A Ship Docked in Harbor cannot face the Storms

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Sandeep N V said: (Oct 22, 2022)  
Yes, when we want success in life first thing is to think with no boundaries. That is think like a child and come out of your comfort zone. This means that when we are kids, we are eager to learn to stand, write, etc. Once we age, we start applying boundaries for ourselves. So, stop being in your comfort zone ready to take risks.

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Rakesh Debata said: (Jan 6, 2021)  
Hi, friends I just want to discuss regarding this topic that a ship docked in Harbor can not face the storms that means here ship means we and that Harbor means our comfort zone and that storm means our path of success if we always stocked our body physically and mentally in the comfort zone we can't win the race a scriptures looks more to more beautiful due to their lots work done by that maker and painter so we should always busy in our non-comfortable zone but never rest in our comfort zone as we talk a sleeping lion can't get the sweetest meat so we just start our mission mode for getting our goals never think of that how much we completed our task today but think like that how much I want to learn today and how far I am from my success, achievement, goals. So, I concluded that our mindset ship always is in ready for facing storm be in the running water-heavy waves but not be in a comfort zone like Harbor thank you.

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Shah said: (Jun 21, 2020)  
It means the ship docked in the harbour cannot reach its destination. Without movement and without any action nobody can get anything. If you are stuck at the moment and dream of everything it is of no use. You have to move to get what you want. Same way if you have any thought you have to take a step, which is the first step to make your dream come true. The result is secondary, you may get it or not, never think of that. It creates a negative thought in you. Movement is necessary. Make a move, just don't be struck where ever you are. The very first step gives you confidence, later no one can stop you. Even you, can't stop yourself from moving.

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Manjary said: (May 12, 2020)  
According to my view, life is so precious. If you really want to live it, you have to feel it. Feel it's jerks as well as it smoothens. This only you can feel when you face it. And believe me, it gives you the experiences that learn you to live life happily.

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Raj said: (Nov 7, 2019)  
Life is all about taking the risk, one can't succeed in life until he passes by million of difficulties.

The survival of the fittest is a base of ones living.

A ship docked in a harbor can't experience thunder, lightning, storm and can't prove it metal until tested in an open ocean. As experience always tends to perfection. The day when we all will understand our duties, responsibilities, aim no one would be able to stop us. Once the ship sails into the ocean face the storm and reach its destination it gets success. So live your life, enjoy it never oppose it.

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RAJAT SINGH said: (Nov 7, 2019)  
According to me, the given topic has a deep meaning.

That if you want to succeed in your life you to face difficulties criticism from your competitors and other people but from the fear of criticisms you don't need to follow your path of success as same as that of the ship docked in the dockyard not able to survive long in front of the storm but whereas if it is moving then it's chances or probability of serving the Strom increases so from this we have to inculcate the sense of always moving forward in our life and never stop from difficulties in our life.

Thanks, everyone for giving your precious time to read my view on the topic.

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Aditya said: (Sep 11, 2019)  
If you are not taking a risk in life, then you are taking bigger risk. According to me, success is not having only one result, it is the result of continuous hard work at each and every moment of life. Those who will not come out of box and also those are not able to think out of the box will never get success. Those work hard may get success or may not but I can say he or she has gained some experience. Experience plays major role in the life of successful people. So we should never give up and always try our best to get a positive result in our life.

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Mahima Kumawat said: (Sep 6, 2019)  
In my instance, this phrase can be compared with a person who lies within his comfort zone and never wishes to get out of it. He who has all the luxury, moreover no further intention of doing something productive, can never go ahead and face the storm (hardships). As a ship can reach its destination after crossing storms only, the man can attain its aim by facing hardships and struggles in life.

I conclude by saying that those who want to remain only in their comfort zone can never become successful in their life.

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Nomaan said: (Feb 8, 2019)  
In this idiom, ship refers to life. One cannot reach success without hardwork and difficulties you have to solve difficulties and do hard work to. Reach success same as a ship can't reach it's destination without going through storm.

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Saurabh Bhivgade said: (Feb 1, 2019)  
When we born that time we had no ability to create such a so-called boundaries that's why we learn how to stand, how to walk, run and speak however since that time when we started having thinking ability we started creating boundaries by considering what society will have conception about us that's why we are lagging because we don't want to put ourselves out of this boundary.

If we start our journey like a kid who always zealous to learn something new by shattering comfort zone then we can embellish our successful journey beautifully.

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Ganga said: (Dec 6, 2018)  
This saying can be related with our life. As, a ship docked in a harbour ---Being intelligent & drawing a boundary to ourselves by thinking about what other's will think about us and leading a life within that boundary.

Cannot face the strom--- No courage to get out from that boundary. Having intelligence and being coward won't work.

So, face the strom with courage and intelligence. And don't allow anyone to stop you at any time, be a free bird and fly over any were you want.

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Akhil Varghese said: (Jul 4, 2018)  
There is a saying "A great deal of talent is lost in the world for want of a little courage". It doesn't matter how talented we are, if we are not willing to challenge ourselves by pushing beyond our comfort zone, our talent will be of no use to us. Price of the diamond depends on how graciously it has been cut. Like that life throws us difficult situations only to raise our values. Always remember it's better to lose some battles rather than surrendering yourselves without knowing what you are fighting for.

