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PUNYA PATEL said:   2 months ago
Hi all.

In my opinion, is not necessary that one should be qualified to represent the country, state, cities, etc. If the representative is not qualified and he knows what the people of the country need then he/she could do the work. I am giving you an example of Mr. Narendra Modi. Is he educated? But he knows how to run a country and he also knows what people need. In the leadership of India Mr Narendra Modi has grown our country very much and as you all can see it developing fast. Hence, in my opinion, it is not necessary for the politicians or the Samaj Sevak to be qualified as they can do their work.

Abrogate Matthew said:   4 months ago
In accordance with my own meaning of education which Education is a moral asset and a mental asset which gives a person the power of thinking. It gives 99% assurance of not making errors when making decisions in this present world of ours

i.e any leader that should be in a political office should be highly educated in accordance with his or her duty because the more educated the more power of thinking right and the more assurance of making beneficial decisions which could favour a country for a long period of time (landmark) which could serve as an example for other countries.

Brian White said:   4 months ago
In South Africa, the level of education for politicians is probably among the lowest in the world. Ex-President Jacob Zuma has only a Standard 6 certificate, meaning that he has a primary school education only.

I predict that 100 years from now one of 2 scenarios will exist. Either the world would have completely destroyed itself through a world nuclear war or the accepted governing system of the world will be the elimination of the voting system and consequently the elimination of politicians. Leaders will need to pass intelligent examinations based on the field of leadership they are seeking. Engineers and technically qualified personnel already ignore stupid laws and communicate with each other all over the world. No person will ever single-handedly be in a position to declare war on any other group of people and in fact war will become impossible, weapons will not be allowed and a minmum collection of humanitarian laws will rule the world.

Rupesh Nayak said:   6 months ago
My name is Rupesh Nayak. I am an MBA student. My opinions on this topic are yes, qualifications should be important for political ministry, for example, the health minister should be Doctor, Sports minister should be Ph.D in sports, the finance minister should be a Commerce graduate and the Agriculture minister should be master's degree in Agri. Politicians become powerful administrators after winning elections. Then they need basic knowledge and education to perform the work. In another aspect, a good politician needs to have proper commitment and confidence with which he/she can delegate to the listeners. A politician has to be elected by his good communication skill and not by his degrees. Being literate is a highly desirable trait, but it can't be mandatory as well.

Ongden Sherpa said:   7 months ago
I support this statement. It is true, that education is key for the country's development. For the political leaders, there should be an educational criterion or the specific educational qualification to have a contest in electronic.

WILLIAM EREMAN said:   9 months ago
There are an increasingly huge number of candidates who knowingly will be vying the coming elections. For a start, if a candidate cannot respect himself, he should not waste his time vying for political office. If he lacks the necessary qualifications he should not contest the elections, if he lacks appropriate professional experiences & education, don't just run for the coming elections. If he has no base votes apart from being famous, he shouldn't waste time contesting. If he has no respect from his close affiliates, he shouldn't waste his time.

And He may be a contributing factor to running down his country.

Shashank mishra said:   10 months ago
Hello everyone,

I am Shashank Mishra and I'm a law student from Noida I would like to share my views on this topic.

Like all other professions, the political profession is as respected as others but all other profession requires a certain amount of educational qualification so why not the political profession? there should be a minimal amount of qualification required, not having the basic and prior knowledge how come someone will think about the development of the society, being the representatives of the society?

Ankitpal said:   10 months ago
Hello everyone.

I am Ankitpal, now, I am going to discuss educational qualifications for politicians. In my opinion, As we all know our politicians are the pillar of our country but there are many ministers who are illeterate. If they are illeterate so how they will become devoted and serve our country. In my opinion, educational qualifications should be compulsory for every politician. Because if our politicians well educated so they can improve our development. But there are many ministers those are efficient for politics despite of illeterate.

Kc Pandey said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

My name is KC Pandey according to my point of view -There should be a minimum education to the politicians because a politician is a representative of the people of society from where he is been elected and he must have all sort of knowledge related to the problem being faced by his voters.

Without any proper education, how can a politician address the problems of the society and how he can carry out development in any aspect?

If a politician is not well educated he will not have the right to voice for education for others.

Education is a viable and most important aspect in our current world scenario. We look upon the politician as an able person who can guide us and make proper and appropriate decisions. But if the politicians do not have proper academic background what impact will have at the local or national or international level.

Low qualified politicians cannot cope up with global changes and will not able to understand the diplomatic situations with other countries of the world.

Hariom Tiwari said:   2 years ago
Hello and Namaste to Everyone,

Every job wants different educational ability. But in politics, this rule has not followed. We can see it that A Educational minister becomes a Defense minister or Home minister. How it is possible that A man has both able to become a Minister. So Every department needs different educational ability. This rule also should be followed in politics. Because then we find a good minister who has full knowledge in his department. This is very important for every county.

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