Classical Music Heritage and the Growing Pop-Culture

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Parth Gandhi said: (Jan 10, 2022)  
As genres, there is nothing wrong with both kinds of music. Pop music is not a genre but it is derived from the word 'popular', so the genre itself means something that most people like. But liking or not liking a genre of music is liking or not liking maths. Of the people I know, those who enjoy classical music understand it or are accompanied by it in some form. Pop everyone enjoys, but yes if you know how to do complex problems you won't enjoy doing normal subtraction right?

So, yes, both genres are good and I feel classical is for the learned because it requires at least surface knowledge of how emotions are portrayed in it.

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Tarun Maletia said: (Aug 29, 2019)  
On the surface level, someone can say that classical music is for peace, but actually both Indian and western classical music is a roller coaster of emotions. The harmony or a melody in a symphony can make you happy or sad depending on the mood of the piece. Each and every rhythm and melody in a piece can tell a beautiful story about something. This is one of the biggest reasons why classical music is immortal. Not only there are a lot of pieces in this genre, but the interpretation of every piece is different from different musician, which may set the mood of the piece completely different. It is wrong to say classical music old fashioned since people still listen to classical music. On the other hand, if we talk about pop music, We lost beautiful harmony and melody in today's music. People listen to pop music for enjoyment, but it is actually not fun to listen to pop music. I am not saying everyone to stop listening to pop music and start listening to classical music. I was just sharing my openion.

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Shweta said: (Aug 24, 2019)  
Music has no language, it's a "Solely feeling". But when it comes to Classical Music and Pop-Music, both has its own identity. Youths now enjoy the pop-music rather than classical music. But I prefer to hear both depending on my mood. If one wants to be a singing star then one can choose any of them as per the interest.

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Uttara said: (Aug 24, 2017)  
As we cannot compare between an apple and an orange so we can't compare between classical and pop music. Both have their respective followers. Where classical music reflects our heritage pop music reflects globalization. It reflects the open mindedness of Indians to accept a foreign culture as our own. There are few people out there like myself who prefer both kinds of music depending on the mood. When we are happy and cheerful we prefer pop music like Arijit sing or back street boys and when we are in a peaceful situation or melancholy mood then listen to Rabindra Sangeet or Sufi songs. Thank you.

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Rohan said: (Jul 2, 2017)  
I think so we listen both type of music that depend on person mood & mentality, if we want enjoyment we prefer to pop however classical music gives peace and joy. My vote given to classical music.

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Kosha said: (Apr 3, 2017)  
I am a student. So people expect me like pop music. But I am taking training in classical music, people consider classical music to be very boring but the first time I entered my classes and I felt that the Indian classical music is so rich, deep, divine and very peaceful. It is the purest form of music. From that day, I have reduced listening to western music. Classical Music makes your soul and heart happy. We know that there are music therapies going through the classical music. Pop music can be heard only in some situations but classical music can listen any time and you will be happy.

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Aarav said: (Mar 7, 2017)  
Western classical music is still cool. Considering that heavy metal is dubiously descended from Beethoven himself.

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Harmony said: (Jun 4, 2015)  
Classical music is the source of all music in the world. It is believed that Lord Shiva brought it down to the earth from heaven.

Music is music after all we all enjoy different types of music. The youth also appreciates classical music. True lover of music will not differentiated or give any rating to the duo.

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Krishnaa said: (Oct 3, 2014)  
Classical and pop music have their own identity and popular among their followers. Youth is more attracted to pop and oldies are more attracted to classical music. Impact of western culture on youth is one of the reason behind liking of pop music by youth, the one who like classical music are considered as off-fashion.

But root is root and leaf is leaf, As Sanskrit is mother of all languages, classical music is a root of all musics and gives peace of mind. And peace of mind is permanent and essential purpose of listening music.

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Mayu said: (Sep 14, 2014)  
Hi friends.

Basically most important thing is why do we need to listen the music? there are many reasons as it depends on everyone's thinking. Music meant for peace of mind and harmony to the life and for that classical music is best than other at the same time pop-music is sign of passion, so all its depend on one's mood and mentality what to listen and when.

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Neha Singh said: (Jun 5, 2014)  
According to me pop music and classical music are the branches of same tree music. It is really situational. We listen to classical music for its melody but pop music is the symbol of enjoyment.

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John said: (Apr 7, 2014)  
I think classical music is much better than pop music. We can't understand the lyrics of pop music because there is no meaningless word but in classical music there is a melody ton with emotion. This works as a medicine in our mind. In pop music we just can hear the instrumental sound but can't hear the lyrics. In case of classical music the lyrics sounds so sweet that one can feel the life so nice.

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Antara Sarkar said: (Jan 20, 2014)  
Pop music is becoming popularize in our contemporary fast beat life. The music company, media are promoting & advertising the pop music in such a manner that it is becoming more appealing to the youth. Classical music fetch fame whereas pop music yield money. So, the youth are getting little chance to come in contact with classical music which is leading themselves towards spiritual deterioration. Henceforth they are losing their interest in indulging themselves in social welfare work.

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Pooja Verma said: (Dec 18, 2013)  
Music is a medium of expressing one's own feeling. Introduction of pop music in India is not bad. But the way youth have started hating our own classical music, pop music seems disaster. Its not bad to respect the culture of other's. But at the same time it is not proper to hate our own civilization.

Foreigners love our classical music and that's what we are famous for. But we only start hating it, then what will be it's effect on the foreigners ? today's youth are crazy over pop music, but they don't respect our own cultural music. And that's really a big compliment to Indian culture.