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Nami said: (Jul 3, 2018)  
A ship docked in the harbor cannot face the storms. This line can be compared to our life. Our life is full of ups and downs sometimes we succeed other times we lose. We need to come out of our comfort zone to face the difficulties and hurdles. If you overcome these, success is in our hands.

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Aak said: (Jun 18, 2018)  
Friends, there can be a number of interpretations of this phrase. When I heard the topic I could clearly relate it to the journey of life. A ship docked in harbor is a man, a human who is still clinging to his limitations and still is dependent on someone and fears risks and challenges. A ship docked in a harbor is a human who is still inside a shell and caught inside. It still fears to come outside of it. Can such a person ever be able to succeed?I feel that such a person would never be able to face storms of life -obstacles of life.

Therefore I conclude saying that it is important to come out of your comfort zone.

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Gana said: (May 19, 2018)  
I see this from the point of view that like a man sitting simply without having the ability to face the obstacles of his life. Life will absolutely with obstacles. So, one must struggle hard to overcome it to achieve success in one's life rather than running out of his life.

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Deepak said: (May 4, 2018)  
A ship docked in harbour can't face storm # this phase dividing the whole sentence into two.

* "Ship docked in the harbour" it mention the man who is just thinking about success like (ex. = a fatty man who is just sitting in a chair and watching the "Arnold" and dreaming to be like Arnold.

* the Second meaning of this phrase is just dreaming about to be like Arnold but not even trying to get up from the chair and hold the dumbbell to work out.

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Umesh Nimbolkar said: (Mar 10, 2018)  
Hello friends,

I surely agree with the phrase. Life is nothing but a struggle. If you want to be a successful person in your life, you will have to give your best by working hard. Fortune always favours the industrious person. Ours is an age of competitions so we must keep ourself ready for every harsh conditions coming forward in our life. Darwin's theory 'survival of the fittest'clearly depicts that the only hard efforts will make your way to survive in the world.

Lastly, there is no shortcut way to success.


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Akash Kharat said: (Mar 8, 2018)  
I totally agree with a topic because sitting in one place and hoping for success without facing problems you won't be able to achieve whatever you are waiting for.

Suppose a company is launching a new product and not applying marketing strategy then how will it's product will be popular, the company won't be able to penetrate in the market, and maybe won't be contributing in whole market share.

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Moni Rani said: (Feb 11, 2018)  
Definitely, a ship docked at harbour can't face the storm. A ship is not meant to be tied to one place. A ship deserves an experience of travelling across the water then only it's purpose will be fulfilled and it could face the storms without getting submerged easily into the water. As a ship dock to a harbour is useless similarly our life is also useless if we never come out of our comfort zone then d only thing we will do is surrendering ourself easily before the situations. What is the essence of that life which is not full of experiences and risks? Our experiences make us to reach success and get the meaning of life. We, humans, are always afraid of bad experiences and just because of it we never desire to come out of our box.

Our experience and risk-taking capacity prepare us to face any difficult situation of our life. It makes us strong so that we can easily withstand bad situations. Our life comprises of both good and bad weather. A difficult one is like a cloudy weather. If we are already having an experience then we can perform better.

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Edwin said: (Jan 23, 2018)  
Yes, I agree.

A ship docked in a Harbour cannot face the storms. It is an excellent phrase indicating our life journey. The only way to success is hard work. We want to face the challenges occur in our life. Never give up. So until we reach a stage which the world support us.

Thank you.

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Ruchi Sengar said: (Dec 23, 2017)  
I totally support this statement. Hard work is the only thing that ascent you towards development. As our former president, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said that "If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun". Hence, hard work is the key of success.

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Naresh Vj said: (Dec 1, 2017)  
Hello. It's an old adage and according to me, everyone must have a vision as for a ship to reach a harbor, we will definitely face hurdles some of them are deliberately placed in front of us but we don't have give up. Have a vision in your eyes and encore that I will achieve my aim no matter what come may.

And finally you reach that stage of life where you will be safe but for that, you must have to work diligently.

As it is truly said no pain no gain. And once you achieve your goal the world is yours.


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Siva said: (Nov 30, 2017)  
According to me the actual meaning of this phrase is, in your life, you will travel until and unless you will get success in your life, you will face so many difficulties like a ship while traveling but once you will get success no one can stop you like the ship reached the dockyard.

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Equbal said: (Oct 16, 2017)  
A ship Docked in Harbor cannot face the Storms is very good phrase it means if you want to do something in your life you can but for that you have to be hard work gradually, you should not stop yourself from doing hard work in any situation, sometimes it could happen that you have to be faced some form of criticism and also it possible that a moment will come in your life where you will lose your thinking ability and it will become too hard to yourself that what should do or don't, and in that situation your willpower should be worked and after that you will backup yourself to the previous track because of your hard worked. And there will be the day when you will get kudos from everyone for your hard labor.

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Conan said: (Oct 14, 2017)  
Hello Everyone,

This is a topic which actually talks about our life, life is dynamic and we should always move forward, but that is only possible by trying.

Its like never losing just because you have never participated. But we should always try to meet the hurdles the difficulties, we will fall but by the experience only we can be successful in future.

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Sheetal K said: (Oct 5, 2017)  
Yes, I agree.

A ship docked in the harbour may be safe, but if you wanted something safe you would have a fortified defensive structure built and not a ship.

