Corruption is a Necessary Evil for Success in Any Sphere

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Rohit said: (Mar 28, 2021)  
Taking money illegally from someone is called corruption and extortion. It is becoming much social evil day by day. It is not a new phenomenon in our bureaucratic system rather it has been prevalent since ancient time. Corruption has made not only a big hole in our system but also it is ruining our system as well as poor people. Corruption is a worm that is eating our society and system. The responsible for this corruption system is our politician, police, and senior post officer.

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Supritha Suvarna said: (Mar 11, 2021)  
I believe Corruption is done by every human in the world. Corrupt people are not only politicians, police's but educated people and each & every citizen. Corruption causes poverty, unemployment, and even degradation of the economy. This is the reason for India not being a developed country. The rules and regulations should be more strict made of corruption. So India becomes corruption-free in future.

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Aman Kumar said: (Nov 11, 2020)  
Well, Corruption is one of the major reason for poverty, unemployment, Degradation of India economy. That's why till now India does not come in the category of developed nations. Actually, the majority of people who are on higher post and well educated involved in corruption. And we are promoting them by giving bribe.

The laws and regulations are not strict enough to handle increasing corruption. Even a corrupt people caught red-handedly taking a bribe, he will only be suspended for a few months.

The government should make strict rules against corruption and maximum imprisonment to corrupt people.

Transparency should be introduced in every sector. And we (every citizen) should raise voice against corruption and complaint against corrupt people.

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M Garg said: (Jan 12, 2020)  
In the olden days the word corruption was know by a few people only, but in this era this word is so famous like a celebrity only because of us. Is it necessary? Ofcourse not but we all want to save ourselves from the troubles that's why we give bribe. But it is true that if we will not give any bribe, we can not come out of trouble off course not. So no politician or others can't remove this. This is only one who can make our country free from this.

I hope so that one day will come when there will be no need to use this word corruption.

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Jaipal Singh said: (Aug 9, 2018)  
Hey friends,

Today I want to tell you something about corruption. Unless our country is free of corruption, we will not be able to develop India. In India, almost all IT companies today, despit having a big office, good economy, India is far behind in the race to be fully developed because the biggest reason for this is corruption. Today corruption has increased in India in such a way that somewhere there is no work without corruption.

Due to corruption, the development and progress of the country also stops with the person as well.

According to sources, India's position in the case of corruption in the world is 85th.


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Dr Satish Bobade said: (Apr 6, 2018)  
Corruption! lt's damn dangerous any road traffic accident death can be a result of corruption if anyone breaks a signal and hits someone which later on gets killed the mindset is a traffic cop takes only 200 I can get away by corruption even a roads pothole is so dangerous a product of corruption the quality of tar is already compromised how can a road be potholes free! Even people take degrees and work for lifetime without getting caught all due to corruption. Even a suicide is a result of corruption one doesn't get a job having all the credentials some other person gets it by bribing the company officials. It's hard the system still favours corruption no strict laws one who gets caught and gets suspended again gets the job after 2 hardly 3 years. There will be no time to teach the youth the mindset is getting moulded toward corruption even educated people having a great salary are very corrupt there's no stopping there is no reason to cry even if anybody's loved one gets killed on road or due to lack of medical facilities in government hospital in there life they have themselves supported corruption think about it!Dam dangerous corruption!

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Beinghuman said: (Apr 3, 2018)  
Total eradication of corruption would be the end of the human race, so it should be eradicated to a negligible amount if you want the human race to exist. So, I agree that corruption is a necessary evil for success in any sphere.

But there should be a legal limit to it. Everybody should be allowed to do corruption which is enough to live a simple peaceful life (and not a lavish luxurious life). So if strict laws are imposed regarding this, the difference between rich and poor will come to a negligible amount and there will be equality all over the world. So a day will come when maximum people on this world will live peacefully and the world will become an excellent place. But it is a bitter truth of life that minority will always be sacrificed till human race exists!

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Gyan said: (Dec 16, 2017)  
Hello friends you all are talking about corruption and it's effect but you know that who is responsible for that as per as my concern only we are responsible for that I think there is one of the major reason behind this is the lack of ethical and patriotic values among us lack of opportunities lack of sufficient wages provoke one to take bribe or I think so a person is greedy for achieving his desired goal induced but one to pay bribe but for achieving your goal is curruption is good from your point of view it is good but the bug of corruption is slowly eating our entire system and becoming an obstacle to the development of our country I think it is good but if you can use it in the right way for example if you are going for your interview on station TT check your tickets uhh don't have tickets then you can give money to TT and go for interview. But I think to be corrected is not good for our country.

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Tanupriya Awasthi said: (Oct 29, 2017)  
In today's era, the corruption is necessary evil for success in any sphere.

The unemployment is increasing day by day. What's the reason behind this? Simply it's just a corruption, because today the people who are even educated, hard working and honest still sitting idle or wandering here and there in search of a job whereas the person paying the bribe gets the job very easily and conveniently without having any test or interview because matters what. Bribe"money". Not the knowledge or experience the person is having.

Not only this, to get admission in top or good colleges without corruption on the basis of your hard work is also a very difficult task. Poor people's are not able to get the admission in top colleges, it is not so they are not talented it is just because that they are not having that much of money to pay as a bribe.

So to get success every one is doing corruption whether he doing it in legal way he is doing a little of corruption.

Just because of corruption rich are becoming more richer and poor are becoming more poorer. Today the corruption has spread too much because man has made money the master of himself. As long as it served as master, in earlier time, the corruption has not evoked. But now in modern times when the people has made money it's master i.e., the money is having the control over the people, corruption started from there.

It is a thing which cannot be removed by the efforts of a individual. For this it is necessary that unity is there and the people together stand against corruption. Just think about it guyzzz. Have a nice day.

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Uttara Deb said: (Aug 21, 2017)  
I don't agree with the notion that corruption is a necessary evil for success in any sphere. As far as I can think. Albert Einstein was not a corrupt man but he did succeed. Steve jobs ratan tata Gandhi ji. None of them were corrupted but they were equally successful in their own sectors. We take examples of these great men history can ever produce. Being corrupted is a self-choice. Lotus blossoms in the swamp. So a person can be corruption less in middle of several corrupted people and still be successful if he is ethical true to himself and others and hard working dedicated towards his job. Hardworking can never be compensated by corruption. Moreover, there is always a chance for the corrupted persons to be caught and the consequences are harsh but a corruption free clear person has the gut to face hardles and overcome them with equal bright colors. Thank you.

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Pratik Patil said: (Aug 12, 2017)  
First of all, we human beings are not perfect. Without doing corruption, one cannot survive. So corruption is a necessary evil for sucess. When we do things by legal way, we do the amount of corruption that is allocated to us.

When we do things by illegal way we do corruption more than that allocated to us and that is wrong and selfish. So, the conclusion is, "Corruption cannot be eradicated fully but can be eradicated to a large extent when all citizens live life by legal way".

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Sanjay Singh Kaintura said: (Mar 29, 2017)  
Actually, this is the best way to make it clear to all that how much the every single being of the country is responsible to make it safe for the corrupt people.

I do not agree with the topic that "corruption is a necessary evil for success in any sphere".

Why is it so?

We can get success without having hand in the corruption.

It can only be a devil for the country and is the major most cause of a country's failure. Which is eating the whole country from the every corner?

We have to stop this individually.

Thank you.

