Black Money in India

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Vinoth said:   3 months ago
Nowadays black money is increasing very fast in India. If government will not take action on black money. India never develops like others country. So, it is important to take serious on black money.

Naveen said:   3 months ago
Many people in our country find different types of tactics to save income tax. It's our moral duty to pay the taxes because we are citizen of this country. Without having money govt are unable to do the development work. Due the black money, govt have to rise the prices of the necessary good. Rising prices of essential goods, it effects the pocket of the middle class and lower class family. Due to rising prices, they are unable to full fill their basic needs. People should realise that thing that it's our moral duty to pay the tax and not hide our actual income then the change will come.

Akshay said:   3 months ago
Hello everyone.

In my opinion, black money is nothing but money earned through illegal activities or through activities where the money received is not disclosed to the government, mainly to evade tax.

Black money is a big problem that India is facing for a long time now. In fact, it is the problem of many countries around the world too.

In order to conclude, the government should thrive more on cashless transactions and the government was successful in introducing UPI in the country.

Rajdeep kumar said:   8 months ago
Hello everyone.

My name is Rajdeep Kumar.

Today the given topic is black money.

I want to tell you what is black money. black money means that people earn money which comes from illegal work and hide from the government and don't pay taxes, is called black money.

This is a big problem for our country.

That's why India is not a developed country, if you don't pay taxes it will destroy our GDP growth.

There are so many people in India who have black money that's a big reason why richer became richer and poorer became poorer. The government took a good decision Notebandi in India it reduces black money.

Conclusion: In my opinion, black money is a big problem in our country, because of black money our GDP growth is decreased, a cashless economy is a good initiative to decrease black money because of cashless economy and last I would like to say that government should take a strict decision against black money.

Thank you, everyone.

Jai Hind.

Sudharsan.B said:   8 months ago
Hello, Everyone. I am Sudharsan.

I wish to talk hereby about black money in India.

Black money is nothing, but Money earned in illegal activities and the unpaid amount as a payment of tax for the government. The person who hides some of the amounts from the total earnings to avoid proper tax payment. Mostly it is held in India, It is a very important thing to be analysed by the reputed officers to the development of India's economy.

Sne said:   9 months ago
Black money transactions are a kind of harm to the whole nation. The main criterion of danger that lies with black money is funding to terrorist activities.

Other than this politicians and businesses are part of the circle, as that's the main cause of gaining momentum of black money.

Lalit kumar said:   9 months ago
Hi friends,

Avoid black money in India we are using digital currency. Because businessman correctly pays tax in government. So, stop the black money, We use the white money. We are creating a great & wonderful India.

Thank you.

Ruban.c said:   1 year ago
Black money in India is very danger to all humans and it was corrupted to all over India it mostly handled by politicians and the business man.

Palanisamy J said:   1 year ago
The hidden huge amount of money is always impacting negatively on our entire economy.

Indian govt, therefore, must check to it, further growth of it.

Indian political system helps to The Black money holders at all levels and categories. Here the best and only way is Our Appellate Judiciary Must interfere through DPSP Of our constitution to curb and release the enormous currency back to India.

It's really possible to complete the process in time.


AskarKumar said:   1 year ago
Let's begin with our country.

Nowadays black money spoils the total growth of our country including our routine economy also instead of killing us. Compared to other countries India has the largest population it's the main reason for the corruption now. Because the black money is hidden in the population the corrupt people's hide the huge amount of black money in the huge population.

They didn't pay the taxes.

They hide their income.

They created the fake documents to avoid raid.

They think it's not necessary to pay taxes regularly.

Some of the political powers, officials in their hand that's why they live like that. But they didn't care about our nation growth across the world economy level.

The solution for black money corrupting government Should take severe actions to who are handling it then block their money it's will helps to black money corrupting in our Nation.

Thanking you.

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