Commercialization of Health Care: Good or Bad?

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Gurdeep said: (Sep 6, 2022)  

In our human growing family, two rights are backbone of the human race. Let me not mince words. Any government which does not provide has failed the citizens. These are needs not privileges.

1. Right to education.
2. Right to medicine and medical treatment.

These two areas are 'sevas " it has no room for profiteering. These two are the core requirement of any society. In fact, they are pillars of human society. This guarantees equality and the person remains useful when the person is developed in mind. And body. The role of Nature's cure can not be underscored. Herbs and ayurvedic medicines have historical evidence. They heal in a holistic fashion. Whereas allopathy has the best diagnostic tools. These two need to be married in a way, where the best result comes out, leading to affordable universal health care, a dream of any government. Kindly remember body has the ability to treat itself if we know how to assist it. This is the very function of Ayurveda. Modern medicine comes into play for just ten per cent of the cases. However, we are applying to most patients and skyrocketing the cost. This involves, where all disciplines of medicine coming together to draw a protocol that is cost-effective and result oriented.

I see this happening, most hospitals have established Ayurveda centres, and people look for medical help by their choosing. Thus this is not a concerted effort, there should be a well-planned protocol by putting all disciplines of medicines together and evolving it.

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Vaibhav Nevarekar said: (Apr 30, 2021)  
Good evening everyone.

According to me, today's commercialization of health care is bad because of the worst of politics. Because of people have not aware of health care.

I think 75% of the Indian family is middle-class family so they can not afford high charge of hospitals. And approximately 40-45% of people can not effort hospital charges at all because they live below the poverty line, and that 75% and above of people generally need more health care than rich people just because of their standard of life. They consume less quality products due to their low income which directly affects their health and the number of those people is very high in India. So, the Commercialization of health care is not good, that's all. And I think politics and rich people can handle the health care of India if they donate money and some help to poor people.

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Prakruti said: (Apr 25, 2020)  
Commercialization of Health Care promises better infrastructure, better medical facilities, and technological advancement. Private hospitals are also well-maintained in comparison to government hospitals. But then, their charges are high. Poor and middle-class people cannot afford it. This will contradict the very purpose of having better health care system. So, keeping this in mind, the government should issue guidelines and formulate policies that benefit both hospitals and people. The government should constantly monitor private hospitals and take severe action in case of any mistreatment. If possible, the government should provide subsidy to poor. I would like to conclude by saying that the commercialization of healthcare is important for the development of the nation but can only be a success when done with proper care and righteousness.

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Verchas said: (Sep 30, 2019)  
Good morning everyone.

So, our topic of discussion is Commercialization of Healthcare is good or bad. First of all, we get to know about the meaning of commercialization. Commercialization of health care means Better infrastructure of hospitals, better nursing facilities, Highly educated doctor available.
Why commercialization is needed?

According to WHO in the condition of a government hospital in India is not so good. Government hospitals are not well hygiene. The ratio of bed to population is very less.

As we know every coin has two faces:

Advantages of commercialization of healthcare:

1. Better health care facility.
2. Better infrastructure.
3. Well hygiene environment
4 Treatment takes place in a short time
5 Better availability of medicines

Disadvantages of Communication:

1. Poverty: In India very large number Of the population is poor they can't afford the commercialized hospital.
2. High Fees of hospitals.
3. Corruption. And Partiality.

Conclusion: Healthcare is basic need because everyone loves to stay fit...but everyone can't afford high fees hospital so govt should provide some subsidiary to poor people's and govt should do health insurance of poor peoples. By keeping all the above things in mind Commercialization of healthcare is good.

Thank you.

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Naveena D said: (May 15, 2019)  
Good Morning Friends,

According to me, Commercialization of health care is increased in this generation because commercial society is developed in many hospitals and health care. And also is it developed health care for common peoples in government hospitals also. Commercialization has also increased the facility to health care awareness about the people. Common facilities and also rare instruments also use and increase government hospitals. So commercialization is developed the health care for the common people.

Thanking You.

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Subha said: (Feb 15, 2019)  
Commercialization of health care is good but it should be regulated properly both by government and other organizations. The treatment is not immediately available in government hospitals, and not all technologies are available in government hospitals, this all makes up the poor structure of Indian government health care system.

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Priyadharshini said: (Aug 9, 2018)  
Commercialization of health care is bad. When an emergency case is taken to the hospital even for the first aid they are asking for money without starting the treatment. As a csr they should give treatment. Human value should be known to them. They are realizing only the value of money.

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Sushree said: (Jul 30, 2018)  
Hello everyone, in my point of view, education and healthcare is the most basic requirements and everyone has a right to the above said so if we commercialize healthcare poor people won't get benefitted from this instead of commercializing we can ask govt to improve the conditions in govt hospitals and to strictly follow some rules and to implement some regular inspection so that the quality remains high with affordable price.

Private hospitals are all profit oriented and they don't really care about patients the unnecessarily add some tests and extra medicines for their own profit and us common people are the sufferer, so commercialization of health care is bad in my point of view.

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Akansha Nigam said: (May 31, 2018)  
Commercialization of Health Care: Good or Bad?

Hello Friends,

As per my understanding, commercialization of health care is goods hospital with having better facilities, nursing care and technology, provide better access, for people, but it also means that private owned hospitals. When it comes to the privately owned hospital then it means that no support is provided to them by the government. It's like that they have to take care of their hospital by their own ways. In such case maintenance of all the machines provided by the hospital is important and necessary which can be used again, but this is all done by money and their resources is we people and for the maintenance of the hospital private hospital are very expensive. I do agree that some hospital are exploiting patients crazily but not all.

If a person is financially strong it can be manageable but if a person is financially week then the problem starts. In such case, I would request the government to provide a subsidy for health too. It would be like win-win situation because all the people who live here is paying taxes, and government Can happily take care of them. Health is wealth, and development too.

But if in any case government Is not able to provide subsidy in medication for the private hospital then government Should work on government Hospitals we have in our India. They have to take every action required to improve the miserable situation of the hospital in India.

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Richa said: (Apr 12, 2018)  
I would like to open the discussion by stating that healthcare is a basic right of each and every citizen. This is regardless of his or her economic or social status. Every person in every part of this country has aright to access affordable and quality healthcare. Adding price tags to diagnostics and treatment has led to mushrooming of private hospitals which exist only for their profits. They compromise with the standard of patient care in order to inflate their profit margins. They also conduct unnecessary diagnostic tests to raise the treatment cost. Ultimately the common man of this country suffers. I strongly feel that commercialization of healthcare is bad. It should be abolished.

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Ankita Karmakar said: (Dec 22, 2017)  
Given to discuss this topic, the first point to be stated here is care in any form cannot and should not be commercialized ever! In the Indian subcontinent, doctors are treated as gods where the helpless patient's family entrusts fully on the doctor to be provided with the best kind of treatment ensuring a healthy recovery of the patient. But the reality is this helpless state of the patient's family is being misused by the hospital authority to brag in huge sums of money. Every other day we come across such news where doctors have charged lumpsum on even a dead patient. In such a gruesome situation whom shall a commoner trust? The life is gone and the family is burdened with an incalculable sum of money. Commercialization and globalization is good for Indian economy but certainly not in healthcare sector which deals with lives. The government should provide adequate funding and infrastructure to hospitals. Instead of commercialization, new technologies should be adopted to enhance our healthcare framework. Cash inflows should be properly channelized for proper infrastructure development rather than satisfying personal greed. Free healthcare camps should be set up for the poor so that health care is accessible by every citizen in every part of the country.

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Rahul said: (Oct 4, 2017)  
It has both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages because it helps in the growth of the nation and the growth rate of population increase technological advancement would be also done in India. Experienced doctors who have already retired can be employed again which helps them also in monetary terms. In case of emergency private hospitals are of great help because govt hospitals are always crowded and in case of an emergency we also can't wait. Private hospitals also give better service than the govt ones as they charge a higher amount of money. Commercialization should be done in a way that middle-class people can also afford the services and should not be so high priced that the poor and middle class won't be able to afford.