Safety is nice, but pushing yourself outside the comfort zone is sometimes necessary.

Not everything in life comes easy. It takes arduous effort, perseverance, tenacity and unwavering compassion to attain success or reach desired heights.

The prudence to prepare for unexpected and the skill of side-stepping trouble and embarrassment is important to strike balance between safety and risk, also to stay composed and collected without trepidation.

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Shailendra Paneri said: (Oct 5, 2017)  
Hey Everyone!

I would like to go against this.

Even if the ship is docked in harbour might be possible that its design is far better to conquer the storms. Similarly if a person has a good will power, sharp mindset and is unidirectional in his thoughts will easily cross any hurdles.

Also the one who has fear of failing is more probable to fail then one who do not know what is failure. He will keep on moving with his work and may get success.

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Tanvi said: (Aug 20, 2017)  
'Biggest risk is not taking any risks'. True, indeed. There are endless quotes and sayings which support the topic but quoting real life examples would be of better. As a child I was scared to ride a bicycle and would shudder at the very moment I used to see my father take out the bicycle for me to ride. I was scared to crash it in a road, hurt myself and my father was more perturbed if I would hurt anyone else with it.

Jokes apart, he told me that if I try I would fall off or not for the first time. But if don't try again and again, I would not be able to experience the joy of cycling once I learn it.

The fear in you might stop you for once, but the slightest hope of joy will always keep you going. Rock the ship, it's time to face the storm.

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Prometheus said: (Aug 16, 2017)  
Yes I completely agree with this saying that "A ship docked in harbour cannot face the storms", which means that if a person is not moving in his life, than he cannot face all the problems in life. If a person is doing nothing, than he can never progress in life. One Should know about their strengths and weaknesses. He/She should work on their weakness. Running or not reacting to the problem is not a solution to tackle the problem. Problem is only overcomed by facing and solving the problems. For example if one is afraid of falling from a bike, so he thinks that I will not drive the bike, if I will drive than I will fall. Then he is never going to learn how to drive the bike. We should look for the possibilities for solution of the problems. By this way we can live our life delightfully.

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Amit said: (Aug 8, 2017)  
Hello friends,

The topic that we are going to discuss is related to our life. It means until we face the problems or difficult situations that are coming towards us, no one would be able to achieve success in life. By sitting at home and thinking of how to move forward towards life, is not the solution of problems. Unless one starts to face the hurdles by himself, he will not be able to 'stand on his toes'.

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Ranu said: (Jul 27, 2017)  
This is an inspiring quote for all who have faith in luck to add some hard work and to those who completely believe in hard work to encourage them. As per my experience, I am accessible to both luck and hard work according to the situation. So I totally agree with this line. If any big success comes to us without a little hurdle then that success may not be forever.

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Swetha Teja said: (Jun 22, 2017)  

Yes, I too agree with it.

Without knowing the sourness we can't feel the sweetness likewise without facing hurdles we can't enjoy the victory or happiness in our life like the above sentence mentioned ship docked in the harbour without any task starts rusting uselessly if we let it sail then it will face the storms and reach the destination.

Thank you.

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Pawan said: (Jun 2, 2017)  
Yeah, I agree with the statement "a ship docked in the harbour cannot face the storms".

When we do not struggle for anything we can't get any success in life like in a way a docked ship can not reach the destination.

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POOJITHA said: (Jun 2, 2017)  
Hello friends,

I go with this "A ship docked in harbor cannot face the storms".

Without facing any hurdles or obstacles nobody on this earth can survive "when we want to shine like a sun first we have to burn like a sun " burning like a sun is not so easy we may face many hurdles but remember every hurdle teaches us a good lesson in life and give us strength to rise back.

Thank you.

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Pallavi said: (May 25, 2017)  
If life is full of happiness then it is full of sadness. Did a mistake? Apologise oneself. Don't have the confidence to face anything? Then start observing things how they work. , like cooking food. Well, all girls never knew how to ignite a fire on the stove. They all learned by watching their moms. So that's it if a ship is docked in the harbor, one or the other day it should learn how to face a heavy storm.

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Shubham Savita said: (Apr 16, 2017)  
Hi, I think that if you are stuck in some problems of your life and your confidence gets down then you won't be able to solve the major problem you can not be able to tackle the major situation in your life.

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Shrikant Baba said: (Apr 2, 2017)  
If everyone agrees on the topic, there is no point of discussion. For the sake of opposing it, I believe not every ship is meant to face the Storms. Many of us might not be here to face difficulties and go through this harsh realities. Life is meant to be lived. And we should not seek our approval from hardships.

Also, it is not necessary to have practical experience always to be excellent. You can always learn from other's mistake and improvise yourself. A ship may be prepared at Harbour in such a way that it can face any kind of possible storms.

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Neha said: (Mar 3, 2017)  

I agree with the topic that a ship docked in harbour cannot face the storms. If we just be in our comfort zone then we could not recognize the true ourself. Once you get out of your comfort zone and tackle the situations well then you will not only tackle the situations but also you get the confidence and believe that you could also do it and you are not dependent. I could say this with my own experiences.

So, to gain confidence one should get out of comfort zone and should tackle the situations by their own and become an independent and confident person.

Thank you!

