A Ship Docked in Harbor cannot face the Storms

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Sandeep N V said:   7 months ago
Yes, when we want success in life first thing is to think with no boundaries. That is think like a child and come out of your comfort zone. This means that when we are kids, we are eager to learn to stand, write, etc. Once we age, we start applying boundaries for ourselves. So, stop being in your comfort zone ready to take risks.

Rakesh Debata said:   2 years ago
Hi, friends I just want to discuss regarding this topic that a ship docked in Harbor can not face the storms that means here ship means we and that Harbor means our comfort zone and that storm means our path of success if we always stocked our body physically and mentally in the comfort zone we can't win the race a scriptures looks more to more beautiful due to their lots work done by that maker and painter so we should always busy in our non-comfortable zone but never rest in our comfort zone as we talk a sleeping lion can't get the sweetest meat so we just start our mission mode for getting our goals never think of that how much we completed our task today but think like that how much I want to learn today and how far I am from my success, achievement, goals. So, I concluded that our mindset ship always is in ready for facing storm be in the running water-heavy waves but not be in a comfort zone like Harbor thank you.

Shah said:   3 years ago
It means the ship docked in the harbour cannot reach its destination. Without movement and without any action nobody can get anything. If you are stuck at the moment and dream of everything it is of no use. You have to move to get what you want. Same way if you have any thought you have to take a step, which is the first step to make your dream come true. The result is secondary, you may get it or not, never think of that. It creates a negative thought in you. Movement is necessary. Make a move, just don't be struck where ever you are. The very first step gives you confidence, later no one can stop you. Even you, can't stop yourself from moving.

Manjary said:   3 years ago
According to my view, life is so precious. If you really want to live it, you have to feel it. Feel it's jerks as well as it smoothens. This only you can feel when you face it. And believe me, it gives you the experiences that learn you to live life happily.

Raj said:   4 years ago
Life is all about taking the risk, one can't succeed in life until he passes by million of difficulties.

The survival of the fittest is a base of ones living.

A ship docked in a harbor can't experience thunder, lightning, storm and can't prove it metal until tested in an open ocean. As experience always tends to perfection. The day when we all will understand our duties, responsibilities, aim no one would be able to stop us. Once the ship sails into the ocean face the storm and reach its destination it gets success. So live your life, enjoy it never oppose it.

RAJAT SINGH said:   4 years ago
According to me, the given topic has a deep meaning.

That if you want to succeed in your life you to face difficulties criticism from your competitors and other people but from the fear of criticisms you don't need to follow your path of success as same as that of the ship docked in the dockyard not able to survive long in front of the storm but whereas if it is moving then it's chances or probability of serving the Strom increases so from this we have to inculcate the sense of always moving forward in our life and never stop from difficulties in our life.

Thanks, everyone for giving your precious time to read my view on the topic.

Aditya said:   4 years ago
If you are not taking a risk in life, then you are taking bigger risk. According to me, success is not having only one result, it is the result of continuous hard work at each and every moment of life. Those who will not come out of box and also those are not able to think out of the box will never get success. Those work hard may get success or may not but I can say he or she has gained some experience. Experience plays major role in the life of successful people. So we should never give up and always try our best to get a positive result in our life.

Mahima Kumawat said:   4 years ago
In my instance, this phrase can be compared with a person who lies within his comfort zone and never wishes to get out of it. He who has all the luxury, moreover no further intention of doing something productive, can never go ahead and face the storm (hardships). As a ship can reach its destination after crossing storms only, the man can attain its aim by facing hardships and struggles in life.

I conclude by saying that those who want to remain only in their comfort zone can never become successful in their life.

Nomaan said:   4 years ago
In this idiom, ship refers to life. One cannot reach success without hardwork and difficulties you have to solve difficulties and do hard work to. Reach success same as a ship can't reach it's destination without going through storm.

Saurabh bhivgade said:   4 years ago
When we born that time we had no ability to create such a so-called boundaries that's why we learn how to stand, how to walk, run and speak however since that time when we started having thinking ability we started creating boundaries by considering what society will have conception about us that's why we are lagging because we don't want to put ourselves out of this boundary.

If we start our journey like a kid who always zealous to learn something new by shattering comfort zone then we can embellish our successful journey beautifully.

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