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Khushabu said: (Sep 14, 2017)  
Hello friends,

Commercialisation of health care means an increase in no of health care technology, increase in no. Of yoga classes & increase in no of a private hospital. I think it is good as well as bad. Good because life is precious. In our country most of the government hospital do not have proper equipment & facilities. So increase in our health services and awareness, for quickness in treatment, for hygienic environment & for good care, commercialization is very important. But it has high cost so it is a curse for poor people. So, finally, I want to say that comm. Of health care is necessary but it should be kept in mind that we all want to live. So Keeping all treatment within the range of middle-lower class increase comm us required for a better health of our nation.

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Ankita said: (Aug 26, 2017)  
Hello, friends, I think commercialization of health care has both advantages and disadvantages -first, if we talk about advantages, then it's good for the hospital to make people aware about their latest technologies in hospitals, their latest treatment also about their doctors who have many many years of experiences. As patients are very much attracted with more experienced highly qualified doctors. So, with these reasons I think healthcare commercialization is good.

But in the same way, it has some disadvantages also if the most qualified doctor leaves the workplace then ultimately the revenue of the hospital is merely affected. So, in my opinion, the commercialization of the hospital is done according to the best facilities and services they are providing in their hospitals. So that mouth to mouth publicity your hospital gain.

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Neeraj said: (Aug 9, 2017)  
Hi Guys,

Of course, "Good" because with the help of commercialization doctors can say that there is "God" who is going to save the life. Commercialization is nothing but proper care of the patients by means of the modern and useful machinery of the medicines inside hospitals. We all having the experience of bad time in the hospitals when doctors use to say that I'm sorry there is nothing in my hand this patient is going to die and we stuck at a place in very sad mood and at that time we only remember the "God" and pray to save the life but that life is gone. These kinds of situations take place because of not proper medicines, machinery and having handsome experience doctors inside the hospitals. Commercialization in "Health Care" gives us all those facilities through which possibilities of lives safety goes up with us.

So when we get more & more such benefits with the thing so we always try to ignore nominal minus points so that we can get saved the lives because life's safety is first. We know that the fee is major concerned but there are many ways to handle this worry which is always in our hands and most people get out from this situation to save the life.


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San said: (Jul 14, 2017)  
Commercialization of health care either her good or bad. The coin has two sides of positive and negative. If we urgency any accident or any reason, also require quick and timely. So Commercial health care provides better than the government Hospital. But government improve the technology, provide good service so, definitely not required to commercial health.

I conclude that it is required both, if any urgency when we do not reach in any government hospital, we required to go private hospital near the location.

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Anamika said: (Jun 23, 2017)  
Hi everyone.

I feel commercialization is good for bringing development in that sector. Let us accept it Healthcare facilities in government hospitals are really poor. Why is it so? Of course it is because of lack of commercialization. If commercialization happens in healthcare sector there will be improved facilities with improved technological developments. However, it should be made sure that it doesn't exceed the limits that poor are not able to afford healthcare facilities.

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Chandan Anand said: (Apr 24, 2017)  
When we talk about commercialization of health care we start throwing pros and cons. But we never thought the dark side of "why can't we made it as good as commercial service"?

The fact what I can think includes the system failure (major) and the public ignorance due to lack of awareness. Have we ever thought why commercial system give better performance or services. It is because of the strong system and check and balance. If we try to develop a strong system and check and balance we will definitely going to provide better service.

Concluding the point No need of commercialization of health only we need is to develop the right and tight system which can easily be reviewed and a sense of responsibility can be in the system. Apart from that people should also have to came forward to raise voice which can be a second check and balance.

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Economist D said: (Mar 6, 2017)  
Commercialization of health care can either be good or bad, bearing in mind that in society we have the poor and the rich. Though it can improve service delivery in the health care, on the other hand there is some degree of skepticism in this regard as it likely to lead to exploitation of people resources. Government care more the well being of its citizen while the private health service providers care more of the medical cost as well profits.

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Anoop Dubey said: (Feb 3, 2017)  
India is digitizing very fast and I think if we make health also digital and connect general public through any Online Healthcare Platform then it will change the whole picture of health care in India. IMedicalHub Health Records is an initiative to offer compete healthcare online and make the general people able to track their complete health anytime, anywhere with an ease.

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Chris Joel Parker said: (Jan 28, 2017)  
I believe that commercialization of health care is highly dangerous cos there are many consequences wherein the humanity need to face with. According to the present scenario, commercialization has increased tremendously to vast extent that no one could ever stop from doing it when we turn to the people who're being commercialised in medical care. They're bothered only about their own profit and they look after from their own perspectives. People of this era in the medical field are least bothered about the health of the people who have been afflicted with some ailment. They never care about nothing rather than money. They tend to consume more amount of money than that is afforded for patients treatment. For an instance Members who have been working in the medical sector are making use of normal people in the society claiming that the patient has to undergo particular treatment or surgery only for the sake of grabbing more money from people though the treatment and surgery for the patients are not required in reality I think that the commercialization in medical sector is limited only to some extent. So I conclude by saying that commercialization in the present in medical care is bad according to the present scenario.

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Omkar Jadhav said: (Jan 2, 2017)  
Commercialization is good at times of urgency but when it comes to lives of common people of our country it is not possible almost for everyone at our country being a developing one so nationalisation could be a better move!

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Sunil said: (Dec 27, 2016)  
Commercialization is not completely bad, it is because we can get timely and quality service in the commercialized hospital.

Yes, it is true that the cost of service is high but our life is more important than the cost of medicine. When we visit the public hospitals we have to wait for at least few days to get just an x-ray, but it is quick and convenient to commercial hospitals.

For poor people, it is difficult to go in such hospitals, so government must make and implement strict rules and regulations in order to provide the service at low cost to the poor ones.

Finally, commercialization is good when it is done with proper rules to provide facilities to the backward people.

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Anchal said: (Dec 13, 2016)  
Commercialisation of health care is definitely going to be a better solution only if restricted under some rules &regulation. More than 1000 peoples are dying daily due to the lack of facilities in government hospitals. Ultimately the person has to go for private sectors. So if there are no private sectors available then it's going to be hazardous for masses. Private sectors provide good facilities and proper treatment but are however costlier than the government hospitals. So government must look into these matters and should formulate a better policy so that one can get treatment at a reasonable price. At the same time, government should take care of existing government hospitals whether they are functioning well or not. Doctors working there generally open their own private hospital to earn more money. So there should be a regular basis check on them. Nothing is much worth than a life so according to me commercialization is good n at the same time necessary for the healthcare of individuals.

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Sudhansu said: (Oct 28, 2016)  
In my point of view, commercialization may be good for health sector. We all are aware the situation of government hospital. Due to commercialization, infrastructure will be improved facility will be improved in hospital. Competition will take place among private player benefit will be direct goes to patients, but only one concern is fee and this is major concern, to offset the concerned government should come forward and formulate a proper policy, proper mechanism such as provide incentive for poor people and BPL family so that common man can get treatment at reasonable price.

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Sony said: (Oct 22, 2016)  

In my point of view, commercialization is not good for us. We know the infrastructure of government hospital is not well and in private hospital, there is available everything but common people can't afford expenses of this hospital. Generally, I look manly doctor of gov. Hospital opens his own clinic for earn more money. Somewhere doctor and pharmacy both are connected to each other plays game with people. Innocent people are making fool. This all things are the part of commercialization. No one thinks about patient.

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Yogi said: (Oct 21, 2016)  
The term Commercialization means the Profit is implicit requirement. The commercialization of health care has been adopted by most of the capitalist countries (especially western countries) where the cost of medication is very high and one has to have health insurance to get medical treatment from hospitals otherwise he/she cannot afford it. Unfortunately, we Indians have such a mindset that "whatever is western, is good"; so obviously following the same pattern even in Healthcare. The Insurance lobby is backed by politicians, funded by western investors. So Insurance companies ensure that the medicare costs remain high and people tend to buy Health Insurance from them.

Private Hospitals and Insurance lobbies always favor each other. Since Government/Government aided hospitals are not well-equipped, most of the people left with no option but to get treatment in Private hospitals. So this is the whole vicious circle. If we ask for salaries of doctors working in Private Hospitals, well, they do not get paid handsomely. For example, doctors sign contract for Rs. 80000/- but they get the actual salary of Rs. 40000/-. So the obvious question arises that where our money goes?

The point behind the whole story is, Education and Healthcare are the backbones of our nation and every citizen has the fundamental right (at least in books) to get the both. So these two things must have Government Regulation. The current situation is exactly opposite.