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Vishnu Vardhan Reddy said: (Nov 25, 2016)  
I strongly agree with Radhika. She said exactly what I think. Every human has the problems instead of sit calm we have to do something learn something from what we do. First, we need to take initiate to do. This is s secret of success.

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Eshita said: (Nov 9, 2016)  
Breaking through the comfort zone, struggling through hardships should be the mantra if the craving for success is intense. Sitting back in defense mode will not earn the skillset to chisel through the life's unknown hardships and steep turns. Struggling in storm will of course strengthen the skills that you already possess but will also push you to earn some new.

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Vedika Murdia said: (Oct 24, 2016)  
Hello, everyone.

The above topic implies that those who have always been nestled with utmost care and protection all their lives find it difficult to face the struggles of life. I completely agree with the topic as it clearly points out the importance of dipping a tow to the outer world. When life happens, and happens in its full might, to those in the protective shields, they always expect a guardian angel, a helping hand to face the perils.

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Tanu said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

If we will don't go out to face any issue or competition, we can't succeed in life. Here I want to give one example of an entrepreneur. Only a few people are able to do start something new. They have come up with confidence and courage to show something new to the world.

Even for small things, we need to come forward and should have believed in ourselves.

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Priya said: (Oct 2, 2016)  
Hello, everyone.

In my point of view, we have to face the problem not to skip the situation it is the better way to solve the problem.

Thank you.

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Aman Gupta said: (Sep 11, 2016)  
Hello, Everyone.

"A ship docked in the harbor cannot face the storms".

The above statement marks a satire towards those people who are unwilling to face their problems or fears. As it is rightly said that "We realize our true potential when we conquer our deepest fear".

Moreover escaping from a fear may provide a relief for a while but the permanent solution can be only provided by crushing your fear by facing it as "Stars can't shine without darkness".

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Sweety said: (Sep 10, 2016)  
Hello, everyone. What I think is unless you give it a try how could you realize your actual potential. A ship representing a soul can't face the storms as it has not been left liberal. Once you come out of your comfort zone and tackle every wave of the ocean you will definitely be a winner.

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Geetha said: (Aug 22, 2016)  
Yes I agree with this, because when the ship is equalised with any one there will be no use having a ship docked in harbour or a person without making efforts every living being would struggle hard for one's survival that means every living being would definitely survive if it is not happening in one's life then there is no meaning of saying that the one was living.

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Ahmed Haris said: (Jul 29, 2016)  
I absolutely agree with it that a ship docked in the harbor cannot face the storms. This is an analogy for our lives and it means that if we remain in our comfy zone and instead of facing challenges just sit aside and hope to win it is not possible. Only that person who struggles against all odds and hardships can win and just by hoping that one will win and do nothing cannot actually win.

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Meenal Jadhav said: (Jul 16, 2016)  
A famous saying in Hindi, says "Manzil to mil hi jayegi bhatak kar hi sahi, gumrah to wo hai jo ghar se nikle hi nahi." It's like you need to go through certain hardships to know your own potentials. So, a Ship Docked in Harbor cannot face the storms is indeed true.

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Bhaskar Santhosh said: (Jul 8, 2016)  
Yeah! The ship docked in the harbor cannot face the storm. It is like giving up without giving it a shot. Obstacles in life are the cause to strengthen our mind and to increase our courage. In life, we should face all the obstacles with courage without giving up. You need to be studborn saying "I don't know when to give up". Just don't give up without a try because in order to succeed you to believe you can.

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Prachi Agrawal said: (Jun 28, 2016)  
Everyone on earth takes birth or exists for a purpose. This may be a self-defined goal or a social responsibility or anything. Everyone's life is directed towards the accomplishment of the objective. Although, one accomplishment leads to the desire for a new goal. Success lies in such accomplishments.

The purpose of a seed to provide food and shelter and reproduce. The purpose can be achieved only if the seed comes out of its comfort zone, i.e. the nurturing soil. The seed's life is successful, only when it cracks the earth and comes out to grow into a tree. It is said, "Too much of anything is bad". If the same seed, fails to grow and come out of the comfort zone to face the atmosphere, the same earth which was supposed to nurture it will end up spoiling the same. A rotten seed is of no use.

Similarly, an un-harbored ship invites rust and damages itself. Over-pampered or lazy people who deny leaving their comfort zones, are never successful. To enjoy success, one needs to face challenges and difficulties of life.


A ship can sail against the storms and realize its potential, only if it is un-harbored.

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Neer Nandeha said: (Jun 22, 2016)  
This topic for me is the personification of individuals reluctant to outreach beyond their conventional comfort zone.

Just as a ship docked at harbout "limits" its abilities to sail and reach lands beyond and unseen, individuals too grip themselves firmly to their comfort zones in fear of being a failure and could not achieve what seems impossible.

If one succeeds it adds to his morale and if fails, adds to his experience thus preparing him for the "storm" forthcoming in his later life.

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Priyanka Nair said: (Jun 9, 2016)  
Hey, all!

I also believed that a ship docked in a harbor cannot face the storms. That's what sayings such as "Failure is the stepping stone to success" imply. But when I see certain Indian girls who have been raised as princesses, oblivious to all hardships, succeeding in leading a family, abiding by the rules and regulations of the society and surviving in a new household after marriage, I feel the saying is wrong. They manage to learn, adjust and are willing to take up on any storm.

