Are Ethics just Business Pretence?

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Chhitij Kumar said:   5 years ago
Ethics are the moral values that are inculcated by a person in them so that they should follow the line they have drawn. On taking the business point of view Ethics are now becoming a pretence. As we see different businessman use to deliver false information about the product they are selling. They use to make ethical values on their business ground. They use their ethics as a profit earning tool In their business rather than thinking of their credibility.

However, from my point of view, Ethics in the business must withstand for the sake of people.

Vishakha Tiwari said:   6 years ago
Yes I agree, ethics are just pretence for business as they need to be flexible, one cannot stay towards an ethics made by him.

It is based on situation. These are situational decisions that should be made by a businessman and that decision would be for betterment of company or business only.

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Mukesh said:   6 years ago
Having one perception on ethics is not fair. Meaning of ethics is different for different people. It varies from individual to individual and organization to organization.

As covered by my friends in below comments that TATA and SATYAM Are the best examples to differentiate between the best and worst practices of ethics in business.

As we all know TATA is the first company which brings 8 hrs. Working in a day for employees. They believe in ownership of work and fully dedicated to providing best services and meeting the needs of people.

So it is very clear that for any business to be successful, ethics in doing business is very important.

Uttara deb said:   6 years ago
Ethics in any business helps for a sustainable future for the company. Pretention today or tomorrow is bound to come into the light and that will be the end of the golden period for the organisation. If one organisation provides what it really claims people not only get attracted but become a loyal and valuable customer for the long run. So these very organisations must decide if they want temporary profit or long term accolades. Thank you.

Ande said:   7 years ago
Ethics are morals that guide business/company behaviors. It helps to shape individual employees from the different employment backgrounds to have a common behavior.

Shivu naik said:   8 years ago
Ethical scholars distinguish between morality and ethics. But we first start a discussion on morality, as historically morality has preceded ethics by centuries and has helped to guide and formulate ethics. Morality is as old as humanity. Our first ancestors had the same social objectives as we have today: mutual existence and peace within a group or community.

Mohit raj said:   8 years ago
Ethics means the study of principles relating to right and wrong. Ethics help us to no the moral attitude of a particular company towards it employee. If any business follow a good ethics then there business will run ethically good. As we know the most successfully people have some ethics associated with them.

Harjit said:   8 years ago
Ethics tells us what is right and wrong. If a company works ethically it would be great to provide quality products to consumer. If a company works ethically they can create a good image of their brand. If a brand/product recognized by customer as good then there is less changers may be occurred on its sale promotion and advertisement.

Harsh said:   8 years ago
Any business model or firm have their vision and mission and for achieving their goal or mission they should follow ethics because by assuring quality product customer interface and best maintenance of product they achieve their goal and all these can be achieve only ethics on is stage of business model.

Chatterjee said:   9 years ago
Ethics are some unwritten values which varies with persons places and of course the sphere of life it is incorporated in. As far as business stands with its conventional attributes of making profit and increasing sales not many of these conventional ethics can move parallel and in their crude form and becomes collateral to business aims and process. Hence an ethics in business are mostly pretentions.

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