So final word is, Commercialization of Healthcare is not at all good. I agree that most of the Government Hospitals are still in the 19th century, but on the other hand, Private Hospitals, although very advanced, are profit oriented and do not care about their patients.

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Debashish Adhikary said: (Oct 1, 2016)  
In case of pharmaceuticals, commercialization is bad because we find many antibiotics, mood stabilizers, painkillers and even some vaccinations (rarely) are making people sick. We come to see many symptoms such as nausea, autism, paralysis in some patients. Also, we come to see many private practice doctors and especially cosmetic surgeons playing with patient's health for money. Government should adopt the policy of State Intervention to ensure private hospitals are available in small towns and villages and using less expensive means, instead of being available in just big cities and abroad.

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Sohail Syed said: (Sep 28, 2016)  
Commercialization is not a solution for the healthcare, why because after unseen god we believe the second and seen god is DOCTOR.

Doctors studied their course as they have to do service to a society, Now we are in the generation that everyone wants conveyance irrespective of Rich & Poor. But yes Rich can afford it easily but in the case of poor, we see very rarely he/she choose private hospitals.

I would like to say which ever the technology we trying to add for the treatment in private hospitals, Install a same equipment in the government hospitals and maintain some hygiene and neat, then it's far better than going to the private one.

I conclude my point by saying commercialization of healthcare is not good.

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Deepak Thakur said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
According to me the private hospital sector does more commercialization compared to government sector government trying hard to maintain the quality but still it's impossible according to me there should be a union or bonding should be made from government side so that there should be no misguiding or no profit can me made more this lead to lowering of corruption and mass load on a single branch there should be a collateral and support thinking should be made between 2 sectors this would lead to increase the quality and decrease in medically unstable ratio.

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Manvender said: (Sep 14, 2016)  
When it comes to health care our main concern should be it\'s accessibility to the poor and needy. We need to make sure that they are able to avail them. If we commercialise it then that might become impossible because commercial sector\'s ultimate objective is to make a profit.

Surely we need better facilities but commercialisation is not the solution we are looking for. We need to see where most of our funds are going, as per studies most of it is spent importing medical equipment, so we need to make efforts to produce them locally. Our PM\'s Make in India initiative is the right step in this direction and it should focus more on this field. In my opinion what we need is better utilization of funds.

In nutshell Commercialisation of health care is bad for India.

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Denisha said: (Aug 31, 2016)  
Number of Patients per Doctor is higher in government hospitals, as a result the Patients don't get Proper treatment. It is also exhausting for the doctor to treat so many Patients, so he is not able to treat treatment properly.

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Denisha said: (Aug 31, 2016)  
Private hospitals have the most modern and sophisticated medical equipment, that last for a long time. Government hospitals also have good equipment, but since they are used more as compared to private hospitals, so they are prone to get damaged.

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Ravish said: (Aug 30, 2016)  
In my opinion, commercialization is good for health care. It's due to in private hospital you will get more facility rather than government hospital. Now I am talking about what Indian government did on the field of a government hospital. They have done tremendous work to improve the facility of government hospital but as I know India is the 2nd largest country according to the population. So whatever government is doing that is not fruitful to us. So if commercialization is not happened then rich as well as poor family will face many problems in healthcare.

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Durnehviir said: (Aug 27, 2016)  
Commercialization of health care.

Pros : Competition, facilities will improve. Even govt hospitals can come out of the present state.
Education : More competent doctors.
R and D : Need for better medicinal solutions, alternative products.
Tie-ups : Insurance, pharmacy companies tie up with hospitals, provide better products.
Affordability : a Poor class cannot afford.
Corporate greed : Unnecessary pricing. Not illness based. Same price for simple cold or TB. 700rs.
Politics : Substandard alternatives provided by politicians.

Commercialization is welcome. But moderated. Supervised. Pricing etc. To be regulated to an extent.

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Glan said: (Aug 21, 2016)  
Commercialization improves knowledge among public about the products in the industry, how the industry is improving etc. However, it increases the ad expenses, therefore, increasing the cost of medicines making it expensive to afford. It is a 50-50 for the poor and Middle class but advantageous to the rich. Government hospitals must help the lower classes and commercialization of healthcare is beneficial for all.

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Rahman said: (Aug 11, 2016)  
In my opinion commercialisation of health care is not good for all. Those people who are higher in money they are going to treat in a good hospitals. What about the middle class and poor people where they have to treat themselves they will not at all thinking about higher hospitals they go through govt hospitals as well as lower hospitals sometimes they get well treatment and sometimes they not. So in my suggestion govt should provide well experience doctors and good maintenance and cleanliness of govt hospitals then all of us will get a better treatment no need to worry about money and health.

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Bharathiraja said: (Aug 4, 2016)  
Everything now becomes a business. Marketing strategy in medicines causes a poor. Infrastructure in govt hospitals is very poor. So, private takes it as advantage earning huge. High-class peoples spend a lot of money for health care. But, pours only way is govt hospitals. The increase of private hospitals leads to commercial business. So, govt should take action to improve the govt hospital standard and quality of lives.

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Rupesh Kumar Chaurasia said: (Aug 3, 2016)  
According to me, I want to focus on very important and not issue of doctors and hospitals management who creates a false critical situation. So many times they all are making a drama before hand over a baby to his parents. And every buddy fells panic if they listen to a name of ICU. And doctors get big benefits of this situation and charge a money and rent of ICU and oxygen and injection.

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Amar said: (Jul 24, 2016)  
According to me, Instead of Commercialisation in health care Commercialisation in medicines should be banned. As India is the second largest country in the world, Our government, Jagat Prakash Nadda, who have responsibility for Health and family welfare should adopt some techniques to tie up with the current commercialized private hospitals and provide facilities more efficiently.

The government must improve the structure of Indian govt hospitals, Cleanliness, Proper Sanitation, infrastructures, Awareness, Some proper working of Regulatory boards, these are the things which we need to implement into our govt hospitals to change the image made to everyone. There must be free camps including private hospitals. In India, if a person can afford the doctor's fee after then he will die after a look at the medication cost. There must be special funds for medication, free medicined provided to customers or Pharmacies industries should be introduced to reduce the cost of medicines.

There must be a special regulatory board for checking out proper functioning of the industries. And lead our plan to success.

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Krishna Shrestha said: (Jul 19, 2016)  
We know that health is wealth of every living creature, so the important of health care facility is inevitable fact that we might accept to grow its wings, however, its commercialization has bad impacts to the large extent that good ones. As health care is service orient sector rather than the profit motive, if the people do business in the name of health care service, they always think about plus and minus and gain and loss which is results cause disaster rather than support to cure the ill person. We recently have been hearing about different news about casualty because of an irresponsible commercial health worker who only focuses on making money rather than solving the human health problems. We often heard about charging the heavy bill to even common cold victims with the name of different test which even not relevant to his/her illness. Such the ill-mindedness can be burn if we give priority in the commercialization of health care sector. Though it creates easy access to health facility but ultimately affects negatively since health care is purely a service sector, not the trade or commerce, so I strongly oppose this.

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Suresh Sable said: (Jul 8, 2016)  

I am Suresh.

Firstly Commercialization in the health sector is not a good thing for everyone. No one should want to give the huge amount of many for small treatment. But it regularly occurs in a private sector. As we consider a pregnant lady, she is afraid & wants or proper treatment but actually it does not happen we can see from last 2-4 years rate of normal delivery reduced in many folds. The private sector only provides hygiene & infrastructure but not actual service what we should expect from them. Gov hospital is lack of hygiene & infrastructure. It may be due to lack of Gov. hospital in the city. It's usually a single one. As the public demand is high it's not sufficient to work efficiently. So Gov. must be taken into consideration this view also & must have to increase host & hygiene. So it's just like as we said a "make in India." everyone should say, "let's go for gov hospital only".

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Avani said: (May 18, 2016)  
Hi everyone,

In my view commercialization of health care has both advantages and disadvantages. We all are well aware of the condition of government hospitals, we find unhygienic environment, unavailability of doctors, there is nobody to take care immediately in cases of accidents and serious injuries, there is lack of infrastructure so the people have no choice except for visiting private hospitals and there we find proper infrastructure and proper health care facilities but they charge a huge amount for the treatment so what is the solution for the poor where they can get proper treatment?