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Yash said: (Jun 1, 2016)  
The statement is a reality in most of the occasions but sometimes the vibrations are felt even in the Harbor. And as the time goes on those vibes can turn out in a massive damage. If we aren't capable of resisting the impact. Isn't it? So, it's necessary to have an update on the environment which signifies a need for the ship to come out of the Harbor in order to preserve herself for the future.

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Anjali Shukla said: (Mar 20, 2016)  
I think that a ship docked in the harbor cannot face storms. Let's take an example of Lord Buddha, he was a king enjoying a lavish life with his wife until he came across the harsh realities of life that is suffering, old age death. Then he went on to explore the realities of life and enlightened the world with his teachings. If we talk about a harbored ship, it would eventually form rust and would be of no use likewise if we won't face any storms (hardships) that life would be a burden. Without striving, you won't get any idea to tackle it. So let's unleash the ship so that it will fulfill its purpose and sail it across and against the channel.

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Akash said: (Feb 26, 2016)  
I think hard work is necessary to achieve the goals or destiny of your life. Without hardwork the person cannot able to take the right decision on the difficult situation in life.

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Shmithika said: (Feb 16, 2016)  
Hi friends!

As we all have the thought as success and failures are the rival. But it's wrong, the both is like a best friends. Failure is the 1 going to help a person to get great success. The person who get a success after him or her failure are the person who can face the problem over their.

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Dhanashree Nerkar said: (Jan 12, 2016)  
Being in the safe zone one is deprived of the realities of the world. One cannot know the actual of the battle field being in the safe mode. It is very easy to talk about the war ethics sitting in the safe territories of the kingdom.

So one should face the tests of the world, because the tests of the world will test your patience, tolerance your moral ethics, tactics with which you handle the situations and ultimately will make you all set to fight the challenges of the world. So, come forward and challenges the world.

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Deepika said: (Jan 11, 2016)  
Hello friends.

In my opinion, a ship docked in harbor cannot face the storms. Is similarly the person facing difficulties in life. A person who has only success in life can never know the taste of actual success that comes after failure.

Here the person who has only success doesn't know how failure will be & if failure comes to him, he may not be able to face those difficulties but the person who face success after failure can surely face any kind of difficulties. So the life with difficulties will help us to know the actual happiness of success.

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Payal Jain said: (Oct 20, 2015)  
Hello everybody,

I don't feel that a ship at dock does not face storms. In fact it is those people who do not work hard in life, face problems. Atleast a moving ship will have some self respect of having tried to cross the ocean and reach its destination. So I feel that this given phrase of "A ship at dock cannot face storms" is partially correct.

Thank you.

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Onkar Kale said: (Oct 19, 2015)  
I think that challenges should be accepted and not only accepted but also solved positively, face the problems positively, solve it positively, definitely result will be positive. So I think you must leave your comfort zone and at least try to face it and solve it. This will help you to stand proudly.

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Santosh Chakraverty said: (Oct 12, 2015)  
According to me its definitely right.

The ship docked in harbour cannot face the storm.

According to me, without facing the problems of life or without your hard work you can't be able to achieve your destiny. It means that if you wanna achieve something in life you have to accept the challenge related to the goal.

Everything we achieve need some sacrifices hard work and our dedication and it is only possible if we put ourselves in the race i.e. we must un-dock our self and don't hesitate to face the challenge.

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Shailu said: (Oct 3, 2015)  
A ship at the harbour can not face the storm is very right. To fly in the sky we have left our nest. But I don't think that life is race but it is beautiful paradise created by god. To enjoy its beauty we have to explore through it. Obstacle are just gap fillers between you n your success. In short life is an ECG don't expect that it should be straight. Just deal it!

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Kowshik Kumar said: (Sep 19, 2015)  
After complicating among thousands of sperm cells we entered to this comparative world. We had struggles a lot in our mother stomach for our birth, in the same manner we should struggle a lot to reach our goals. Sea seems flat from outside, we know its depth only when drown into it. Life is race we are the racers, we should competitive each and every minute, in fraction of seconds we may miss our goal.

To accomplish our targets we are like a sailing ship not as ship docked in the harbor. Waves in the seas are struggles in our life. As ship move forward by crossing each and every wave. We should also reach our goals by crossing all difficulties faced in our life's. I conclude ship docked in harbor is equal to man with full of laziness. Even he is talented his laziness kills him.

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Anmol Narula said: (Sep 15, 2015)  
Hello everyone.

We are here to discuss about the topic A SHIP DOCKED IN HARBOR CAN'T FACE STORMS.

According to my views what this statement means is that the one who is living in a cozy and protected environment won't be able to face the ups and down's of the life until and unless that person come out of that cozy environment and start facing reality.

Conclusion : For becoming a wise person one has to face life.

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Arvind said: (Sep 2, 2015)  
'A ship Docked in Harbour cannot face the storms'.

Yes, I agree with this statement. The cozy lifestyle will never help us grow strong enough to tackle the real life situations. But before we go to face challenges, one should be prepared enough to know how to face challenge and march forward in life. The goal is also needed to chosen intelligently.

Today right from childhood we are pampered by so many luxuries, modern amenities, gadgets etc. Which make us feel that we are very happy and I don't have to make any efforts for anything. But when grown up one faces obstacle at every point of time. He has to take decisions himself.

