Classical Music Heritage and the Growing Pop-Culture

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Parth Gandhi said:   2 years ago
As genres, there is nothing wrong with both kinds of music. Pop music is not a genre but it is derived from the word 'popular', so the genre itself means something that most people like. But liking or not liking a genre of music is liking or not liking maths. Of the people I know, those who enjoy classical music understand it or are accompanied by it in some form. Pop everyone enjoys, but yes if you know how to do complex problems you won't enjoy doing normal subtraction right?

So, yes, both genres are good and I feel classical is for the learned because it requires at least surface knowledge of how emotions are portrayed in it.

Tarun Maletia said:   4 years ago
On the surface level, someone can say that classical music is for peace, but actually both Indian and western classical music is a roller coaster of emotions. The harmony or a melody in a symphony can make you happy or sad depending on the mood of the piece. Each and every rhythm and melody in a piece can tell a beautiful story about something. This is one of the biggest reasons why classical music is immortal. Not only there are a lot of pieces in this genre, but the interpretation of every piece is different from different musician, which may set the mood of the piece completely different. It is wrong to say classical music old fashioned since people still listen to classical music. On the other hand, if we talk about pop music, We lost beautiful harmony and melody in today's music. People listen to pop music for enjoyment, but it is actually not fun to listen to pop music. I am not saying everyone to stop listening to pop music and start listening to classical music. I was just sharing my openion.

Shweta said:   4 years ago
Music has no language, it's a "Solely feeling". But when it comes to Classical Music and Pop-Music, both has its own identity. Youths now enjoy the pop-music rather than classical music. But I prefer to hear both depending on my mood. If one wants to be a singing star then one can choose any of them as per the interest.

Uttara said:   6 years ago
As we cannot compare between an apple and an orange so we can't compare between classical and pop music. Both have their respective followers. Where classical music reflects our heritage pop music reflects globalization. It reflects the open mindedness of Indians to accept a foreign culture as our own. There are few people out there like myself who prefer both kinds of music depending on the mood. When we are happy and cheerful we prefer pop music like Arijit sing or back street boys and when we are in a peaceful situation or melancholy mood then listen to Rabindra Sangeet or Sufi songs. Thank you.

Rohan said:   6 years ago
I think so we listen both type of music that depend on person mood & mentality, if we want enjoyment we prefer to pop however classical music gives peace and joy. My vote given to classical music.

Kosha said:   6 years ago
I am a student. So people expect me like pop music. But I am taking training in classical music, people consider classical music to be very boring but the first time I entered my classes and I felt that the Indian classical music is so rich, deep, divine and very peaceful. It is the purest form of music. From that day, I have reduced listening to western music. Classical Music makes your soul and heart happy. We know that there are music therapies going through the classical music. Pop music can be heard only in some situations but classical music can listen any time and you will be happy.

Aarav said:   7 years ago
Western classical music is still cool. Considering that heavy metal is dubiously descended from Beethoven himself.

Harmony said:   8 years ago
Classical music is the source of all music in the world. It is believed that Lord Shiva brought it down to the earth from heaven.

Music is music after all we all enjoy different types of music. The youth also appreciates classical music. True lover of music will not differentiated or give any rating to the duo.

Krishnaa said:   9 years ago
Classical and pop music have their own identity and popular among their followers. Youth is more attracted to pop and oldies are more attracted to classical music. Impact of western culture on youth is one of the reason behind liking of pop music by youth, the one who like classical music are considered as off-fashion.

But root is root and leaf is leaf, As Sanskrit is mother of all languages, classical music is a root of all musics and gives peace of mind. And peace of mind is permanent and essential purpose of listening music.

Mayu said:   9 years ago
Hi friends.

Basically most important thing is why do we need to listen the music? there are many reasons as it depends on everyone's thinking. Music meant for peace of mind and harmony to the life and for that classical music is best than other at the same time pop-music is sign of passion, so all its depend on one's mood and mentality what to listen and when.

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