Demonetisation has reduced the Corruption, Black Money and Terrorism?

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Mahesh Ramchandra Chandaandavale said:   6 years ago
Good morning sir/mam, Thnaks for providing me this opportunity to talk on this topic.

Definitely Demonetisation has reduced that trio. But we don't say that the chnage happens 100% in our country. Currency is not only reason for the Corruption, Black Money and Terrorism. Polytics is also matters in these big situation. How the polytical leaders are represents your country also matters in corruption. Demonetisation is step towards the reducing corruption. And because of that change happens but that results will be given after some time. It can't give you instant results.

Abhijit Bhaskar said:   6 years ago
I do not agree with this point that demonetisation decreases corruption, black money, terrorist activity. Because politics is responsible for that. Many politician support black money and terrorism. This is the main problem. Demonetisation decreases corruption but sum people think for their own. And many middle class people have faced many problem.

Rohit said:   6 years ago
A healthy good morning to all of you, a small change can provide a big influence in any field, like that demontisation create a big differnce, specially in corruption and blackmoney in our country. It creates a scenario where it restrict corruption at some point like saved black money in different account and so on. But it doesn't create a big difference on some flammable topic like terrorism. Politics of our country is mainly providing platform to internal terrorism. And for this youth have to come forward. So we can conclude that demonetisation helped us in a treamendous way but it is not suucesfull on some big issuses of India.

Ashika jain said:   6 years ago
Good morning everyone.

Demonetisation is a vital role plays in the National building. The demonetisation decision held on 08Nov 2016. The purpose is that reduced the corruption, Blackmoney and reduced the terrorist attack in the nation. This decision was taken because in the market lots of false currency available in the market so this currency helps to a terrorist for making fear in the people of the nation. We know Every decision start our journey and journey have so many good and bad experience.

Muskan said:   6 years ago
I think it was a huge step of demonetisation taken by our prime Minister. It was all done to reduce the black money, corruption and at some point it worked also. It also reduces the amount of fake currency in society. But we can ignore ignore the fact that how worse the banks situation at that time middle class people has to suffer in long queues. And also the amount of cash has decreased in the market but thinking of bigger picture it has improved our country at some point.

Nadeem pasha said:   6 years ago
I disagree with these states as we all know that it affects our economy a lot and GDP rate of our country reduced so much.

Srikanth said:   6 years ago
Happy morning to one and all and thank you all for giving my words towards this topic.

One of the major reforms took by our government is demonitisation. It was announced by our Honourable prime minister of India Shri Narendra Modi on 8th November 2016. Due to this reform a small amount of money brought to our Banks. Many politicians and businessmen are identified as sources for blankmoney. After introducing this reform simultaneous amendments are also made in Income tax act. Common people faced many problems during demonetisation period and even for common needs also that revovle around the banks. Even bank staff also helped to success this reform but many bank managers acts as middleman for exchanging black money to white.

After introducing this reform the gdp rate falls and due to this FDIs are also decreased. So in my opinion due to demonetization the economy affected negatively than positively.

So that's it.

Kanika Munjal said:   6 years ago
Hello everyone,

Demonetisation, one of the biggest decision taken by our prime minister on 8th nov, 2016. Definitely it was taken for development of India, to reduce corruption, black money and terrorism, etc. But till now not much changes have occurred. Because the biggest problem is that our politicians are induldged in corruption and some of them go hand in hand with terrorists. The change will not come by struggle of an individual, all the citizens should be required to have that great change in our society. Changes have occurred but not on that great scale, this could be achieved only when each citizen will admit its responsibility towards the country. But yes I would like to salute our prime minister for taking such decision and hoping that this ill work in the long run.

Piyush lohani said:   6 years ago
Demonetisation reduced the corruption but to the litte extent because many politicians can easily change their black money to white and middle class person are affected a lot for changing their currency.

SHREYA said:   6 years ago
What I think is, demonetisation has reduced the black money only. Because people who are involved in corruption are still there. They will do it with the new currency. What we can say is demonetisation has made a temporary change. For some time terrorism would be on halt due to lack of money. Corrupted people will now invest their black money in a better way than saving after this. So, this kind of step only helps temporarily. This is not the permanent solution.

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