The only solution I strongly feel is that government should come forward and take immediate action in this regard by collaborating with these health care units and provide equal treatment to all the sections of society at reasonable rates and in the meanwhile should check that there should be no compromise in the health of the people.

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Mukarram Ali Baig said: (May 16, 2016)  
Dear all,

I want to focus on very important and hot issue of doctors and hospitals management who creates a false critical situation.

So many hospitals are playing with newborn babies, like slow heart beating of baby and his mother. Etc.

So many times they all are making a drama before hand over a baby to his parents.

Trained nurses create a panic situation like (OOOH!!! BABY HEART BEAT IS VERY SLOW) and she immediate transfer to ICU.

And every buddy feels panic if they listen to a name of ICU.

And doctors get big benefits of this situation and charge a money and rent of ICU and oxygen and injections.

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Ninad said: (Apr 12, 2016)  

Today a lot of commercial health care franchises are coming up in India. The only reason for this is ignorance of government towards public healthcare. Today, if we go to a public/government hospital, we do not see a lot of infrastructures, sanitation, effective management system and efficient usage of resources. All we see is frustration on faces of patients and tensed doctors and nurses. So I strongly feel that commercialization of healthcare is not good. Instead, the government should implement some strict policies so as to ensure that all the facilities, comfort and medical attention that is being provided in the commercial healthcare facility is available in public/government hospitals at a lower cost. I feel that the government shout makes allies with commercial healthcare facilities and come up with a productive solution which would be useful to both rich and poor in India. Because today if we see, a lot of people when ill turn towards commercial healthcare facility and pay a huge fee for the luxurious rooms, lavish lobbies, AC halls and cozy beds. No doubt they have the latest equipment and highly qualified doctors but it all comes for a price which a common or poor person cannot afford. So if the government make allies with these healthcare giants, these equipment and doctors will be available in public/government hospitals also so that everyone can prevail the advantage of healthcare.

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Devendra Thenuan said: (Mar 16, 2016)  
I think people want commercialization in health care just because they feel government hospitals are not providing sufficient care to the patient and less cleanness. So, by looking into these facts I think the main problem is in the IMPLEMENTATION of the rule in the government sector. So, why are we running from our responsibilities. And private hospitals are costly just because they are spending money to buy new and advanced machines from OTHER countries. Therefore, if we start manufacturing these machines in INDIA itself, then surely they charge less, so that the common people can afford treatment there. SO, even if want COMMERCIALIZATION in health care first we need to take care of our responsibilities, we are the second largest country, therefore we need to manufacture these machines to make our TREATMENT cheaper.

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Atul Jadhav said: (Mar 14, 2016)  
It is a very good discussion, I have ever seen in my life these guys are doing better so I'm so impressed with these guys.

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Priyanka.Hk said: (Jan 29, 2016)  
I like to express commercialization in health care is good because we have seen many privatisation and hospital are treating the patients well and atmosphere of the hospital is also good when compare to government hospital.

We can see in social media commenting many issues and complain because doctor are paid if their work is not completed also government is paying money when comes to privatisation it is different case doctors are paid for their work.

Government must take an initiative to came commercialization it also leads to development of INDIA and it must be reasonable facility to all classes of society.

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Neha said: (Sep 7, 2015)  
Hello everyone!

This is Neha.

According to me commercialization of health would be a good step towards healthy India. As private hospitals provide much better facilities than the government one. But it must be done under proper supervision so as to ensure honest working of the institution. Also they must be ordered to treat the poor at an easy concession rates.

Thank you!

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Sonal said: (Aug 26, 2015)  
Well, according to me commercialization/privatization of health sector is good but commercialization doesn't mean that the private hospital should be allowed to cut the pocket of common people on their own will. There should be regular check by competent authority like Medical Council of India (MCI). By commercialization people will get better health care and hygiene.

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Samiksha Deodhe said: (Aug 18, 2015)  
Hi this is Samiksha.

I have read above all the opinions n also they are quite satisfying but I just wanted to say that Why always when there is talk about the commercial disaster the only example remain there is INDIA. I know that it may be not a developed country but in the field of medical lots of improvement has been done by INDIA. And I too think that commercialization of medicine would be regarded as the blessing for the whole nation.

If we talk about the poverty which is faced by the people while giving the fees of the private hospitals, so for that there is the phrase in Hindi that is, "Sar Salamat to Pagdi pachas". In today's world life is the important component n we have to life it not for ourselves or family but also for the nation. Poverty is not only the main reason for not supporting the commercialization of medical sciences but also less awareness about its benefits.

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Ashishpandey said: (Jun 29, 2015)  
Hi friends,

Commercialisation is good but some provisions should be made there for, poor people, common people, who must be facilitated financially. These provisions may be provided to BPL cardholders, persons having low annual salary, and others like these people.

Today's scenario of government hospital is very poor, and doctors do not work as per they receive salary, they focus more at their personal clinic. Sanitation problems also persist in government hospitals. Commercialisation facilitates these basic things, and after sometime competitiveness might lower the per head spending.

Government should also arrange some arrangement for the poor to help financially for medicines, government may do so by hampering pharmaceutical companies to do so, might be by providing subsidy for medicines etc.

Thank you.

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Swaprear said: (Mar 25, 2015)  
Hi !

We all know that in our India, a common person is facing many problems regarding health but dear if we all have the same thinking then we should make up our minds to become a best doctor, whether we are in government or private sector.

We have to stop a government doctor if he or she is behaving rude to patient and tell to be at least a human being.


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Shantanu Anand said: (Mar 17, 2015)  

Complete privatization is not the solution of health care problems in India.

I don't think that it is better to eliminate the government hospitals instead of modifying the systems going on with health care. Duty of doctors should be watched and they must do their duty well. For elimination of interruption and inconvenience we must take help of private investment and private employees.

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Saikat said: (Feb 27, 2015)  
Hi friends, I am going to discuss my point of view about commercialization about health care in India. We all know that India is a developing country and here lots of people are so pure and they can't afford their food twice in a day. In India when a man have a serious problem about health he become afraid about the money.

Here money is a big problem. We think in our country there is less number of doctor but it also true that doctors are no enough. These doctors are going to privet sector for money. No one think about common people.

In government hospital patient are treated like an animal. There is no good doctor. Patient are helpless. In these situation if we all agree for commercialization of health care common people will be died like animal. Because they can't afford the charge of privet hospital.

So I think government should take a step for life of common people.

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Adi.B said: (Feb 17, 2015)  
Hi dude.

My opinion is that the commercialization is good as well as bad. Because the people need good health to live in this world. Its very important that "LIFE IS ONCE, IT CANT COME AGAIN OR WE CANT BORN AGAIN". So we need good infrastructure to provide facilities to take treatment. It is applicable in the private sector and they treat the people good only by seeing the money which they afford.

The person "LIFE IS NOT AN PRODUCT TO BUY OR SELL", so private sector can also take effort to keep free medical camp as well as free treatment to the 60% of the middle & poor people in all over the country.

But in GOVERNMENT hospitals there is no such infrastructure to take treatment for harmful disease. Nowadays, in this sector also the doctors, staffs in the hospitals are going towards the price to take a treatment or to safe one persons life. So this issues should need to be reduced. And the government should come forward to take better decision to solve this problem.

I would like to conclude that the government should involve and have a good dealership among private hospitals to provide better infrastructure to save the people. And the government should put the order that all private sector should provide treatment to the people with low cost or keep free camp atleast twice a month.

It can definitely provide better infrastructure all over the world. And people can decide to go government as well as private sector for their further treatment. Because people think that "DOCTOR'S ARE BORN TO SAVE OTHERS LIFE. TREATED AS GOD. ".

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Pranay Deshmukh said: (Nov 24, 2014)  
Commercialization of health care must be taken in a positive way. We all know the current situation of facilities in government run hospital a poor man get. If we have different health insurance companies providing a variety of plans, health care becomes easy and less suffering for a common man. Due to this commercialization of health care, today we have so many options for health care & for covering health expenses. Nowadays, we can do all the stuff online without meeting different agents/brokers.