So he is already facing difficulties and problems every time but he should guidance and apply his own knowledge to tackle it. Because the reality is far more complicated than we think of. Also one cannot go avoiding the reality.

So please think of you, your goal, process etc. And make endeavors to get. Keep remembering life is a bed of roses. We are always getting illusioned in so many ways. Find a path to achieve the aim.

Thank you!

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Fxvinay said: (Aug 4, 2015)  
Ship docked in harbor cannot face the storms. A person explores himself, he must come out from the robot life. It would be anything company, place, religion. If person is under shelter or depending on something so he is difficult to understand real life.

I would say a person learns to face the challenges when he comes out from his fantasy world into real world. He'll win Not-immediately but definitely. Do not pray for an easy life, pray, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.

Thank you.

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Vishwa said: (Jul 31, 2015)  
Hi friends,

As a product to come from raw material to product, it undergoes several situations and conditions depending on the type of product, similarly for a man to get gentle he need to undergo some situations and to face various conditions, similarly the a ship has to undergo some testings after manufacturing to type as it required.

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Abhimanyu said: (Jul 20, 2015)  
Ship docked in harbor cannot face the storm.

Lets be realistic, life in its any form has difficulties to live along with. The type of difficulty is subjective to the person and scenario. Its easy to say that "Go live your Fear" or " Go against the Flow" but what it actually requires is the self realization that I need to give away anything that is weighing me down (read Anchor).

Just even the self realization is a big step. Realization to leave everything behind and go out face the life in its real form. Now, the Anchor has many form too. Its not just fear. It can be emotion or feeling attached to somebody too. What if the feeling is not fear of failure and its fear of success. All we need to do is realize.

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Malosri said: (Jul 3, 2015)  
Hi friends,

In my opinion the topic is similar to the true aspects of life, a mother gives birth to her child having a pain of 65 decibel, if she refuses to have a child in fear of having pain then a new life will not come into existence. Again if a baby bird doesn't try to fly in fear of falling then it can never fly. Therefore we have to face every difficulty of our life to achieve the success. It is the moral of life.

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RANA said: (Jul 1, 2015)  
There are different stages of life and in each we have our personal experiences. Our initial stage is our childhood in which we are dependent to our elders our parents we learn everything from them each and every experience teaches us how to respond in the near future which similar to the way a ship docked in the harbor prepares itself to sail towards its destination.

Once the ship leaves the harbor it Jas complete it journey alone it has face every situation by its own. In the same once we grow it our responsibility to face every situation by our own following the knowledge and learning we gained during our early stages. Once we know our destination its our duty to choose the right path to achieve the goal but if we remain dependent for our own jobs we will never learn to to face difficulties.

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Kaya said: (Jun 19, 2015)  
The only way to face the world bravely is to face the storms. 'Storms are just like the stepping stones to success'. Of course every one of us wants to be succeed in lie some or the other way, its not just (bed of roses) flowers of success that we meet in our day to day life its also some failures that shape our future (like there are also some thrones in beautiful roses).

A ship that is docked in the harbor has loosen its ability to strive, once its brought out of it and made fit for sailing we are sure its going to rock. Its the same with us, we have been the 'docked ship' that is till our childhood in our parents shelter (harbor). But as an graduate its time for breaking the shell heading to face the storm (the outside world). I am sure each one of us are going to rock our journey of life.

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Gagan said: (May 28, 2015)  
A ship docked in harbor cannot face the storm means if we are not moving in life we will not achieve the success in life, accept the challenges take a chance is only the mantra to achieve the success. If we cannot move because of the fear of failure, we will miss some great opportunity in life.

Many great leader in our country faces many failure before became the successful person like Abraham Lincoln, so there is need to come out from the comfort zone of your life to face the storm (difficulties) to achieve the success.

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Goyal said: (May 17, 2015)  

Two stones pieces engraved from the same piece of land almost identical when hit by sculpture some pieces just broke down and others faced that. These stoned were used as a statue of god in the same temple in which the other ones were used for the stairs. The one who faced the difficulties were worshiped and the people walk over the other one's. I think same case being with the ship in storms.

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Simran said: (May 15, 2015)  
Hi Simran here,

A sea docked in harbor cannot face the storms is being compared with a person who lives in his comfort zone can never be able to judge the adversities of life, difficulties that that common man faces. After being away from your comfort zone one can actually experience the real life.

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Aman Singhania said: (May 9, 2015)  
Can a person playing cricket only in desktops ever face the situation on the ground? In the same way a ship docked in harbors can never face storms.

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Saurabh said: (May 7, 2015)  
Failure is the first step of success. And the one who fears to take risks by the fear of failure cannot succeed. There are many great leaders who failed in their career's at start but they didn't gave up.

Some of them were even university dropouts like Bill Gates and many others. But as some say 'You won't be able to know your true potential unless you test it against the strongest'.

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Pia Chopra said: (Apr 18, 2015)  
A Ship docked in harbor cannot face the storms. A person explores himself when he comes out from the comfort zone which parents provide. We can apply it on our lives as well.

According to me when a person is under parent's shelter he is unable to know how fast how competitive this world is just like a ship in harbor and the day when he (person) faces hurdles, he gets the spirit of fighting to succeed his goal.

