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Sankrana vamsi said:   2 weeks ago
In my opinion, compared to the present scenario every representative should be an educated person because the ministers don't know about their portfolios, and they even don't know how to talk in Parliament sessions or assemblies (because what they talk is listening in entire India, but simply they fought each other and talk bad words in front of media, see if a representative should talk like that it will impact on every citizen in India).

For example, a sports minister doesn't know about sports or how he can encourage our young youth into sports. They don't know what is present in the Constitution. If they appear in media they don't talk about what they did, talk about the opposition leader's mistakes.

So if a representative is well educated then our country is developed.

Naitik kumar said:   1 month ago
As to me, it is important that in politics there is a requirement of an educational degree because if a politician is nominated in the election then it's degree helps the citizens to think about that person, is he or she works well for them.

If a politician is more educated then he or she will think more about the good or bad for the citizens.

MANAS YADAV said:   2 months ago
Yes, of course for becoming a good politician who can think, plan and execute for the development of society and the country, he needs good education and can understand all problems and his decisions benefit and are in favour of the condition of the country.

Bhaganna walikar said:   3 months ago
In my opinion, it's not about clearing exams and having a degree it's all about skills and the ability to do work with their skills. There are so many people who without education became role models in polity and as same many people with education couldn't perform well.

So it's only a person's passion decides not his degree or qualification. As before the majority of the population is illiterate that's why we are not able to make any laws related to that matter.

Kalaiarasan m said:   3 months ago
In my opinion, Politician who is uneducated in India are not eligible to rule the people, this nation has so many tests, practice for many government fields like IAS, doing Doctor course, and even for the post of clerk in village panchayat but the politician has no exams and qualifications some of the politician are even finished schoolings also. But there are honoured by educated IAS officer and saluted by higher official in police etc. This seems like our nation is controlled like a zoo where animals are outside of the cage and humans are inside the cage.

So, our nation's politics must be evolve by inducing the politics education in school onwards as a separate subject.

Kimaya said:   4 months ago
Hello everyone.

In my opinion, India needs well-educated politicians who can lead India in the right direction and for this education is necessary for politicians. Which is mostly neglected in India. In India, politics is fully based on money and power. Any leader is appointed without seeing his educational background, eg once a sports minister was a person who has no history to sports. Which is not right. Uneducated leaders are not always beneficial for India.

PUNYA PATEL said:   10 months ago
Hi all.

In my opinion, is not necessary that one should be qualified to represent the country, state, cities, etc. If the representative is not qualified and he knows what the people of the country need then he/she could do the work. I am giving you an example of Mr. Narendra Modi. Is he educated? But he knows how to run a country and he also knows what people need. In the leadership of India Mr Narendra Modi has grown our country very much and as you all can see it developing fast. Hence, in my opinion, it is not necessary for the politicians or the Samaj Sevak to be qualified as they can do their work.

Abrogate Matthew said:   1 year ago
In accordance with my own meaning of education which Education is a moral asset and a mental asset which gives a person the power of thinking. It gives 99% assurance of not making errors when making decisions in this present world of ours

i.e any leader that should be in a political office should be highly educated in accordance with his or her duty because the more educated the more power of thinking right and the more assurance of making beneficial decisions which could favour a country for a long period of time (landmark) which could serve as an example for other countries.

Brian White said:   1 year ago
In South Africa, the level of education for politicians is probably among the lowest in the world. Ex-President Jacob Zuma has only a Standard 6 certificate, meaning that he has a primary school education only.

I predict that 100 years from now one of 2 scenarios will exist. Either the world would have completely destroyed itself through a world nuclear war or the accepted governing system of the world will be the elimination of the voting system and consequently the elimination of politicians. Leaders will need to pass intelligent examinations based on the field of leadership they are seeking. Engineers and technically qualified personnel already ignore stupid laws and communicate with each other all over the world. No person will ever single-handedly be in a position to declare war on any other group of people and in fact war will become impossible, weapons will not be allowed and a minmum collection of humanitarian laws will rule the world.

Rupesh Nayak said:   1 year ago
My name is Rupesh Nayak. I am an MBA student. My opinions on this topic are yes, qualifications should be important for political ministry, for example, the health minister should be Doctor, Sports minister should be Ph.D in sports, the finance minister should be a Commerce graduate and the Agriculture minister should be master's degree in Agri. Politicians become powerful administrators after winning elections. Then they need basic knowledge and education to perform the work. In another aspect, a good politician needs to have proper commitment and confidence with which he/she can delegate to the listeners. A politician has to be elected by his good communication skill and not by his degrees. Being literate is a highly desirable trait, but it can't be mandatory as well.

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