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Lin J said: (Oct 21, 2014)  
According to my opinion commercialization of health is not good for a country like India. We know that India is a developing nation and most of the people are comes under BPL line. These poor people can't afford the large price of health services. Most of the common people depends GOVT hospital for treatment.

But the condition of most the GOVT hospital is very poor. We have to improve the quality of services provided by GOVT hospitals. There by we can increases our nations income and also provide good services at cheap price to common people in our country.

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Maduri said: (Aug 3, 2014)  

In my opinion commercialization of health care is not good because nowadays health care costs are more. And mainly people suffer due to lack of facilities mainly in government hospitals. The facilities like sanitation, drinking water, beds etc are not available in government hospitals. Therefore people go to private hospitals. But in private hospitals also they charge more. It means more money is needed to buy medicines, to do tests etc. People who cannot afford that money suffer more. Therefore the government is responsible for this and it should decrease the health care costs so as to make the facilities available to the people mainly in government hospitals.

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Rajesh said: (Jul 12, 2014)  
Good evening friends.

Health care is the place where people come for treatment. So the health care should be neat and clean. Now there are three different types of family live in India-the rich family, the middle class family and the poor family. In India the 2nd and 3rd group amounts to almost 80%. For the first group its not difficult to go for private medication. The problem comes when we talk about 2nd and 3rd group. They just can afford to go for costly medication of private health care.

There are some benefits of commercialization of health care. They are.

1. Good sanitation.

2. Proper treatment.

3. Doctors on duty would always be there for the patients unlike gov hospitals.

Now if we look at the other side of the coin the situation is entirely different.

1. Private sector may charge the cost of medicine at their own will.

2. They may charge lots of money for treatment for a particular disease which might be provided at free of cost in the gov health care.

3. As I have said that middle and lower class family in India amounts to 80% in India who can't afford costly medication. It would be like a dream for those people to get their disease treated without money. Many people may die without treatment.

So I want to conclude that although commercialization of health centre has advantages but it has would have major problem with regard to the Indian population. So I would suggest to make our govt health care better by properly utilizing gov funds allotted for it instead of commercialization of health centre.

Thank you.

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Surbhi said: (May 15, 2014)  
The need of commercialization has arisen because of poor healthcare facilities provided by the government hospitals. Indian government makes lots of promises to improve the standard of the government hospital in every 5 year plan but in actual only 20% of expenditure is done on healthcare in public sector in India unlike 95% in sweden, 44% in USA. The hygiene, availability of doctors, conditions of washroom, water supply and food supply to the patient is poor. Therefore people prefer to switch to the private hospitals.

Doctors spend lots and lots of money to get the degree and knowledge of their course so they can take reasonable money from their patients to run their hospitals so that 24 hours medicine, food, water, doctor facilities can be provided to them.

Therefore at last I would like to conclude that there is a benefit of commercialization, government should increase the government hospitals standard and send proper regulatory authorities to check the conditions of the hospital time to time, regulatory guidelines should be made for both private and public funded hospitals. A dialog can also be provided by the healthcare authority to think on the need to look a hospital like a 5 star hotel, expensive medicinal equipments which are not really required.

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Shibu said: (Apr 16, 2014)  
Private hospitals billing a lot because they works on the motive of profit. They may prefer unnecessary treatments. If there is public health center people can protected from this.

Large number of people are below poverty line. They also have to get proper treatment. For this reasons health care system can not privatised.

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Shantanu Ghosal said: (Mar 4, 2014)  
Hi Friends.

Commercialization of Health care services is the need of the hour.

The plight of the government hospitals is known to everybody. Doctors are not available, medicines are not there, hygiene is in real bad shape (something that should not be at least in hospitals) , there are problems to accommodate of patients and etc. The government hospitals are so much plagued by indiscipline, corruption and other malpractices that only government few hospitals are there which function normally. This in turn result in unnecessary death of patients, dead bodies go missing from morgue, death due to bad hygiene conditions, animals eating dead bodies from morgue and etc.

So like any other sector, the healthcare sector is also in need of the healing touch of commercialization. The private hospitals have a 24 hour availability of doctors, nurses, equipment and medicines. Moreover hygiene and security is also stressed a lot in these hospitals.

However the private hospitals have higher charges for their services as they are driven by profit motive and with about 22% of people still below poverty line, a rightward commercialization will result in deprivation of medical facilities to a major chunk of population. So a private-government partnership should emerge so that the government can regulate the prices of the healthcare services keeping in mind every citizen of India and this will also provide the cushion of government funding to private investors and thereby their profits will also be taken care of.

Good Health care facility is the right of every citizen and the government should do all that it can to ensure it.

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Hasmukh said: (Mar 3, 2014)  
Commercialisation means that the main motive is profit, we should not be surprised when we are asked to pay hefty private hospital bills. Rather, the question that should be asked is what about the that section of population which cannot afford to pay such huge amount. For them, commercialisation is of no use. They are dependent on the government hospitals but unfortunately these cannot provide the desired services and which are responsible for the reason why commercialisation of health care has come up.

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Aniket Deshpande said: (Mar 3, 2014)  
Obviously it is one of good thing in India. Because even you have to pay more in clinics but kind of attention and treatment you get is much better than that of in government clinics. And cleanliness in environment is also an issue.

Nurses as well as doctors in government clinics or hospitals are not much skilled or professional as in private hospitals.

Staff in government hospitals do not treat their patients in good way which they are suppose to be but such thing does not happen in private hospitals or clinics.

So obviously commercialization of health care is good.

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Rathi said: (Feb 21, 2014)  
Commercialization is a good thing, it should be taken care for providing a good and hygienic treatment for the people. Even though some people who are in a position to do, but few people neglect in order to earn profit from their private clinics. Often government has taken many steps to improve but still there are an issue to overcome it. Government should make changes in their working progress. Government employees should be sincere in their work who are in a part of caring people life. Standard and quality supply of medicines should be provided by the government.

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Ayush said: (Feb 9, 2014)  
Commercialization should be done in India. Seeing the condition of government hospitals and the type of treatment provided, these hospitals should be handed to private companies but with certain condition. People below poverty line should be given a subsidized treatment. People from above categories should be charged. Govt should have a strict influence on these hospitals.

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Sandya said: (Feb 6, 2014)  
Hi my dear ones,

In my point of view commercialization of healthcare means to give the responsibilities belongs to healthcare like hospitals, doctors, medicines. Whenever the responsibilities goes to people who are not working under government are show their efficiency in better ways because they get some fee for their work but this is not correct at all time because some time they won't be, reason is their negligence. If commercialization of healthcare happen then it is not be appreciated by people who are belongs to under middle class or people belongs to poverty. So, finally am concluded commercialization of healthcare is good when the government make some rules and then to do them in practice like investing more money than the need.

Thank you.

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Soumya said: (Feb 5, 2014)  
I think commercialization of healthcare in India is good for the medical service purpose, because if we see the government healthcare and hospitals, the infrastructure is very bad mostly in the rural areas. Peoples are dying everyday because of poor and wrong treatment. So, if we commercialize our healthcare service and the government control the supply of medicines that could be a change in the healthcare services and it should be helpful for the rural people of our country.

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Naga said: (Jan 31, 2014)  
Hi friends,

I want to share my view about health care. "Health of a Citizen is the Wealth of the country" this proverb says health is the greatest asset of the country. Healthy people and Healthy environment supports in developing Healthy Wealthy country.

In the country government is fulfilling some or the other ways, by providing schemes, the basic needs for food, clothing, shelter. But in healthcare system government, is not totally successful in helping for every man need. Because of commercialization of private hospitals and other.

If every one wants to see the Healthy and wealthy country. Today please take an oath for improve the systems and make bright country in the world. Friends "one oath a small change starts. ".

Thank you.

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Rohit said: (Jan 30, 2014)  
Commercialization of health cares in a country like India where most of the population falls between the two classes lower class and middle class, it can't be be said as good in my opinion.

Government pays a lots and lots of funds on students who become doctors. It costs up to 2 crores for Indian govt to make a student pursue MBBS course from a government medical college. And thereafter if these doctors start their own hospitals or clinics and work in a privately owned health care organization. So due to this a poor person can't afford good health care by a qualified doctor.

He has to visit to all those practitioners who were once a compounder with a doctor but now have opened their own clinics or to the govt hospitals where there are no doctors available because those doctors inspite of having a gazetted officer govt job have opened their own clinics where they charge the same poor guy a 100 times what they have to pay in an govt hospital.