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Sagnik Chowdhury said: (Dec 19, 2016)  
Hello, I think human beings is also a creation of the God of the mountains, animals, plants, trees, sky, etc. From the very beginning, the sky is blue as it should be, the leaves of the trees are green and till date tigers are predators. None of these intend to change and they will not, but we change ourselves. We lived in jungle one time but civilization took place and us by the help of changing time trained ourselves to live the life by challenging nature. God made the jungle for us but we found hard to live there and we turned it to villages and cities. God gave us a precious gift, our brain, to hunt but we used it for a better lifestyle. From the very beginning, we changed ourselves to the most intelligent and cunning creatures in the earth. From the very beginning, we are going beyond nature. Now we are civilized. But how we have civilized ourselves? We found it difficult in a jungle to hunt animals so we decided to cultivate crops. But there was no place to cultivate crops because most of the place were the jungle. So we decided to cut trees. When we started to cut trees we used the axe. Axe is a weapon which can bring food to us. Then the process of civilization proceeds but my point is when we started cultivation we found that we can get more food easily through it, but we are not conscious that time that we are making other creatures life difficult as we were cutting trees. This is a human nature and till date, we can't kill this nature of ours. Then comes our eagre to get more food, and for some of us the demand for more become success. And in this era, the same thing is going on 'demand for more is the success for some'. Why demand might be the question but I would say this is a human nature. But I am not we cannot change it, From the very beginning we changed so we can change this also. But we lack values, values of life. Though we changed ourselves from jungle men to civilized citizens but our nature of getting more like the predators of the jungle has not changed. For some, the reason of life in the city is getting more money, luxury, etc, same like a predator in a jungle who demands more prey. I would say they lack moral human values and some may find corruption is the way for their so called success. So the above lines "corruption is a necessary evil for success in any sphere" is true for some who lacked moral human values. And the success describes in those lines is a kind of success which is fit for a predator in the jungle not a man in a city.

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Rakesh Kumar Behera said: (Nov 4, 2016)  
Corruption can be described under two headings 1 is auto willing and another is force willing. The powerful persons demonstrate the Auto willing corruption for achieving success against the selective rule of the society or administration. Uneducated poor peoples are forced to be a part of forceful unwilling corruption though having tendency. The disgusting thing is that a woman can only get the bless of mother by giving birth a male child to his family in of corruption. Peoples are now believing in the success through corruption more than their talent. So the people do not feel guilty and not moving back from casting couch for getting a chance to be cast for some role in pictures. Students do not like to struggle for a long time so engaged in corruption for better result by going near to the officer instead of coming to college or school. So the corruption becomes ultra source of maintenance of life in our society increasing day by day. At the last but not least when the people try to become educated not highly literate the corruption can have vanished from the society.

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Minal said: (Oct 10, 2016)  
First of all, blaming each other for corruption is not a solution at all. We should keep in mind that directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously somehow we all are responsible, whether payer or accepter.

The bug of corruption is slowly eating our entire system and becoming an obstacle for country's development.

We can't expect a fair nd corruption-free environment in present scenario. Actually one of the major reason behind this is lack of ethical and patriotic values among us. Lack of opportunities, lack of sufficient wages provoke one to take bribe whereas greed of achieving desired goal induce one to pay bribe.

I wonder how can a thing which is ruining our country's wealth can bring a fair wealth to us?

If we take initiative at our level by deciding not to take or give bribe, no culprit can force you to do so.

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Sarah said: (Oct 2, 2016)  
If we don't or if we can't change ourselves then we should never expect for a corruption free India. But in some points in this cruel world being innocent can kill us. So be a NORMAL human who is pushing hard for his livelihood.

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Pradeep Muthoju said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
Corruption causes to increase of black money in any country. India is the no.1 country in corrupted countries all over the world. Corruption was avoided by increasing ACB rides and CID and CBI inquiries by the government. The major problem in India is corruption. The currency printed by the reserve bank of India is processed through people and it is a reversal by paying the tax.

Example: Income tax land tax etc.

So there is a money which is unpaid tax money is there at government employees over the countryside and also in the form of 'Binaamis', the currency was printed by the government is process through the employees all over India in the form of salaries. Then it is the reversal to the government in the form of life taxes ad income tax etc.

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Ashok Singh said: (Jun 9, 2016)  
I completely disagree with the topic "Corruption is a necessary evil for success in any sphere". Every where there is a system of Que, how much we follow. Why we can't wait for our turn. First, come first serve is violated by the desire to get a benefit out of turn by offering anything rather everything. One should remember that getting things out of turn is either begging or loot, both ways it is demoralising to the person benefited for the first few times, later on shamelessly he starts favouring the topic of discussion in toto. If we develop a culture to wait for our turn the corruption is sure to vanish. How many days will a corrupt official / leader dare to be work-less? He may be forced to do right without corruption.

If we don't want to change ourselves such topics will always be getting affirmative remarks.

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Rohit Pathak said: (Apr 18, 2016)  
Friends corruption is very danger, as you know and we remove it from all the places but it is not easily to remove. When people help me then we remove corruption it is my promise to everyone. Money is a factor that creates corruption because India has Inequalities of income. It has higher, middle and lower income group. Generally, 45% people earn the high income, 25% people earn normal income then remaining 30% people earn very low income and only for surviving per day life. When all 100%people earn normal income and there is no lower or higher income group then corruption go out from the human mind and we survive happy life with our family. I am Rohit Pathak from Uttar Pradesh. I want to remove corruption and other illegal work from the earth. So thank you, everyone, help me and those people who need help.

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Pranjul Agrawal said: (Mar 10, 2016)  
Hello friends, I would like to start with a question, can we make our society totally corruption free with our own individual efforts?

The act of corruption is not a phenomena of just a few years back, but it takes hundreds of years to culminate to reach at this stage so, it is quite odd to think that India will be going to corruption free completely very soon, obviously it will take decades and a lot of true collective effort, first by ourselves and then by our society and the government.

One thing more I would like to add here is that before condemning anyone, we should look inside ourselves that, are we truly encrypted and if not, please admit it and try to improve yourself, this will be your first step towards making India "CORRUPTION FREE".

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AKSHAYA said: (Mar 3, 2016)  
The biggest cause of corruption is "unaccounted money for the funding of elections". It is accessed between bureaucrats and politicians. Only those entrepreneurs survive who have a connection with bureaucrats and politicians. Definition of democracy is converted to "Democracy of the bureaucrats and politicians, by the bureaucrats and politicians and for the bureaucrats and politicians". Bureaucrats provide complete fertile ground for entrepreneurs to grow their business who then provide money to politicians.

In India, 20% people has 80% money and 80% people has 20% money. This gap increases due to corruption.

In India, there are lengthy law procedures, unlike America where complete money is seized if caught.

Earlier man was known by his "professions" but now the society transformation is so drastic that the man is known by his "possessions".

There is a lack of transparency.

Corruption can be controlled by providing,

1. Transparency in the system.

2. Consumer oriented services.

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Sameera said: (Nov 11, 2015)  
CORRUPTION - which has now been the most interesting topic in media-news. Its not OK just to sit in front of TV and enjoy watching news showing how much corrupt our Govt-private sectors are, we should not only waste our time in blaming them but know that each and every common man is also equally involved in it.

Maybe we can't prevent it to happen but take some steps to control it. In order to do this, the younger generation which is the future should be taught about the VALUES and IMPORTANCE of each and every field, about the country etc which helps them get inspired and this encourage them in future to get involved in it. Hope to see a not just a developed but also a corruption free India!

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Priyanka Mishra said: (Oct 27, 2015)  
Hello everyone,

What I think all about corruption is: Its like a virus to the computer system{country's system}which damages the whole working mechanism. Rich and poor gaps, greed and grabbing an the most important one that is the immoral, illegal and the unethical way of thinking actions.

In simple terms it is the abuse of power or position for personal gains. It is commonly described as the neglect of good habits and values. Friends to prevent corruption being as first in your life, we the youth should act like a 'vanarsena' and attack with full force the authorities which play the major culprit feeding this malady.

