Commercialization of Health Care: Good or Bad?

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Gurdeep said:   2 years ago

In our human growing family, two rights are backbone of the human race. Let me not mince words. Any government which does not provide has failed the citizens. These are needs not privileges.

1. Right to education.
2. Right to medicine and medical treatment.

These two areas are 'sevas " it has no room for profiteering. These two are the core requirement of any society. In fact, they are pillars of human society. This guarantees equality and the person remains useful when the person is developed in mind. And body. The role of Nature's cure can not be underscored. Herbs and ayurvedic medicines have historical evidence. They heal in a holistic fashion. Whereas allopathy has the best diagnostic tools. These two need to be married in a way, where the best result comes out, leading to affordable universal health care, a dream of any government. Kindly remember body has the ability to treat itself if we know how to assist it. This is the very function of Ayurveda. Modern medicine comes into play for just ten per cent of the cases. However, we are applying to most patients and skyrocketing the cost. This involves, where all disciplines of medicine coming together to draw a protocol that is cost-effective and result oriented.

I see this happening, most hospitals have established Ayurveda centres, and people look for medical help by their choosing. Thus this is not a concerted effort, there should be a well-planned protocol by putting all disciplines of medicines together and evolving it.

VAIBHAV NEVAREKAR said:   3 years ago
Good evening everyone.

According to me, today's commercialization of health care is bad because of the worst of politics. Because of people have not aware of health care.

I think 75% of the Indian family is middle-class family so they can not afford high charge of hospitals. And approximately 40-45% of people can not effort hospital charges at all because they live below the poverty line, and that 75% and above of people generally need more health care than rich people just because of their standard of life. They consume less quality products due to their low income which directly affects their health and the number of those people is very high in India. So, the Commercialization of health care is not good, that's all. And I think politics and rich people can handle the health care of India if they donate money and some help to poor people.

Prakruti said:   4 years ago
Commercialization of Health Care promises better infrastructure, better medical facilities, and technological advancement. Private hospitals are also well-maintained in comparison to government hospitals. But then, their charges are high. Poor and middle-class people cannot afford it. This will contradict the very purpose of having better health care system. So, keeping this in mind, the government should issue guidelines and formulate policies that benefit both hospitals and people. The government should constantly monitor private hospitals and take severe action in case of any mistreatment. If possible, the government should provide subsidy to poor. I would like to conclude by saying that the commercialization of healthcare is important for the development of the nation but can only be a success when done with proper care and righteousness.

Verchas said:   5 years ago
Good morning everyone.

So, our topic of discussion is Commercialization of Healthcare is good or bad. First of all, we get to know about the meaning of commercialization. Commercialization of health care means Better infrastructure of hospitals, better nursing facilities, Highly educated doctor available.
Why commercialization is needed?

According to WHO in the condition of a government hospital in India is not so good. Government hospitals are not well hygiene. The ratio of bed to population is very less.

As we know every coin has two faces:

Advantages of commercialization of healthcare:

1. Better health care facility.
2. Better infrastructure.
3. Well hygiene environment
4 Treatment takes place in a short time
5 Better availability of medicines

Disadvantages of Communication:

1. Poverty: In India very large number Of the population is poor they can't afford the commercialized hospital.
2. High Fees of hospitals.
3. Corruption. And Partiality.

Conclusion: Healthcare is basic need because everyone loves to stay fit...but everyone can't afford high fees hospital so govt should provide some subsidiary to poor people's and govt should do health insurance of poor peoples. By keeping all the above things in mind Commercialization of healthcare is good.

Thank you.

Naveena D said:   5 years ago
Good Morning Friends,

According to me, Commercialization of health care is increased in this generation because commercial society is developed in many hospitals and health care. And also is it developed health care for common peoples in government hospitals also. Commercialization has also increased the facility to health care awareness about the people. Common facilities and also rare instruments also use and increase government hospitals. So commercialization is developed the health care for the common people.

Thanking You.

Subha said:   5 years ago
Commercialization of health care is good but it should be regulated properly both by government and other organizations. The treatment is not immediately available in government hospitals, and not all technologies are available in government hospitals, this all makes up the poor structure of Indian government health care system.

Priyadharshini said:   6 years ago
Commercialization of health care is bad. When an emergency case is taken to the hospital even for the first aid they are asking for money without starting the treatment. As a csr they should give treatment. Human value should be known to them. They are realizing only the value of money.

Sushree said:   6 years ago
Hello everyone, in my point of view, education and healthcare is the most basic requirements and everyone has a right to the above said so if we commercialize healthcare poor people won't get benefitted from this instead of commercializing we can ask govt to improve the conditions in govt hospitals and to strictly follow some rules and to implement some regular inspection so that the quality remains high with affordable price.

Private hospitals are all profit oriented and they don't really care about patients the unnecessarily add some tests and extra medicines for their own profit and us common people are the sufferer, so commercialization of health care is bad in my point of view.

Akansha Nigam said:   6 years ago
Commercialization of Health Care: Good or Bad?

Hello Friends,

As per my understanding, commercialization of health care is goods hospital with having better facilities, nursing care and technology, provide better access, for people, but it also means that private owned hospitals. When it comes to the privately owned hospital then it means that no support is provided to them by the government. It's like that they have to take care of their hospital by their own ways. In such case maintenance of all the machines provided by the hospital is important and necessary which can be used again, but this is all done by money and their resources is we people and for the maintenance of the hospital private hospital are very expensive. I do agree that some hospital are exploiting patients crazily but not all.

If a person is financially strong it can be manageable but if a person is financially week then the problem starts. In such case, I would request the government to provide a subsidy for health too. It would be like win-win situation because all the people who live here is paying taxes, and government Can happily take care of them. Health is wealth, and development too.

But if in any case government Is not able to provide subsidy in medication for the private hospital then government Should work on government Hospitals we have in our India. They have to take every action required to improve the miserable situation of the hospital in India.

Richa said:   6 years ago
I would like to open the discussion by stating that healthcare is a basic right of each and every citizen. This is regardless of his or her economic or social status. Every person in every part of this country has aright to access affordable and quality healthcare. Adding price tags to diagnostics and treatment has led to mushrooming of private hospitals which exist only for their profits. They compromise with the standard of patient care in order to inflate their profit margins. They also conduct unnecessary diagnostic tests to raise the treatment cost. Ultimately the common man of this country suffers. I strongly feel that commercialization of healthcare is bad. It should be abolished.

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