Are Co-operatives Relevant in Today's Global Environment?

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Samar said:   1 decade ago
Globalisation, as it is meant officially, seeks to promote competition in the economic playground, amongst the so-called 'global players' i.e. the businessmen across the frontiers of the nation-states. Co-operation against such a backdrop appears to be an outdated, obsolete and ludicrous concept. The cases, as appear obvious in such a regime, against co-operation are:

I) Cooperation is a congregation of "too many", unnecessary in the environment congenial for competition. This rears and promotes inefficiency and wastage.

Ii) The democracy co-operation is said to promote and sustain is a myth.

Iii) The "overcrowding" does not necessarily ensure expertness in management.

Iv) Despite bulge in number of membership, provision for capital may fall short of sufficiency.

V) Lack of state of the art technology is often experienced.

Vi) Inefficiency brings about lower profitability leading to poor incentives causing lower motivation, insufficient capital formation and poor performance.

Vii) Thus, incapability in survival is quite common.

Considering the above negative traits of the co-operatives, it may sound natural as well as rational to not opt for them. However, co-operatives do have certain scores of merit that deserve consideration.

A) In the face of fierce competition in the age of globalisation, co-operatives provided a soothing effect in a society by creating an atmosphere where man can help a fellow man, unlikely to be so done by the business as usual.

B) Capital, technology etc. Cannot be any constraints in making co-operation a success. On the contrary, co-operatives do provide the background for successful mobilisation of resources for better management of economic activities.

C) If proper safeguards can be ensured, democracy can really embrace such an institution.

D) Co-operation upholds certain values, it underlines the need for a living based on mutual help and trust.

E) Co-operation can lift the poorer sections of the society above the poverty line.

F) Examples abound where co-operation has been proved a huge success.

So it would be premature to conclude that co-operatives are, in the age of globalisation have become irrelevant.

Uttara said:   7 years ago
As the saying goes. Drops make the ocean so also these co-operative organisations work in the remote areas. Co-operatives run on a co-operation principle where people mainly from the same locality come together to form a co-operative to work for a common objective. SHG is a co-operative group engaged in handicraft works and we can see these days many NGOs have come forward to make the work of this SHGs go national and for a few times global. Like 'organic India' and 'fab India ' products. Globalisation is receiving foreign goods services and cultures which help the nation flourish in the global market through big companies and organisations. But co-operative organisations help the poor or the local people to make better their way of living. So these also have their own relevance in grassroots levels.

Priya suraya said:   1 decade ago
Yes co-operative sector plays an important role in today's environment, co-operative sector means group of members come together & make a team & run the business. The members are raw material producers ex : hand loom, fishery, diary products comes under co-operative sector. Such sectors decreases the unemployment rate, they come out with good quality products at cheaper price to the customers, which will contribute to decrease in the food inflation.

Government of India has taken several inattentiveness like providing financial assistance, & credit facilities to the co-operative sector, conducting programs wherein they will educate the member & provides complete information relating to the particular field.

Megha said:   1 decade ago
Hey friends, according to me, co-operatives are relevant because they bring large number of people under one group and provide them employment hence in one way they are removing the problem of unemployment by providing job opportunities to many people and that job is also free of corruption, contributing to the growth of people and our nation. These are now a days, becoming more popular than private and public sectors because of their characteristics of providing job opportunities to many people.

Hence, co-operatives are relevant in every terms.


Nishigandha Babar said:   3 years ago
Hello friends, I'm Nish Babar.

According to me, the global world means there is an increase in business, expansion of the market & also competition among producers increases.

So in this global world, it's serious to survive.

As there is huge competition so according to me cooperative play major role for grouping people & create a bond between them. Also cooperative helps to provide employment in urban as well as rural areas.

In short, in today's global environment cooperative becomes helpful.

Thank you.

Unnikrishnan c said:   1 decade ago
Surely. Co-op banks can do much if central govt channalise its funds through them. Now a days co-op banks can only give much service to the common people of the country. Co-op banks are wide spread in the country including Rural areas. If the central government connected all the co-op banks which spread in the different states will be more befneficial to the common people of the country. For this the govt can introduce the new electronic facility to the co-op banks and channalise the system all over the world.

Mohan kumar said:   1 decade ago
Yes, co-operative are relevant even in modern global situation and specially in India it has more significance, because most of our population belongs to middle class, and if any work and project are taken under co-operative socity then the involvement of a large number of public will be there and work or project can be done by more transparency and effectively. But at the same time administration of co-operative should be fair and selected by members of co-operative.

Tripti said:   1 decade ago
Yes, definately in todays time of globalization and in order to stand somewhere in this world for our growth, our existence they are important. thinking without co-operative sectors, say for banks in the developing nation of ours it would have become impossible to people to own even a house or no need to explain the state of educational loan of course, hope this would become more and more approachable to common man but not to creamy society.

Priyanka mohapatra said:   1 decade ago
Yes, I believe in co-operative sector,because now a days this sector is in No-1 position.The Co-operative sector is also giving different types of job opportunities for the job seekers which reduces 75% of unemployment.It creates a great demand by public to the co-operative sectors. It also true that without cooperation no one can get success for this reason co-operative sector plays a vital role in this field.

Rajan said:   1 decade ago
No, its only our doubt that co relevant global environment, we know that global environmet is in ourself if we want than we control environment pollution but no it cannot possible because we want well life as king than how can I control pollute, if we safe our earth than we grow tree, stop use plastic bag, keep clean everyside, stop our need which get us rest or solve our problem, we should leave as old life.

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