Positive reforms should be brought out, so that we not only dream but also work together actively hand in hand towards developing a nation that is free from the evil called 'CORRUPTION'.

Once we start putting our country before ourselves, our country will be the only country in the world to be corruption free. By taking few steps as follows:

1. Every one should stop giving bribe first.

2. Government should take certain steps like to prevent corruptions in their particular departments.

3. People should not hesitate to file complaint if they experience any such incidents in their life.

These are usual steps that we can generally look into. On the other side since nothing is working in a huge country like ours we can switch to the following system.

1. Every individual should have a single mandatory identity card.

2. Card should be uniquely identifiable.

3. Every transaction involving money should be accessible only through this card.

In this way the correct flow of money can then be recorded. Since no one can then hide their transaction without notifying their identity, there is little chance for hiding their transactions and money.


1. Cards must be highly secured and must be provided at the age of 18 along with voting power.

2. Transactions like registrations, share holdings, certifications, bank account transactions, etc involving major amount should be made accessible only with the card.

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Roshan Bajiya said: (Oct 8, 2015)  
A little corruption does not have a negative value and not relate my words with bribe. For a developing country corruption is there to accelerate it. Corruption is a charge money for social help as example if we are going to a temple and for darshna we are giving some money for social development.

In some society corruption is a gift of culture and it depends at what place you are doing, if a person wants to reach its destination and he does not have a ticket. He have to give some money to TTE/TC.

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Yash Patwa said: (Aug 26, 2015)  
Hello friends.

There is need to bring change in the society we are the youngsters we have to take aim to make society, country, and the world corruption free.

The money we take at the time of election don't you think we too are doing corruption we have to stop it. Because the person after becoming leader going to take it back from us as a bribe for our work.

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Abhay said: (Aug 19, 2015)  
I think corruption is the most biggest evil that has taken place in our our society and systems. It is the major resistance in the development of our country. If we have a look at the leaders and government employees, would find that bulk of them are corrupted. So whatever amount of fund is allotted by government for the welfare of the country, are not utilized for the purpose rather these are kept by them and very few percent of it reaches to the society. If this kind of things will happen then how can anyone think about development.

Also, bribery is the major problem for which local people are responsible. For this government should increase the punishment so that if any is caught person taking bribe or giving bribe, pay large for mistake and never repeat it again.

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Frederick said: (Aug 14, 2015)  
Hey guys,

Really good for discussion. However, all's been said about corruption and what can we do as a people to eradicate this human eliminator? those state officials and even we the citizens need to act accordingly.

Our countries are been deny of roads, health centres, sound education and not much is done to ensure that those bent on this practice are either sent to life imprisonment and other necessary measures instituted against them. Look around Africa especially and see how far we are left behind in term of development, our resources only benefiting a very few of the populace.

How can this be? They remit monies to the west to sustain their families and send them to the best schools while Africa remains underdeveloped. Something must be done especially so for Liberia where I come from.

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Entezaar said: (Jul 26, 2015)  
I agree with "corruption is the necessary evil for success, rapid development etc. ".

Let me try :

1. Every person is involve with this word "corruption" directly on indirectly, little or more, knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore we cannot blame any other rather than us, agreed?

2. The money we earn is actually not pure value of our work. It seems that we earned it by our hard & honest work, but its not. Whether you earn it honestly, but if you do not spend it honestly then "corruption" occurs. Thus, we have to pay for it.

3. By this way, we already disturbed our system that leads to rapid growth and legal existence of corruption anywhere.

4. Actually we can call it "service charge" of "facility fee" not "corruption".

Talk later about its consequence, pros etc.

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Brock said: (Jul 5, 2015)  
Corruption is the real devil in the downfall of the country. Each and every sector is being corrupt and the common people is facing the consequences. Corruption can be cured by us only to be make ourselves rigid and do not give bribe to anyone.

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Deva Akhil said: (Jun 24, 2015)  
The word corruption is something disreputable that we always come across in our day to day life. Whether it reveals in politicians or seen in our regular jobs. Corruption exists in almost all the countries of the world. Corruption is eating up a country's future and making it unhealthy.

Libya, Uzbekistan, Iraq, southbound, Afghanistan are some of the most corrupted countries in the worlds. And suggestion is that it is duty of every individual to eradicate corruption from our society. Thank you friends.

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Vinomessi said: (Jun 10, 2015)  
Hello guys,

Mostly all the points have been said in above comments but what I think is that you shouldn't think that why we should go front and ask about a bribe. Its our responsibility to remove corruption from our nation India and don't hesitate to come forward. So guys we you don't come front and speak the corruption starts from there also so you should not be a beginner of corruption.

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Aashu said: (Jun 8, 2015)  
Everything has a beginning, and the beginning of corruption is never ending greediness. So, we have to change our thinking, we know that greed is a bad cause but we don't apply this in our daily life.

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Charles Palmer-Allen said: (May 4, 2015)  
There are only two things money can do, and that is to build a human life and to break a human life. Greed for money unveils that money controls your life and this means you are out of control of your own life, where greed takes over. Those who have control over money, this is when wisdom takes over with the root of compassion for your fellow human being.

Greed knows no compassion, human respect, peace and true love because it bears the fruits of selfishness, pride, corruption, hate, division, falsehood, crime and spiritual murder. Greed does not come from a human heart or mind, it comes from the heart and mind of a self-destructive murderer, thief and liar, who has absolutely no compassion for the struggling poor and needy who lie before their gates on a daily basis throughout the world. Politicians and religious prosperity leaders are the sowers of this world's most evil greedy seed.

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Vikash said: (May 2, 2015)  
Yes It's quite right that corruption has become really necessary evil in our society either it would be political system, any government work or somewhere else. But who is responsible for this situation? Definitely us. We are the ones who gave bribe, took bribe because even leaders and corrupt persons comes from the society, if society is not corruption free then how can you expect to your country to be corruption free.

Yes we can be corruption free but for that we need to work from the root level. There are some countries where corruption was so high that even ambulance only comes on giving bribe to them but then they fought against it and make their country corruption free.

So all we need to do is do our part well, do not be the part of corruption and make the people aware about it. By our continuous efforts definitely we will be corruption free one day.

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Jvjv said: (Feb 27, 2015)  
Lot of writers here. Anyway, my 2 cents are: Agreed corruption in India is rampant. Change begins with one person. One anna hazare. Do not give up your fight against corruption. Stop giving bribe and share that experience on social media, write a blog about it on how you got your work done without giving bribe.

People will connect to you, they will start to follow you, and slowly some will imitate you and refuse to pay bribe. It all starts with one person. Please do not cultivate the mentality that India will never change.

Our country has become a victim of divide and rule. We have forgotten or maybe I should say, never experienced the power of Unity. The politicians divide and rule us under caste, position, favoritism etc. Unite by brothers and sisters. Start a movement against corruption. Do not wait for Anna haraze to get the bill passed, he is doing his best, lets do OURS.

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Anusha said: (Feb 26, 2015)  
Hello Friends,

Corruption is the major problem in our country which destroys our country success. India stood first in corruption. Mainly it is taking place in government sectors but now in private sectors also. Without corruption India can become a developed country.

Firstly we should stop giving bribes for any work. By giving bribes we can't get true success. It comes only from honesty and hard work. Not only the person who takes bribes is corrupted but also the one who is ready to give the bribe for the completion of their work.

If we think that the government is corrupted, it's not the government. Because we are only electing our politician. We should choose the right one who is not corrupted to make our society a corruption free. We should not take money while electing. It is also a corruption. So we should choose the right government who works against corruption to make our country a corruption-free.

