Difficulties in Implementation of Climate Change Summit Resolutions

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Ram Shinde said: (Nov 4, 2022)  
Climate change is the most critical problem in the World. Need Social awareness about Trees, oxygen, cleanness and planting trees in a large scale. We should avoid travelling of Two wheelers and four wheelers.

Instead of We can use the cycle, walk on foot. Everyone must follow this agenda.

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Ravinder Yadav said: (Aug 22, 2021)  
Hello friends this is Ravinder.

Climate change is a serious problem. Not only in India but also in the world face this critical problem. Greenhouse gasses are responsible for it like CO2 no2. So the temperature is increasing day by day. Factories and vehicles are realizing harmful gasses. People are cutting trees and use petrol diesel in vehicles. It is not eco-friendly. According to my point of view, we should grow more and more trees use electric vehicles and solar pannel for electric energy.

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Manisha said: (Jun 29, 2021)  
Hi everybody,

Greetings of the day!

We are facing a lot of difficulties in the implementation of climate change summit resolutions, as many people unaware of these things or some people are aware of all this but they don't want do anything.

In India, day to day life we emit a lot of carbon and other greenhouse gases due to this we are facing huge problems like global warming and pollution, etc but still, we are using refrigerators, air conditioners, private vehicles, and plastics and conventional electricity a lot. In the upcoming future, climate change will be the most severe problem we will face much then. To avoid all this we have to use solar and wind energy. And also avoid the use of plastic use cloth bags.

We all know the use of solar energy and wind energy causes costs for the first time but I will save us or the earth from severe problems. And also use public transport or electric vehicles to save our climate.

Thank you.

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Dnyaneshwar said: (Jun 21, 2021)  
Hello everybody,

We all know that rise in temperature due to an increase in CO2, CO, like greenhouse gases is the main reason behind climate change. If we only measure the carbon dioxide emission of each person we may get surprised this varies from men to men, as more electricity generated thermal power plant generates more percentage. 99% of the vehicle emits a huge amount of carbon dioxide. Also burning of waste also emits carbon dioxide. To avoid this we have to use solar and wind energy these are renewable forms of energy and electricity use can be reduced the burning of will not happen. As we know, India is the first country who started a ministry for promoting renewable energy sources.

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Saloni said: (Sep 27, 2020)  
There is difficulties in the introduction of resolutions because of the fact that each reform is performed at a cost. Be the cost to the industry who has to pay a premium to but environmental friendly machinery or to a normal human being who have to leave a free or less expensive plastic bags to the costly cloth or paper bags.

Due to the cost involved in the transition and the benefits achieved from it is in the long term people are not motivated to imply these changes effectively.

The other reason is the mindset that one person cannot change anything but it is our duty to do our bit.

No person wants a change in its life until it is for its own benefit.

Plus in the emerging economies like India where industrialisation is of paramount importance, it is really difficult to impose such environmental restriction which could further lead to losses to the company and inturn slowdown of the economy.

I think these are the reasons which made it difficult to impose environmental resolutions.

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Rajeev K R said: (Dec 15, 2019)  
As we already discussed the rationale behind climate change is a rise in temperature due to the increase in carbon dioxide, CO, like greenhouse gases. If we are measuring the carbon footprint of each person we may get surprised. The carbon emission of each person per day varies. The main emission is due to the electricity use where thermal power plant generates more percentage. If we are consuming one unit of electricity, the equivalent amount of carbon is exhausted from thermal power plants. The next emission is mainly due to transportation. Still, 99% of vehicles are still depending on fossil fuel. The huge amount of carbon is emitted from vehicles as we can see if we are inroads. Next is due to waste. The improper disposal of waste causes a lot of problems on earth. Some people may burn waste and some people may throw it somewhere.

How can we reduce carbon emission and mitigate the discussed problems? First, take electricity. The emission from the electricity side can be reduced if we are using renewable energy forms. Especially Solar and Wind. Then there will not be any problem with burning coal. India is the first country who started a ministry for promoting renewable energy source, that is MNRE. India is working to meet the 100GW solar power target by 2020 as part of global climate change commitments like the Paris Agreement. Proper waste disposal is necessary for this condition. The bio-degradable and non-biodegradable waste have to be separated first. Biodegradable waste can disposed through biogas plants. In effect, it helps to reduce LPG use that is coal-based cooking gas. For transportation, we may adopt a share taxi scheme or promote the use of public transport. These are my views.

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Deeksha said: (Sep 24, 2019)  
1. People are unaware. Some people literally have no idea about bio-degradable or non-bio degradable. They have no idea that a plastic bag that they use almost every day for so many things pose what kind of danger to the environment.

2. Budget: Developing countries like ours we do not have such kind of budget where everyone can use solar energy or electric vehicles.

3. Laziness: Sometimes people just don't care enough. Yes, the climate is changing. Global warming is increasing. So what? They will purchase one more air conditioner.