Also govt is wasting its money in building such doctors and also a common poor man in India is not able to get proper health care facilities. This needs to be changed in my opinion.

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Subhash Paul said: (Jan 23, 2014)  
Hi friends,

In my view health care should not be commercialised. There is development in hospital, nursing home India. This is the result of huge development of science in India. But the people under BPL are not getting medical facilities.

Government should take care of that. Government should make new policies and to implement those policies which will result in proper medical treatment of the poor people.

Nowadays, doctors are becoming greedy. They don't pay attention to public medical center, rural areas. They concentrates on their clinic, private hospitals, nursing homes. So, to avoid these government should see whether doctors are doing their duties well or not.

Thank you.

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Kuldip said: (Jan 9, 2014)  
Hello Everyone,

In my point of view considering India, Disease is not caused by germs rather many factors play very important role like education, gender, poverty, living condition, water, sanitation, hygiene, accessibility of health care facility, availability of health care facility, quality human resource etc. So making commercialization of health care not solve problem of health of people. Many disparity we can seen rural and urban difference, religion, caste so first we should look basic socio-economic problem.

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Rohan said: (Jan 3, 2014)  
Friends I would like to through some light on the current problems we are facing and then get to commercialization.

Rather than focusing on commercialization, our govt should try to elevate the existing facilities provided in the govt hospitals. Adequate remuneration to govt doctors as I have seen these doctors devote less than the required (scheduled) time and instead spend more on their private clinical visits.

If this can be stopped it will be good for poor people of India.

And then commercialization will open a market of healthy competition.

Straightaway commercialization will definitely bring technology but will increase the cost as well and do no good for the poor.

For the middle and upper class, they do not face this problem adversely.

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Anu said: (Dec 18, 2013)  
Hello guys I would like to say according to me commercialization of health is good as we know health is wealth. Government has responsibility to take care of people living in their country. In our country majority of people belong to middle class family and and some of them are below poverty line. So they can't afford private hospital and costly medicines so for them commercialization of health care is must.

And government should participate in this by providing good doctors, good equipment, and generic medicines in government hospital. And their should be a seminar on health and hygiene, how to avoid diseases in slum areas. At last I want to say that according to survey fees of government hospital is low than private hospital so government of country should concentrate on to develop government hospital.

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Vijay Aggarwal said: (Dec 10, 2013)  
According to me commercialization of health care is the need of the hour because of poor governance of the government the condition in all the sectors such as telecommunications, transportation, electricity is worse and because of changes in the life style of people with full of stress without commercialization we can't not expect good health services and new studies cannot be carried out without the help of MNC operating.

Those who are pointing put the position of poor people government should come forward with some schemes where in the treatment will be provided at some subsidy offered so that the quality does not degrade.

So to conclude the topic completely eradication of anything is not a solution rather opportunities should be welcomed.

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Poonam said: (Nov 28, 2013)  
Hi Friends, we very well known that idiom 'Health is Wealth'. Everyone wants good facilities to get well soon. But India in India more than 40% people are living below the poverty line. They can/t afford good hospital and costly treatment. IF health is commercialized no doubt we will get good facilities in cheaper price. But Poor people can't afford them. Because the people who can afford always prefer good hospitals at any cost. IF poor people will get benefit from commercialization means free medicine. Free treatment for poor people. Than it can be beneficial.

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Apoorv said: (Nov 7, 2013)  
Well, I would like to start by using an idiom that fits perfectly into this situation i.e. there are two sides of the same coin. Commercialization of health care brings with it its advantages and disadvantages and any of them can't be ignored. Let us start with the advantages :

Advantages :

1) Better equipments.
2) Better overall services (sanitation etc).
3) Promotes medical tourism.
4) Better prospects for doctors.

Disadvantages :

1) Attributing to higher medical costs that too in a poor country like India.
2) Quality of doctors is uncertain.
3) May give rise to scams and scandals.

So to conclude and going by the pros and cons of the commercialization, I guess, we can't decide whether it is boon or bane.

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Riya said: (Nov 6, 2013)  
Hey Guys,

In India, recently we have seen the growth of speciality hospitals, nursing homes with sky scraper buildings. Even people from abroad come here for treatment. New hospitals with all facilities, modern equipments and trained doctors and nurses have emerged as a result of the growth of medical science but the sad part is that it was once a service oriented industry but now it is a money making profession. Many people are unable to get the benefit of such hospitals because of poverty and non affordability. Doctors refuse to serve the rural people and the public health centres in the rural areas are not effective.

It is time for the government and people to join hand and eradicate the shortcomings.

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Aparajitha Chatterjee said: (Oct 29, 2013)  
Health care is a necessity required by every individual whether rich or poor. Hence, the government should try to ensure that every citizen has access to certain standard healthcare facilities. In a country like India where more than 30% of the population lives in BPL according to international standards, definitely commercialization of healthcare will cause havoc.

India has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. It is obvious that the children victim to malnutrition and other fatal diseases mostly belong to destitute families who cannot afford expensive healthcare and doctor bills. In such situation, commercializing the healthcare system would deprive them of even basic healthcare facilities.

Private healthcare organizations may begin to exploit people by charging exorbitant rates. Also, they might even take to unethical malpractices to make profits.

Agreed that Indian health-care is lacking in terms of technology and the service provided is extremely poor. However, commercialization of healthcare is definitely not the solution. The Indian government at present spends around 2% of its GDP in Healthcare which is far less than the world average of 5%. Increasing this expenditure might bring considerable improvement in the healthcare facilities.

An excellent example of Government supported healthcare is USA. It has around 60% of the healthcare sector run by non-profit organizations and 18% by the government yet has succeeded in providing standard healthcare facilities to majority of its population.

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Raju said: (Oct 16, 2013)  
In my point of view commercialization of healthcare in India is not at all good for our people. Before commercializing the system we should first implement the new policies which will raise benefits to the BPL people. One disease in a family is enough to tilt economical position. Government motto is providing the all facilities for every common man in India but it can be achieved only when we execute the policies well. Current India is spending only 3% of its GDP for Health Care development and because of corruption some of money is going into healthcare providers.

"Eat an apple for day keeps doctor away" how many are ready now in our country to buy at least an apple for a week, we should keep in mind that if we commercialize the healthcare system we may get better facilities, quality of treatment, getting rid of diseases but at a time we can see BPL people with diseases on roadsides.

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Abhay said: (Oct 11, 2013)  
Commercialization of Health Care: Good or Bad ?

According to my view, commercialization of health care will be benefit for India in many ways :

1: New machine, equipment, medicine and infrastructure will come into the hospital.

2: Diseases will get cure soon.

3: Test report of various disease will come soon so that the doctor can take quick action against the disease specially in case of DENGUE in which the test report take at least 24 hrs.

4: Commercialization also motivate the private players to enter into the health care market which will increase the competition in the market and patient will get benefited.

Govt can control the commercialization of health care by taking various steps :

1: By inviting private player for joint venture the up gradation of govt hospital can happen.

2: By luring the private player from tax benefit scheme the govt can keep control on private hospital.

3: By making mandatory for each private hospital that they have to treat at least 25% BPL & middle class people for free of cost which include every thing from doctor fees to medicine.

4: The private hospital doctors should give training to govt hospital doctors on periodical basis.

5: Govt & Private hospital account should be check on periodical basis in order to avoid any misuse to fund or subsidy provided by the central govt or state govt.

6: Make mandatory for private hospital that every hospital have to visit rural area once in a month & give treatment free of cost to rural people.

7: Give education on medical disease & there treatment in various school.

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Prathima said: (Oct 10, 2013)  
Commercialization of health has its own pros and cons. There are several schemes provided by the government for poor people. But they are limited only to some diseases. The remaining can be cured only from private hospitals. They are saving someones life but are afforded by a few. SO if government takes step and extend its services, many of the poor will be benefited. This happens only if the government takes care of its people rather than its posts.

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Anoop Rs said: (Oct 4, 2013)  
I would say that we need better infrastructure, more staffs & technical equipment in the government hospitals, instead of commercialization of the entire health sector. Because every country and its government has the responsibility to take care of its poor people. The poor people cannot afford the high rate of health care in the private hospitals. If the government can spend millions of dollars for building metro rails, stadiums, etc, they can surely afford the cost to improve the government hospitals. The basic factor which I focus is that, if we have to set something right, we need to start from the base.