Every one should go against corruption and when we are corruption free then only we can expect a corruption free society.

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Hamsitha said: (Dec 19, 2014)  
Its bit difficult to make our country corruption free. Wherever you go there is a corruption. You cannot complete any of your work without giving bribe. You can experience it well in government offices. From attender to higher position officer, most of them are corrupted. If you give bribe your work is done at the right time. Otherwise it is impossible.

Just think in another way. When an election is declared, ministers spend money for canvas purpose. Its nothing but they buy the vote from people. Most of the people logically loose their voting power by taking money. After that elected one starts to regain his money by harassing the same people in the name 'bribe'. Its a cyclic system, cannot stop at once. Everyone is corrupted by one or the other way.

I really wonder, how people talk about rich man's or big politician black money by themselves being corrupted.

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Vandana Mahalakshmi said: (Dec 18, 2014)  
Hello friends.

According to me corruption is the most important speaking matter in India. We all are also corrupted because we all are also involve in it. First of all we should stop giving bribe to the government sector and to the private sector. Not in this in our school there they donation or development fees it is also one type of corruption going on in our country.

Dowry is also a type of corruption. When we give bribe then only the boy will marry the girl. This only going in some countries. In our India there are so many people who don't have any job or home to live this is also because of corruption. Corruption free India will not have this all other problems.

We all are also supporting it in many ways. This we all also giving bribe to win the government exams, high school exam. We are not stopping this here we do this same to get jobs like IPS posts, Police selection, government jobs ect.

Bribe taking and giving people are making us the citizens of the country, the CBI, Police officers and the respected government. Please stop this it will affect the growing generation and coming generation. Please stop this for a good future. Please stop this for you and your family.

Thanks bye good luck India.

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Ashima Kumar said: (Oct 7, 2014)  
Corruption is something which we all should avoid, for our country to become a developed nation. Most importantly to make it a truth today's youth is required to take the effective step in this direction.

Moreover, it is also necessary to educate and inculcate such values in the younger generation that with span of time they know what is good for the betterment of their future.

Beside this we should also take initiative to come forward and set an example for others.

As @Mr Tej was saying that he would be one to come in front and I myself support that opinion.

But what about others, are they ready to take steps for this cause.

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Syeda said: (Sep 14, 2014)  
Hi I am Syeda here. And I would like to share something about the same topic as you people mention. I agrees with your words. According to me corruption is like a oxygen for those people who got an habit of taking and I must say this words for thouse who takes bribe, tip, or donation, or gift "A LEOPARD CAN'T CHANGE ITS SPOTS".

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Mounika said: (Sep 5, 2014)  
Good Morning every one.

This is Mounika. Am glad to put some points about corruption.

The main cause of corruption is our Indians mentality. We are becoming greedy day by day. Not only one person most of our Indians are doing the same thing. We are degrading ourselves. Not only in one place even in temples if we go to temple by taking bribe they are sending to Darshana. Our attitude have to change.

More haw many years we have to see that our India is a developing country. When will it become developed nation.

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Ravi said: (Aug 9, 2014)  
I think corruption is a major hazard in our society. We would have to try our best to decrease this corruption. Because in every department like government department and private department. There are many kind of corruption. I think nepotism is a big corruption in India. So we have to stop corruption for our future.

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Akshitha P said: (Jun 6, 2014)  
Hello friends !

CORRUPTION- which has now been the most interesting topic in media-news. Its not OK just to sit in front of tv and enjoy watching news showing how much corrupt our govt-private sectors are, we should not only waste our time in blaming them but know that each and every common man is also equally involved in it. Maybe we can't prevent it to happen but take some steps to control it. In order to do this, the younger generation which is the future should be taught about the VALUES and IMPORTANCE of each and every field, about the country etc which helps them get inspired and disencourage them in future to get involved in it. Hope to see a not just a developed but also a corruption free India !

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Chalmareddy said: (May 8, 2014)  
First I am very thankful to giving me this opportunity to share my feelings about corruption. I would like to claim my self because we are responsible for it. We all are part of corruption. Without a common man and a politician there is no corruption. India is in the 7th place in corruption. In today's life not only govt sectors, private sectors are also in the race. So please take initiation with your own and make India as, a corruption-free country. It is not impossible to eliminate the corruption but it is reduced to some level.

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Ron McDonald said: (Feb 10, 2014)  
Sadly there is at least a little bit of corruption in almost every individual. A big step towards eradicating corruption would be to subject the person offering or giving the corruption to hitherto unheard of MANDATORY PENALTIES when found guilty.

This must apply even to very insignificant examples of corruption (eg; keeping surplus change mistakenly given by a shopkeeper or A shopkeeper who deliberately short changes a customer) right up to major corruption committed by business men, government officials, members of the judiciary and members of the clergy.

Corruption is part and parcel of the modern world and only through vigilance and determination to change our culture can we even dream about it's eradication. But do we want to eradicate corruption?

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Binu said: (Jan 30, 2014)  
Corruption is a word which we all used to hear daily from every person, every news channel, every society.

But have we ever who has given birth to this never ending problem. Its we people.

So we should not blame any other politician, because they just enter into politics to make money not to serve our country,

And we are the ones who have voted them and allow them to have all the money which is given for our nation's development to them they just store it in other nation.

And the more funny thing is going to be happen with them that all their money is going to be just waste after april as they will not accept the older notes, and as it is black money so the problem to them is how will they make it white.

And ultimately the loss will be our because that money can do a lot for our country in improving infrastructure, in many other development activities.

And ultimately its our responsiblity so we have to pay the prize for it.

And for having success in our life we have just played with the past, present, future of our people.

Would we have said a no on the first day itself when being asked for any bribe, than this day wouldn't have come in our life.

But now the situation is so worse that it will take decades to remove its root from our nation.

Thats all. Thank you.

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Corrupt_hero said: (Dec 30, 2013)  
A little amount of corruption is necessary for growth in a country like India. Developed countries can dream to be corruption free, but for developing countries a little corruption can help accelerate the progress. However we need to keep reducing the amount of corruption as we develop, and ultimately aim for a corruption free India.

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Niket said: (Dec 9, 2013)  
It is not that the corruption of India is just because of the thinking of the people or their mentality, it is one of the reasons but the main concern is our system which also force them to do the evil because every time because of some evils the whole society suffers that is the hard reality today in many govt offices who do not agree with the evil are forced to do so first we will have to make our system strong rather than blaming on each other there must be some real hard rules for corrupted persons which will make people fear along with starting it from individuals. It is a slow process but is the most practical and best way to decrease the corruption rate.

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R-star Prateek said: (Oct 3, 2013)  
Corruption is one of the deadly, undesirable and wicked sins that has been imposed on the innocent man by some hungry looking monsters. It is omnipresent, almost like a distorted, antithetical version of God for the present times. It doesn't sound euphonious when we hear that it has not only led to the malfunctioning of the administrative system and poor law and order, but also some serious causes like poverty and red tapism, which has led to the society's disability. It has distorted all values and made mincemeat of morality, truth and virtue. It has entered into every single aspect of our lives becoming all-pervasive just similar to the air we breathe. It is growing massively in huge proportions and there is barely any sphere of social, political, economic and even religious activity that is free from graft, fraud and corruption of some kind.

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Mona Joseph said: (Sep 13, 2013)  
Hello my dear friends in my point of view corruption is not at all a necessary evil for success in any sphere of life. First of all the mindset of people should be changed common people should stop bribing the officers and those who take bribe, then strict actions should be taken against corrupt officers and they should be punished by the court then only some fear will occur in their minds. In this way we can stop corruption.

