Difficulties in Implementation of Climate Change Summit Resolutions

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Sanju said: (Dec 1, 2018)  
Climate change? I have certainly have no idea about this single particular topic. Because it confuses me whenever I have got to think about pollution, global warming and the change in climate. Isn't all these factors are same? if not I think there must be some interconnection between these. Cause I personally feel like all these factors are friends introduced to us by the platform of what we call technology these days. Isn't it our negligence that took it this far? all these factors like pollution, global warming, climate changes are friendly to each other factor which was okay! but this group of friends are not eco friendly which mean anti earth, someday these factors may get combined together to become a big threat to our friendly earth. These are the factors that causing us all the calamities. Lets us go to the deepest thought of mine. The disasters like tsunami earth quakes and all are being cooked by the factors "POLL GLO WAR CLI CHNG". What produces these factors? who brought us these factor let us think what on earth causes/ gives birth to these? surely it is our carelessness. Where there is not discipline, neatness for a period of time in that period of time there automatically appears the pollution and all the other crackers. It is our responsibility to keep it clean in order to reduce dust, pollution and climate changes and all. The solution begins with a simple act of common sense called keep it clean and tidy. And the technology should also become an eco-friendly one. If not there are less chances of getting rid of these bad factors and more likely chances to bring it back to form.


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Raju said: (Oct 1, 2018)  
Hi, friends I am Raju Miah.

Climate change is now a vital problem mostly in the developed country. They are always trying to make their life comfortable and how beautifully they spend their life. And this thinking destroys our environment. Already many types of equipment are made which will provide many comfort situation for people such as ac refrigerator etc. And they doing this without thinking about making the bad impact on the environment. Nowadays greenhouse gases are increasing randomly. And this is the most reason for ozone depletion and which fail to prevent the uv come to our earth surface and much serious skin disease. And gradually increasing the temperature the glaciers are going to melt which will create a flood in the earth. Now everybody has is own vehicle and try to make his travel by his own car thus he participating to the global warming. If we care about our environment if we use the supplementary thing we can resolve our earth environment. In the case of industries vehicle and other technology, we have to use renewable energy which causes less effect in the environment. If we use CNG vehicle it is less sure to make earth pollution.

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Sandesh Kumar Agarwal said: (Aug 22, 2018)  
Hello friends,

My name is Sandesh.

First of all, I would like to introduce about the climate change. Climate change means change in environment due to increment in temperature, humidity. It has become the main problem for every country. The temperature of earth surface is increasing due to green house gases which is also called global warming. The green house gases like carbon dioxide, CH4, cloro felrro carbon (CFC).

Cabon mono oxide. These gases help to maintain a temperature at a time but now due to these gases the temp. Of earth is increasing day by day. The reason for that is increasing the amount of gases due to urban development, the establishment of new industries and factories, fossil fuel combustion, a huge number of vehicle. These are the main sources of increasing the heat on the earth surface. There are many effects is occurring like melting of glaciers, increasing the temperature, food production, diseases (cancer, skin problem), ozone depletion etc.

The difficulties which are coming to resolve the climate change problem is.

1. People unawareness.

(people wants to spend their life with the comfort they are not thinking about the environment).

2. Technology and Equipment.

(this time every country developing so many new technologies to make the lives better due to the temp. Increasing like Ac, refrigerator etc. ).

3. Vehicle and industries.

(the cities is developing and new factories and industries are establishing).

4. Less use of renewable energy sources.

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Difficulties in Implementation of Climate Change Summit Resolutions

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