Corruption is the Price we pay for Democracy

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Pankaj Kumar vishwakarma said:   1 year ago
Hello friends,

I'm Pankaj.

And today I am so glad that I want a platform where I put my points on corruption.

If I take then corruption is obviously like a pandemic which is not spreading in India 🇮🇳 but all over the world.

But I also would like to tell, we found a vaccine of pandemics so why not we can find this pandemic vaccine together.

I think all people know about what is corruption, and if any don't know my friend, I would like to tell you when we take bribes and giving bribes is corruption.

Nowadays even children can simply identify this.

We have always a mindset that corruption is only increasing and spreading by rich people and in democracy. You all are right but I have a question than poor and middle-class people are not spreading the corruption? Because if we see our population then the majority of poor and middle-class people. So who is more spreading?

Definitely in this part, they have also contributed themselves.

I also would like to tell you, nothing's is good or bad if we use corruption in a good way then!?

I think the formation of its name will be changed. If you see the present scenario then it can never be finished. But at least we can reduce it.

Vikas Singh said:   1 year ago
Friends as we know that doing illegal activities leads to corruption.

Corruption not only hampers the development of the country but also it degraded the life of youth.

Due to this many youths not getting the proper opportunities to prove their worth.

In order to curb it, the parents and teachers should teach the children the moral and ethical values of society.

The government has also taken the initiative by demonetising and important schemes like the Jan Dhan Yojana.

Neil said:   2 years ago
Hello friends,

In my opinion, corruption is not the price we pay for democracy as it totally depends on the people and administration of any country.

Let's take the example of European countries where democracy is present and still the corruption level there is very low and they all are at top of the happiness index as well. In a similar way if we talk about India the people are here thinks for their sake only not for all the people and country and similar is our administration. From recent data, India was among the top countries in taking bribes.

So, at last, I want to say that if people of a country are responsible and honest we don't face corruption at all.

Thank you.

Shyam ji said:   2 years ago
Hello friends.

I'm Shyam Ji Mishra.

In my point of view,

Corruption is like a pandemic which is not only in India but spread all about world.

If tell about corruption then it's main cause is taking or giving bribe being wicked and greedy to others.

Not only upper classes people are corrupt but also middle and poor class people also corrupt.

And if I see in the present scenario then I can say it never be finished. It becomes less only to improve people mentality and giving to them moral education and it starts from myself.

If everyone is educated and not be greedy then it may be restricted.

If I see in any sectors then I found corruption as like politics, education, etc.

So, if we improve our mentality about corruption then it may be reduced.

Thank you.

Ssk said:   2 years ago
When some people take or give bribe to make their work is called corruption.

According to data, India is among the topmost country where 62%people are giving bribe to officers &76%officers taking bribe from citizens.

The reason behind the correlation:

1. Illiteracy & casteism.

2. Reservation. In India, reserved people prefer to deserved.

3. Lack of resources& low salaries are provided for our people so they are taking bribe for fulfilling their need.

4. The biggest reason behind it is the population.

At last in my opinion, conception is routed in India so it is very difficult to abolish it completely from our country but with the effort of everyone, we can reduce it.


Airman KD said:   2 years ago
Corruption is dishonest behaviour by those in positions of power such as managers government officials.

There are many causes of corruption-.

1. Low salaries are paid in many govt and private sectors.
2. Lack of jobs opportunity.
3. Lack of coordination and control in government Offices.

Firoj khan said:   2 years ago
People make their work by bribe it is called Corruption it means poverty that's rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer.

The main cause of corruption is unemployment low salaries and lack of education. Some people are not able to the post but they get the jobs by money that's they did not work properly. By the corruption, poor Indian citizens do not get the advantage of government schemes. Due to corruption, India did not become a developed country.

Govt. Took many steps to control over the corruption like as Demonetization GST and Jan Dhan yojana etc.

Indian government should make strong anti-corruption laws and Moral education is given by the parents and teachers to the children.

Biren said:   2 years ago
We are living in an era where illegal is legal, corruption is democracy and you have to agree with it that power and money is the only truth rest all are just a lie.

Harsheet Jain said:   3 years ago
Corruption is a word that means dishonest and wicked. Almost every citizen of this country is corrupt.

The people who give some amount of money to someone else, so that their work can be done quickly. Those people are corrupt.

Only the people who do not work for the government are not corrupted. Even the people who work for the government are corrupt.

Even the politicians are corrupt.

In most cases, corruption is done by the people who have powers given by the government.

Corruption starts when uneducated people stand in elections and are given powers.

For India the huge population, high rate of taxation, etc. Are mainly caused by corruption.

To stop corruption, the government should make anti-corruption laws and take strict actions against these activities.

I would like to conclude by saying that corruption has to be eradicated completely. Then only we can attain economy growth of our nation.

Abhishek Singh said:   3 years ago
I my opinion, corruption is not related to Democracy or non-democracy. Because in democracy at least we have the right to expose or report corrupt activities even if it is done by the government itself or by their employees. Supreme court, high courts are there to listen to us but the process is little time consuming so people choose not to report, it is a choice of an individual. We see that countries like China (where communism works behind the curtains of democracy) are no better than us, it is ranked equivalent to India in corruption perception index of Transparency international and people can't even raise there voice against the system. Whereas countries with successful democracy like US, Germany, Denmark etc. , have the lowest corruption rate. In democracy at least there are opposition parties to keep a check on the ruling party and their corrupt activities. So, democracy gives us a tool, it is up to us how we use it.

In India, majority of the corruption is spreading because of people with power in public services who demand money and lazy people who do not have patience & try to evade the due process for any of their work by the means of a bribe (eg. Driving license processes are so corrupt), but things are changing with the increasing digital services and corruption is decreasing. So individuals need to develop their mindset and that's how the country can progress.

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