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Yathansh Gaba said: (Sep 9, 2013)  
There is no doubt that corruption is one of the biggest obstacles to the country's growth since independence. Corruption, over the last 60 odd years has deeply entrenched itself in every segment of Indian society. Earlier corruption was more similar with Government departments and officials. But today even their private sector has joined the race. To remove corruption from our country government should make strict rules and regulations and our youth should come forward to eradicate corruption from our country.

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Soumya said: (Aug 28, 2013)  
Let me remind you about the past of India where corruption was a word that was used once in a blue moon but today we find corruption and corruption everywhere. Have we ever thought where we have gone wrong? Its also the responsibility of every citizen of the country to eradicate corruption to make India a better place to live in 2020.

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Sunil Gautam said: (Jul 28, 2013)  
Hello friends,

CORRUPTION, is itself a rude word to be listen. My point is that today's youth is aware of the fact of problems occurs due to corruption, but are those people aware about results of corruption who have made bribery there monthly payment? Because their aim is to fill their home with money. All the systems, department in India are corrupted. There may be a magic that can change the mind of those greedy people. Mostly, the main pole, the common people of India is suffering from this evil what you call corruption. Thank you.

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Partha Rudra said: (Jul 7, 2013)  
Hello everyone,

First of all its a pleasure to put my opinion on this topic. My concern says no, corruption isn't a necessary evil. Only coward people who doesn't believe in their strength to fight against will say that. Yes we all, together can fight corruption. The very first thing is to change our mentality that we, the common people won't get involved in any corruption because it is to believe that to reach at a high floor you will need small stairs to make the step easier. We do not need to be corrupted to be successful in life. Rather we all have to be hard working which in turn will be good for our country too. Side by side if there is something like "LOKPAL BILL" in our country and there is awareness campaign against it in the illiterate areas I think corruption will soon find its death.

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Ankit Tyagi said: (Jul 1, 2013)  
In my perspective, the corruption is caused by both the giver and the taker. It should be taken as the crime for shortcuts of the processes because many times we people pay bribes to make our jobs done early.

If common people stop paying bribes the corruption will automatically eliminated.

So instead of blaming each other we need to change ourselves and ensure that we should not get involved in this social evil.

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Anusuya said: (Jun 27, 2013)  
In my concern, wherever we go corruption is there. If we take any organisation, government jobs whatever first they think how to satisfies their individuals needs so that they want to go in a wrong way. They not only corrupt the organisation they corrupt also the india's growth. So please youth never do like this we have to develop the Indian early.

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Mihika said: (Jun 18, 2013)  
From my perspective, I think a man whether common or holding an important position does this because either they are selfish or they have some 'Majburi' or whatever you call it.

There mind always dreams about them, their life, their family, their job- they don't think about India as one nation.

And I'd like to go with Gandhiji's word "To bring the change, you need to be one. ".

Probably I think it will take time. But it will be solved one day!

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Khan said: (May 1, 2013)  
Hi friends, Day by Day corruption is increasing in our country. Every government offices are taking bribe. Because of corruption India is not developing in a right manner. Especially ministers are involving in corruption and this impacting our economy. To eradicate corruption government should make a strict rules and regulation. Youth should come forward to eradicate corruption.

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Sartaj Khan said: (Apr 12, 2013)  
Hello friends,

Good morning as per my concern corruption is everywhere this time. If we see any government department there is much corruption and employees demanding bribe openly. They don't have fair of law. They said you will give me money then I will do your work. Then we feel helpless and give him money as bribe.

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Jani said: (Apr 2, 2013)  
Day by day corruption was reducing. Why don't we can stop this thing. Yes we can do. We have to know first our attitude was doing good thing or not. Trust yourself. Be confident and think you are one of the citizen in our country. What are the problems was facing in country we can avoid these things. Our country may topmost place.

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Kavi said: (Mar 18, 2013)  
Yes corruption made a big role in this modern life. Nowadays black money rate is increasing. Its affect our Indian economy.

Although we are Indian we should pay our tax correctly and we should proceed in good manner. Corruptions are mainly happening in politics a and the issues were made by the higher authorities.

Behind every mistakes corruption made an important role to solve that without the presence of higher.

Therefore in order to avoid corruption we should proceed everything in legal manner. We should be aware of mistakes being done.

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Aranz said: (Nov 9, 2012)  
Hey guys,

Very interesting views you have, really.

But what you are really ignoring is truth.

From the beginning of time, human mind was never pure. Well it can't be, we have been given the power of creativity and corruption is somewhat a side effect of that power.

Nothing in this world come for free.

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Sharon Samuel said: (Oct 8, 2012)  
My voice for corruption-free MOTHER INDIA.

Whenever I think of our developing India, a question that haunts me is "Will I be able to visualize a vivid, corruption-free and self-reliable INDIA. ?

My question remain unanswered many times but in due course of time I came to know of several facts that depict the helpless conditions of a common man. Though he is clever enough, he would not get a seat in a renowned college or university. Though he is eligible, he would be thrown out of the interview session ruthlessly. Only reason behind all these scornful situations being faced by a common man is. MONEY.

Money. As said by a scholar, it is the root cause of all kinds of troubles and sins. But, now-a-days, we see a lush green abundance of this money in each and every corner of this world. Its not an exaggeration to say that it's being worshiped as God and and has been growing incredibly swaying its wings to all departments to be taken as, what we call. , bribe.

If you want to study in a famous college, you need to pay bribe. If you want to settle in a good job, you have to pay some money. If you have to register your land or building, bribe. If you want to make your things done in a government office even, bribe. To get your ration rice also, pay bribe. , bribe. , bribe. , everywhere corruption.

From where our common man will fetch all that money to distribute among these human predators? He's being harassed socially, politically, morally and in all possible ways. Of course!

Today bribe is more powerful than knowledge, more powerful than wisdom, more powerful than degrees. As we can buy all of these with money. If we grease one's palms, nothing can be said impossible.

It's proved statistically in a report that 1.4 trillion dollars have been stored in Swiss bank by our Indian bigwigs. What a Gandhian homeland? Are we not very well-known of 2G spectrum scam, mining scandal in karnataka and "cash for vote" schemes? It's only our pride to say that we are placed 2nd in world population records. But it's heartbreaking for me to agree that more than half of the people are crying and begging on roads just for their food. Then what about their daily needs? Why to go so far beyond our age? Just see how many children are being malnourished everyday in our village and observe their routine for one day in their slum. I do not really understand why this situation has raised in-spite of having a well-defined constitution and highly educated economists as our finance ministers. I'm not criticizing them. But my thoughts went on like that.

And because of this corrupted society, common man is being deprived of all basic needs of living and this would certainly have a disastrous effect on a country's economy as well as its progress. It may also be the reason for brain drain. On the other hand, INDIA is falling into the hands of greedy uneducated politicians who buy votes with an intention of increasing their income vigorously. From decades, this is being done. And. Now. Also being done. But in future. I don't want this to be done. !

Yes. ! We are yesterdays children and of course. , todays citizens. We should inculcate responsible nature from now itself and keep ourselves away from this evil practice. We should play a pious role in molding this country into a PRISTINE world that's free from all kinds of discriminations and corruption harassments. It's not only my dream but millions of people are waiting from centuries and centuries to see India as all-round developed country.