So it is not wrong if I would say a person learns to face the challenges when he comes out from his fantasy world and fights with the storms.

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Deepak Divakar said: (Apr 9, 2015)  
A ship docked in harbor cannot face the storm. In my point of view every goals can be achieved by facing some big or short type of difficulties, without difficulties one can get his goal only in dreams but we all know dreams are ideal that not real. If we have some goals then we have some barrier on that way, if we faced that then goals in our hand.

Let us I try to express technically function of ship cross the river from one destination to other, but on the way there is a barrier called storm comes, but if ship not face the storm can it reached to his destination? No, similarly a man wants to set up a business of his own if he afraid about future loss can he become a successful business man? No, so each and every goals there are some storms that we have to face to defeat it and get our goals.

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Mehak said: (Apr 3, 2015)  
"A ship docked in harbor cannot face the storms"-I completely agree to this as till the time a person (ship) is not trying to come out of his/her comfort zone (harbor) , he/she will not face change/challenge (storm) in life and no change means no learning, no achievement. I think Life is in vain then.

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Abhijeet Shegokar NITT said: (Apr 3, 2015)  
Well said unless you try something that you really wants, it will not happens magically but doing so someone sometime get success and someone not to those who have not succeed they can do better than first because they are firm with the way that will make them successful, they are more experienced one. So as ship travel and number of times travels, it knows how to tackle with storm.

So like wise failure in life doesn't depicts your quality rather than checked your patience, increase your ability to face the problem so my friend never be afraid of what you didn't got and look it as new opportunity, with complete freshness, with complete enthusiasm and most important with 100% efforts without hesitation.

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Hem said: (Apr 3, 2015)  
Yes. A ship docked in harbor cannot face the storms. One has to step to know the inward ability of oneself. In our imagination anything seems so simple and we will be in an idea that we could achieve it, whereas coming to reality we will realize the difficulties in it. Meanwhile we should not stop working because of fear of failures.

We should try try try until we achieve it. Most of the people will be in a thought of what others think of us if we fail in it. We are here not for satisfying others. We should keep in mind that am going to try it, may b I will not get succeed in the first attempt, but at last I will definitely win.

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Siva said: (Mar 10, 2015)  
As I read it I come to know one thing that is Storm will come or not, ship has to start. Why because it is made for sailing not docking at harbor. In the same way happens will happened in our life we have to begin the task as ship starts from the harbor to reach destination.

Likewise everyone will start their own own work willingly then only their journey of life will have its own meaning.

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Kr. Suman said: (Mar 8, 2015)  
According to me, "A ship docked in harbor cannot face the storms" is related to those person who wants to become a successful without any effort, which is not possible, because a ship can not reach their destination until it will move.

If it face the storms and continue to moving their destination then it may reached their destination. Likewise if person face lots of unsuccessful moment then he may achieve his goal. Anything is Better than Nothing.

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Jitu said: (Feb 23, 2015)  
Hi friend,

In my opinion it is right. According to Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam "If in your path has no hurdle then you have to know that your path is wrong". After we face obstacle then we try to overcome it by reading old book. So our ability is increase.

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Ashwani Kumar said: (Feb 22, 2015)  
It is well said that ship docked in harbor can't face the storm and of course it is very well fit in every aspects of life. For example if we don't try to swim then how we overcome the phobia of drowning. So life is full of opportunities accept it and tries to overcome the difficulties, never tries to escape from the truth of life.

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Priya said: (Feb 17, 2015)  
Hi friends,

It's truly said that 'A ship docked in Harbour cannot face the storms'. For few seconds go to your past, recollect those childhood memories. While learning to walk holding our parents hand, we must have fallen so many times but we used to stand up and walk again. This very picture can clearly say what actually life is.

We all fail, we fall, but in order to master our life we have to stand up again, just in the same way how we have mastered the art of walking:P. Moreover, gold cannot be purified without fire and diamonds are nothing but the chunks of coal stick to their jobs. So I believe, In order to reach our destination, we have to sail our ship, and the storms actually help us to know the real quality of ship. If ship will get across then we can know the potential and if not then we also don't need to worry, we can work in order to improve the ship and will get across next time:).

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Yash Kumar said: (Jan 28, 2015)  
A ship docked in a harbor cannot face the storms.

Truly said, the thought cannot be denied. Our life is like a ship. Once turned towards a direction, it is very hard to turn back. If we don't go out and try to face the challenges of life, if we try to hide from the difficulties, then there is no point living life, for the challenges and difficulties give the opportunity to gain experience and learn the living through our mistakes. We never lose respect by trying something different, we always gain respect.


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Shilpa said: (Jan 20, 2015)  
"Life is not a bed of roses".

The god has gifted us this life to do something that can set examples for others, As we all know that "Successful persons not do the different things, they do it differently" and in their journey many times they face difficulties and failure but patiently they do their task and ultimately they achieve success.

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Mahya said: (Jan 17, 2015)  
I think it is completely true. And applicable yo all area's of life. If you just noticed about the life story of any world class or successful person then you will get the actual meaning of it. Human mankind learn from their mistakes their past experience but if you don't try then how will you get the experience about it.

Here I want to mention the two lines of J. K. Rolling "some failures in life are educate you will not succeed until you failed at something unless you lived so preciously such that you did not face the problem in that case you failed by devote ".