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Sowkya said: (Nov 4, 2013)  
Music is an art in which melody is involved, the strength of classical music which has given birth to various styles in music, it completely depends on ones own interest to what kind of music they want to listen for, ultimately beauty of music lies in melody & rhythm which inspires them to listen to it always hence I respect & love classical music from which actual music has originated.

ALL kind of Music has charm in it, its Eternal & people Choice.

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Sangeet said: (Sep 22, 2013)  
Yes indeed pop & classical music have their own individual importance. Let it be India or any other country in the world. There exists an equilibrium between that country's classical music and new age/pop music.

Here, as the context is between Indian classical music and Indi Pop, classical music should be given a bit higher priority because the pop music that we all listen today has its roots from Indian classical music only. Pop uses the same musical terminologies and methods that are used in classical music. So it is classical music which is the root of a diverse tree what we call as music, and all other genres are all branches of it. If Indian classical music wouldn't have been established by early age musicians and gurus, then I'm afraid we couldn't have experienced the charm of our favourite popstars or singers.

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Onkar Puranik said: (Aug 29, 2013)  
As per my opinion both the classical and pop music are important. It depends upon the choice of person. The likeliness changes in every person. So classical music is the base of the music and it is liked by our last generation. And opposite to that our running generation likes pop and all latest music. But still some old people listen the pop and some young guys listens classical.

So music has no barrier it is all over the place. Any one will like any type of music. So you like any format of music, lastly they are in category of only music.

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Harshika said: (Aug 16, 2013)  
Classical music heritage involves classical music that makes some people to participate in it and by their strong will power those people at a later stage, they will get commanded for classical music heritage. Growing pop culture invites those people who are interested in them but at the same adopting western culture forgetting even their parents, their old culture, values and tradition. Classical music brings mesmerizing effect on talented peoples of every art whereas pop music increased 20% possibility to change peoples to forget their own tradition.

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Sunil Kumar said: (Apr 11, 2013)  
Hi, now a days effect of pop culture has grown much more as day by day our country has developed a lot.

So as an our music culture has also been developed people are maximum preferring to pop song and now a days in world also singer are very much conscious about their pop music career.

Pop music career has very much demand in now a days and day by day its demand increases and our classical song as the nowadays few people are preferring.

So as per the development of country and the mentality of people pop music has gained much popularity in front of the people.

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Fahed said: (Feb 15, 2013)  
Classical refers our national grade, heritage and enhancement of our soul and the pop music makes us happy and we leave our worries and we began to dance, in my opinion both have cooperatively equal grades.

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Nanditha said: (Aug 22, 2012)  
Hey. I think both classical and pop music travel parallel, both are good. Most of the Indians prefer Classical but many youth are attracted to pop music. But a/c to me the pleasure that classical music gives, nothing can replace it. My vote goes to classical:) but all types of music should be given its space.

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Pallavi said: (May 17, 2012)  
Indian classical music is good to listening A.R.Rehman, Kishor kumar, R.D Buman are old song great happiness for you &pop music is like a younger people they like K.K, Javed ali, Mohit chauhan, Kamal khan any choice are like this so classical & pop music like everyone.

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Dhoni Thakur said: (Jul 29, 2011)  
Hello friends, as I think both classical & pop music good in their own respect, It depend on the choice of person what kind of taste he have in music. We can, t listen only one kind of music ever long as after some time it start boring us.

I think most of the music lover like both the rock singer like Atif Aslam, KK, Mohit Chauhan as well as classical singer Kailas kher, Fateh Ali Khan. If You have listen rock music of JAL, Call & Junoon like bands it is so melodious. Young generation always love to listen them. As far as classical is concern in India it is so famous & people can, t leave without listening it. Classical music just remove us from the day to day tension & we are emotionally touch with it. But when its any party time & any huge happiness then we mostly prefer to POP & Mix music.

So it also depend little on situation. So we can say all kind of music is good either it classical or Pop. Music always spread harmony & peace to our life environment. Classical music is the father of all kind of music & it ever lasting in India.

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Anindya Bhowmick said: (Jun 19, 2011)  
Hii, according to me nowadays we can see so many pop musics are releasing in market but can they remain in our mind for long?or really they touch our heart. I think, no. It comes and stays for very short time. But in case of classical music, they have the capability to attract our mind and heat. Maximum pop musics have very meaningless lyrics which we face sometimes difficult to understand. Only a few of those gets popularity. Even when a pop music comes in market, people hear it for max 5-6 times and they forget it. But classical music's lyrics has good quality, with certain emotional feelings that can easily touch our heart and stays in mind.

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Dsk said: (Mar 4, 2011)  
I think pop singing is not far different than classical music. We can say that it is on child of classical music. Also it is not that that pop music culture is growing & classical music culture is vanishing. Both these have their own unique place in mind of music lovers. Not only in India but in foreign also classical music is being listened with great happiness. You may have seen that whenever our Indian singers like SONU NIGAM goes to foreign show performance manytimes he firstly starts with classical music or songs & he gets good appreciation as always. This is just an example. So I think classical music has its own place that can never be trespassed by anything in the mind of music lovers.

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Kedar P said: (Feb 24, 2011)  
Rahman is NOT a pop singer!!!!

Whatever music you like, you must support it!!!

I agree completely with Sherin!!!

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Swetha said: (Feb 7, 2011)  
Like towards pop music doesn't mean that we people hate classical. We want to shine in pop too. Standing example is the great legend Mr AR Rahman now every corner of world knows who is he.

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Sherin said: (Sep 10, 2010)  
We must know about the pop music, but we have to encourage our classical music rather than pop music. Our culture relies upon the classical music. Today, youngsters don't know the value of our classical music, its feelings etc.

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Classical Music Heritage and the Growing Pop-Culture

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