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Siddharth said: (Aug 18, 2012)  
Corruption is a term we indians very well aware of, as every now and then news channel flashes breaking news of scams, scandals in which our ministers are involved and they earn agood TRP. Now why I am saying all this is that we cannot play the blame game anymore. If there is corruption not only the minister is guilty, but the whole ministry, people of the country is equally guilty. Because it is not a 1 way traffic, it is agive and take process. If bribe is being asked at any level of govt or private sector, it should not be given rather protested. This is what Anna is asking for. Success and corruption can never go hand in hand. Here Success means progress of the country and not of an individual. Even if someone thinks that he has achieved success through corruption, than he is not mentally sound, he has lost morality and eventually fall in his own trap. Perseverance, sincerity, belief in god are the only mantras for success of any individual or his country. If these ideologies are percolated in every individual mind, then corruption will find no void to exist and will be completely eradicated.

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Ruby Singh said: (Aug 11, 2012)  
Hello friends!we have forgotten today that our freedom fighters had ended their lives for us, so that their country people would lead their life "peacefully", but are we really leading our lives the way they had thought?Today every people have rooted money-minded mind, for the shake of money they can to any extent, we don't have right to blame others for destroying our country in the name of corruption, it is the first and foremost duty of every individual to remove corrupted thought from their mind, then our country would automatically become corruption free and a peaceful country.

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Shanta said: (Jul 30, 2012)  
Since when did humanity accept the absurdity of corruption as a necessary part of government and politicians, no matter what country you care to mention?

I'm fed up with their evil, their greed, their plastic, painted-on smiles, their constant, self-serving lies, their secrecy, the way they back-stab the people, and the 'feathering' of their own personal nests at the expensive of the very people they're supposed to serve. Note the word 'serve'.

It's a pity they don't remember that they're mere "servants" of the people, not 'masters'. Just servants. We, the people, are their Masters and it's high time the world at large rises up to remind these worms of that simple fact.

And while we're at it, let's remember that a servant is not paid more than its Master. A servant does not live in the height of luxury while its Master goes hungry and homeless.

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Oenga Jnr. said: (Jul 2, 2012)  
Corruption is an Evil that has been necessitated by our politicians who on different occasions are seen taking bribes in one way or the other to avoid parliamentary sittings, oppose a certain motion which is beneficial to the common citizen or to turn down necessary reforms that they feel they will not be comfortable with and of which will boost the lives of poor citizens.

Some are seen grabbing public properties and at the end of the day denounce and call themselves innocent and not corrupt. The institutional changes that will fast track the eradication of corruption are not implemented and not financed well so that they thus don't achieve their goals giving room for their selfish accruing of wealth.

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Somiya said: (Jun 23, 2012)  
We all are responsible for this corruption which to day has reached from high locality to the lower locality. Why to punish government ?why not to punish yourself. If government is 50% responsible, then I say that we are 60% responsible. He had made the laws, now it is upon us how we follow it. I hope that the future generation will understand and will follow the rules.

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Satya said: (Jun 21, 2012)  
Hi friends,

First of all I would like to claim ourselves instead of pointing out anyone else in higher authorities who were encouraging this concept. A person can succeed in his life not only by giving/taking bribe, he/she can succeed through hard work also.

Now-a-days Corruption is a global phenomenon and it is omnipresent. Corruption in present times has spread over the entire society as a cancerous disease in all forms.

Corruption in India is a consequence of the nexus between Bureaucracy, politics and criminals. India is now no longer considered a soft state.

Today, the number of ministers with an honest image can be counted on fingers.

Once upon a time, bribe was paid for getting wrong things done but now bribe is paid for getting right things done at right time.

Presently, India figures as the seventh most corrupt country in the world according to Transparency International', a non-government German Organization. Also trying to reach 1st place in corruption.

Why can't we change the system. Each and Every individual person need to think about this. How to remove corruption is a common and simple question but the answer is not simple.

The positive answer to the question, 'how to remove corruption' is conditional and possible only if the common man decides that he will not gives bribes under any circumstances how far can the bureaucracy or the politicians go delaying or not doing their duties? If every Indian decides to contribute to this movement of fighting corruption and to the promotion of values such as truth, excellence and achieve success through the practice of these virtues, then perhaps we could hope that corruption will one day be removed from India.

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Swati Kumari said: (Jun 15, 2012)  
Corruption is illegal way of making money which everybody tries to earn. From first stage to last stage of our life we are suffered from it. Corruption led obstruction in every work. For ex-if we have to take sign of any reputed officer, than if we are not giving any bribe than our work could be stop in middle. So, to destroy an insect so called corruption we have to destroy from its root and this will be possible if we start from ourselves or our home.

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Swati said: (Jun 11, 2012)  
Ya I m with you I m totally agree with you but each n every people has been corrupted in this society every person is compel to give the bribe. We can't forget wearer knows where the shoes pinches. Every suffered man also make involved in this type of evil. He does not want to do but he has to do.

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Apurv said: (Jun 10, 2012)  
In my opinion, we all are part of corruption in some way or other. But we cannot say that it is necessary for the success, its the improper functioning and delaying in completion of any work whether official or unofficial which makes any person involved in the corruption. Corruption is weakening our society internally. Its time for us to rise to the occasion and say no to corruption. We should firstly start this from our us and our family.

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Simmi Kumari said: (Jun 10, 2012)  
In my opinion corruption is a way of success but is not necessary. Success can can be get by hardwork. Hardwork makes the person intellectual and confidence. So, if we youth want to eradicate the corruption, then how it is possible ?Is making a strike law ? But in my opinion No, we can't eradicate corruption by making strike law but we can reduce corruption by spreading social awareness.

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Leona said: (Jun 5, 2012)  
For me I think corruption is one of the biggest problem mainly in India. First of all we must stop taking bribes and tell others to stop taking bribes. How we can blame others without correcting ourselves. For instance, corruption is the problem for the lazy guys and wants the work to be by others easily without facing any difficulties. Giving bribe is more punishable than taking bribe. We can't get rid of corruption but can reduce it by correcting ourselves & bringing awareness.

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Mohan Shyam Kaushik said: (May 24, 2012)  
Thanks everybody, I also would like to discuss about corruption. First of all we are self responsible for arising the corruption. We attract them for receiving the bribe. We take a example of corruption if we are going to pay the payment of electricity bill and found there are a lot of people standing in the queue. We have extra money so that we don't want to stand in the queue. For avoiding this queue we pay extra that is bribe. Which we are beginning first. So that we are hundred percent responsible for that. Even every government sector is also corrupt. We have need take sign to government employee. He will not sign on any document without taking bribe. If we don't give him. Then our work will put off. We have to come up and raise our voice against this corruption. We should take oath that we will neither take bribe and nor give bribe to anybody. Then we can root out this corruption.

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Zareena said: (May 12, 2012)  
Corruption is being rooted from many years, reached almost to the peak level in our country and is one of the main cause for our country being only a developing country not developed one. It is nothing but giving and taking bribe which make poor poorer and rich richer. Politicians giving bribes to the poor people affects a lot because there may create a doubt that when the people who are ruling us are corrupted why not we?what do you say guys?

I say that the only best thing is to bring awareness in people to eliminate corruption. I strongly support Anna Hazare who is supporting to pass Lokpal bill to eliminate corruption starting from politicians.

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Saina said: (May 7, 2012)  
It is very inconsiderate for any person to call a country corrupt.

As per a article Italy is one of those European nation which you can associate India with. In such a case you would find a same section of those people calling their country a corrupt country, but to an amazement Italy is still able to mantain seventh highest spot in GDP, Its not corruption that is hampering national progress its the people who need to work for its compensation rather than just speaking against it.

In India corruption cases has always been there and has become such an integral part that growth no more depends on corruption, it is for the people to wake up and fight for their rights.

In the event of launch of sarva siksha abhiyaan it was very evident that this motive did spread to each village. So instead of crying for the amount of money lost during the sarva siksha abhiyaan in form of corruption it is imperative for us to look into the enormous progress made by the government and ensure that each poor child do make it to primary education.

