Does Morality have an Essence in Corporate Life?

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Abs said:   1 decade ago
The slowdown has made it a debatable issue. In corporate life one is mostly concerned about making his organization most profitable or increasing stakeholders profit but not in a debauched way. It gives some fugitive advantage over other but the farseeing effect is cramp. You will loss your customers, make a bad impression in market which will hamper your further business. So for existing in market and growing morality & ethics are most important.

Inside organization libertine attitude may affect whole teamwork. When you are a leader your main objective will be to get the job done, that's true but for that you need your workers to be satisfied, fully dedicated to the organization. Here comes morality because motivation comes from morality.

Innovation is also backed by morality. For making something big you need to be resilient. If you is not moral to one who is trying to do something great but failing nothing big will happen. This is the main problem of Indian corporate society.

So morality is much more important in corporate life in present day.

Er alok.yadav said:   1 decade ago
Moral values are the essential building blocks of our character and nature.

The sum of character and our nature is what all of us are human being.

Conclusion, moral values are extremely important for your overall well-being. Moral values provide a structure for your life. Honesty makes you respectable. Compassion makes you sympathetic to others. Courage gives you the bravery to overcome life's challenges. Modesty keeps you focused and humble. Forgiveness allows you to be emotionally stable because you don't hold onto anger and resentment. These attributes will allow you to live your life in a way that reduces your stress levels. You will also have peace and harmony in your life. Moral values allow you to live your life in a manner that you can be proud of. The bonds that you form with others will also be more fulfilling because you live your life according to honesty, compassion, courage, modesty and forgiveness and also need to corporate world.

Uttara deb said:   7 years ago
We all know that without ethics and morality no business can be sustainable. Knowledge brings one to the fore but ethics and morals keep one there. Be it personal life or corporate one moral values of the employees of any organization keeps it in good faith of the customers. We can take examples of tata corporation. The ethical values it still maintains in its day to day dealings that kept it going unharmed from its very inception. But what happened to Satyam computers. It lost its morality on the ground and it had to vacant its place from the history. We also can say Maggi scam. It cheated customers by adulteration and not printing the original harmful contents on the levels. It lost many faithful customers after that. So for me, we only hear and talk of the names of the corporates which maintain morality in their business.

Meena said:   1 decade ago
I do believe that morality should have an essence in corporate life apart from normal personal life. Anything done with the positive spirit and honesty always succeeds. A moral employee in any organisation is the basic block for the successful running of an organisation as the employee would be loyal and hardworking, truthful and compassionate towards his subordinate and bottom level workers. Immoral activities may give an individual a pinch of success for a short while but only morality towards the organisation would guarantee success in long run. Morality is a part of the basic business ethics. If we work for the success of the organisation it would ensure our success as well.

Sarika said:   1 decade ago
Yes, morality have an essence in corporate life. A good corporate executive should have a strong decision making and problem solving ability. He or she should have sense of fairness in dealing with people and issues. A moral people have all these attributes lead them to succeed in professional as well as personal life.

Moral values always helps to be positive, distinguish between right and wrong, what to do and don't. It makes good relationship with all employees at bottom level as well as higher authorities. It helps better communication and motivating others. So we can say it is the basic essence or building blocks required to be a part of corporate life.

Rajendra said:   8 years ago
Definitely, morality has an essence in Corporate life. If we find it a compulsion to have moral values in our social life, why not in the Corporate world? Is it another planet? Do Aliens work there? The answer is a big NO!

Although sometimes shortcuts may seem tempting still one needs to maintain the requisite level of discipline and morality to maintain once dignity. Without moral values, you can not earn the respect of the people because your conduct, behaviour, and manners are the ones which earn honour and respect for you.

Hence, just saying morality has no essence in Corporate life isn't a justified statement.

Tanya M said:   9 years ago

Most of us here are talking about what is morality. I guess we have deviated from the topic. Morality at work is our topic and I think yes, it is the key essence while we are at work. One would not be able to gain respect and dignity in eyes of other if the person does not possess moral value.

Respect and dignity is something that we earn and the only way to earn it when you possess a good code of conduct else one day or the other you would just be left with a value of "punching numbers resource". Possess morality, be modest and earn the same.

Rashmi said:   1 decade ago
Ofcourse, morality is needed in cooperate world, it is not only meant for personal life. The moral values only makes a professional's positive attitude and scales a person in terms of behavior and these two things are required of any successful professional. The correct attitude and behavior towards work and company builds the success path and is in advantage of the company also. Need is of such persons who are loyal to company and work and loyalty comes from morality.

Anuradha said:   1 decade ago
Yes Morality have an Essence in Corporate Life. Its not only important in corporate life but also in our normal life as well as in our normal work. A moral people give the better solution of a problem in a better way than the other in corporate sector.

When we are a moral people than after we become a loyal person because loyality comes form the morality. And you all know that how much the loyality important in that the corporate sector.

RAHUL BOSE said:   1 decade ago
Ofcourse, morality is needed in cooperate world, it is not only meant for personal life. The moral values only makes a professional's positive attitude and scales a person in terms of behavior and these two things are required of any successful professional. Morality is one of characteristics of human being. Morality tells the positive attitude of the person. Person with positive attitude grows rapidly in corporate world.

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