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Which is principal organ of the United Nations that as virtually accomplished its object?

[A]. The Security Council
[B]. The General Assembly
[C]. The International Court of Justice
[D]. The Trusteeship Council

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Ajay Dwivedi said: (Apr 19, 2012)  
Why not general assembly? give some clue.

Priyobroto said: (Apr 25, 2012)  
Trusteeship has been suspended to work, as it has reached its goal of decolonization, but general assembly is still in progress, as it has still much more unaccomplished business.

Ahmed Ali said: (Feb 6, 2013)  
Can any one explain the principle organ of united nation summarized way ?

Madhu said: (Feb 20, 2015)  
Because trusteeship was used for the accomplishment of orphan colonies but now there is no orphan colonies so it is unaccomplished.

Tuhin said: (Apr 23, 2016)  
I think general assembly would be the exact answer.

Major policies and principles are taken in general assembly meeting.

Abhay Bajpai said: (Jun 23, 2016)  
Trusteeship councils is build for the country who were not free but now no more country is under slavery so it is removed.

Shimul said: (Oct 1, 2016)  
I think it may be security council.

Ami said: (Nov 11, 2016)  
@Priyobroto & @Madhu.

Your explanation answered my query so easily, Thanks.

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