What I want to emphasize on is that their are agencies that are working to reduce corruption but it is very important for us to live with corruption and do our work with full honesty, and corruption would definitely come down slowly but surely.

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Saina Kirar said: (May 7, 2012)  
Hello, According to my point of view, corruption is deeply rooted in India. Actually, in every field "take & give bribe is common for people in now-a-days. Rich people give bribe because he don"t want loose any success & poor people take this in helpness. But both are responsible for that. We know that, the complete system of from a clerk to highest official is corupt. We want to say that, only politician is not responsible for all that, we all are responsible for that. So we should take oath, we are starting from today to against corruption.

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Swetha said: (Apr 30, 2012)  
Hi, I am against corruption. According to me corruption is every where from Auto driver to politician. Because of this corruption rich remains rich and poor remains poor. Government has to take some strong decision against corruption and we all are with Government.

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Pooja Anand said: (Apr 13, 2012)  
''Corruption has become a necessary evil''. I don't think so, Because only the losers and lazy persons can say this. Just because they don't want to fight against corruption and corupt people they find an easier way to make their work done i.e. 'BY GIVING BRIBE'. Just like a drunker. As he is not able to fight with his circumstances he take help of liquor, so that he doesn't have to take any action. Same is a common man as he is not able to or he don't want to fight against corrupt people he take help of money and gives bribe. But the society always oppose drunkers that they are misleading our society so don't you think corrupt people are also misleaing our society as well as our country?

So there is only and only way of eradicating corruption i.e.AWARENESS. We should be aware and make people aware that we have many RIGHTS against corruption and corrupt people the thing needed is we have to use that rights.

So don't give up until you get success in eradicating corruption JUST KEEP TRYING.

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Neha said: (Apr 11, 2012)  
I would like to say that CORRUPTION is not necessary for success in any field, if any person have the potential and desire he can achieve everything that he want, without involving in corruption. We always blame to politician for corruption, but never think that who elect them, answer is we. On other hand we are also responsible for increasing corruption, rich person gives money to officers for making their work first without standing in queue and spending their time, thus we are making them addict of money for doing their work. So by blaming the person who demands money we can not eradicate corruption because we are making them addict.

If we really want to get rid of corruption first of all we have to change ourselves by stopping ourselves giving bribes, because bribe giver is more responsible than bribe taker, if bribe giver gives money than nobody will not deny for bribe because money is important for everybody, on otherhand when a bribe taker demands for money and nobody is ready to give than how he can take bribe. We should never think that only by changing ourselves we can't get rid of corruption because if everybody will think same than who will initiate. ANNA HAZARE stand against the corruption without thinking that public will support them or not. SO TODAY WE DECIDE THAT WE WILL NEVER GIVE OR TAKE BRIBE.

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Pavish Selvam said: (Mar 22, 2012)  
I think corruption have been deep rooted in India. Now it has reached the peak. It is ashamed to say that India leads in corruption in the world. Nobody can stop corruption unless every citizen of India are aware of it.

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Shruti Sanghai said: (Mar 11, 2012)  
Corruption is something that has become vey common in today's world over the years. Corruption arises due to the greed for money, power and fame. To seek admission in a renowned college or any educational institute we give bribes, to free ourselves from any punishment by the traffic police we give bribes, to make someone do our work that we need to be done desperately we give bribes, et cetra. And what else is corruption ?It has become quite common, and so it is not the politions or the government as a whole or any other BIG man to be blamed.

If we really want to eliminate corruption from our country, it is high time that we, ourselves stop giving bribes and learn to do our work on our own and honestly. I am a devoted supporter of ANNA HAZARE and we all should take efforts like him to eradicate corruption from our country.

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Poorvi Agarwal said: (Feb 28, 2012)  
As a counter-point to Anna's over-hyped work re: the LP Bill (which appears likely to get some traction, given the mass mobilisation involved), let me extract the key reforms from my book, Breaking Free of Nehru (BFN) to outline what India actually needs to implement in order to remove corruption.

Basically, we need to make India's governance incentive compatible - to ensure that interests of the elected representatives are aligned with the interests of the citizens.

Note that the reforms outlined below are only PART of the total package and won't work in isolation. And do note the richness of thought and depth involved in this way of thinking, compared with the shallow thinking that underpins the LP Bill. If things were as easy as passing a Bill, India would have resolved its many problems long ago by legislating them away!

After reading this extract from BFN, you may conclude that this package won't work. But you must first read BFN and understand the complete package carefully before you can judge this "solution" - which only forms the KEY part of the package. Indeed, within the framework of this reform package, outlined in BFN, something like the LP Bill WILL work. However, the LP Bill WON'T make any difference to corruption or governance under the current system.

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Rahul said: (Feb 23, 2012)  

I don't think that corruption is a necessary evil for success in any sphere in general, but presently in India corruption has spread in all sector from top to bottom. Our system is being corrupt now-a-days due to lack of awareness among the people for it. The common man must be awaken to fight the gigantic monster of corruption, the general public must raise voice against the corrupt personnel whether he is a politician or bureaucrat.

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Nagarjuna said: (Feb 20, 2012)  
Corruption is common not only in India but also several other countries. Indeed There are countries which have a very low level of corruption. Corruption arises basically due to lack of moral ethics and excess money. In a highly populated nation like India where major chunk of population are poor, there is a lot of scope for the bureaucracts and politicians to bribe the people in each and evry possible.

Way. Corruption may not only be in the form of bribery involving cash, but also involves accepting favours inother ways which gives rise to money laundering, creation of bogus companies for the purpose of investment, etc.

And coming to the topic Whether Corruption is necessary evil for success in any sphere ? Yes it is atleast till recently untill the anticorruption movement started by the Anna Hazare that gave a ray of hope to the nation that corruption less society is possible. Most of the people are of opinion that Money makes many things and this is the main reason for corruption. Even though the person taking bribe and giving bribe are culprits, the person who is giving bribe is showing the path for corrupt practices which indeed is serious problem. Most of the cases situational.

Demands give rise to corruption for an individual to become success. But it entirely depends on the moral ethics of an individual to go for a corruption less society or corrupted society.

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Jeet Kanaujiya said: (Feb 6, 2012)  
Hi Friends, First of all I would like to claim myself beco'z we are the responsible of corruption. When we do'nt have time we always show our many power instead of standing in queues. We spend our money for completing our work but for the poor people its too difficult to pay money. I think, Money and Power Corrupt a person. We often blame Politician but have we ever think who elect them!We elect them as our Representative in Government but when we, business man, give them bribe to solve our PERSONAL issues in govt/non-govt organisation quickly. In this way, WE CORRUPT THEM.

Corruption may occur in its various forms such as, bribing, Stocking, Misconducting, Price-Hike without prior info under govt/company rules, Abusing system, black money, tax hiding and dishonesty in our work so on.

Corruption may give instant happiness or success in our aim but surly it will CORRUPT OUR CHARACTER and destroyed THE PEACE OF MIND lifetime. Your own face hate you to see in MIRROR as IT REMINDS ALL THOSE WORK WHICH CORRUPT YOUR CHARACTER.

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Jeet Kanaujiya said: (Feb 6, 2012)  
Hello friend we are discussion on corruption as we all know that corruption is everywhere. Without corruption any work cannot be possible. It's really bad. We should not do like this. Because it's effect upon my culture and society. What I want to emphasize on is that their are agencies that are working to reduce corruption but it is very important for us to live with corruption and do our work with full honesty, and corruption would definitely come down slowly but surely.

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Dilsad Kazi said: (Jan 22, 2012)  
Now a days corruption is everwhere because everybody is corrupt because everybody is selfish, so corruption sing a song that where will go without me ? Whenever you go it will find me because I present in every nook & cranny.

