Corruption is a Necessary Evil for Success in Any Sphere

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Kartik said:   1 month ago
I totally disagree with this topic Corruption is a Necessary Evil for Success in Any Sphere.

Because the more bribe money we pay the less tax we pay because when we pay a bribe to any government officer we ignore the tax and give the money to the officer due to this the government does not get enough funds for government hospitals, schools, and many services like these, for example, we can take if a road has holes in it because of insufficient funds and there is an accident between two people that happens in the same road and one of them is severely damaged and is sent to hospital but the mindset of the other on is that I will pay 500 or 600 to the traffic police and get out of this mess this is how corruption is destroying us and a not letting India develop.

Rohit said:   2 years ago
Taking money illegally from someone is called corruption and extortion. It is becoming much social evil day by day. It is not a new phenomenon in our bureaucratic system rather it has been prevalent since ancient time. Corruption has made not only a big hole in our system but also it is ruining our system as well as poor people. Corruption is a worm that is eating our society and system. The responsible for this corruption system is our politician, police, and senior post officer.

Supritha Suvarna said:   2 years ago
I believe Corruption is done by every human in the world. Corrupt people are not only politicians, police's but educated people and each & every citizen. Corruption causes poverty, unemployment, and even degradation of the economy. This is the reason for India not being a developed country. The rules and regulations should be more strict made of corruption. So India becomes corruption-free in future.

Aman kumar said:   3 years ago
Well, Corruption is one of the major reason for poverty, unemployment, Degradation of India economy. That's why till now India does not come in the category of developed nations. Actually, the majority of people who are on higher post and well educated involved in corruption. And we are promoting them by giving bribe.

The laws and regulations are not strict enough to handle increasing corruption. Even a corrupt people caught red-handedly taking a bribe, he will only be suspended for a few months.

The government should make strict rules against corruption and maximum imprisonment to corrupt people.

Transparency should be introduced in every sector. And we (every citizen) should raise voice against corruption and complaint against corrupt people.

M garg said:   3 years ago
In the olden days the word corruption was know by a few people only, but in this era this word is so famous like a celebrity only because of us. Is it necessary? Ofcourse not but we all want to save ourselves from the troubles that's why we give bribe. But it is true that if we will not give any bribe, we can not come out of trouble off course not. So no politician or others can't remove this. This is only one who can make our country free from this.

I hope so that one day will come when there will be no need to use this word corruption.

Jaipal Singh said:   5 years ago
Hey friends,

Today I want to tell you something about corruption. Unless our country is free of corruption, we will not be able to develop India. In India, almost all IT companies today, despit having a big office, good economy, India is far behind in the race to be fully developed because the biggest reason for this is corruption. Today corruption has increased in India in such a way that somewhere there is no work without corruption.

Due to corruption, the development and progress of the country also stops with the person as well.

According to sources, India's position in the case of corruption in the world is 85th.


Dr satish bobade said:   5 years ago
Corruption! lt's damn dangerous any road traffic accident death can be a result of corruption if anyone breaks a signal and hits someone which later on gets killed the mindset is a traffic cop takes only 200 I can get away by corruption even a roads pothole is so dangerous a product of corruption the quality of tar is already compromised how can a road be potholes free! Even people take degrees and work for lifetime without getting caught all due to corruption. Even a suicide is a result of corruption one doesn't get a job having all the credentials some other person gets it by bribing the company officials. It's hard the system still favours corruption no strict laws one who gets caught and gets suspended again gets the job after 2 hardly 3 years. There will be no time to teach the youth the mindset is getting moulded toward corruption even educated people having a great salary are very corrupt there's no stopping there is no reason to cry even if anybody's loved one gets killed on road or due to lack of medical facilities in government hospital in there life they have themselves supported corruption think about it!Dam dangerous corruption!

Beinghuman said:   5 years ago
Total eradication of corruption would be the end of the human race, so it should be eradicated to a negligible amount if you want the human race to exist. So, I agree that corruption is a necessary evil for success in any sphere.

But there should be a legal limit to it. Everybody should be allowed to do corruption which is enough to live a simple peaceful life (and not a lavish luxurious life). So if strict laws are imposed regarding this, the difference between rich and poor will come to a negligible amount and there will be equality all over the world. So a day will come when maximum people on this world will live peacefully and the world will become an excellent place. But it is a bitter truth of life that minority will always be sacrificed till human race exists!

Gyan said:   5 years ago
Hello friends you all are talking about corruption and it's effect but you know that who is responsible for that as per as my concern only we are responsible for that I think there is one of the major reason behind this is the lack of ethical and patriotic values among us lack of opportunities lack of sufficient wages provoke one to take bribe or I think so a person is greedy for achieving his desired goal induced but one to pay bribe but for achieving your goal is curruption is good from your point of view it is good but the bug of corruption is slowly eating our entire system and becoming an obstacle to the development of our country I think it is good but if you can use it in the right way for example if you are going for your interview on station TT check your tickets uhh don't have tickets then you can give money to TT and go for interview. But I think to be corrected is not good for our country.

Tanupriya Awasthi said:   6 years ago
In today's era, the corruption is necessary evil for success in any sphere.

The unemployment is increasing day by day. What's the reason behind this? Simply it's just a corruption, because today the people who are even educated, hard working and honest still sitting idle or wandering here and there in search of a job whereas the person paying the bribe gets the job very easily and conveniently without having any test or interview because matters what. Bribe"money". Not the knowledge or experience the person is having.

Not only this, to get admission in top or good colleges without corruption on the basis of your hard work is also a very difficult task. Poor people's are not able to get the admission in top colleges, it is not so they are not talented it is just because that they are not having that much of money to pay as a bribe.

So to get success every one is doing corruption whether he doing it in legal way he is doing a little of corruption.

Just because of corruption rich are becoming more richer and poor are becoming more poorer. Today the corruption has spread too much because man has made money the master of himself. As long as it served as master, in earlier time, the corruption has not evoked. But now in modern times when the people has made money it's master i.e., the money is having the control over the people, corruption started from there.

It is a thing which cannot be removed by the efforts of a individual. For this it is necessary that unity is there and the people together stand against corruption. Just think about it guyzzz. Have a nice day.

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