4. Technology+cost effective: We don't have such kind of technology which is also cost-effective to recycle the waste that is generated by so many factories, plants or industries.

5. Corruption: Yes it has lessened to some extent but still in some areas or some people do get clearance for setting up plants or factories in the areas where it is not advisable.

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Bhargav said: (Jul 16, 2019)  
Hi Friends Good Morning,

First of all, thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my points.

According to me, the climate change is a change in environment due to increment in temperature, It can cause a problem to every human being to Fiddle with the climate and it will be good if all the humans can fiddle for the climate.

Thank you.

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Udaykumar said: (Feb 22, 2019)  
In my point of view, Climate change in the world can be caused by various activities. When climate change occurs; temperatures can increase a dramatically. When temperature rises, many different changes can occClimate change in the world can be caused by various activities. When climate change occurs; temperatures can increase a dramatically. When temperature rises, many different changes can occur on Earth. For example, it can result in more floods, droughts, or intense rain. Due to melting ice, sea level increases and land surface reduces. We need to take part and try to stop global warming and other effects on climate change. If the earth's temperatures continue to rise in the future, living things on earth would become extinct due to the high temperatures.

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Akash Thapa said: (Dec 20, 2018)  
The climate change occurs due to deforestation. Pollution. And excess use of man relaxing things like AC. We are responsible for what calamity we face. Today most of the part in our country people have face flood due to the man own fault. In some part of the country, people have faced so hotness it because of the deforestation. People cutting a tree for own benefit. We have to stop these wrong thing first then we can stopped global warming.

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Sanju said: (Dec 1, 2018)  
Climate change? I have certainly have no idea about this single particular topic. Because it confuses me whenever I have got to think about pollution, global warming and the change in climate. Isn't all these factors are same? if not I think there must be some interconnection between these. Cause I personally feel like all these factors are friends introduced to us by the platform of what we call technology these days. Isn't it our negligence that took it this far? all these factors like pollution, global warming, climate changes are friendly to each other factor which was okay! but this group of friends are not eco friendly which mean anti earth, someday these factors may get combined together to become a big threat to our friendly earth. These are the factors that causing us all the calamities. Lets us go to the deepest thought of mine. The disasters like tsunami earth quakes and all are being cooked by the factors "POLL GLO WAR CLI CHNG". What produces these factors? who brought us these factor let us think what on earth causes/ gives birth to these? surely it is our carelessness. Where there is not discipline, neatness for a period of time in that period of time there automatically appears the pollution and all the other crackers. It is our responsibility to keep it clean in order to reduce dust, pollution and climate changes and all. The solution begins with a simple act of common sense called keep it clean and tidy. And the technology should also become an eco-friendly one. If not there are less chances of getting rid of these bad factors and more likely chances to bring it back to form.


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Raju said: (Oct 1, 2018)  
Hi, friends I am Raju Miah.

Climate change is now a vital problem mostly in the developed country. They are always trying to make their life comfortable and how beautifully they spend their life. And this thinking destroys our environment. Already many types of equipment are made which will provide many comfort situation for people such as ac refrigerator etc. And they doing this without thinking about making the bad impact on the environment. Nowadays greenhouse gases are increasing randomly. And this is the most reason for ozone depletion and which fail to prevent the uv come to our earth surface and much serious skin disease. And gradually increasing the temperature the glaciers are going to melt which will create a flood in the earth. Now everybody has is own vehicle and try to make his travel by his own car thus he participating to the global warming. If we care about our environment if we use the supplementary thing we can resolve our earth environment. In the case of industries vehicle and other technology, we have to use renewable energy which causes less effect in the environment. If we use CNG vehicle it is less sure to make earth pollution.

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Sandesh Kumar Agarwal said: (Aug 22, 2018)  
Hello friends,

My name is Sandesh.

First of all, I would like to introduce about the climate change. Climate change means change in environment due to increment in temperature, humidity. It has become the main problem for every country. The temperature of earth surface is increasing due to green house gases which is also called global warming. The green house gases like carbon dioxide, CH4, cloro felrro carbon (CFC).

Cabon mono oxide. These gases help to maintain a temperature at a time but now due to these gases the temp. Of earth is increasing day by day. The reason for that is increasing the amount of gases due to urban development, the establishment of new industries and factories, fossil fuel combustion, a huge number of vehicle. These are the main sources of increasing the heat on the earth surface. There are many effects is occurring like melting of glaciers, increasing the temperature, food production, diseases (cancer, skin problem), ozone depletion etc.

The difficulties which are coming to resolve the climate change problem is.

1. People unawareness.

(people wants to spend their life with the comfort they are not thinking about the environment).

2. Technology and Equipment.

(this time every country developing so many new technologies to make the lives better due to the temp. Increasing like Ac, refrigerator etc. ).

3. Vehicle and industries.

(the cities is developing and new factories and industries are establishing).

4. Less use of renewable energy sources.

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Difficulties in Implementation of Climate Change Summit Resolutions

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