Like an ant or small child we need to fall and stand up to make to achieve the goal in life. It sucks while doing it what matters at the end is your success.

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Aditya said: (Jan 16, 2015)  
I completely agree with the statement. We can consider ourselves as ship and the obstacles are the new things that comes to our lives. We have apprehension about these things because we do not know about them. But as soon as we start facing this new task we will get new things to learn and we ultimately become master in it. We start to enjoy it later on. I want all of you to remember the time when we first started riding bicycle or any two wheeler or car.

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Sky said: (Jan 8, 2015)  
Hello friends, I feel that the topic succinctly states the reality of life that if a person does not try, he or she will not face any difficulties. But that is not a good thing. In order to prove yourself, in order to test your capabilities, in order to get to truly know oneself one has to try.

Storm signifies the difficulties in life, but only if the ship sets sail will it face a storm, only if you try will you face difficulties and only then will you know your true self. The world is a place of unimaginable number of opportunities, and satiation in a place like this will only lead to degradation.

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Shreyas Rakshe said: (Jan 3, 2015)  
"A ship docked in harbor cannot face the storms" yes I definitely agree with this statement. Human being's life is full of difficult situations but the reward is many times better to face them but only who would be ready to try for them. Failure is a stepping stone towards success and we never should consider it our defeat because whatever happens "The show must go on".

Thomas Elva Edison who invented the light bulb failed for it 1000 times before making it but rather to get depressed of those he continued to try for it and at last he said that he showed the world 1000 ways in which a bulb cannot be made. Man's great strength lies in facing the situation rather than running away from them.

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Risaana Basheer said: (Dec 31, 2014)  
"A ship docked in harbor cannot face the storms ". Of course this is the very universal truth which is evident from the very birth to death of man. In fact, we find the birth of an individual is a result of a tough competition among the millions of sperms. Only the sperm which is strong enough to survive. So from birth to death only those who dare to take risk will taste the sweetness of success.

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Avinash said: (Dec 15, 2014)  
Hi friends,

We may think success is a destination point, but in my view it's a journey of failures. Don't give up. You must not think the person preceded you having more talent than you, but make sure that you can reach him if you do more hard work than him.

This may be easy to say, but the real thing that counts is always destination should be in our mind, we shouldn't our's way as there are more obstacles, make sure that winner is the one who crossed more hurdles.

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Raghavendra said: (Nov 28, 2014)  
Exactly a ship docked in the harbor cannot face the storm, since it is kept unexposed to the deadly storms in the middle of the sea, which is of no use though. This is very much connected to our life that the one who is not exposed to the real world, challenges and hurdles can literally achieve nothing.

For example a frog inside the well does not know what the outside world is. SUCCESS is actually the joy that you enjoy after facing many deadly storms in your life. So never stop accepting challenge.

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Amit said: (Nov 1, 2014)  

Hi friends, if you won't suffer how can you know the right path. It is truly said that a ship docked in the harbour can't face the storm & thus it is of no use, until it faces the storm (challenges).

According to my point of view, storm refers to the challenges, hurdles of life. We need to face these challenges in order to get the destination. So friends we should keep trying again & again, forget about the failure as it makes the pillar for success.

Thank you.

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B.Tarun Kumar said: (Sep 30, 2014)  
Storms usually are violent in the middle of the sea and ships has the chances of a possible wreck when caught in the middle of a storm in mid sea. It explains the strength of a ship is measured only when it is set to sail and not when it is docked. Just as any individual can test his potential only when he is open to face challenges in life.

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Khushbu said: (Sep 29, 2014)  
As the life is full of challenges, competitions. On each and every path we faces some problems and griefs. But without facing them we can't achieve, what we want to achieve. And we also get some experiences from our past consequences of taking risk.

So risk is the major part of our life. With whom we can learn, win.

And get experience. But if one get some success without taking any risk and hard work than definitely he is not going to learn something from that. So this is whole depends on us that what path we choose in the way of fulfilling our dreams and desires.

So we should positively work for what we want to achieve with positive thinking.

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Neha said: (Sep 29, 2014)  
Here, Ship is compared to our life and storm is compared to the hurdles that the life faces. A ship docked in the harbour cannot face the storm that means a person never faced the failures can never get the taste of success. Ship is made to sail in the sea. And life is all about facing failures than getting the success. Unless or until we will not face the situation s of the life we will never able to get the right path.

There are many examples like APJ Abdul kalam our former president, Mr Modi our recent prime minister, Founder of reliance Mr Ambani and their are many more. If they never sailed in the sea they would never be holding such important prestige of the country. So, the ship is meant to sail their is no use of its to docked in the harbour for us to get the real success we have to face challenges failures and hardships!

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Neha said: (Sep 27, 2014)  
Failures, mistakes, fear, problems, challenges, weaknesses and unconfidence are the main part of every life. If we do not know about these, we can not polish ourselves. Doctors can do the treatment of the patients if he knows about his disease. We can go ahead if we recognized our shortcomings and remove from our life. Life is full of hurdles, we always should prepare for every storm. Perseverance always should our motive. If we have passion to reach our destination point we can face our problems. If we will not enter in the problems, how we can find the solutions. So think always positive, if we have done it, we cannot stop.

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A Ship Docked in Harbor cannot face the Storms

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