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Which of the following is not a chief organ of the United Nations Organisations?
International Labour Organisation
Security Council
International Court of Justice
General Assembly
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Taiwo anuoluwapo said:   2 years ago
The ICJ has its headquarter in Hauge, Netherland.

It has 15 judges elected in by the general assembly in conjunction with the security council. They serve for a term of 9 years.

ASHUTOSH said:   2 months ago
The six principal organs of the U.N.O are;

1. General Assembly.
2. Security Council.
3. Economic and Social Council.
4. Trusteeship Council.
5. International Court of Justice and,
6. The Secretariat.

Irsana said:   4 weeks ago
Thanks all for giving good knowledge.

Irsana said:   4 weeks ago
Thanks all for giving a nice knowledge.

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