Are Peace and Non-Violence Outdated Concepts?

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Harsh Jain said:   6 years ago
People never expect peace where there is violence so I think non-violence and peace are interrelated to each other.

Harsh jain said:   6 years ago
We can say that peace and non-violence are interrelated to each other as where there is non-violence there will be peace no one can expect peace at a place where there is too much of violence.

S. Kannan said:   7 years ago
When there is non-violence, there is peace. Where violence erupts, there starts chaos. We say "peace on earth". How is it possible?, only through non-violence. Our history insists non-violence only. We want amicable solution for every issue. Violence will lead to destruction. Non-violence means construction. Both nonviolence and peace are not outdated.

Godly k varghese said:   7 years ago
No, peace and non-violence have importance in the present world, we make it as an outdated or updated one.

Saurabh said:   7 years ago
Peace and non-violence are never the outdated systems. Peace is all about our religion. KARUNA is the base of DHARMA said by Lord Krishna in Gita. Non-violence cannot get success.

These are movements which conducted by gurjar, jat etc another caste never get success because their movements were placed in the nonviolence. They fired everywhere & public suffered by their nonviolence.

So I think nonviolence cannot be a solution of any kind of situations.

The youth of India come forward &move according to our religion that teaches us a lesson of KARUNA.

Our country got independence by the outfit of nonviolence & peace.

Great say by someone:nonviolence doesn't mean our weakness its show our power.

Aastha Parekh said:   7 years ago

According to me peace and nonviolence are the basic things in one's life. With the help of this one is able to think positive do the work with full of enthusiasm. This is possible with the strong family support and positive nature. By this we can make our work schedule and able to follow this.

Manny said:   8 years ago
Peace and non violence is a concept that has been overshadowed by violence in all forms of media and entertainment. Though I do believe this to contribute heavily to the violent and non morality mindset I see in our youth.

It is our ultimate duty to teach our youngsters right from wrong, good from bad, and help them to hold onto what we've all felt as a child. The peace and love in our hearts. There is no better feeling than doing something nice for someone else. That feeling comes from the heart.

Zeeshan Ahmad said:   8 years ago
Peace in non-violence has been change into violent and there is no meaning of non, it has been outdated concept because a violent system celebrating non-violence (Irony).

Subham said:   8 years ago

To me peace and nonviolence are the evergreen principles over which the world is based on. The Devastations of two world war realized us the need of world peace. The formation of the united nation also based on the nonviolence principles in order to avoid a third nuclear war.

Kirti said:   8 years ago
I feel that Non-Violence and peace can never be outdated and as we all know that smile can win over swords. Being violent, might be we can win but we never get inner satisfaction.

What is must?

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