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Amit Kumar said: (Jan 19, 2012)  
Hello friends as we know that corruption has mushroomed in every part of the daily life and most of us thinks that only politicians, administrative are involved in it. Is it right?are common people like I and you corruption free?I don't think so. I think that it is more punishable to giving bribe rather than taking bribe. If we wanna make this country corruption free then atfirst we should make ourself corruption free.

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Monika said: (Jan 13, 2012)  
Corruption is the compulsion in India to exist in the race of life. If we have no money to lieu the government servants then we have to stand in queue with no time limitation to wait for the work to be done and this all happens because of the large gap is in between rich and poor people. The rich people are responsible for all corruption. So to eradicate the corruption we need to fill the gap and this is done by improving the financial condition of country.

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Thekedar said: (Jan 8, 2012)  
Corruption is must for livelihood of people working in govt office. After having too much struggle and paying enough money to get a job, they have a right to get extra money for doing their work. Corruption also increases efficiency in govt sector. If the govt sector do work in rapid way, what will be the difference between private sector and govt sector.

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Pavankumar said: (Dec 31, 2011)  
Today's scenario corruption becomes the part of everyday life it may be result of the bad machinery working for the people because it put the impression that if you are not ready to pay you will not get your work done in time and yes time is important at that time and people has to accept it as tool to complete the task in time.

Even for income certificate application you have to wait for 1 or 2 months but if you pay for it it will take not more than 2 months so the only way is to pay for it. No one wants to oppose it because he has to do his work in time. Hence corruption becomes the compulsion for common man.

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Praveen Kumar said: (Dec 19, 2011)  
The widespread corruption in India is not confined to politicians or the government machinery alone. It is prevalent amongst almost every section of the society.
Corruption means " dishonest act". As the reason of dishonesty is greediness and the desire to get work done at any cost.So, to reduce the corruption from India every citizen should understand their role and should know the basic funda for success is Determination, dedication and loyal to your job.

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Jai said: (Dec 18, 2011)  
Hai friends we are discussing about corruption. Why we are blaming politicians. They are elected by us only. So, we can't blame them. We can't zap the corruption completely but some what eleminate. If we want to eleminate we should have to change ourselves.

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Kondala Rao Mvr Mba said: (Dec 9, 2011)  
Recently in A.P wine tenders were called number of interested candidates were tendered for that but the politician of the region they occupied all the shops, took the tenders by their power. If we observe this politicians shows very interest in earing money, not to serve country.How much I am honest? This question should be asked by everyone who is criticising corruption. First of all we must make ourself honest in all aspect of life. If you can't change the world change yourself. Don't run after money or fame like everyone, have a simple and happy life.

If I am not able to curb corruption at a large scale by making myself honest I am making a very lesser part of this society honest but I am doing something.

Corruption start from the childhood to the end of the life.For taking admission in reputed school or college we pay extra money i.e we do corruption.There are many things for which we do corruption.So from mt point of view we are the only who can take a role to make corruption less.I will say it is impossible to remove corruption but if we try for an extend then it will surely remove.

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Akshay said: (Dec 9, 2011)  
Friends as we are talking about corruption it is very big problem that we are facing from earlier. But according to my point of view only the name of persons that we read in paper or watch in news are not only responsible for corruption but also the common man is also responsible for that. But I like to tell you that corruption is depend upon the situation and the position of the common man. If any person in hurry and has some urgent work and caught by police he asked police for bribe so that the person get corrup. It's only the dirty smell of garbage that we have created.

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Raj said: (Dec 6, 2011)  

I would always stand against the topic by saying that corruption is something that has been made or generated by us (human beings) that has nothing to do with reality. No government or legal bodies can force us to give bribe for admission in reputed colleges unless we don't deserve it. No legal authorities would ask you a bribe to get the suitable job. We don't need to go through a price hick whether basic necessities to obtain a livelihood is just rs-35 (if we are capable to earn it) , not a single company would influence us to hide our salary through tax (if we are a contributing citizen who loves his nation).

We and only we are the people who have raised the topic to an extent that most of are addicted to sort out our problems fast despite of looking it rationally.

Any success would sustain if we are capable to hold it wisely, we don't need to work through evil to achieve it, and if we are seeking the solution to eradicate corruption then the answer would always come to evolution of "Collective Consciousness" towards the morality rather than a quick fix.

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Aditi Verma, Indore said: (Nov 8, 2011)  
Today in this world each and everything we want wether taking admissions or securing good jobs we have to take support of corrption!!! That means for every life attainig work we have to take or give bribe. Every where a serious question is askd"who dissorves more punishment one who takes bribe or one who gives bribe?" Actually in my point of view certainly one who gives bribe is more corrupt because to that person whom your giving will take that bribe becuse that bribe is that kind of money which ca fullfill his/her LIC payments or may deposit his child's fee. That time money becomes his life, all that he can't with his salary he can do with that biribe!

We as people or citizens of country feels all that corruption is going on the country is just because of the corrupt politians but had we seen ourselves?Are we corruption free? If no so how can we blame those who are just like us. the difference is only that they take bribe in massive scale according to their position and we takes another chance to blame them!!

Friends corruption is a social evil which suddenly canooy be uprooted from the country or the world just like Anna hazare we can try out! YAA one thing more we speak "anna tum sangharsh karo hum tumhare saath h" Why only anna protest alone except supporting can't we protest not with him but yes like him!!!

This a topic where disscussion could never end!!! So, just praying that corruption should be uprooted I would say a thanx!!!

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SWATI SINGH said: (Nov 4, 2011)  
As per my opinion,Corruption is nothing but literary Corrupt in our Action. Means disobey the ethical/moral way to solve a problem.In this real world every person has its own problems/troubles and to solve their trouble a person wants the fast and convenient way without caring about what is right or wrong.

Corruption may occur in its various forms such as,bribing,Stocking,Misconducting,Price-Hike without prior info under govt/company rules,Abusing system,black money,tax hiding and dishonesty in our work so on...
Corruption may give instant happiness or success in our aim but surly it will CORRUPT OUR CHARACTER and destroyed THE PEACE OF MIND lifetime.Your own face hate you to see in MIRROR as IT REMINDS ALL THOSE WORK WHICH CORRUPT YOUR CHARACTER.

Corruption start from the childhood to the end of the life.For taking admission in reputed school or college we pay extra money i.e we do corruption.There are many things for which we do corruption.So from mt point of view we are the only who can take a role to make corruption less.I will say it is impossible to remove corruption but if we try for an extend then it will surely remove.

I think, Money and Power Corrupt a person.We often blame Politician but have we ever think who elect them!We elect them as our Representative in Government but when we,business man,give them bribe to solve our PERSONAL issues in govt/non-govt organisation quickly.In this way,WE CORRUPT THEM.

We cannot eradicate corruption by any means because of the line ' JO JITA WO HI SIKANDAR '. No judiciary, no police, no administration can check it because all want.

Friends,Finally I want to say that CORRUPTION can be reduced but can not be eliminated at all until each and every person follow the ethics,manner(Shistachar in Hindi)wholeheartedly.So instead of BLAMING OTHERS,To REDUCE CORRUPTION we should have PATIENCE,HONESTY IN OUR DUTIES.We should follow rules-regulation and laws strictly.We should have AWARENESS PROGRAM AGAINST CORRUPTION and SUPPORT ANTI-CORRUPTION ACTIVITIES IN PEACEFUL MANNER.We should GO AGAINST CORRUPTION And When WE are CORRUPTION-FREE then only we can expect a CORRUPTION-FREE SOCIETY/NATION.

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Corruption is a Necessary Evil for Success in Any Sphere

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