, employee retention, even affect the investments that company will be allowed to do in the global market.

Lets take an example of TATA group, after the 26/11 Mumbai attack, the turn over of Taj group increased, and the only reason for this increase is the ethical responsibility shown by the group towards, its customers, employees, their families. This enriched their image and increased the customer belief.

Companies along with good quality product or services having great ethical values sustain in the market on the long run.

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Meenu said: (May 10, 2013)  
Ethics refers to the code of conduct which tells us how to behave not only with the customers but also with the employees. And it must be performed by each and every member of the organization. Ethics is necessary so that the customers feel safe in terms of their right, their product and their benefit. As we know that customer's satisfaction is the main goal of today's marketing world, and they feel satisfied only if they are satisfied in terms of product, right and benefit.

We can gain our customer's trust if we conduct in a ethical manner. Ethics include everything ranging from providing good quality product, with proper price, customer product care, the service term, listen to their complain, feedback, safeguard of their choices, everything. And it is not limited to the customer but it also include employees. A satisfied employee act well on his part. And a satisfied customer will come to us again and again. And this in turn increase our profit.

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Anonymous said: (May 9, 2013)  
I would say that company should make the strategies or business plans that would not curb the ethics. Since, maintaining ethics is the only way in which a businessman can attract his customers. To outdo his competitors, he should not be mislead in wrong direction because of which the customer might lost trust in the business.

For Instance, Consider the Flipkart which was started by employees of Amazon. They have just maintained the trust and delivered goods on time; which was their main motive. A recent talk with its CEO in recent India Today has mentioned that he followed some ethics. And that is the reason for his success journey.

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Chengappa M said: (May 8, 2013)  
Ethics in business is never a passing fad. Ethics is important in our life and in business. Ethics brings about a definite goal in the employer and the employee. It helps unite the goal of employees and it helps in steady growth of the organization.

I believe the in life or in business we should have strong positive ethics which should be strictly followed to bring about system and order in whatever we plan to do.

The ethics of the business should be realistic and sustainable. It should be fair and equal for everyone.

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Ani said: (May 2, 2013)  
Hi everyone,

Let me say something about this topic. Here it is all about that the ethics are not valid in the business. Generally principles are very important in business life. If one follows ethics in their field, he will definitely achieve success only. He don't want to get fear of any things.

In addition to, following the rules will bring honor to a man. This is the same even in business point of view. So it should not be passing fad in business. Every business should have some ethics to follow.

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Pavani said: (Apr 30, 2013)  
In my viewpoint, ethics in business is not a passing fad. Infact, ethical consumerism which is ethics directed behaviour of consumers is picking up its wibe. The underlying reason being the changing attitudes of people towards society and the environment. The companies as well are taking care of this by practising Corporate Social Responsibility which is based on the theme that every business entity has a responsibility for the environment, for the society why contributing their bit.

Over a few years, a surge in such ethical activities on the part of corporate biggies has been seen. For instance, ITC contributes two rupees to rural education programmes on every purchase f its brand's Classmate notebooks.

In todays competitive and dynamic market, ethics has become Modus Operandi of businessmen as a marketing strategy to attract customers and create goodwill in the market.

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Poonam said: (Apr 19, 2013)  
Hi Friends, According to me Ethics in business are not the passing fad. If you want to run your business for a long time you must have some ethics through people can trust on you. We generally prefer to go to that shop for shopping whom we trust whose person has some ethics and we know that this person will not cheat us he always gave us best quality.

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Puneet Kumar Singh said: (Apr 17, 2013)  
Ethics need hard work and hard decisions so never hesitate in taking them and see that the problem of achieving the level of reputation will be eradicated easily so never loose faith in your ethics and work with the world speed and work harder and harder. These are the points for good and healthy business. Thank you. Hence I conclude that a person must have concrete faith in his or her ethics and must work hard to give healthy competition to his rivals by updating him and by developing him.

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Sunil said: (Apr 15, 2013)  
Now a days ethics is a things people used this word for other, in fact, there is no ethical things for big business man in the world. They used only for their profit. We learned ethics in school or college only, but in my opinion no one have seen ever. In our country congress party creates imagination for people and our people trust on them and there is a problem. People should change their mind who at top level in business and their should be opposed by people whenever it is happening. I think there must be guideline on ethics.

Thank you.

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Vijendra said: (Apr 13, 2013)  
Hi as per my opinion ethics have their own place in once life yes in business too but to some extent only, I think the whole sole aim of businessman is to make profit from market though he must take notice of quality but should not be drown by morale duties if he will pay more attention to ethics then competition from other companies will definitely destroy him.

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Parveen said: (Mar 25, 2013)  
In my view ethics are the base for any organisation if it believe in long term business. Today, in cut throat era everyone want faith and valuable things whether they are employee, customer and government So its depend upon company to company, how longer sustainability they want. Its as simple as give trust and take trust.

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Smrithi said: (Mar 24, 2013)  
Hi everyone, according to my point of view, ethics is important in business but only upto a certain extend. Mostly business aims at profit and so there will be stiff competition. One who strictly follows ethics may not be able to survive in the market as the tough competitors would always run far ahead of him.

In other hand, ethics in business gives long term success to the firm and it always stand to keep up the reputation of the company. It attracts customers and their trust in the firm but the thing is one should be able to survive in the market until this reputation is achieved.

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Yogesh said: (Mar 21, 2013)  
THANKS for providing us with such a good relevant topic its my pleasure to share my views on this topic ya! ethics in business according to me are important because a customer basically is a king of the market today and 2 provide them with a good service is to be ethical in the business unethical behaviour leads to the failure of a business.

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Ethics in Business are just a Passing Fad

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