If we are concentrating on developing the private hospitals and the world class medical systems there, the result will be the same as today. The poor people will have to adjust with the floor of the government hospitals, and the wealthy people will be resting in AC hospital rooms. That condition is not going to benefit the society. What we need is an equality in the healthcare that the people of our country receives.

I understand that with high technology, high cost also come along. But I'm sure that that cost will not be higher than the unwanted expenses of government. In India, we have seen corruptions worth trillions, despite the fact that 40% of the country are on the verge of poverty line. So, if we plan to develop the medical field, we need to first set up good facilities in the government hospitals. This is how I reach in my opinion, healthcare should not be commercialized.

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Saumitra Pathak said: (Oct 2, 2013)  
Hello Friends,

We all know that there are many people in India belonging to below poverty line & generally poor people gets affect very much from many diseases due to lack of health care. They are not able to care about their health properly due to their financial problem. So India requires better healthcare system mainly for poor people because it is greatly used by them. Although Government hospital does not provide services properly yet it is a great help to poor people. So friends I would like to promote improvement in Government policies and services rather than commercialization of healthcare. Because a person fights for daily usable things can not even think about high medical facilities.

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Shrikant Wankhade said: (Sep 30, 2013)  
Hello friends, having opportunity to talk regarding this topic is that I don't agree with the fully commercialization of medicines because most of the people in India are middle class and they can not afford high prices of medicine, it is also same for the poor people, but not for rich people. Govt should involved in to such activities that the people can get quality medicine in reasonable range so that they can afford.

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Ravi said: (Sep 20, 2013)  
Hello friends.

I would like to share my opinion regarding the commercialization of healthcare.

I think commercialization of health care is an necessary evil.

We all are very much aware of the predicaments of government hospitals. The quality of treatment is really poor in govt hospitals. The facilities, medical equipments, treatments and everything in govt hospital are worst when compared to that of private hospitals. The only difference it makes is that the treatment fee. Commercialization of healthcare will increase the treatment fee but simultaneously it will be compelled to provide better treatment, better doctors, better facilities and better health and also there will be updation of equipments which is really required because we cannot rely on obsolete equipments used in govt hospitals which can turn fatal for the life of patients. I know common people will face big problem as they would not be able to afford the fee. But I got a food for thoughts for all- is money more important than life of people ?

Commercialization of healthcare: good or bad? now you know the answer.

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Ajana said: (Sep 8, 2013)  
Its a very famous saying "money can buy anything". Even emotions, pleasures, joy etc. Can be bought in this materialistic world. But when it comes to health we can't deny the fact that it is completely dependent on the money factor. A rich person gets every accommodation only because he can afford it but on the other hand poor person starves even for a good diet and getting higher medical facilities is something what he can't even think of.

At the same time, commercialization also means increase in the cost of treatment which can be afforded only by people living in urban areas. Hospitals would therefore become inaccessible by rural people. Doctors, for profit, may ask for a lot of tests to be done which again cannot be afforded by the poor. Poor people can only get benefit from government hospitals. So govt should take steps to improve the conditions of public hospitals. !

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Divya said: (Aug 23, 2013)  
Commercialisation definitely has both pros and cons and, it is hard for one to say if commercialisation is a bad or good thing.

If there is commercialisation of health care, there would be betterment of the facilities provided for treating diseases, more hygiene, more care and usage of advanced technology for treatment. So people suffering from severe diseases can also be hopeful of getting rid of their disease.

At the same time, commercialisation also means increase in the cost of treatment which can be afforded only by people living in urban areas. Hospitals would therefore become inaccessible by rural people. Doctors, for profit, may ask for a lot of tests to be done which again cannot be afforded by the poor.

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Dfbbg said: (Aug 21, 2013)  
Its a very famous saying "money can buy anything". Even emotions, pleasures, joy etc. Can be bought in this materialistic world. But when it comes to health we can't deny the fact that it is completely dependent on the money factor. A rich person gets every accommodation only because he can afford it but on the other hand poor person starves even for a good diet and getting higher medical facilities is something what he can't even think of.

As far as commercialization of health sector is concerned; without moving to the extreme yes or no some middle ways are also there. For example, some of the hospitals in Delhi get privatized after 3 o'clock. And people have to pay only 60% of the total fee and rest 40%are used as fund, medication, insurance etc. And hence through this way poor get served in the similar way as the rich do. What I feel that this technique will not harm any of the humankind.

Further lets have a look on the expenses made in the field. Only 1.2%is spent on health sector. At least 2.5% should be spent in this sector in order to make some fruitful change in the sector and to enhance the quality and make it reasonable for every class.

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Deeksha Saxena said: (Aug 17, 2013)  
Hello friends.

In my opinion, commercialization of health care is not good.

That's true that the commercialization improves the techniques and treatment, also provides good facilities to the patients, but that also true that it increases the prices of the treatment and medicines. And it becomes unaffordable to the middle class or poor people to get the treatment from such hospitals. And because of the private hospitals or clinics, the condition of government hospitals is getting bad.

Most of the time, there is no doctor because they are in their private clinics, or if they are there, then they don't give much time to the patient and want them to come to their clinic. It is ok for the rich people, but a middle class family cannot afford this and therefore they have to compromise with their health.

But since, it is more profitable to the doctors, therefore, the doctors prefer to give the time to their private clinics that leads to the decrement in the government hospitals.

So, my suggestion is this that the government should take care of the government hospitals with better facilities and good medical treatment instead of increasing the private sectors so that both the rich as wall as the poor people could get the better medical care.

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Sanjay said: (Aug 17, 2013)  
First of all I would like to say thanks to all my friends.

It is good to appreciate the topic which we get as a discussion.

As per my opinion we could say how to effect due to commercialization.

1. It runs only for earning profit by providing better facilities which is not needed. Patient is not like your lifetime customer. We should treat him like a human being. We should cure his / her disease. We should think like socialism - commercialisation - profit but we should not think like profit - commercialism.

2. As a healthcare we could say who is the customer ? In this case we came to know that when MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE made direct contact with doctor not the real patient. In this case as a honest and genuine doctor, he should prescribe the medicine which is very economical in price and curable like genetic medicine etc.

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Brajesh said: (Aug 9, 2013)  
In my opinion, commercialization of healthcare is good but at the same time it causes a lot of problems in our country in which people can't afford the expensive medicinal facilities.

Commercialization results in price rise of medicines, increase cost of diagnosis, out of afford of poor peoples. But at the same time it increases the quality of treatment, provide hygiene conditions. So commercialization should be stressed in the urban areas where the people have money.

But in my opinion it should we have lack of systemization of the existing facilities rather than the lack of effort in medicinal investment. There are policies which is present but is not implemented in reality, like in government hospitals free medicines have to be distributed, but it is sold by the chemist there or are not in stock, so people have to buy it from outside, some hygienic condition as well as a supervisory body to inspect or regulate the system should be adopted in the government Hospitals.

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Indian said: (Jul 30, 2013)  
In my view Commercialization in health care has brought up lots of benefits like increasing facilities, private hospitals are fulfilling the requirements of extra hospitals in the our country which government is not able to open new one, etc. But its should be up to some extent only, and government should take a strong decision regarding to this issue so that poor people can get some advantage from this and misuses can be minimized.

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Monu said: (Jun 6, 2013)  
Commercialization is way to increase the profit of the one, so on applying the commercialization on the health makes bed effect just because by applying the commercialization the doctor always thinks about their profit that makes the poor guys in trouble those are unable to pay money for their cure many times the poor guys are scarifies with their health just because of the high rate for the treatment this came due to doctor invest their money in commercialization for increasing the profit and they recollect their money by the people that could make the commercialization bad but it would be good when it will use in research process for finding the different way for the disease.

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Prashanth said: (Jun 3, 2013)  
I have share my point of view pertaining to above topic.

Since every coin has two faces likewise commercialization of health care has good as well as bad aspects.

Good aspects, people who are in good position want them to be treated in good private hospitals as they expect good facilities and proper care and the faculties in private hospitals are very attentive and the treatment they provide will be best of the technology.

