Are Co-operatives Relevant in Today's Global Environment?

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Krishna said:   1 decade ago
Ya. Co-operative sector is a better option in our present scenario. It brings together the plus points of public sector and private sector. Like it brings down corruption and brings up the quality of products & services as private parties are involved. And the money minded nature of private sector will be reduced as there is a governmental control.

Priyanka mohapatra said:   1 decade ago
Yes, I believe in co-operative sector,because now a days this sector is in No-1 position.The Co-operative sector is also giving different types of job opportunities for the job seekers which reduces 75% of unemployment.It creates a great demand by public to the co-operative sectors. It also true that without cooperation no one can get success for this reason co-operative sector plays a vital role in this field.

Renuga devi said:   1 decade ago
Corporate sectors are were much essential to improvise our economy. They have increased employment. And to evolve globalization it is needed one. Govt should help to set up large number of corporate sectors through loans.

Mamun said:   1 decade ago
It is 100% true about co-operatives but in order to take our country to the top we should have the right co-operative at the right place giving the right decision.

Nitesh Popali said:   1 decade ago
Corporate sector have played a very important role towards globlization. Corporates have their predefined goals which are very much releted to public. Publuic objectives are also somewhat satisfied in correspondance with corporate goals. Employment is very much incresed.

Ronny said:   1 decade ago
In today's world unemployment is growing at an alarming rate and very few jobs are being provided by Govt. On the other hand co-operates are offering jobs to the unemployed and are playing their part in such situations.

Amar said:   1 decade ago
Yes, I think in today's globalization scenario, co-operatives are very much relevant in global environment. Short-term goals which are sometimes difficult to met with, is possible to achieve through co-operatives because it acts for the the common goal consist of people from same socio economic background.

Pradip said:   1 decade ago
Yes of-course with cooperation nothing can be done. As as a co-operation is needed today so that we are developed and co-operation help us. 100% we need co-operatives. Nowadays so many families survive due to these co-operatives.

Ash said:   1 decade ago
Because of co-operative we can live some what better life. For standing in the age of globalization we need co-operation.

Mohan kumar said:   1 decade ago
Yes, co-operative are relevant even in modern global situation and specially in India it has more significance, because most of our population belongs to middle class, and if any work and project are taken under co-operative socity then the involvement of a large number of public will be there and work or project can be done by more transparency and effectively. But at the same time administration of co-operative should be fair and selected by members of co-operative.

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