Bad aspects, people who are below poverty line can not afford such high amount to get treatment for them government has to take care by providing good facilities with affordable price.

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Anonymous said: (May 30, 2013)  
Following the large scale macroeconomic reforms introduced in many countries since the 1990s, there has been a shift in the provisions of public goods, including health and education. Certain Asian and Latin American countries have opened up the medical care market for privatization and introduced the concept of user fees in public health services. The concept of segmented medical care was given in the World Development Report itself- offering private, market-oriented better quality care for the rich. By comparison, the public health facilities look woefully inadequate. They were widely criticized, and the government expenditure on health declined sharply.

This change in the healthcare sector where private players have started treating it as a flourishing business is premised on the view that the public sector is unable to act as a sole provider of those services within the backdrop of shortage of resources. Even when there is no recession, the capital need to be deployed in several other sectors mainly industry, agriculture and infrastructure so that health care falls short of funds. It is now being realised that greater competition is the only option for better quality services and improvement in the overall efficiency of these services.

The advocates of reform hold that the state should undertake only minimal interventions in the economy, and for health service it should provide only the essential service. This view totally overlooks the issue of incompatibility between public welfare and private provision. More importantly, this approach does not address the problems of poverty, inequality among social classes, religious groups and gender aspects. The poor and socially backward classes depend on public provision of health care almost entirely.

The system of health care as it is present in most of the developing countries is that while the poor would go for the public care for essential clinical services, the rich would prefer high-tech private medical care. Consequently, consumer choices of health services remain restricted to only those who can afford to pay for services in highly expensive private hospitals and clinics. The 'willingness to pay' is often equated with 'ability to pay'. But some studies have shown that in some family's highly expensive treatment of serious diseases like heart ailments, cancer, nervous system disorders have lead to erosion of family assets, high indebtedness. Some families have known to resort to inadequate diet, drop out of school children, especially girls.

This is known as medical poverty trap. This takes place so often and in every region of our country that we have no reason to accept that the government should provide only the essential clinical services. They need medical care against diseases like respiratory infections, renal problems, intestinal disorders, vitamin deficiencies, arsenic poisoning, fatal accidents, mental disorders, etc. Under gross economic equalities, the application of market system and sticking to the segmentation of health services will pass on the benefit only to the rich.

In India the post-reform era shows a gross neglect of the health scenario. Investment in health sector yields only long-term gains which seem to be at odds with short term political gains which our politicians always tend to seek. Under the Structural Adjustment Programme funded by IMF-World Bank, the government's share in total health has not shown a commensurate rise with the increase in population. Due to poor access and quality of service, the rate of utilization of public facilities has in fact shown a decline over the years as per report of the National Sample Survey Organisation. It has also been observed that whatever public facilities are available they are utilized more by the rich sections.

The share of richest 20 per cent for inpatient bed days is about 6 times more than that of the poor. In monetary terms, less than 10.2 per cent of total government investment on health service goes to the poor and to 31 per cent to the richest by comparison. It is clear that the poor spend disproportionately higher per cent of their incomes on health service.

More than 30 per cent of their income goes for treatment for minor ailments, infections and communicable diseases. The neglect of preventive health care in public health policy is the chief cause of this situation. Out of the total government expenditure, only 13 per cent is spent on primary care, 25 per cent on public health research and a hopping 60 per cent for the secondary and tertiary health care. Due to this, 55 per cent of rural primary care is sought from the private practitioners, of whom many are unregistered and another about 24 per cent from private clinics or nursing home. In this backdrop, the issues of traditional medical systems and their usage appears to be of great importance in India.

Another unexpected trend needs to be mentioned. Although market-based reforms in health care are advocated in almost all the developing countries, the state continues to play a major role in the delivery of health care services in developed countries, especially in America, West Europe and Australia. However, the degree of commercialization of health care services as measured by the spending of the private individuals varies from country to country.

The results of commercialization of healthcare, considered generally, and not with specific reference to India have not been very encouraging. The observations made in this regard show that countries with better health outcomes, have significantly lower commercialization in health care services; better care at birth is associated with more of GDP spent by the government on health, but not with more private health spending to GDP; higher commercialization at primary health care is associated with greater exclusion of children from treatment when indisposed.

It is quite evident that the introduction of private competition and user charges in public health discriminates against the sick and the poor. The condition of health care system in all big and small cities in India shows that the poor have no or little access to health care facilities. The public hospitals are all full of patients; beds are not available wherever we go. The medicines are always short in government hospitals. The situation in remote areas of the country and most of the villages leaves much to be desired. On the other hand, the rich have access to the health care everywhere. In cities, private clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centres are in every part. They welcome patients who can afford expensive treatment.

Commercialisation of education is certainly against the policies of social equalities which India aims to bring. It has also led to many undesirable practices. Private clinics often subject the patients to conduct many tests which are not necessary. They admit patients who do not require admission. This is done to earn more money. Operations are performed at times when they are not required or are bad for the patient's health. However, some hospitals and clinics keep a strict code of conduct and do not adopt such unscrupulous practices. Their high charges are justified because of high cost of inputs.

The fact cannot be denied that the commercialization of health care has supplemented the public facilities in this regard. It has rather helped the government to maintain a high level of health care in the country. In all major and small cities and towns, private health centres are open day and night and are ready for any emergency. They are saving the lives of thousands every day. The private hospitals and clinics have provided employment to lakhs of doctors, nurses and other staff across the country. The government is earning huge revenue in the form of taxes.

These clinics, diagnostic and treatment centres have also created a huge demand for health care products, instruments and medicines. This industry has flourished to become the fourth largest health care industry in the world. The economy owes a lot to this commercialization. Today, India has a strong and sophisticated tertiary health sector where people from outside the country come for medical tourism. Given this situation, India can take advantage of its indigenous medical system to ensure cheap, accessible and capable medical care for her population, particularly the poor. India has many systems like Ayurveda, Unami, Siddha, etc. Which it has developed since the ages. These systems need to be expanded and exploited for improvement of general health of the people.

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S K S said: (May 28, 2013)  
Commercialisation of health care has become an obvious trend today. The direct outcome of it has naturally been the increasing cost of healthcare incurred by people. Like any other matter this too has both merits and demerits.

The merits of this trend are,

1) Many choices have been available to the people now-a-days as regards check-ups by specialist healthcare providers, admission to and/or other facilities provided by hospitals, types of diagnostic tests to be carried out, methods of treatment, ranges of medicines and so on;.

2) Research and development of medical science has been tremendously booted up;.

3) Necessary investments required to achieve the aforesaid ends have been realised;.

4) Talents are being attracted to the various fields and sub-fields of the medical science;.

5) It has widely expanded the drug and healthcare industries ;.

6) It has thus contributed to the employment and economic growth in commendable manner.

However, the benefits of commercialisation of health care do coexist with many undesirable effects that are not at all beneficial to the public. They can be described as under,

1) Escalating costs of healthcare have rendered it too dear for the poor and the disadvantaged sections of the society;.

2) Continuous trend in this direction will cause healthcare to go beyond the reach of the common people;.

3) Too much greed for profit would create many a nefarious activities in the system so that the high morals of this field will get contaminated;.

4) Commercialisation will lead to patentification inventions of drugs and other medical facilities rendering it too costly and inimical to public interest;.

5) Health is a significant factor in private as well as public domains of life and is very crucial in formation of human and social capital of a country for its progress and prosperity, so unbridled commercialisation must be kept under control;.

6) Commercialisation does not necessarily ensure quality controls in healthcare, examples abound in this respect. So care must be taken to curb any such tendency.

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Mehak Ratta said: (May 23, 2013)  
Its good to do commercialization of health as for a developing country like India its good to get advance medical facilities and at the end of the day private hospitals are also spending lot of money to bring these advanced facilities in India.

However, on the other hand government should help the people below poverty line who cannot afford these expensive medical facilities.

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Mayank said: (May 16, 2013)  
Hi we are talking about the commercialisation of health sector. I don't think so that commercialization is a good option in health as well as in education because if we commercialise these two big sectors n we know that india's 35 to 38 percent population is below poverty line and afford high fee for hospital is very difficult. These two big sectors should be in the hands of government which can be more benefited for people of our nation.

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Commercialization of Health Care: Good or Bad?

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